Will The BeNeLiga Change Football Forever? | Explained 

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On today's Explained, we take a look at the proposed merger between the Dutch Eredivisie and Belgian Pro League, and discuss whether this could be the first of many cross-national leagues in world football!
On the 16th March, the Belgian Pro League confirmed that 25 of the country’s biggest football clubs had voted unanimously in favour of exploring the possibility of establishing the BeNeLiga, which would see the best sides from Belgium and the Netherlands come together to form a new, cross-border league.
While Dutch clubs are yet to hold such a vote, there have been discussions since 2019 between six clubs from the Eredivisie and five from the Pro League over the possible merger, and if it becomes a reality, it will hold big ramifications for football in the region and beyond. It would likely see the dissolvement of the Eredivisie, which has run since 1956, and the Pro League, which was established in 1895, bringing an end to over a century of footballing tradition in both countries - a situation many fans don’t want to see happen.
However, it also promises a higher quality, more competitive league, in doing so bringing in more money through television revenue, and with the hope that clubs like Ajax, PSV and Club Brugge will challenge more consistently in Europe, having seen their standing in continental competition decline in the decades since the establishment of the Champions League. It’s also been seen as a reaction to the looming spectre of a European Super League, and the drastic changes to the Champions League which come into effect from 2024.
But how would the BeNeLiga work? Is it really needed? And could this be the first of many cross-national leagues? Let’s find out..



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3 apr. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily 16 dagen geleden
Do you think the BeNeLiga is a good idea? And are there any other leagues you'd like to see merge?! 👇
Floyd Huntjens
Floyd Huntjens 2 dagen geleden
As a Dutchmen i'm not against a plan of a BeneLeague, but i'am afraid how the effect will be for the smaller clubs in Belgium & The Netherlands Couple of other ideas: - Alps League(Austria & Switzerland) - Balkan League(Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North-Macedonia) - Baltic League(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) - CzechSlovak League(Czechia, Slovakia) - Hellenic League(Cyprus, Greece) - Scandanavian League(Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
John-Adrian Coker
John-Adrian Coker 6 dagen geleden
@hsjfhsf DNmbf I agree, they're not good enough but the infusion of funds from a joint PL would definitely help in lessening the disparity between them. Although it could potentially take years.
Allied Atheist Alliance
Allied Atheist Alliance 8 dagen geleden
We should have a UK cup replacing the various league cups in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
HamishCxnxry 8 dagen geleden
@Jake SCOTT Irish teams would never agree considering the majority of them would be outside of the football league, both Celtic and Rangers would struggle to stay in the prem...
Anthony Hogan
Anthony Hogan 12 dagen geleden
I agree with the concept 100%. I think it can even be expanded to cross-national teams. I have said for over a decade that the Caribbean should have one unified team. Then the US and Mexico would not dominate CONCACAF and more excellence from the island nations can come to the forefront!
mortezz 7 uur geleden
Completely against it, it would have the same effects the Super League will have: The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer
Dries Baerten
Dries Baerten 10 uur geleden
Brooo this is a beatufull video! ANDERLECHTT
OJ 15 uur geleden
4:46 Talks of a European Super League to bed? Sike.
Aron van Zee
Aron van Zee 15 uur geleden
No thanks, we dont want belgium teams here🇳🇱
Jolyon S
Jolyon S 17 uur geleden
But everyone hates the superleague
Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin 18 uur geleden
We thought this league would change football , little did we know
L. J.
L. J. 23 uur geleden
I am born and raised Dutch but I’ve been a die-hard Arsenal fan since I was 7 years old. It’s probably because Dutch football was already so painfully bad to watch. So this merger makes sense and would be really interesting!
Het Legioen
Het Legioen Dag geleden
Just no
António Ferreira
António Ferreira Dag geleden
A Scot-por-be-ne league could be an interesting idea, very levelled and competitive.
Benny Backx
Benny Backx Dag geleden
No those distances are to far for a regular competition
lex de wever
lex de wever Dag geleden
As a dutchy who lives in Belgium it is gonna be a careerend for all Belgian teams the Dutch teams are on a way higher level
yunus yigit
yunus yigit Dag geleden
No to Beneliga
Sparrow 13
Sparrow 13 Dag geleden
It will be good for the top clubs but every mid-tier club in Belgium will be broke due to not 1 attractive match in an entire season...
