Why Newcastle Are The Most BORING Team In The Premier League! | Explained 

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On today’s video, we take a look at Newcastle under Steve Bruce - are they as boring as everyone makes out, and why are they struggling so much in the Premier League?
When Steve Bruce was appointed Newcastle manager in 2019, he was handed the task of succeeding Rafael Benitez, the club’s most popular manager since the days of Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson. It also sent a pretty clear message to Magpies fans, as the club went from having a Champions League-winner in the dugout, to a manager whose 20-year CV consists of getting clubs into the Premier League, trying to keep them there, and not a lot else.
On arrival at St James’ Park, Bruce said his new team would “play on the front foot”, and with the club buying Joelinton and Allan Saint-Maximin for a combined £55.8million, it was tempting to believe him. But despite leading the side to a 13th-place finish, the same as Rafa Benitez had managed with a similar points total the season before, as well as sustaining a run to the FA Cup quarter-finals, the club’s best showing since 2006, his first season was far from inspiring.
They scored just 38 goals, their worst tally in the Prem since 1998, while Jonjo Shelvey was their top scorer in the league with 6, indicative of a team which had worryingly few ideas in the final third. A year later, and little progress has been made, with the side lost without the injured Callum Wilson, and with supporters clamouring ever louder for Bruce’s sacking as the club looks in increasing danger of a second relegation in six years.



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13 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
Apologies for the mistake on Dubravka - we meant to say 'Czech-born' as he was born in former Czechoslovakia.
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
@De G they honestly don't have a clue man. Shocking the ammount of subs they've managed to blag. Literal clear and obvious errors in every single video.
J.S Live_Forever
J.S Live_Forever Maand geleden
He is not even Czech-born, because he was born Zilina, which is city in Slovakia. A you can probably say Czechoslovakia-born.
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
Just one of many mistakes, as per usual.
QUAD_RETURNS 12 dagen geleden
Have you watched Wolves lately?
smokeslet'sgo 12 dagen geleden
They're the only Prem club that will play 5 at the back against a Championship side in the cup and lose
Coach Cookie
Coach Cookie 15 dagen geleden
This is quite a boring video to be fair zzzzz lol
ron richardson
ron richardson 18 dagen geleden
Because Bruce is useless.
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 22 dagen geleden
I am sorry. There is one team that is more boring then Newcastle. It started after Ole Gunnar decided to play with two CDMs It has ruined Bruno season for sure, he was looking to become the best player of the season. The biggest question is. Was the two CDMs Ole Gunnar idea or was it Maguire that demanded to be protected and formed the due of Macfred? Anyway united are no longer creating much chances at all. The strikers almost looks to want too flee the club because of the formation the team is now being played. This is no fun to say since I am talking about my favorite team in England, but if United somehow manages to get 2nd by playing this sort of football... well its Greece all over again from the Euros a few years back. Right now Manchester United is the most boring team to watch for sure.
Dawuni Peter Augustine
Dawuni Peter Augustine 25 dagen geleden
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uk145 26 dagen geleden
If he keeps them up, he has done his job in difficult circumstances and for a lot less money than his peer group
kannan j
kannan j 26 dagen geleden
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Jake Murray
Jake Murray 27 dagen geleden
definitely a 0/10 on our chances
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 28 dagen geleden
Steve Bruce is a championship level manager. he’d probably bring them back up if they are relegated, but if they stay in the premier league i wouldn’t expect anything different next season
Alice Waithaka
Alice Waithaka Maand geleden
West Brom and crystal palace bruh
Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke Maand geleden
United are pretty unwatchable relative to their position in the table
JJB Maand geleden
As long as they don't sack Steve Bruce they are not going anywhere
Shane Maand geleden
We need Graham Jones to take over Everton game he made us play attacking football Bruce just sits back and defends and puts 20 crosses into the box
Adam Bell
Adam Bell Maand geleden
We going down am yelling timber
Lyrics Studios
Lyrics Studios Maand geleden
They just aim middle table they don’t try to be a surprise in the premier league middle table is the only aim
Lyrics Studios
Lyrics Studios Maand geleden
The only thing that Newcastle do is aim for mid table they do wanna accomplish something
Ross Conway
Ross Conway Maand geleden
As a Newcastle fan, I’ve never detested a manager more than Bruce. I don’t even believe he’s a fan like he’s made out for years. Wilder is a Sheff U fan and compare their behaviours and it’s so clear that he’s here because he knew he’d never get another PL job otherwise.
