Why England Are WASTING Their Golden Generation! | W&L 

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On today’s Winners & Losers, Zac Djellab, Joe Thomlinson and guest James Allcott look and review the past weeks international football. Delving deeper into England’s World Cup Qualifier against Albania (2-0) and San Marino (5-0), whilst highlighting players like Mason Mount, Harry Kane and Phil Foden.
The boys also talk about Gareth Southgate’s squad selection and how the think the Three Lions will do at Euro 2020 (2021) and whether they can beat the likes of Germany, France, Portugal and Spain.
They also look into the failure of the England U21s squad under the management of Aidy Boothroyd and their recent losses in the U21 Euros to Portugal and Switzerland despite having a squad full of stars like Callum Hudson-Odoi, Emile Smith-Rowe and Curtis Jones and discuss whether Frank Lampard could be the next manager.



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29 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY20. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Emiliano Khari
Emiliano Khari Maand geleden
@William Waylon I will try it out right now. Looks good so far.
William Waylon
William Waylon Maand geleden
dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Just google for it xD
DeadlySpecies Maand geleden
You probably need manscaped for the mentality of wanting to finish second in the group coz it's b@lls
Sappy Singh
Sappy Singh 6 dagen geleden
Curtis jones was the only bright spark out of the England u21 and should’ve played every game
ChrisJHull 18 dagen geleden
Why are people always focusing on "If we finish here, we can avoid so and so and play someone else instead". Focus on the next game. If our focus was completely on trying to beat our next opponent, we'd have a lot more success.
Christian Sills
Christian Sills Maand geleden
“Germany look mad”. Germany won’t make it out of the groups mate
Martin Hibbert
Martin Hibbert Maand geleden
No love for Wan Bisaka... Easily best English RB this year
Ashley Osborne
Ashley Osborne Maand geleden
Why can't AWB get a game for England he is the best defensive RB we have I say AWB when we won't have the ball and TAA when we will open possession
Bora Kesal
Bora Kesal Maand geleden
More of James if at all possible, the lad is class
Gonçalo Rodrigues
Gonçalo Rodrigues Maand geleden
It's honestly hilarious how England always has "golden genarations". Yet, everytime they are on a big stage they flop lol
kainan harrison
kainan harrison Maand geleden
@englenn806 it’s amazing why the FA decided to hire the likes of Steve McLaren, Capello, Hodgson and Allardyce. I mean, granted, Southgate got us to the semifinals of the World Cup but, we still struggled. Plus, he just plays holding midfields and prefers back passing. Not to mention he’ll probably big a shit squad for the Euro’s.
englenn806 Maand geleden
@kainan harrison and unproven/Inexperienced managers
kainan harrison
kainan harrison Maand geleden
It’s because we get easy qualifying groups and usually an easy group. That’s why we rarely get past the R16, as we can’t cope with a team that puts pressure on us. Not the mention the fact the FA hires some shocking managers who are know for keeping teams at risk of relegation stable and getting them to finish 15th.
ezyfnef Maand geleden
So every generation is a golden generation now?
Lewis Wing
Lewis Wing Maand geleden
I agree he should take trent but he's been one of liverpool's worst players since Christmas if you've watched their games
S O Maand geleden
Not a golden generation.
N4R4 Plays
N4R4 Plays Maand geleden
Southgate should just come out and say that he wants to be tottenhams boss cuz the guy has a mouth full of tottenham and former tottenham players on his squad every time. ima a spurs fan and ill tell you now I'll take AWB and reece james over trippier and kyle walker
N4R4 Plays
N4R4 Plays Maand geleden
plus if jose mourinho left tottenham and became england boss england would win a world cup
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha Maand geleden
This English side has no chance against full strength Germans France also Spain Italy and Holland even Portugal & Belgium.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Maand geleden
I don't understand how nobody understands why TAA is not in the side... Everyone still looking at the player in a high flying Liverpool side over a year ago. Obviously still a very technically gifted player but really been found out defensively over the past 12 months since Liverpool's system has now being combated more and dealt with better. Not saying he is a poor player by any means but I'd pick James, AWB, Justin (if fit) over him everyday of the week.
Connor Jury
Connor Jury Maand geleden
Get allcot on the pod
MrMeoow91 Maand geleden
after that Poland game, England lacks physicality upfront. To get the best out of the England team, Pep might fit the job.