Sebastian Königsperger
Sebastian Königsperger 2 dagen geleden
In my opinion it’s a great idea. Divide each league in half. Top half of teams of both countries comprise the first tier of the BeNe league, and the bottom Half comprise the 2. BeNe league. With teams from second tier football, they could make a sort of playoff in which top teams qualify to a mini league against top teams from the other country. 3 tier teams should just stay in their country and play in a regional Belgian or regional Dutch league.
Sebastian Königsperger
Sebastian Königsperger 2 dagen geleden
In my opinion it’s a great idea. Divide each league in half. Top half of teams of both countries comprise the first tier of the BeNe league, and the bottom Half comprise the 2. BeNe league. With teams from second tier football, they could make a sort of playoff in which top teams qualify to a mini league against top teams from the other country. 3 tier teams should just stay in their country and play in a regional Belgian or regional Dutch league.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 2 dagen geleden
Bad idea
Laurence Connor
Laurence Connor 2 dagen geleden
I love the idea, I reckon it'll herald a wave of united leagues around europe
Vaffan 3E
Vaffan 3E 2 dagen geleden
It makes sense! This would be a good league taking itself underneath France, Germany, Spain, Italy and England. Better competition for top Belgium and Netherlands teams will see them have better results in Europe
tnightwolf 3 dagen geleden
Such a stupid idea...
Miebaka Okari
Miebaka Okari 3 dagen geleden
They should consider some Swiss and Austrian teams
Joey Winters
Joey Winters 3 dagen geleden
5 hours for the longest away trip in the the BeNe would be the shortest away trip for many MLS fans.
IgniteOscar 3 dagen geleden
Well it definitely can't be the first cross competitive league. They are just trying to adapt an MLS model into European football and withe the americanisation meaning the top clubs would be able to get a more lucrative financial package
Will Holmes
Will Holmes 4 dagen geleden
Travel shouldn't shouldn't that much of a problem, Amsterdam to Brugge is 155 miles whereas Newcastle to London is 276 miles
gutburner 4 dagen geleden
MLS is already a cross border league. We got 3 Canadian teams already, its not that hard
Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen 4 dagen geleden
Would rather see this merge of competition in cup form instead, why not get rid of the national cups for Netherlands and Belgium to create the BeNe cup for places in the Europa league instead?
Cedric Coe
Cedric Coe 4 dagen geleden
All the Flemish clubs should join the Dutch leagues and the Walloon clubs should join the French leagues
3 4 dagen geleden
I think its bullshit then it will be like the nba playing alot of games agains really good teams players wil Be worn out and more tired and the stars will play less or worse because coaches will want to spare them so it looks competitive but for the players its like hell
Jens Magnin
Jens Magnin 4 dagen geleden
I love how everybody thinks this is a good idea except for the dutch fans. I am dutch btw and i don’t want to see a BeNeLiga.
The United Provinces
The United Provinces 4 dagen geleden
Now reunite the Greater Netherlands
Niki Bhattacharya
Niki Bhattacharya 5 dagen geleden
maybe the portogues top three finishers should go to la liga just so porto lisbone and benfica dont domminate like if you think its a good idea
daniel castro
daniel castro 5 dagen geleden
This is a good idea but idk where dutch clubs would benefit. Considering they are corrupt to the core and their behavioral and performance data doesn't explain the march results.
Miguel Cunha
Miguel Cunha 5 dagen geleden
Wont even surpass the portuguese league
BUSHCRAFT Marco 6 dagen geleden
In belgium they speak france or dutch?😂🤷🏻
Ландер 6 dagen geleden
French, german, flemish and Limburgs last one is the most dificult.
sjoerd van der Wal
sjoerd van der Wal 7 dagen geleden
If this idea Will be worker out I think there Should also be a Second beneleague where the smaller clubs Could fight for promotion to the Beneleague 1. Also I think there should be 20 clubs so there Will be more matches between the two different countries. And for promotion to the Second League Just use the keukenkqmpioendiviesie and the Second Belgisch league. Also for degradation from the beneleague 1 switch op 4 teams each year so there Will be much more variation.
