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Today on Winners & Losers Chris Hamill is joined by Sam Obaseki & Will Brazier! The trio talk about Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool after they've lost their 6th consecutive home League game after defeat to relegation contenders Fulham! Scott Parker in his brand new jacket came out with a deserved win at Anfield whilst the fab three of Salah, Mane & Firmino failed to score once more.
But with Liverpool seemingly needing a rebuild - and their place in the Champions League at stake - how do they recover? If they had to sell two of their front three, which ones would you ship out? Let us know in the comments below!


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8 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
kim anh
kim anh Maand geleden
The acceptable dentist histologically double because ground coronally end round a gaudy adjustment. truthful, pointless weather
Lee Stevenson
Lee Stevenson Maand geleden
Harry Potters quiff lmfao
1derehman Maand geleden
You can’t sell you top goal scorer for the last 3 seasons - Salah is a proven goal scorer- being upset when substituted is a sign of a player who is hungry to score and get as many minutes as possible to do it.Bringing in another creative strike is a good shout- maybe (if they get the funds ) Sancho?
J Maand geleden
Liverpool have about £40mil+ worth of underperforming rotation players who could go well before salah. The issue is it's not a selling market right now, with the amount of financial troubles caused by covid, it's a buyers market. So they can't create funds to buy a superstar. Hard to see Haaland/Mbappe or any young superstars moving anywhere, this summer, but to the clubs with immensely wealthy owners who can pull hundreds of millions out of pocket.
Nduhiu Muthigani Njama
of course you want to salah sold cause you're a united knob
Darren Evans
Darren Evans Maand geleden
Lfc did spend we got a world class cm in and jota lost our 3 cbs is what went wrong
Nicky B
Nicky B Maand geleden
Sam you do realise Salah is prem top scorer, look at his goal record since he has been at LFC, so why would you sell him?? you would be better off getting rid of Bobby, plus the deadwood and injury prone in the squad such as Shaq, Ox, matip, Naby to name a few. Why do you think Salah looked pissed off? its due to bad form of lfc, lots of injuries, plus Salah not firing 100%
EN3rgYy30 Maand geleden
Hamill Shitting on the sponsored product LOL
Poet Anderson
Poet Anderson Maand geleden
Finally made it onto an episode of Football Daily! Dreams do come true! 😂
Luke plays Everything
Luke plays Everything Maand geleden
And i think if we dont make champions league then a recruitment will definitely get a hit but I believe that some big names might remain interested
Luke plays Everything
Luke plays Everything Maand geleden
I dont think they get rid of mo salah but i do agree with getting rid of bobby
b blood
b blood Maand geleden
That Nikola guy got his own picture hanging behind him?
Joe Menjivar
Joe Menjivar Maand geleden
Yo does your man Sam really have a sexy photo of himself hanging on his wall behind him??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dmmaui Maand geleden
Players are wearing out faster and susceptible to injury from all of the high pressing that klopp employs. Same thing happened at Dortmund
Denislav Ivanov
Denislav Ivanov Maand geleden
What a horrible take from Sam on Salah. Goalscorer of Liverpool, goalscorer of the league, probably in top 5 for scored goals this season overall. On top of that everyone that watches the games can see that he is miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to creating goal chances. And to say that he would keep Mane over him is so ignorant. Mane has had his worse season as a Liverpool player, and a deep dive in his stats prove it. Selling Salah and not Mane would be clearly preferential and a wrong move.
Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Vaughan Maand geleden
Discussion of signing Mbappe or Haaland is fanciful. Liverpool, at least during Klopp’s tenure as manager, have not shopped in the upper echelons of the market. Instead, they look for players playing for middle of the road clubs (Think Mane, Van Dijk - Southampton, Wijnaldum - Newcastle, Salah/Alisson - Roma, Firmino - Hoffenheim, Robertson - Hull, Fabinho - Monaco). Their recruitment philosophy is about finding undervalued players who by in large don’t come from the European super giant clubs like PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona etc. So IMO, finishing outside the top four doesn’t affect their recruitment in the summer. With that being said, I think they should cash in on Salah. Take 100m for him (if possible) and reinvest in a quality centre half, a Gini Wijnaldum replacement and a versatile forward player. Centre backs - Edmond Tapsoba, Sven Botman, Ezri Konsa or Loic Bade. Gini Wijnaldum Replacment - Orel Mangala, Franck Kessie, Yves Bissouma or Denis Zakaria. Forward - Raphinha, Pedro Neto or Jadon Sancho. Even without the sale of Salah, there should be enough money through sales of fringe players like Origi, Shaqiri, Chamberlain, Minamino plus loan players like Harry Wilson, Grujic, Ojo and Awoniyi to be able to raise 100m minimum.
Stop Start Studios
Stop Start Studios Maand geleden
Mbappe is not going to Liverpool. Spiderman is crap, mans gloating about having a PS5 lol I’ve had one since launch day XD
Dáire Reilly
Dáire Reilly Maand geleden
Will is a prick for that opening alone.
what's it
what's it Maand geleden
I would sell Mane and the likes of Origi, Wilson, Grujic, Chamberlain. Switch to a 4231 next season klopps used it with a full squad this season. I’d bring in Haaland and Grealish , team would look like ...👇 Alisson Trent Gomez Van Dijk Robertson Fabinho Thiago Salah Grealish Jota Haaland
ProtectedByJah1 Maand geleden
Get Will on again, he’s great on this show
Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
Oh we will my friend. [Hamill]
Atr 512
Atr 512 Maand geleden
If I was Liverpool I would get rid of Mane and Firmino , Mane is not playing well due to personal reasons and conflicts with players like salah he has to go
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Maand geleden
I pray Madrid don’t go after Salah
Smithy Maand geleden
Not a Liverpool fan but Salah is getting disrespected recently. if he doesn't score then their team ends up goalless of late
Dschaerie Maand geleden
So true salah is still the top scorer in the prem
kilby Kilby
kilby Kilby Maand geleden
I dont know why people are writing off liverpool in the champions league. European football is so different to prem and I can see lfc winning the champions league
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee Maand geleden
Mbappe have to be top class nutter if he joins trashpool
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Maand geleden
The bloke in the middle knows shit about football or clubs
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Maand geleden
And they were put down 3 Davisson;s and all most had to close the club down. But look how hard the worked to get back to the top of the Scottish football league so please tell there full story
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Maand geleden
Sam is right man united every year we got rid of 3-4 players each year and got 2-3 and a place for the youths that was each year even if we was winners or top 4 you have to stop the team getting to old and hard to sell. All the teams in the premier league need to be doing this as most teams have got very old the top 5 teams need to rebuild their older players to top players
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Maand geleden
Most of the Liverpool are getting old and need youth to bring in some speed and hunger to win
Juan Zarate
Juan Zarate Maand geleden
If you guys notice a lot of ex players now managers that are successful are midfielders
Keoki Higa
Keoki Higa Maand geleden
Let’s not let Jesus off the hook, he single handedly handicapped his team. Martial was boxed in and Jesus makes a Jordan Pickford-esque on him. But credit United for keeping a clean sheet and being overall solid.
E Maand geleden
please get Brazier on a permanent deal
Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
How much would you bid? [Hamill]
SheffieldsOwnFatBoy Maand geleden
iirc chelsea came 10th then signed a league winning kante. liverpool might miss out on the top of the top players but im sure they will be fine with that tier below
The 9th Round
The 9th Round Maand geleden
As a Liverpool fan of be happy to sell Salah and Firmino. Both fantastic players and while they're still worth a considerable amount it will serve for decent long term investment. Hopefully another Centre Back!
William PB
William PB Maand geleden
If you are Liverpool, you do everything you can to keep Salah.
inghell Maand geleden
Real and Barca are not going to try and buy Salah, like you guys said he’s too old for it to be worth paying 100 million plus.