Perez Kenny
Perez Kenny Maand geleden
james look like stewart littles older brother
PantsuGirl Maand geleden
Golden generation? Englands U21 has been horrible for decades, Premier League needs to fix it youth system!
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Maand geleden
I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing James here!! Absolutely 2 of my favorite football content creators out there! SUB TO JIM IF YOU ARENT A SLUG YET!
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Maand geleden
English supporters need to understand that due to deep talent pool , some players won’t be regularly in the first team as some supports will want. The truth to the success of the team will come down to the manager’s skill . For me the young players have to be playing week in week out at the highest level
Jonathon Daniels
Jonathon Daniels Maand geleden
The phobic twist superficially wonder because metal identically remind including a noxious judo. enthusiastic, godly daffodil
englenn806 Maand geleden
Are they really a golden Generation to you guys?
Balancer Maand geleden
A golden era or an embarrassment of riches are both ridiculous statements Today’s young stars are looking reasonably good in comparison with the average player Some England players can’t even master the basic skills of football Our under 20’s showed a complete lack of creativity and competitiveness Come on get real
Owain Hughes
Owain Hughes Maand geleden
I do love this channel but bloody hell it’s so England orientated... There are 3 other ‘home’ nations to talk about at least sometimes. Also how can you mention Modric breaking the record for Croatian appearances but not mention Christ Gunter for Wales? 🤷‍♂️
Dylan Ewan
Dylan Ewan Maand geleden
Zac is an idiot and that’s is facts
Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge Maand geleden
If England win the group, they will play Germany, France or Portugal in a neutral venue. I think they their cup will end in the last 16. The run in will be harder than the last world cup
BLUFF Maand geleden
Still waiting for Harry Redknapp to be in charge!
englenn806 Maand geleden
He’s retired
raketensven Maand geleden
Genuinely hope you guys get your horsepower on the streets this time and don't overhype and fumble again.
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Maand geleden
We haven’t even played in a tournament with this golden generation yet how tf r we wasting it 🤣 (2018 was too different to this squad)
Adrian MacGrath
Adrian MacGrath Maand geleden
England have a new golden generation every 10 years. Total bollocks.
Junior Khomari
Junior Khomari Maand geleden
Am I the only one who doesn't like this new format of Winners and losers? I know it's been running for a while but Im just not getting used to it
Afro Econ
Afro Econ Maand geleden
Ahhh the English Hype Machine, isnt this your 8th Golden Generation in the last 50 years?
Tomás Amaral
Tomás Amaral Maand geleden
Yes a golden generation with a gk called nick pope and a centerback duo with the legends of dier and maguire. Earing English people talk about their team makes you think they talking about brasil in 82
Unknown Stranger
Unknown Stranger Maand geleden
😂😂😂😂😂 lols
Seth Graham
Seth Graham Maand geleden
Probably the best lineup you could get,
Fox8129 Maand geleden
1966 was rigged. What golden generation?! You haven't won anything but just this endless bs bs bs bs bs bs bs bs bs...about English football! And you suck in all major team sports, goodness!!!
Joao paulo Jesus
Joao paulo Jesus Maand geleden
Lol England aint the same class as Portugal u21 lets not blame players and managers Portugal has better players
Glasgow Celtic 1888 # oneclub
Easy win for us at Wembley honestly 100 percent No an English player would get into our first 11. Just all hype as usual😂😂😂
Ben Gillesby
Ben Gillesby Maand geleden
For the U21 coach what about the former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe?
gerald everingham
gerald everingham Maand geleden
if your gonna push Phillips up, GET HIM OFF, tweak the system and be a little bit braver.
Morten Andersen
Morten Andersen Maand geleden
Are you not gonna talk about Denmark won 8-0 over Moldova? Fair enough
Ajay Agath
Ajay Agath Maand geleden
We have the second best squad behind France in Europe
scaratop Maand geleden
talking about this squad like its brazil 2002
Unknown Personality
Unknown Personality Maand geleden
Trent is good but the lot talk about him like hes gonna win us the tournament if anything hes so shit defensively he'd lose us games
DeadlySpecies Maand geleden
You want to finish second in a group??? 🙄🙄🙄
Slimmer Shady
Slimmer Shady Maand geleden
Really nice genuine shoutout from Zac on James’ behalf! Top man Zac
JJGamingHD Maand geleden
Rogue shout for the next England manager. Emma Hayes. Get the nation excited for having a female manager, who is a proven winner, managing our country.