Adan Lemus
Adan Lemus 7 dagen geleden
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 7 dagen geleden
it won't happen every single fan from the netherlands hates this
Owen Thornhill
Owen Thornhill 7 dagen geleden
All Ireland league, Baltic league
Ties Jaja
Ties Jaja 7 dagen geleden
All of the Belgian teams want it. But many top Dutch teams don’t. Its also a bit of a step down for Belgium/Dutch lower ranked teams.. who would get into the second league. I’m not a fan of this idea + away games will me way more difficult to go to for fans
Tago Mago
Tago Mago 7 dagen geleden
The only issue with this is that other countries will become jealous i.e. Portuguese league
Gurururu Warararara
Gurururu Warararara 8 dagen geleden
Should it not be a Benelux league?
unstoppableExodia 8 dagen geleden
I think there’s an easier but sly way Celtic and the ’gers can get into the English premier league. Buy a team in England in ideal location at as cheap a price as possible that won’t cost a fortune to raise up through the leagues. Set up a youth academy to start cranking out talent to either sell off or keep if they’re looking like they have high potential. Naturally they’d wanna rebrand them as town/area name Celtic or Rangers with identical club crests. If it worked and the English division was to become self sustaining then it could rise through the ranks borrowing talent from the parent club until the team is in the prem when the best players can make their way over from Glasgow into the more lucrative EPL. The Glasgow team could keep going in parallel. But of course the better way to do it would be for both leagues to create a merged league and make sure it combines the European competition slots for both countries. There are already enough teams jockeying for top 7 they don’t need or want wealthy scotsmen cutting their lunch
Liam Ralph
Liam Ralph 8 dagen geleden
Remember hitler started by boycotting Jewish businesses
Truip Evo
Truip Evo 8 dagen geleden
A scandinavian super league (denmark x sweden x norway) would also make sence for higher competition. Italy, england, germany, france and spain dont need to collaborate with someone else, but smaller neighboring contries would benefit like austria and swiss or benelux (including Luxemburg) But it make sence why that dont happened so fast, because is the sacrifice of the own tradition.
abdi libaax
abdi libaax 8 dagen geleden
If Africa does a super league I'm do my badges
G P 9 dagen geleden
It wouldn't be good if they don't include Antwerp ... They have the biggest potential ! Club Brugge is just peaking because the competition is weak at this moment ! Anderlecht and Standard Liège are on the edge of bankruptcy ... Don't forget club brugge is only good the last 5 years , they have been shit for more than 10 years ... If anderlecht and the other big boys would be in shape , they wouldn't have played so much CL = less money = less growth ....
Serge Sargento
Serge Sargento 9 dagen geleden
If this were to move forward, I think both countries would have to fully merge their football pyramids. Beneliga 1, 2, 3 etc. Any other way would be an organizational mess. Then your domestic cup competitions would hold another level of importance.
9Delta9 9 dagen geleden
Eredivisie will keep existing after BeNe Liga. It will serve as the promotion/relegation platform and will produce the yearly Dutch champion. You could more or less compare it to what happened to the championship when the premier league was established.
Diogo Santos
Diogo Santos 9 dagen geleden
Stop trying to make big 5 a things, it’s not a thing. There’s a big four and the rest.
Scygnius 10 dagen geleden
This is 100% a good idea for football in the Low Countries. This would allow the BeNeLiga to at least start knocking on the Big 5's doorsteps. With good development and investment, it could easily turn Europe into the "Big 6" Leagues. This would also give the big teams like Ajax more competition domestically to help them improve their quality and ability to keep talent when it came time to compete in Europe. Considering this would also act as its own publicity since it's such a cool, new change, I'd also wager that the hype alone will drive up profits as the league gets started. Hell, I'd start paying closer attention.
CRS 7 10 dagen geleden
The Dutch fans don’t want this because the way the Belgium teams play football is really boring and I think most Belgium fans agree , the only people that want this are people who get money from it not the fans
David Araújo
David Araújo 11 dagen geleden
These kind of mergers will not bridge the gap, they only to prove that the gulf continues to widen. If FIFA and Platini think it's a good idea, I rest my case...