ThatRedHairedDude Maand geleden
It’s mad to think that this team were in the Champions League this side of millennium
Stuart Ainsworth
Stuart Ainsworth Maand geleden
Most fans would tell you we were doomed if Bruce stayed in charge past Christmas.
Jamestuff Maand geleden
The only reason palace arent worse is zaha
Perryno1 Maand geleden
As a Newcastle fan this was painful enough to watch without having FOUR ADVERTS within 10 minutes. I won't be watching anymore until this changes.
Perryno1 17 dagen geleden
@Rishabh Agarwal i watch a lot of yotubers who have this as their only income and they advertise half as much. It's just a tad too many, I obviously understand why they want to do it but the balance isnt quite right for me. Just my opinion.
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal 17 dagen geleden
NLblock is the primary job for most working at football daily, they don't get too many views of course there's gonna be multiple ads
James Edes
James Edes Maand geleden
Bruce playing fraser up front and gayle on the left wing says it all.
RaisinxBrand Maand geleden
I’d sack Bruce immediately in favor of Wilder.
ron richardson
ron richardson Maand geleden
I would have sacked Bruce in november. We could see this happen . Bruce hasnt got a brain .and Ashley never took any notice. So he is the one who must pay the price . A supporter can only take so much. All them players will be gone if we go down so they better start playing their hearts out .
Harry Rose
Harry Rose Maand geleden
Fulham look like a better team at the moment
Charlie Stewart
Charlie Stewart Maand geleden
yeah it’s gg for us
Litha Shenxane
Litha Shenxane Maand geleden
Took time out of your week to make a video about Newcastle?
Newcastle Fans TV
Newcastle Fans TV Maand geleden
Finally someone else notices we are dogs**t.
Rav1ngSqu1rrel Maand geleden
Yes we are
Michael Saab
Michael Saab Maand geleden
You have said it only time will tell !!!!
The Radio Guy Online
The Radio Guy Online Maand geleden
Anyone else think it's a bit suspicious that FD have 1.8 million subscribers yet there s**t videos in the last 7 days have each gotten well under 100k views????
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal 17 dagen geleden
You're not very bright are you? They've made videos for 7 years, you don't know how NLblock works
Jakov Nenadovic
Jakov Nenadovic Maand geleden
Newcastle needs a better manager At least one new midfielder And right back
HJKX Maand geleden
Zach Martin
Zach Martin Maand geleden
Aint been watching Wolves this season then.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
I thought it was spurs and Jose sucks?
Dante4sure Maand geleden
Hey guys, im curious; what Russian teams and players do during their winter breaks? As in how do they prepare, what goes on behind the scenes etc....
Dean Green
Dean Green Maand geleden
I’m a United fan and we’re absolutely terrible to watch. Put it this way, if you made a graph that reflected the quality of play, based upon the table standing, and price of quality in the squad. United would be the worst on it.
LNonno Maand geleden
@Mandalam Tarun Starting Lineup varies a lot true but yesterday can be taken as an exceptional reason because of the CL in a few days
Mandalam Tarun
Mandalam Tarun Maand geleden
I feel Chelsea is the worst team to watch, mainly because they don't know what their starting line up and the "big" players are very inconsistent. P. S: United fan here as well and I feel like we are relatively okay to watch.
Tran Dan Chi
Tran Dan Chi Maand geleden
Absolutely love the "Stop and LUT"
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Hawkins Maand geleden
You can’t say it’s unlucky with injuries, we train 2 days a week
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Hawkins Maand geleden
@Timothy Higgins to be fair in the mess we are in we can’t really be bringing in our useless squad players
Timothy Higgins
Timothy Higgins Maand geleden
And we don't rotate when our players are fit.
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Hawkins Maand geleden
Bruce is absolutely useless man, if we don’t go down this season we will go down next season instead
Hamza Siddiqui
Hamza Siddiqui Maand geleden
The most boring team in the league outperformed Aston Villa on all fronts
Christian Maand geleden
The problem we have is i dont think the players trust his tactics, against villa yesterday no one wants to play the killer pass or even play the risky pas that could lead to big chances. defensively we are poor, out wide out fullbacks dont stop the cross, injuries at CB hasn helped in fairness but he hasnt adapted to the injuries. up top he plays people out of position and when wilson was fit he was on his own up top and we never have a desire to get forward until now because what have we got to lose. also darlow has been class when hes been there, just the chances we give opposing teams are far more clear cut than last year
having fun gh
having fun gh Maand geleden
You could've googled "Dubravka" once before so confidently calling him "Czech" he is Slovak...
