Why YOUR Club Is In Danger Of Falling Apart! | #SundayVibes 

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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes on Football Daily, where this time we are looking at which club’s are in danger of falling apart as we approach the final quarter of the season.
We start with Leicester City, who have been struggling for goals with Jamie Vardy misfiring. How will they cope without Harvey Barnes and a mounting injury list? And can they hold on to that lucrative top 4 spot?
Then we head to Southampton, who are in freefall after winning no games since January 4th, when they beat Champions Liverpool. Will this be the last year we see Danny Ings in a Saints shirt?
And then we look at Wolves, who are paying the price for some terrible transfer business in the summer, and the loss of Raul Jimenez. Finally we head to Liverpool, and then profile Schalke in Germany, who are enduring one of the worst campaigns in Bundesliga history.



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7 mrt. 2021




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Laurence Knipe
Laurence Knipe Maand geleden
I think both dias and virgil are amazing but the dias isnt as impressive when consider how much money has been pumped year on year into that defense it was hard for city not to eventually find someone where as virgil has made defense made up of a relegation side hull (roberttson), random youngster from charlton (gomez) and acadmey player trent and literally made them all look gods at defending where as dias is defending with a load of other sort after/world class defenders
Sean Bhatti
Sean Bhatti Maand geleden
Senior man ;)
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
I would love if Leicester signed Callum Wilson 💙 dovetailing with Jamie Vardy to another Premier League title
Christian Philip Mosley
sack Steve Bruce bruh
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Maand geleden
he forgot thanos? lol
Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence Maand geleden
Parsnips are delicious :)
Raphael Nasser
Raphael Nasser 2 maanden geleden
the way hamill switched up when it came 2 talkin bout potter😂
SympleSpyce Skilla
SympleSpyce Skilla 2 maanden geleden
dude i always kinda per say hated the fact that patrick van straten always answers whilst asking himself questions lmao
Piotr Wnęk
Piotr Wnęk 2 maanden geleden
Hasenhüttl to Gladbach ???
James Cook
James Cook 2 maanden geleden
Go and watch Scottish football. Its a honest league with far less corruption.
fahim ahmed
fahim ahmed 2 maanden geleden
Brighton should get Batshuyai
Luke Churchill
Luke Churchill 2 maanden geleden
Hamill, it's March you need to put the Christmas Jumpers away!!!
McDercas 2 maanden geleden
My boy Antonio Valencia getting into sunday vibes in 2021. The 🐐
Dylan Miles
Dylan Miles 2 maanden geleden
Do you have any opinions on the Barcelona election results and do you think Koemans actually doing a good job at Barca or does he just have a good squad in your opinion? I(Not even a Barca fan but just curious)
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We'll be putting out some EFD content that touches upon it my good man! [Hamill]
Aaron McCarthy
Aaron McCarthy 2 maanden geleden
Pato's smirk after saying nah I'm alright might have to be my new wallpaper.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Always smirking that bloke. [Hamill]
TT 97
TT 97 2 maanden geleden
3:40 Puel never played EL at Leicester....
Damain Ponce
Damain Ponce 2 maanden geleden
Man city i think would spend 30 millions just to have him as back up and a maybe a starter for cup games. They have the money to spend
Alex Vasquez Vasquez
Alex Vasquez Vasquez 2 maanden geleden
The Gold Trio. Hermione Harry and Ron could never compete with these legends.
The FM Gaffer
The FM Gaffer 2 maanden geleden
Love to see: United more likely to fall apart than Liverpool having seen Sunday’s football 😂 Thoughts on where Spurs might end up?
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 2 maanden geleden
Honestly, every team that has jumped Southampton on the table has a better squad lol. They're 14th below Palace, Wolves, and Leeds, and based on squad talent, that's probably where they should be; it's just that the league is so deep now, and because of that, there has to be a recontextualized understanding of the table placement. However, beyond that, Southampton is gonna have to come to terms with the football status quo and invest because if they keep conducting business in the way they do, they're gonna end up fighting relegation season upon season.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Absolutely mate. Could be rough if they don't find new owners this summer! [Hamill]
Gary Finch
Gary Finch 2 maanden geleden
That hat is disgusting Joe. (27)
Samuel Tatnell
Samuel Tatnell 2 maanden geleden
Didn’t age well
Joseph D'Albero
Joseph D'Albero 2 maanden geleden
Coming from man city fan, Rubens vocal leadership has had more of affect on the team then others realized. Stones and Laporte don't have that quality and I think having Ruben back their brings the whole backline together. But I do agree it shouldn't be compared to Virgil's affect on Liverpool
Karl Lindstam
Karl Lindstam 2 maanden geleden
Chris is really looking good with that hairstyle!