Marshall C
Marshall C 11 dagen geleden
Hopefully this gives the fa and the Scottish leagues a push in this direction
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 11 dagen geleden
But the amount of money the other countries who don’t join get massively declines don’t forget it makes other leagues do it like the super league finally a lot of history and derbies are lost
Lad Jose
Lad Jose 11 dagen geleden
I would like Portugal and Scotland to join this as well and for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to make a Scandinavian league.
Danny Iontton
Danny Iontton 11 dagen geleden
Poor Faroe Islands, they want to play too.
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 11 dagen geleden
#YJB 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Vonelle 12 dagen geleden
They should start with a joined cup competition to try this out
Aldrix Alkemadus
Aldrix Alkemadus 12 dagen geleden
I hope it dosn't as a dutch supporter of 1 of SC Cambuur a smaller dutch league
James Golightly
James Golightly 12 dagen geleden
Why are they disrespecting Luxembourg 🇱🇺
James Golightly
James Golightly 11 dagen geleden
@Sktkronos Dudelange
Sktkronos 11 dagen geleden
There wouldn't be any clubs from that league so it kinda doesn't make sense
Anthony Hogan
Anthony Hogan 12 dagen geleden
I agree with the concept 100%. I think it can even be expanded to cross-national teams. I have said for over a decade that the Caribbean should have one unified team. Then the US and Mexico would not dominate CONCACAF and more excellence from the island nations can come to the forefront!
Andy 322
Andy 322 12 dagen geleden
As a Belgian I am not looking forward to this. Ajax would dwarf all of us, just as they do in the Netherlands now.
J L 12 dagen geleden
They are not really dwarfing, but ofcourse the top 2 would easily be Ajax and Club (of they can hold the level they are reaching now).
Alfred Shaji Mekkaden
Alfred Shaji Mekkaden 12 dagen geleden
something simliar should happen in Asia
Walter White
Walter White 12 dagen geleden
You can keep the eredivisie and the pro league. The winners of these leagues will promote to the beneliga
Jelmer168 13 dagen geleden
Im dutch and idk how i feel about this, the belgian league is pretty bad compared to the dutch side. Club Brugge, arguably the best club in belgium just lost to a 2nd division side from the Netherlands but it might be better in the long run, idk really
Dean Does Stuff
Dean Does Stuff 12 dagen geleden
And PSV lost to KAS Eupen, a low ranked team in Belgium, last year. 1 game doesn't mean anything and it was probably a friendly. The Belgian league has also been ranked higher than the Dutch league for years and Belgian teams have performed better in Europe than the Dutch teams, aside from Ajax. So, overall, both leagues are around the same level.
Hai Padeg
Hai Padeg 13 dagen geleden
They could have two conferences like in the US. One dutch and one belgium conference, where they are relegsted and promoted to the belgium league and the eredivise
Daniel Joyce
Daniel Joyce 13 dagen geleden
A great concept but itll have poor execution
M5Javi 14 dagen geleden
Essentially dream league soccer predicted the future
Anthony Russell
Anthony Russell 14 dagen geleden
In ice hockey, cross border leagues have operated for a while including in Holland and Belgium who already have a BeNeLiga. It's not made them world beaters but in 2 small scenes it's allowed the Dutch scene to survive and the Belgian one to not be as terrible
Bram Dekker
Bram Dekker 14 dagen geleden
this is a really bad idea this is only to help the big clubs but they don't care about the small clubs fifa has screwed up itself by letting all transfers go ahead and letting clubs keep buying while they are in debt barca real ... in the netherlands you're not allowed to have debt otherwise it's done
Len Spence
Len Spence 14 dagen geleden
It's the start of the EU League that's all... They're trying every avenue to bring Europe together as a super state, how do you do that; use football. This is just the start!
Sri ru Rio atom
Sri ru Rio atom 14 dagen geleden
But can it be possible for a Austrian and Hungarian league it wouldn't be that bad plus super leagues wouldn't be bad for other European countries that arent level than the top 5 leagues we keep the 5 leagues and some super leagues or cross border leagues ???