Tom James
Tom James Maand geleden
Need to do a why Chelsea are the most boring team to watch
fdfv 66
fdfv 66 Maand geleden
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
Bruce has been slowly unravelling all the good work Benitiez did to make us solid and a half decent team
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
We saw these signs last season when we were picking up lucky points and our top pl goalscorer was Shelvey with 6. The pundits accused us of being demanding and that we expecting too much, however we knew we were only going one way under Bruce
Shaun Burns
Shaun Burns Maand geleden
We have no chance Bruce needs to go we should’ve pressed West Brom it was a 6 pointer
kk ok
kk ok Maand geleden
The defensive decline isn't due to playing Darlow instead of Dubravka it's due to Krafth who is at fault for every other goal conceded and is easily the worst player in PL. He has played most of the season due to Manquillo being injured.
Mr Minto
Mr Minto Maand geleden
We are definitely going down this season
Patrik Koreň
Patrik Koreň Maand geleden
Dubravka is Slovak, not Czech guys
Callum Mckechnie
Callum Mckechnie Maand geleden
The way I see it is as a fan is the second we drop into that relegation zone we won’t be coming out
Mitchell Patten
Mitchell Patten Maand geleden
So you’ve shown that you can do videos on smaller teams. I’m requesting a scout report on Crystal Palace. Who do you think they should sign (as a manager and players), who should be given a new contract, who should be let go/sold?
Luke E
Luke E Maand geleden
I'm a NUFC fan but I'd love to be consistently kept updated on what's happening at "the other 14". I don't have time to follow them all. There was a time when I knew the starting XI of every PL team.
Green Frog
Green Frog Maand geleden
Newcastle are not boring to watch!. They may lose a lot of games but at the same time I see a character in the team.
l0dgey 24 dagen geleden
We regularly have below 30% possession and no shots on target!
Sean Rea
Sean Rea 24 dagen geleden
You sure you haven’t confused Juventus and Newcastle man ?
babblerx Maand geleden
Are you sure you're watching Newcastle?
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
St Maximins hasn't improved because he's been injured most of the season. Is your research literally just glancing at stats?
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
There wasn't any contention amongst the fans why Dubravka wasn't starting. It was clear Darlow was performing well and didn't deserve to instantly be replaced again until a poor performance.
Callum Atkinson
Callum Atkinson Maand geleden
This is one of the worst Newcastle sides I have seen! Bruce is clueless... Last night he played Gayle as a winger and Fraser as a striker. Terrible line ups and non existent tactics I'm just waiting to get relegated
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
Another horrendous video by football daily. Newcastle have played some much better football over the past few weeks but have been unlucky.
Scott Towers
Scott Towers Maand geleden
@James Reynolds think you might want to go back and re watch our games. We had more chances and a higher xpected goals tally in 5 of our last 8 games. The three we never was Man United, Chelsea and West Brom. In the Man United and Chelsea games we had 10 shots each. That's significantly better then the 5.7 shots per game we averaged throughout the start of the season. You pick the one game which we performed the worst. We're talking about entertainment value here, not results. The stats confirm what my eyes tell me.... We've been significantly less boring to watch since the Everton game, funny enough when Jones came in.
James Reynolds
James Reynolds Maand geleden
STFU... we hung on for a draw against WBA, there have been glimpses of positives but over the last few weeks it has still been piss poor
A2 Maand geleden
Because Steve Bruce is an awful manager. Simple.
Mark Wood
Mark Wood Maand geleden
Personally feel we will go down its hard to support a team under Ashley there is nothing for the fans to get behind until Ashley goes this is as good as it gets
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
Deeply concerned. Bruce playing for a draw against West Brom leaves me questioning where the points might come from. The football is incredibly dull and passive, we have no fight in us. And the bigger concerns are that if relegation happens the squad is old and zero effort has been made on player development. Everyone in the squad seems to be getting worse and the longstaffs are the only youth in the squad and they've been frozen out. So assuming we go down we're not well suited for the championship this time.