Garret Robbins
Garret Robbins Maand geleden
One interesting aspect of this video is the commitment of Yunus Musah to the US national team over England having played for YEARS in the England youth set up. England were confident they would get him and let him slip through the fingers. Obviously something is wrong within the youth set up.
Gino Pietermaai
Gino Pietermaai Maand geleden
If Martinez leaves Belgium after the euros i would be glad to have Lampard talking over if he's still available by then
Super HeroNexus
Super HeroNexus Maand geleden
I know zip all about football and James Alltcott is so knowledgable.
Kante Goat
Kante Goat Maand geleden
I think Boythroyd is a terrible coach, however some of the attitude I saw from the U21's was disgraceful. Looked like they really didn't want to be there.
moura couto
moura couto Maand geleden
Portugal u21 2-0 England u21 sorry
Gavin Ruthe
Gavin Ruthe Maand geleden
Golden generation? What are you talking about. Phillips should not be starting, he’s not good enough. How many times do they pass backwards? It’s so boring and negative. Foden was the only player taking his man on and making decisive passes
Ash Millions
Ash Millions Maand geleden
England win the World Cup with a foreign manager I just feel it or know it in the next couple yrs
Josiah Chudleigh
Josiah Chudleigh Maand geleden
Slugs in the chat
Rishabh Dalmia
Rishabh Dalmia Maand geleden
Why doesn't Manchester United turn their focus in signing Anthony from Ajax then Sancho?
Steven Hill
Steven Hill Maand geleden
Crazy thought maybe but Lampard to take over at the u21s
J H Maand geleden
Jeremy Hobbs-Awoyemi
Jeremy Hobbs-Awoyemi Maand geleden
Feel like James should be given his own show on football daily.... one of the best
Bankwhot N*
Bankwhot N* Maand geleden
Pep Guardiola= at Barca (Spain wins 2 euros &1 world cup); at Bayern (Germany wins 1 world cup); now at Man city (England wins 0 trophies).
ChAv Serpine
ChAv Serpine Maand geleden
Still baffles me that davies is under 21
Finn Keatinge
Finn Keatinge Maand geleden
What a lovely surprise having a lil bit of JLA in the morn!
EnglishTekkers15 Maand geleden
We want more James 💪🏻
semeon Maand geleden
Think france are favourites🤷🏽‍♂️
Omar Al-Sayed
Omar Al-Sayed Maand geleden
Trippier is the starting RB for side leading La Liga this season and is well liked by Simeone, one of the best managers in the world. He really doesn't get the respect he deserves in England. Brilliant assist in his last game btw.
Akinwale segun
Akinwale segun Maand geleden
Cos he isnt playing in england
Mini Shaw
Mini Shaw Maand geleden
Portugal is insane at under 21s tho
Lungelo Kubheka
Lungelo Kubheka Maand geleden
They clearly don't know that much outside of the England squad... I mean I get that there may be a "golden generation"... But that won't help u if u don't have a history of winning in the first place... Look at Belgium as a prime example, even the Dutch squad... They ha e good squads too but they struggle And honestly, it doesn't help always expecting young kids to all play to their potential all the time, as talented as they are... They are still just kids and honestly not all of them are on the level of that Portugal u/21 squad
Mr Minto
Mr Minto Maand geleden
Love to see James on the channel
miguel d
miguel d Maand geleden
The problem with england is the lack of humility, such overhyped young player get destroy by it. We saw it with portugal a more humble team with so much more talent
lfcfanzone Maand geleden
England are 💩
Leaftree Maand geleden
Allcotts brilliant, get him on here more often
Tyde Rabbitt
Tyde Rabbitt Maand geleden
Pato Games
Pato Games Maand geleden
Croatian footballers better than Modric... it's lucky you mentioned Boban. He was absolutely class. They're different types of players though, so, saying one was better than the other is impossible to prove. Just as Davor Suker was a far better finisher, and needs to be in the mix for the conversation. 98 Croatia vs 18 Croatia would be a great game.