Sri ru Rio atom
Sri ru Rio atom 14 dagen geleden
Ngl BiNe liga will be much better with 30 teams and scandavania super league will be genius but we add Greenland as a new UEFA member so the scandavania will be well competed
ben kuru
ben kuru 14 dagen geleden
Instead of making a league, why not make it a tournament-like competition? All 18 teams from both domestic leagues playing in knock out rounds with double fixtures. It would be 7 games max for teams that reach the final, give a boost in revenue for all teams, and theoretically make both leagues more competitive because of the increase in revenue. It isn't exactly a merger, but could become the start of one. Think of the rivalry that can start between the top clubs in each league. Plus, I don't think any club would dismiss the opportunity for more silverware
Cameron Noel
Cameron Noel 14 dagen geleden
Love everything about it except the name lol
LUIZ ADAME 14 dagen geleden
Many leagues will follow. The Mexican and US leagues will fuse soon they already have a general director for the fusion of the two.
TypicalNew Yorker
TypicalNew Yorker 14 dagen geleden
Am I the only missing wtf did club burege do ?? They tryna make it sound like it’s a historic club or something like what
TypicalNew Yorker
TypicalNew Yorker 14 dagen geleden
@Dean Does Stuff I'm just talking about overall quaility which the national team gets players from clubs inside the country and u can name alot more dutch players who played in the dutch league at one point or another compared to the beglain league lol. All im saying and ive said this on another vid, imo the dutch league is the alpha in the this convo and personally i dont see why they would want to give that up and merge with another league instead of doing ur own thing.
Dean Does Stuff
Dean Does Stuff 14 dagen geleden
@TypicalNew Yorker What does the national team have to do with this ? Belgium has 13 world cup appearances ( which is more than the Netherlands ) 6 Euro appearances, Olympic Gold in 1920, Third place at the Euros in 1972, Second place at the Euros in 1980, Fourth place at the world cup in 1986 and Third place at the world cup in 2018. So, Belgium also had some great achievements, but that doesn't have anything to do with this. In recent years, the Belgian league and clubs have been better in Europe than the Dutch clubs, aside from Ajax. Even on the ranking, the Belgian league was ranked higher than the Dutch league for almost a decade. Yes, the Dutch league is historically superior, but that's all in the past, in recent years, they are both around the same level.
TypicalNew Yorker
TypicalNew Yorker 14 dagen geleden
@Dean Does Stuff ok and the netherlands won europa leagues and champions leagues and the dutch national team made it wc finals and euro finals so i have no clue why they are making it sound like the dutch and beglium are level when they're not the dutch league is far more superior and far more historic
Dean Does Stuff
Dean Does Stuff 14 dagen geleden
Anderlecht has always been the best/most successful Belgian club in history ( with 5 European trophies ), but it's a fact that Club Brugge has been dominating the league for a few years now. Club Brugge also reached the quarter final, semi-final and final of the Champions league and Europa league a few times in the past, so yeah, they are not as big as Anderlecht, but they did have some good results in the past. During the 70's and 80's, both Anderlecht and Club Brugge were ranked among the top 10-15 best European teams.
Michael Garry
Michael Garry 14 dagen geleden
Champions League and the greed of the current biggest clubs will destroy the game. The coefficients idea is a damn disgrace, as is talk of a Euro Super League. Screw these vermin.
Grant Paterson
Grant Paterson 14 dagen geleden
Works in rugby, could definitely work in football.