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
Problem is they're old. Gayle, Clark and Carroll would all be 32 at the start of a championship season and they're already injury prone. No way they manage a 50 match season. Joelinton would do better, but he needs the players around him and Bruce ain't giving him that.
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer Maand geleden
@Jacob Wright problem is gayles contracts up, so is Carrolls and a load of other players
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright Maand geleden
I see where you're coming from, but one of the reasons I'm optimistic we'll get promoted even if we go down, is because we have a lot of players who have proven themselves in the Championship, and are unlikely to move elsewhere. We have Lascelles and Clark, who were the pairing last championship season, and we have Shelvey who also did well then. Not to mention, we have a guaranteed Championship goalscorer with Gayle, another one with Carroll, and I'm sure Joelinton would score goals in the Championship too.
JoeyLisle Maand geleden
Bruce out
V2Juro Maand geleden
4me burnley is more boring🤭
Mateus Alves
Mateus Alves Maand geleden
It's not "Joe Linton", for god sake. It's Joelinton, just one name. It's annoying that you guys always get the brazilian names wrong. Like the jesus in Gabriel Jesus, we don't say it like we're spanish speaking people. Please try to research it to get it right
Dean Green
Dean Green Maand geleden
That’s like saying that Spanish commentators can’t roll their R’s when they say English names.
ɨ ǟrʏǟñ_ʝr ɨ
ɨ ǟrʏǟñ_ʝr ɨ Maand geleden
And Also Most Boring You Tube Channel FootballDaily 😁
Michael Medenilla
Michael Medenilla Maand geleden
Atletico Madrid: Finally a worthy opponent our battle would be legendary
Michael Medenilla
Michael Medenilla Maand geleden
@Charley Nilsson yeah they will win the UCL this season
The Big Quack
The Big Quack Maand geleden
Despite their football being slightly negative, it’s clearly bringing results
Charley Nilsson
Charley Nilsson Maand geleden
Even tho this is a joke you can never compare Atletico Madrid to Newcastle.
Johan Navarro
Johan Navarro Maand geleden
yeah at least athletico are good at it tho looool
Joy Bhowmik
Joy Bhowmik Maand geleden
This deserves more likes.
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV Maand geleden
Lol no one is more boring than Sheffield, West Brom and I guess Burnley when Nick Pope isn’t having himself a really good game
Danny Maand geleden
If Newcastle carry on like this I’m certain Fulham will take there position
Jake Maand geleden
@Samuel Yee Yeah, I feel like Fulham are going to do what Villa did last season, and send Newcastle down, maybe even on the final day
Danny Maand geleden
@Samuel Yee agreed !
Samuel Yee
Samuel Yee Maand geleden
Fulham need to help themselves and they hope Newcastle has a similar self destruct like Watford in last season
Neffalum Maand geleden
Let's be frank most of the teams are boring if media covers the reality of Premier league
Emna Downey
Emna Downey Maand geleden
Yesterday against villa we were bad at creating. The chances that we did get were missed.
Oisin Flaherty
Oisin Flaherty Maand geleden
Lol darlow saved them this season dubravka about to do the same
Callum Lucas
Callum Lucas Maand geleden
@Joe Q put dubravka in a side with a more reliable defence with better tactics and he won’t be making mistakes, he makes mistakes because he is facing too many shots
Oisin Flaherty
Oisin Flaherty Maand geleden
@Pop Popit’s there defence that’s the issue the just let the opponents walk through either the other team score or dubravka/darlow saves the shot it falls to Sean longstaff he boots it long and hopes saint maximim can run on to it
Alex Sapeta
Alex Sapeta Maand geleden
@Joe Q bruh what😂
Joe Q
Joe Q Maand geleden
Not really as they both are good goalkeepers but they both make huge mistake and often cost a lot of goals.
Pop Pop
Pop Pop Maand geleden
let’s be real it’s been happening for years, if psg had gone for dubravka like rumoured a few years ago they’d have been in championship by now
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Maand geleden
Newcastle will never have what happened under sir bobby mainly down to having shearer. They have a ok team with few creative players and invested way to much on Joelinton. Can't rely on callum wilson to keep them up! With a better manager they would of been fine
StadiumOfShite Maand geleden
Dubravka is from Slovakia
Junior Gunner
Junior Gunner Maand geleden
I’d say Crystal Palace are tbh have no intention of winning games
Ryan Bareham
Ryan Bareham Maand geleden
Football daily’s beloved Brighton are bloody boring to watch
Natalie Big Tits Cream Pie victim
What’s the gist, physicist? (This is great to use when speaking with an actual scientist or at least an intellectual nerdy person.)