Daniel Luker
Daniel Luker 2 maanden geleden
No mention of West Ham in the top 6 race lol
MRust01 2 maanden geleden
Also don’t mention the fact Southampton have fallen apart due to half the first team being injured since that Liverpool game try to in depth on stuff they don’t understand or have acc researched on
Matthew Allan
Matthew Allan 2 maanden geleden
Great video as usual best thing about the weekend Is Sunday vibes and when you where talking about club falling part Celtic could have been on the list as the club is falling part
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Yes, you're right. Sigh. [Hamill]
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 2 maanden geleden
Manchester City Manchester United Chelsea Leicester Everton Liverpool Spurs West Ham Villa Arsenal
Liam Neville
Liam Neville 2 maanden geleden
Liverpool will be fine??? 6 loses at home in a row, forgotten how to attack, mane looks dead. I'm a liverpool fan how are you so confident 😂😂😂
Matt Berdini
Matt Berdini 2 maanden geleden
Leicester didn’t bottle last season. Their whole back line was out for pretty much the whole restart
Kushagra Maheshwari
Kushagra Maheshwari 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily Well we didnt have chilwell ricardo ndidi maddison, our back 4 was just weak and on top of that soyuncu went on and decided to be stupid so yes we could have done better but we had nothing going our way to stop that downslide
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Maybe you didn't watch the game against Bournemouth... [Hamill]
NetScopes 2 maanden geleden
Love the Sox hat Joe but I could have sworn you've worn a Yankees hat before. Pick one burn the other. Can't wear both
irons we love
irons we love 2 maanden geleden
Let down like the channel irons prove u boys wrong
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We're glad to be proved wrong by West Ham this season! [Hamill]
irons we love
irons we love 2 maanden geleden
West ham know talks of your all about top 6 that's was Everton u don't talk too your all about voice really look at football real life
irons we love
irons we love 2 maanden geleden
You boys still don't give west ham there true season shame e as sky sports we are gone up set top 6
ZeroFox75 2 maanden geleden
Love watching these after the Sunday matches have been played. Liverpool lose 6th home games in a row, United beat City and Bale is fully back
The Many-Faced God
The Many-Faced God 2 maanden geleden
That quote "If you look around your group of friends and can't see the asshole its because you're the asshole" hit joe hard he finally realizes what everyone thinks of him
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 2 maanden geleden
@The Many-Faced God what are you on about?
Kyle Malaniak
Kyle Malaniak 2 maanden geleden
i know chris did not just claim that a perfectly roasted potato is “orgasmic” 😂😂😂
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
You get your ass I did. [Hamill]
having fun gh
having fun gh 2 maanden geleden
Brighton needs a strong and tall forward to play as a target man and hold up the ball. If they Burnley go down which is not very likely and then Brighton grab Chris Wood that could help them. If Fulham go down and they grab Mitrovic that could also help them.
Bex Clue
Bex Clue 2 maanden geleden
It's just like Pato said. As a city fan I love Ruben but I don't get the VVD comparison at all. We play an excellent style of football that only concedes few chances and creates many chances. That's why we consistantly score the most goals in the league (while never having the top goal scorer...or even having no striker at all at times lol) and consistantly concede few goals (last season our CB pairing was a 34 yo midfielder and a 18 yo kid who wanted to play for barca and conceded 35 in 38 - two more than Liverpool). It's literally Ruben's leadership - communication, confidence and mentality - that has improved our defense. But our defense was never leaking goals left and right and it's not his "individual brilliance" that has significantly improved our defense. Imo VVD has carried a lot more/improved the defense a lot more through individual ability as a defender in that regard. That said: Ruben > VVD. The kid is only 23!
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Hahaha. Love that last bit. Thanks for commenting dude! [Hamill]
Odera Ikenna-Obioha
Odera Ikenna-Obioha 2 maanden geleden
Tammy Abraham would be sensational at Brighton
Owain Davies
Owain Davies 2 maanden geleden
Joe getting baited at the end hahah
Scott Yeo
Scott Yeo 2 maanden geleden
Southampton's fall was a combination of a bad run of form with a tough schedule, getting absolutely decimated by injuries with an already thin squad, and some absolutely shocking reffing decisions going against them in a couple games they deserved to win, such as the Villa game and the Wolves game. Once they get some players back fit, they'll find their feet again.