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas Maand geleden
Salah got taken off against Chelsea. Lol Chelsea man forget his his club highlights😂😂😂
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
so i am a Liverpool fan and inter and i see gini is strongly linked with inter so i think if we can we should go in for barella but also the way we play this season has been the same as every season but the only thing is we don't have the cb like van dijk for long balls and Joe and vvd are also quick and our midfielders have been playing cbs so our midfield is unbalance and klopp is still trying to make us play the same way with these different type of players.
Dibesh Shrestha
Dibesh Shrestha Maand geleden
Salah out for someone with a better attitude
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly Maand geleden
Chelsea Oba he got taken off at 60mins Vs Chelsea...
Walrus Ro
Walrus Ro Maand geleden
De bruyne was one of the best players on the pitch if mahrez,jesus and sterling did not take 100 touches in the box and could actually shoot better man city could have won. Martial was by far the best player along with Luke shaw.And I would argue with sam saying Martial has been inconsistent,he has always had good linkup playbecause it was against city it was appreciated if it was against palace fans would have cursed him.Shaw was excellent carrying his form from the last season,the only thing he has done better is that he takes set pieces which has increased his goal contribution
baritoney stark
baritoney stark Maand geleden
m’boy Sam looks like Frank Ntilikina
Josh Wright
Josh Wright Maand geleden
Has Sam watched Liverpool play in more than 1 game this year? His opinions on Salah are actually laughable, forget Salah's importance to Liverpool in his goals and assists. This season he is the ONLY one of the front 3 who looks like he cares are times... really tough listen this
Lyrics Studios
Lyrics Studios Maand geleden
These players are trying to sabotage Jurgen Kloop our players are getting to much injuries it is like we are in among us
Lyrics Studios
Lyrics Studios Maand geleden
Our issue let’s talk about the defence Trent and Robertson are to high that we’ll cause space on the flanks in the counter attack the big issue in the attack we are too cautions ( means we pass to much ) and the injuries is one of the biggest reasons we are so bad
AP06 .P
AP06 .P Maand geleden
mane and firmino out mbappe and grealish in (honest liverpool fan)
Kelvin Mutua
Kelvin Mutua Maand geleden
Sign gabriel barbosa he is very good
Kelvin Mutua
Kelvin Mutua Maand geleden
If liverpool sell the front 3 it has to b mane & bring sancho
Don Pedro
Don Pedro Maand geleden
Spurs should hire Scott Parker
K Dog
K Dog Maand geleden
Will looks like a rangers fan
Daire Guiney
Daire Guiney Maand geleden
Sam is probably the most likeable person in the world, especially among Chelsea fans
Sam O
Sam O Maand geleden
Thank you Daire 😅👊🏾
Seth Javeri
Seth Javeri Maand geleden
William brazzer
zedd _
zedd _ Maand geleden
Liv fans thinking Real Madrid will pay 150 mil for salah 🤣🤣 We’ll rather pay 150 for mbappe
nigl2807 Maand geleden
Media just beat things up anyway possible. There has been little to no issues of trouble inside the camp since Klopp arrived. Salah is the only saleable asset. We keep hold of Mane (arguably our best player) with Firmino playing less minutes. All 3 are getting older and we DO need to transition new players into the starting roles.
K N Maand geleden
Totally agree with your analysis of Thiago,if you look at his underlying numbers from the weekend, even though he didn't play, he was still influential. No player in 90 minutes has registered more words of encouragement (64) and gave more thumbs up (172) than Thiago v Fulham. Generational talent.
Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
Absolute chat! [Hamill]
LilTone 97
LilTone 97 Maand geleden
Can’t wait to see West Ham in the champions leaguen
christopher sailer
christopher sailer Maand geleden
What if this is the beginning of the next 30 year wait
K M D 123
K M D 123 Maand geleden
They don’t press like they used too part of the reason for their downfall
Joe Perry
Joe Perry Maand geleden
Yeah I watch every game. They do press but its become ineffective. I think this is down to gomez, matio and van dijk out. When Hendo was cb he did it but only Thiago can do it in midfield atm. Sarah is very effective at pressing but bobby and mane have slacked this year. And then because the cbs missing trent and Robbo can't do it now
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#SWANS 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
arnor eli
arnor eli Maand geleden
oba hates liverpool with such a passion hahaha
Nick Maand geleden
Mbappe going to a club the doesn’t have cl??