Junior Gunner
Junior Gunner Maand geleden
They play good football, just don’t have a good enough forward line to finish to chances they create
Risto Og
Risto Og Maand geleden
Dubravka is slovakian
GEORGE _PLAYZ Maand geleden
Were the best
Kit Rankin
Kit Rankin Maand geleden
Enrico Alfonso
Enrico Alfonso Maand geleden
Let’s be real the only reason any neutral watches Newcastle is cos of Allan Saint-Maxamin
mata Hari
mata Hari 24 dagen geleden
Next jay jay okocha, all styles no end product
babblerx 25 dagen geleden
@G34RS_4107 ASM is a decent flair player Granted his flair is more noticeable because he's playing in a crap team. But when you see him turning players inside out there's no doubting he's a class player. I wish I could say the same for Almirón. He's good, not many will match him for speed. I sometimes think he lacks vision though; there's an element of the 'headless chicken' about him. I still like him in our team though.
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer Maand geleden
@G34RS_4107 Robertson relegated, van dijk finished 15th or lower, wijaldum relegated, sissoko relegated, Micheal owen relegated there are alot of players who are world class who have been relegated or finished near the bottom 3 please watch football before talking rubbish
G34RS_4107 Maand geleden
@LNonno that’s why they’re part of a team floundering in 16th in a relegation battle? Okay...
LNonno Maand geleden
@G34RS_4107 they're not that shit though, they're still well worth premier League level, only problem is the inconsistency up top
Joseph Maand geleden
Wolves are just as boring with out the excuse of having bad players
Beefcastle United
Beefcastle United Maand geleden
I don't see why Newcastle don't try to poach a manager like Thomas frank. We are a bigger club than brentford, we've got more money and he might be interested in the project. It's just annoying as a fan to see your club mismanaged both by the head coach and the club directors.
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
@Beefcastle United The media narrative surrounding Newcastle fans is that we expect champions league football. The reality is that most of us would be happy with a progressive young coach from the championship who has new ideas
Beefcastle United
Beefcastle United Maand geleden
@Bruce Ball I agree completely man, it's such a shame.
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
@Beefcastle United my point was that Ashley never makes possessive appointment of up and coming managers, he rolls the dice on tactical dinosaurs. I've thought about Frank before and I would love for him or Cooper to take charge of us
Beefcastle United
Beefcastle United Maand geleden
@Bruce Ball I disagree thomas frank took on the role at Brentford and took them from mid table to one of the best teams in the championship and all of their top 10 most used players are under 24. He hasn't had any experience failing and that might be because he is only been managing at championship level but that is still better than Bruce who has never succeeded at premier league level either. I still think getting relegated with exciting football is better than getting relegated from playing park the bus, personally.
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
Because he doesn't have 20 years worth of experience like Bruce, experience in failing I must add.
brendan mahlatse
brendan mahlatse Maand geleden
Hawk man
Hawk man Maand geleden
Brighton better stay up
John Benedict Than
John Benedict Than Maand geleden
Old Newcastle is better than this shit now.
Lewis Payne
Lewis Payne Maand geleden
We have no chance of staying up unles joelinton decides to turn into r9 and dubravka just becomes unstoppable
Hawk man
Hawk man Maand geleden
He already r9
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane Maand geleden
Compared to a lot of others, Newcastle need a change most. Their facilities are crumbling, their coaching isn't doing what it should. And they're board isn't effective. They should stay away from huge player fees for a while, invest in exciting young talent from the championship or Europe, and hope to sell them at a profit after a few years, after doing that for a while and stabilising the finances and style of play, move on to trying and keep those talents and slowly improve. Also, get rid of Bruce, and get a new exciting manager, not a near Bruce look a like replacement. It's not that hard.
Rose -V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
You are perfectly imperfect. And that’s just perfect.