MRust01 2 maanden geleden
Thank you someone who acc does there research before commenting on why a teams in a downfall
Adnan Abd El Hady
Adnan Abd El Hady 2 maanden geleden
Congrats Patrick 🙌
Paul Duke
Paul Duke 2 maanden geleden
Brighton need a striker no question. A strong quick finisher
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith 2 maanden geleden
loving the food chat at the end - whats you're guys top sandwich, maybe break it down like in subway (bread, sauce, meat, veg etc)
AusarMohatu 2 maanden geleden
arsenal have been falling apart for 15 years
nikeduck24 2 maanden geleden
Liverpool will be fine? haha. Just lost to Fulham...
KLM Rayisoon
KLM Rayisoon 2 maanden geleden
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I don't know what this means. [Hamill]
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 2 maanden geleden
Congratulations pato for your anniversary hope you always stay happy.
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan 2 maanden geleden
Gravy is like prime Kanté
George Boothby
George Boothby 2 maanden geleden
Dream come true to get my question answered on Sunday Vibes! Even if Hamill has no interest in it 😂
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
George, you're a legend for sending it in lad! [Hamill]
soccer 03
soccer 03 2 maanden geleden
FD liverpool will be fine: Liverpool: lose to fulham 🤣
J_B 2 maanden geleden
Traoré to Inter when Hackimi leaves
Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce 2 maanden geleden
At the end pato should have said yeah I’ll watch Scottish football as rangers will win the tittle
Brandon Giordano
Brandon Giordano 2 maanden geleden
"Liverpool will be fine" me watching this as they're down 1-0 to fulham at home
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Time to stick Coldplay on. [Hamill]
T Alam
T Alam 2 maanden geleden
Random shout, Belotti to Brighton?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
They would want an astounding amount of cash. Money Brighton do not have! [Hamill]
Jerome Sho
Jerome Sho 2 maanden geleden
I think Leicester will enter ucl upcoming season 😎
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne 2 maanden geleden
Stuffing is a god tier food
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
It can be. Can also be utter shite at cheaper joints (where it is sat out). [Hamill]
Taryn Estabon
Taryn Estabon 2 maanden geleden
My personal Roast Dinner Ranking 1- Gravy thick but not to thick 2- Roast Potatoes 3- Homemade Yorkshire's none of this aunt Bessie bullshit 4- Roast Sweet Potato 5- Stuffing 6- Lamb 7- Sausage 8- Veggies
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Strong, although I like a thick gravy and sweet potato doesn't feel traditional... It is class when it's charred though! [Hamill]
Evan White
Evan White 2 maanden geleden
Nothing better than this 3some
Laurence Byrne
Laurence Byrne 2 maanden geleden
Only 1 add today good improvement hamil 👌
Laurence Byrne
Laurence Byrne 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily 😂😂😂😂
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
XG had it down as closer to three. [Hamill]
Matthew Baldwin
Matthew Baldwin 2 maanden geleden
I was absolutely astounded by the roast parsnips slander 😶
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
Maby Brighton Should go for Ings? Or maby like a Darwin nunez (probably not realistic but they Should at least Try imo)
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
@Craig Taylor-Broad yeah with the option of a further year which is most likely going to be activated because Cavani outperformed expectations massively
Craig Taylor-Broad
Craig Taylor-Broad 2 maanden geleden
@José Van mourinho Cavani is only until the summer though right?
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
@Craig Taylor-Broad ManU has Cavani, Martial and Greenwood. Ings wouldnt be a priority signing. But if he waits one more year to leave on a free then 100% would a top 6 side go for him
Craig Taylor-Broad
Craig Taylor-Broad 2 maanden geleden
@José Van mourinho As a Villa fan, I'd like Villa to go for him but he goes against our remit as a club. I can't see why Ings couldn't work for a club like Man Utd to be honest.