Will Nation-Dixon
Will Nation-Dixon Maand geleden
If I were Liverpool, Firmino and Salah out for Andre Silva and NDidi then adjust the formation to a 343 to get the best out of Keita.
HUGO ALMEIDA Maand geleden
He can't, bring the big man Stevie G!!!
HUGO ALMEIDA Maand geleden
@Davinho how much worse can Liverpool get?
Davinho Maand geleden
Gerrard is still a relatively new manager and unfamiliar with managing at the highest level. Better to let him develop some more rather than drop him into the deep end by giving him the job at a Liverpool in crisis.
ZeroFox75 Maand geleden
Salah’s attitude has been terrible. It’s a team sport. If you don’t play well you get taken off simple as that. And he’s currently not playing well. This season’s been long and legs are tired. But that’s still no excuse for acting like a spoil child. You’re being paid insane wages to kick a ball. Show some effort
J. Grt
J. Grt Maand geleden
I miss the good format of W/L, don’t watch this series anymore
willzy75 Rivero Ranger
FSG will want to cash in on Firmino & Salah before they age another yr and drop their standards. mane will stay and team up with Jota and whomever it is that comes in. hopefully it`ll be Haaland..
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
Firmino -> Dybala or Memphis Depay Salah -> Sancho But who is going to buy 29/30 year olds in the current market? 1. Real Madrid arent going to make that mistake again (Hazard) 2. Barca got no money 3. Bayern, Juve, Inter defo no 4. Psg maby but its a stretch 5. Other options are a too big step down
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
@Mohammad Bakeer haha no, Chelsea need to sell attackers not buy. Also, if Chelsea are going to buy a RW they will buy Sancho
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer Maand geleden
Maybe Chelsea
jake duff
jake duff Maand geleden
No matter what happens i don't see mbappe or harland going to liverpool or man city. Real Madrid or Barcelona they the best players in the world .i whuld sell firmino try and fix things with mo Salah
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
I would 100% sign Dybala as a Firmino replacement. Same type of player (false 9) but a wayyyy bigger goal threat If the funds are low get Memphis Depay on a free
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
@George Ndlovu Dybala didnt work well under Pirlo and Sarri but that is down to the system, him being played out of position and having a difficult time playing alongside Ronaldo. Dybala is a great player but so is Memphis to be fair
George Ndlovu
George Ndlovu Maand geleden
Dybala is extremely overrated trust me. Depay on a free 100% the better option by far.
helen raybould
helen raybould Maand geleden
i think it will be insulting to salah if we sell him i would keep salah and sell mane and firmino if we had to sell 2 of the front three however gini wants to go to barca matip isnt good enough gomey is struggling keita i dont think is good enough either then u have the likes of ox who is injury prone and also getting older karius needs to go as well and adrian and maybe buy martinez leeds gk who is very good alisson is struggling although he played quite well against fulham and we have all those loanees to ship out apart from eliott who i would keep to play right side midfield i think shaq should go also klopp might go sooner if fsg dont back him this summer retrospeaking of his contract to 24 i think i am concerned about klopps attitude and mental state i would love to see stevie g back home eventually but needs more with rangers b4 he comes back and maybe 24 is the year hedoes but i do think klopp needs to step back at least to the end of the season and allow pep lijnders take over coz i think klopps attitude is affecting the players i am not a klopp out or fsg out but iam a step back deal with ur grief klopp person his head is not totally in it at the moment and we dont need that but our focus is on liepzig and finishing it off to go through to the last 8 and whoever we get luck maybe on our side lol (not likely) it hasnt been basically all season
Bluds Tv
Bluds Tv Maand geleden
9:42 sam is just talking bullshit lets be real
Danny Yates
Danny Yates Maand geleden
Totally agree with samo's statement on Bobby and Salah. Im a liverpool fan of over 20 years and he's stop on.