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 14 dagen geleden
Nations are an anachronistic political entity that serve to divide the global working class into regional serfdoms run by international corporations
no ah
no ah 15 dagen geleden
8:19 but most fans only go to home games and in africa there is trouble because there are 54 countries and different religions cultures and nations would make travel alot harder then simply going between two EU nations like the netherlands and Belgium
Crazy Horse Dance
Crazy Horse Dance 15 dagen geleden
Breaking news: Will not happen and even the feminine version was a total fail
493 15 dagen geleden
Would be really cool but also weird
Der Yoshka
Der Yoshka 15 dagen geleden
What about a concept like in the MLS with 2 divisions? You could actually just take both leagues (18 teams each) and just make them into 2 divisions. A Dutch and Belgian division. They’d all play against the teams in their division once and half the teams of the other division (randomly chosen) also once. So 26 matches in total if I’m not being stupid. Home and away matches would just change every season so for example if Ajax plays against PSV in one season at home, the following season they’d play at PSV. At the end of the season the top 8/4 teams of both divisions would play in a playoff format until the ultimate champion is decided in a final. So at the end you’d have 30/28 matches in total which will still result in fit teams, able to compete international as well as having both leagues remaining with all 36 teams and still somehow having the feeling of playing in the eredivisie/Jupiter pro league
Der Yoshka
Der Yoshka 12 dagen geleden
@Walter White Why not? a bit more than 'nah' would be appreciated
Walter White
Walter White 12 dagen geleden
Juwon Adeyemi
Juwon Adeyemi 15 dagen geleden
The best way for relegation in this league that they have to conferences Belgium and the Netherlands
Tibo Tierenteyn
Tibo Tierenteyn 2 dagen geleden
Yeah man, merge 2 countries with other cultures together just to make a transnational football league. 🤦‍♂️
Aleksa Boljević
Aleksa Boljević 15 dagen geleden
The one league merger I want is the yugoslav one
Trevor Stackhouse
Trevor Stackhouse 15 dagen geleden
Binning the FFP destroyed football
jelle droesbeke
jelle droesbeke 15 dagen geleden
i would start with a cup and see from then because if the cup doesn't perform then the leageu wil not perform to i think
Yella Dean
Yella Dean 15 dagen geleden
This is beautiful I always though about things like this myself their should be a champions league for teams like Celtic club Brugge fc Basel teams from Mexico and mls all together for cup competitions
Namejs Liepiņš
Namejs Liepiņš 15 dagen geleden
Football historians: How was East German teams incorporated in Bundesliga? About Regional leagues: they seems as a good idea, especially if national leagues in region are weak. Like Scandinavia, Baltic or even some sort of Central Europe (like Poland+Czechia+Slovakia), or Alpine league (Switzerland+Austria+Lichtenstein and throw in one club from Sanmarino to have more competitive league for those small countries). Only problem is that there should be at least two tier system for geographic leagues. Maybe second tier could be played inside nations and then play-off system to save costs.
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor 15 dagen geleden
I support the Beneliga
Dats Funny - Warzone Clips
Not gon lie, I kinda like the idea
polyglot8 15 dagen geleden
I could sort of see a Beneliga comprising of the Netherlands + Flanders & Liege. But for some reason I can't picture the Ajax bus trekking to depressed Francophone places in Belgium like Dinant.
Amchi Šahin
Amchi Šahin 15 dagen geleden
I think the idea of BeNeLiga is realy interesting.Also the Scandinavian Superleague.But the Afrikan super league is pretty dumb.
J. Alexander
J. Alexander 15 dagen geleden
Great idea. No one watches rkc or almere anyway
Yuhin 15 dagen geleden
I read that as "BeNigga" 😂
Finanzamtwien 15 dagen geleden
Austria and Switzerland should do the same
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 15 dagen geleden
In late 2019 and early 2020, there had been discussions between League of Ireland (Rep of Ireland) clubs and Irish Premiership (Northern Ireland) clubs about an All-Island League. The talks went pretty far with an analysis done by HyperCube who had pretty good projections if it happened. The IFA in the North have said they will never agree to a full brand new cross-border league, so the most likely one to happen is an MLS-style where both leagues compete under an All-Island Final Competition (like East and West Confrences and then the MLS Finals).
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 15 dagen geleden
European places remain the same as they would be decided by the respective leagues and cups and the All-Island part just being to say who is the best on the Island. Talks halted and are now on hold since the pandemic started with no new info since.
John DeLuca
John DeLuca 15 dagen geleden
I would not care if the price for something went up slightly if I knew that the quality of the product or service (the entertainment of the match) would increase. I'd say that the BeNeliga serves well. For the lower divisions, the can have the league winners promoted with a playoff system combining the second tier of Belgium and Holland for the third spot. Obviously not perfect but this took two seconds to think of.
Roberto Escobar Rodriguez
Roberto Escobar Rodriguez 15 dagen geleden
Can we talk about Kompanys hairstyle?!?!?!
M G 16 dagen geleden
All for it, local derby’s wouldn’t matter if the other team isn’t on the same level to be in such leagues
Danny Yates
Danny Yates 16 dagen geleden
I think it's pretty cool idea, the competition is going to be fierce.
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