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
@Craig Taylor-Broad True but if nobody is going to buy Ings i would at least try if I were Brighton
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
Let Ruben Dias play with Milner Leftback, Clyne Rightback and Lovren next to him in his first season and then compare the two. VVD transformed Liverpool instantly from a good attacking side leeking from the back to an absolute powerhouse of a side
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 2 maanden geleden
@Cruiserkid7 VVD didnt play with Trent first season. Second season Trent came into the side but that was after 10/15 games i think. John Stones was always a good defender just insecure and made errors because of that. City payed 55m for him and everyone saw at Everton how good he was so you cant compare him to Lovren.
Cruiserkid7 2 maanden geleden
Did clyne even play with VVD? And before this season began people held John stones in similar regard to Lovren (defensively).
Kwame Milanya
Kwame Milanya 2 maanden geleden
I was wondering what happened to hot takes?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
It was kind of becoming a bit disingenuous. Like, we had to act appalled by things that often didn't bother us *that* much. I think there's a place for a comeback (especially when we get a studio). It's just not got the legs to be a weekly show! [Hamill]
Conor 000
Conor 000 2 maanden geleden
Dream team
Rory 2 maanden geleden
Loving the food reviews at the end lads, great episode!
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
What shall we do this week?! [Hamill]
Tan Kok Leong
Tan Kok Leong 2 maanden geleden
I just realised what their discussion of food reminded me of! It reminded me of how hobbits talk about their food!
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I'm not too far off in size either. [Hamill]
Fr ed
Fr ed 2 maanden geleden
You know what i realised makes Football Daily the best football analysis youtube channel. The lack of liverpool fans. Genuinely.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Hahaha. Ffs. [Hamill]
Fr ed
Fr ed 2 maanden geleden
STILL no everton sunday vibes.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Hahaha. It'll come round. [Hamill]
William Mckee
William Mckee 2 maanden geleden
I'm a Leicester fan and am happy with a top 6 finish. If we get top 4 that's great but its not a huge disappointment if we don't as I'm not expecting it at the start of the season. Qualifying for Europa league is great for a club like ours.
123kidxpac123pac 2 maanden geleden
Next week. Rate each others meal deal choices
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Very JaackMaate that! [Hamill]
The Poltical One
The Poltical One 2 maanden geleden
Tomi Tayo
Tomi Tayo 2 maanden geleden
I think Leicester should try and buy Ziyech from Chelsea if they can get him for relatively cheap
A Long Time Viewer
A Long Time Viewer 2 maanden geleden
on the Brighton striker situation, they should look to hold onto Maupay and bring Tammy Abraham in on loan when he inevitably starts to realise he wont be getting minutes at Chelsea next season.
trt trtson
trt trtson 2 maanden geleden
Don't sleep on Fulham, if you really look into their results they're really unlucky. I Can't see them go down this year
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Underlying numbers getting to Brighton levels... [Hamill]
Emmanuel Gebreyes
Emmanuel Gebreyes 2 maanden geleden
Sunday vibes x Exam prep is a dream combination :)
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Hope it all goes well mate! [Hamill]
Sam Davis
Sam Davis 2 maanden geleden
These crucial just a podcast were talking about football and general stuff sooo good
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Glad you enjoyed bud. Welcome to the team! [Hamill]
Paddy Gladman
Paddy Gladman 2 maanden geleden
maupay needs a partner like Tammy abraham
G A 2 maanden geleden
Tammy Dosent deserve to be a Brighton he should be somewhere better
Maxwell Bischof
Maxwell Bischof 2 maanden geleden
Alfreð Finnbogason for Brighton
Manolo 9Eleven
Manolo 9Eleven 2 maanden geleden
If Inter win the Scudetto and Belgium go into the late stages of the Euros will Lukaku deserve a shout for the ballon ...?
Toe Head
Toe Head 2 maanden geleden
Jake Osborne
Jake Osborne 2 maanden geleden
Why do never talk about Leeds United
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I think we covered them so much at the start of the season that we naturally laid off 'em. Sure they'll come back round! [Hamill]
HenSt1985 2 maanden geleden
if united lose to City, then West Ham, Chelsea, and Everton won their next game(s), United will drop to 6th.
G A 2 maanden geleden
Chelsea and Everton are playing each other
Max Conrad
Max Conrad 2 maanden geleden
Pukki to Brighton?