Gaming your way
Gaming your way Maand geleden
Inconsistency united 🤕🤕
James Teasdale
James Teasdale Maand geleden
Who has a picture of themselves on their wall?
Sam O
Sam O Maand geleden
It’s a campaign I’m proud of 😂 google it
Ciron Silver
Ciron Silver Maand geleden
Mbappe will never go to a shit team like Liverpool.
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
He can improve Liverpool by making Graham Potter his assistant manager
Will Miall
Will Miall Maand geleden
Only just noticed Sam and Chris have the same glasses lol
Shauny Boy Gaming
Shauny Boy Gaming Maand geleden
My man Sam looking like a young Ian Wright
ET FROM EARTH Maand geleden
Salah is reminding me of Alexis at Arsenal that energy isnt good for the squad!
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy Maand geleden
Go on Will!! 🔵❤️🔵❤️🔵
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone Maand geleden
How did Sam forget the Chelsea Liverpool game?
Sean Hotchkies
Sean Hotchkies Maand geleden
He’s useless haha
Kureigu Daruton
Kureigu Daruton Maand geleden
Can they still win the league or is to latev
Quazzi Maand geleden
With lots of money, money they ain’t got.
Costache Denis
Costache Denis Maand geleden
its clear liverpool players are sabotaging klopp
Marco Benegas
Marco Benegas Maand geleden
Can't stand Will and Sam
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Desmondinho Maand geleden
What Oba said about Firmino not taking pride in scoring is a great shout. He seems more happy to be a creator and a player of that style shouldn’t be the furthest forward
Jakov Nenadovic
Jakov Nenadovic Maand geleden
I would play firmino as a cam Sadio and jota as a wingers Sell salah and buy haland
Mrcatcake Maand geleden
If Klopp keeps on losing I don’t think he’s gonna hold out til ‘24
cam xan
cam xan Maand geleden
Only problem is we aren’t going to get mbappe or anyone of his quality when we aren’t even in the Europa league
Yakie69 Maand geleden
Attracting the talent is definitely not the issue. The issue for mbappe is the 600k a week contract he wants. So high city have denied the possibility of signing him.
Evan White
Evan White Maand geleden
2:35 actually video
Lyam Donetz
Lyam Donetz Maand geleden
I would sell Salah and Firmino if we got around 150 million for them both. Keep Mane and Jota then we can look to sign a good attacker or 2. There’s Martinez from Inter who we could sign for around 70 million, Mallon from PSV and I think our goal output would be about the same. I’m not sold on Kabak yet though. I think he needs to do a bit more for us to sign him on a permanent deal
Strahinja Petrovic
Strahinja Petrovic Maand geleden
Does Obaseki have his own poster in his own room? Please tell me it ain't so
Sam O
Sam O Maand geleden
It’s so 😂😂
Osiris YNWA83
Osiris YNWA83 Maand geleden
I'm glad Klopp is playing the fringe players now. Give'm a chance to prove they are good enough to be here and if not move them on. Sell Origi. Keita amd Shaqiri if they don't cut it after a good run of games can also be sold. Woodburn, Grujic, and Wilson as well. Don't sell any of the front three. Alter formation and bring in striker and solid back GK backup
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Maand geleden
What a way to open from Will , absolute savage
Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
:( [Hamill]
Willis Assounga
Willis Assounga Maand geleden
players will definitely still be willing to go to liverpool even if they miss out on champions league football next season, the project and manager are still more than tantalizing for plenty of players. the main issue comes in terms of the finances, as liverpool do not have that city/psg bank, they won't be able to splash crazy cash on fees and wages like their european rivals in superior financial positions would be able to.
sean maddex
sean maddex Maand geleden
No mention of Bale, Spurs, or Kane is disgraceful.
Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
G-Money Maand geleden
A bunch of FRAUDS!!!
Partha Sarathi
Partha Sarathi Maand geleden
"firmino doesn't take pride in scoring" man stfu
Sam O
Sam O Maand geleden
Does he ??? Loooooool
Vermilion Maand geleden
Jonathan David to replace Firmino
Weergaven 2,9 mln.