JynZ0 Maand geleden
I think Lampard is the perfect appointment for the under21 squad. Look what he did with the home grown youth of Chelsea during the transfer ban Then I think Rafa Benitez should be our target for England senior squad
East London
East London Maand geleden
Nah Benitez plays awful football. He’s finished that’s why he went to China
Richard M
Richard M Maand geleden
GOLDEN GENERATION- You are trollin right? Englands 'Golden Generation' was 2006, Beckam / Lamps / Gerrard / Ferdie / Terry / Carra / Neville & we still won nothing!
GJ Maand geleden
Jude Bellingham is actually unreal. With no Henderson available he needs to get more play time
Lachlan Allan
Lachlan Allan Maand geleden
Lachlan Allan
Lachlan Allan Maand geleden
love you jim
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Anyone else not English and sick of the the England content?
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin Maand geleden
They had to bring up Ireland didn’t they. Thought we had gotten away with it once we weren’t the losers. It’s just a shambles 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🇮🇪🇮🇪
J. Baker
J. Baker Maand geleden
Ashley Cole?
J. Baker
J. Baker Maand geleden
Jody Morris?
J. Baker
J. Baker Maand geleden
The problem is what good Manager is going to take the England U21's
T Alam
T Alam Maand geleden
I'm gonna be rooting for Italy came close last euros got a quality manager and players
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Maand geleden
Nice not to have status every 10 second and just opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️
Giovane Leone
Giovane Leone Maand geleden
Were are the talents players?
mohammed hai
mohammed hai Maand geleden
Kane Sterling. Sancho Foden Bellingham rice Chilwell trent Stones maguire Pope
Tom Whittaker
Tom Whittaker Maand geleden
joe is a moist slug
Ahmed S
Ahmed S Maand geleden
nick duarte
nick duarte Maand geleden
Lol Ireland's keeper plays for Rochdale on loan from City
MrBectham Maand geleden
If tripper is not starting the game against Poland on Wednesday, then southgate will definitely drop him he is done . Walker , Reece James and Trent should go .
MrBectham Maand geleden
Denmark and turkey are the real dark horses
Xavi Maand geleden
Imagine trying to sneak CURTIS JONES ahead of Foden, Greenwood, Saka, Trent and Rice on the thumbnail like we wouldn't notice.
MrBectham Maand geleden
The Spain team look so average right now 😂😂😂and Netherlands as well . Italy looking very strong
Sebastian Stiernspetz
Sebastian Stiernspetz Maand geleden
Deluded England fans always think they're going through a 'golden generation' lol.
Xavi Maand geleden
This just isn't true. They had one in the early 00s and they on the cusp of another. 3 major youth tournament wins with 3 different squads constitutes a golden generation. THIS doesn't mean England will win anything. Most "golden generations" DON'T. Portugal's didn't, Belgium's haven't, England's didn't etc etc. Even the Hungarian Golden Team won nothing. Golden generation just means a serious number of talented players (which England have).
MrBectham Maand geleden
If England play 433, the midfield two Rice and mount are definitely starting, other No8 spot is pick between hendo if fit, Phillips or JWP . Maybe when you need more attacking options, foden and grealish can alone side mount when you need to chasing the game or weaker teams.
Drew Helberg
Drew Helberg Maand geleden
Allcott on FD😳 what a combination, wouldn’t mind if he was subbed in more in the future
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Maand geleden
I personally think this is the first tournament in a long time where there aren’t many teams that genuinely scare me . France Spain and Germany look bang average in my opinion .... I think our nemesis is Belgium who appear to have our number and the class of de bruyne and lukaku would bully our centre halves. Avoid Belgium and I honestly believe we beat everyone else
A K Maand geleden
Nah. Can see Spain but France and Germany scare me. France has bucketloads of talent and depth while Germany has the best midfield in the tournament. Add in Portugal and Italy and I think 5th favorites for us.
Hannes Hugo Urbla
Hannes Hugo Urbla Maand geleden
Joe Thomlison is a moist slug
J_B Maand geleden
The Zac and James chemistry was op
Raihanur Rahman
Raihanur Rahman Maand geleden
Absolutely loves James shout for Frank Lampard to be given a chance at the U21's
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd Maand geleden
Lampard for under 21s?
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo Maand geleden
I’m a spurs fan but f southgate for not picking TAA.
rocky gourdet
rocky gourdet Maand geleden
Trent cant defend
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