Shaun Levett
Shaun Levett 2 maanden geleden
I used to live with a person who put mint sauce on ANY Sunday roast. Roast chicken, mint sauce. Pork, mint sauce. These mutants are out there and mixing with society.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
The sharpness of it is addictive tbf... [Hamill]
Jared O'Mara
Jared O'Mara 2 maanden geleden
Maybe Brighton should look at Lucas Joao from Reading?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
No idea who that is. Will check him out! [Hamill]
Billy Hancock
Billy Hancock 2 maanden geleden
controversial opinion but yorkshires belong in the bin. incredibly average and a waste of space on the plate. load me up with roasted parsnips instead.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I was tempted to report this comment. BUT, tbf, when they've been sitting out and they're dry as hell - they are bad. One of those that's easy to do badly. [Hamill]
Alex Sapeta
Alex Sapeta 2 maanden geleden
Happy anniversary Pat!
kieren Hughes
kieren Hughes 2 maanden geleden
Traore is someone we need to sell to a dumb club who are still willing to pay big money for him, he just doesn't even think, if you watch him he picks the wrong option all the time. Fabio Silva is better (for wolves) than Jose, Jose should not be in this team, max kilman is a solid CB and can easily cover the others we need atleast one new cover winger so we don't need to play Adama if podence is out and a midfielder or to get a CB and let dendoncker drop into the midfield to run around and free up neves to do what he does best
kieren Hughes
kieren Hughes 2 maanden geleden
Also it's just a transitional period for us, we have a lot of young players on the fringes and we have had big loses jiminez for months, Jonny, podence and Boly have been in and out so we have suffered from big loses for a small squad
Ryan S
Ryan S 2 maanden geleden
At Liverpool all we really need is a plan B that works, so we can play our own style as normal when teams come put and actually play us and then something completely different to consistently break down the teams that sit so far off us with high pressing strikers. If we can do that with the lads we currently have available we should be flying again !
wigginson -
wigginson - 2 maanden geleden
Just wanted to tell you lads, I know you get a lot of love in these comments, but need to tell ya that all the work you do is so appreciated and without this workrate lockdown would be very boring. Thanks again x
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
@Olly Worker You too sir! [Hamill]
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Thanks man, really appreciate the posi vibes! [Hamill]
Olly Worker
Olly Worker 2 maanden geleden
Facts ^
tom simmonds
tom simmonds 2 maanden geleden
Cauliflower is traditional
Rightful Max
Rightful Max 2 maanden geleden
Pats looking great
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne 2 maanden geleden
Gotta look good for his anniversary
Tripl Gaming
Tripl Gaming 2 maanden geleden
I 100% agree with pat and hamill Ruben is a solid defender and his presence had been good for city but it’s been overhyped he has much less effect then Bruno for his team as Ruben can be replaced but Bruno’s output cannot Bruno for player of the year whether you like it or not !
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Henry Lister
Henry Lister 2 maanden geleden
31:06 watching Hamill can sometimes be eye opening
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Looooool. [Hamill]
Sam Tweed
Sam Tweed 2 maanden geleden
The passion for the roast dinner has taken this Sunday vibes to the next level 🙏
Sam Tweed
Sam Tweed 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily Next one has to be gammon 🍖
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Haha. Thanks ledge! Appreciate the support. [Hamill]
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 2 maanden geleden
Sunday vibes as a whole is on a another level.
archiewall16 2 maanden geleden
Leicester unfortunately will drop out of the top 4, Utd will drop down to 3rd or 4th in replace of Chelsea. Everton will fight it out with West Ham spurs and Leicester for top 4 but Everton will get it
Mark Mikhail
Mark Mikhail 2 maanden geleden
Feel like people are overhating traore now
Dean Greenham
Dean Greenham 2 maanden geleden
Did they post a pic of damari gray and say its nani’s cousin lool
abdirahman abdullahi
abdirahman abdullahi 2 maanden geleden
lool they must mean sidnei tavares
patrick patrick
patrick patrick 2 maanden geleden
What happened to stat wars??
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We don't have a studio atm because of COVID regulations! Killer, I know! [Hamill]
Vincent Jan
Vincent Jan 2 maanden geleden
Not sure if this has been covered recently, but we need a video on how to improve the refereeing and VAR in the premier league especially. Why haven’t obvious and quite simple changes been implemented? Why does the FA pay them less than officials in other leagues? Why does every other game have a refereeing war crime in it?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Funny you should say that. We have one in the pipeline! [Hamill]
Making transparent wood
Weergaven 4,8 mln.
Making transparent wood
Weergaven 4,8 mln.