Mako Maand geleden
Thé Al-Queda of the premier league Steve Bruce Nuno Esperito Santos Sam Allardyce Roy Hodgson Sean Dyche
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
Mega thrash
Mega thrash Maand geleden
@Yuvraj Singh i exaggerated to emphasise how crap Ole is, don't take everything literally
K.J Rodrigues
K.J Rodrigues Maand geleden
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Maand geleden
@Mega thrash wth?!? Do you even know how big of a sin it is to mention Ole and HELENIO HERRERA in the same line ?!?! (which I had to commit unfortunately because of you )
Mega thrash
Mega thrash Maand geleden
@Yuvraj Singh Even Helenio Herrera would be jealous of Ole's catenaccio
Ewan Davison
Ewan Davison Maand geleden
Bruce out
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Maand geleden
We are doomed
Wesley Presh
Wesley Presh Maand geleden
🇺🇸+ +1==5==5==9==5==3==0==2==3==0==8
Wesley Presh
Wesley Presh Maand geleden
@Ashley Kelvin You can reach Lucky smith on w.a.t.s.a.p.
Ashley Kelvin
Ashley Kelvin Maand geleden
@Wesley Presh I've seen a lot of testimonies and recommendations about this Lucky Smith, he must be exceptional and strategic in his dealings
Wesley Presh
Wesley Presh Maand geleden
I have no doubt trading with Lucky Smith he's very good, I can remember vividly starting with $1,500 and made out $13,000 after a few weeks, I still wonder how he gets his analysis
Samantha Portor
Samantha Portor Maand geleden
J.S Live_Forever
J.S Live_Forever Maand geleden
Dubravka is from Slovakia, not Czech
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
Thats what i was thinking
Vu Thanh Truong
Vu Thanh Truong Maand geleden
Boring or not mostly depends on the manager Steve Bruce and the silly buying such Joselinton...many many good players out there and not too expensive just needs good collection.
Lexi V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
You are the strongest guy I know.
Itz Dillie
Itz Dillie Maand geleden
West Brom entered the chat...
Titang Maand geleden
lol its not newcastle its wolves
Junior Gunner
Junior Gunner Maand geleden
Crystal Palace they’re lucky to take more than 3 shots a game
lunvtic Vxrt
lunvtic Vxrt Maand geleden
Newcastle ain't Premier league team lts just a Championship team
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
@KDJ1914 Twenty twenty-one agreed
KDJ1914 Twenty twenty-one
beyond ultragaming they are the same players man apart from the fact we have a much better striker in Wilson. It’s the managers tactics not the squad.
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
@KDJ1914 Twenty twenty-one of corse that squad is capable for fighting for the top 10 because alot of those players are good enough to go win games if you go all out but theirs some players that wouldnt be pl players atm under bruce but if you got a better manager yes
KDJ1914 Twenty twenty-one
beyond ultragaming it’s a team that got 10th and 13th with better management. Almiron, lascelles, Hayden, Clark, Fraser. We have decent players. in Rafas final season in the later half we had one of the best defences and best attacks in the league.
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
I totally agree the only players that arent championship standard are wilson, dubravka and saint maximin i think that bruce made a poor decision not to reinstate dubraka as number one but darlow hasent been too bad but dubravka is better
Muhamed Dalagija
Muhamed Dalagija Maand geleden
Hope brighton get relegated
Muhamed Dalagija
Muhamed Dalagija Maand geleden
@Hawk man thats what i said
Hawk man
Hawk man Maand geleden
No Brighton play great football
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
Tbh id rather see newcastle go down as their terrible
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya Maand geleden
Players not good enough and Bruce's negative tactics is to blame
babblerx Maand geleden
We've got 3 or 4 Premiership quality players. If the rest of them were managed correctly we'd have relatively little trouble maintaining mid-table mediocrity. But therein lies the problem...MANAGEMENT! Bruce is sackless, clueless and useless. He wheels out the same excuses game after game and blames everyone but himself for the state we are currently in! #BruceOut
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming Maand geleden
And has probally lost the dressing room
Footy.PL. Maand geleden
Last time I was this early spurs won a trophy
Heturnal Kazim
Heturnal Kazim Maand geleden
@Bobby banana the first lol as a life long spurs fan i can honestly say your comment is brilliant an true lol...fingers x that changes coys
Bobby banana the first
Early to watch a VHS?
Rose -V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
Your tranquil aura calms my heart.
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The Truth About my Son
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