Where Will Cristiano Ronaldo Go Next? | Explained 

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On today’s Explained, we take a look at where Cristiano Ronaldo could go next, and assess which club would suit him the most.
Three years on from his €100million move to Juventus, the sixth-most expensive transfer in history at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo is at another crossroads. With just a year remaining on his contract in Turin, speculation is growing that the Portuguese maestro could leave Italy this summer, with his employers facing financial strain in the wake of the global pandemic and following another early exit from the Champions League.
Between July 2019 and June 2020, Juve reported a loss of €71.4million, while in the first half of the current financial year alone, their losses stand at €113.7million. A recent study by Deloitte, meanwhile, found the Bianconeri’s matchday revenue had decreased by 36%, the biggest drop-off experienced by any of the world’s 20 richest clubs.
Getting Ronaldo’s €31million-a-year salary off the wage bill would obviously go some way towards mending these problems, while the club are no doubt keen to get a transfer fee should he leave, with reports suggesting he could be sold for as little as €25million. But where could he go? PSG, Real Madrid and Man United have all been linked, while a move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami has also been mooted. All have their pros and cons, and where he chooses will largely depend on how good a footballer he still considers himself to be, and how much he wants to grow his brand.



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10 apr. 2021




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Ezekiel Callejo
Ezekiel Callejo Dag geleden
I think Ronaldo might go to MAN UTD because recently the Galaticos of Real will not sign him even Sergio Ramos wanted him back to Real but the owner and manager of Real won't accept him anymore it is sad but it is better for Ronaldo to make a big big decision for it to fit for him
Harman Gill
Harman Gill 5 dagen geleden
Here's the thing, obviously the next club is gonna be his last soit doesn't matter which one he will choose, which ever club he will play in i will support him without question, the question is will he give one more year to juve ? I know that his manager is on his tour doing meetings all around world, so lets see.
Aung moe
Aung moe 7 dagen geleden
Welcome machester
Anxiety ATTACK
Anxiety ATTACK 16 dagen geleden
CR7 fight till the END means he make Top 4 and WIN UCL 2022 with Juventus its all a build up .when he wins 2022 ucl he can stay and end his career at Juventus or I think give man United a go bring his 7th UCL IN 2024 he will be 39 years of age then go to sporting Lisbon 2 years 41 years old
mrok 12
mrok 12 17 dagen geleden
He wouldnt move to usa becasue he wants his son to have the best training he could possible find which is not in usa
Itachi Genjutsu
Itachi Genjutsu 18 dagen geleden
Ronaldo comeback in old Trafford we miss you❤️
Millybub k
Millybub k 20 dagen geleden
Man United ofcoz
lvii22 20 dagen geleden
PSG and then Miami You heard it here first
Tony Milo
Tony Milo 24 dagen geleden
Imagine Ronaldo going to Barca
Phoenix 25 dagen geleden
Dieter Antezana
Dieter Antezana 25 dagen geleden
A front line of cr7 and mbappe at real would be beautiful
maxomat 4
maxomat 4 26 dagen geleden
United fans should make a petition to get Ronaldo back. I always swap Martial for Ronaldo in Fifa...
mahesh Chirravuri
mahesh Chirravuri 23 dagen geleden
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Sendwechy 26 dagen geleden
In my FM save, he went to Porto 🤷‍♂️
TheMezha 27 dagen geleden
Wild Theory: Ronaldo to Barcelona? Realistic: Ronaldo to PSG
FreezingPoint 27 dagen geleden
lmao Ronaldo's gonna have a heart attack if he hears that he will be moving to US
Batty Rash
Batty Rash 28 dagen geleden
He will go to Sunderland. They have the best stadium.
pires94 28 dagen geleden
Only see Ronaldo going to either PSG or Man U or.. staying at Juve. In my opinion, the problem is more Pirlo and less Ronaldo.
Aman Kaushik
Aman Kaushik 28 dagen geleden
I don't think he is going to leave. If Juve managed to get 2 of Aouar, Locatelli or De Paul, they'll have solid midfield. If Morata leaves they can chase Depay. Overall Juve will have an improved squad. This is enough to make him stay. That's what he's been asking
ashwanth sp
ashwanth sp 28 dagen geleden
ReviewEverything 29 dagen geleden
We will go to Juventus training.
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 29 dagen geleden
messi and ronaldo at PSG. mbappe to real madrid
Doesn’t Matter
Doesn’t Matter 29 dagen geleden
I’d love hit at Chelsea. If we could get a forward that actually knows where the goals at would be nice
Doesn’t Matter
Doesn’t Matter 22 dagen geleden
@Christian E oh no don’t get me wrong. There’s 0% chance of him going to Chelsea. I’d just personally love him there
Christian E
Christian E 24 dagen geleden
I don’t think he’d personally do that I feel like if he goes to the premier league he would go to Manchester United
Ramone 29 dagen geleden
How can do evaluate a room based on social media followers
faraz vatani
faraz vatani 29 dagen geleden
Ronaldo would never go to inter miami 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Procks_ Maand geleden
Nah he's going to move over here to Australia and play for Perth Glory. Seen it here first peeps.
Ashlin Michael
Ashlin Michael 10 dagen geleden
What is perth glory? Is that even a club lol
Dragomir Alex
Dragomir Alex Maand geleden
A move to PSG makes sense. This is the single move that would work, if he leaves Juventus. RM and MU do not need him at 36yo. Juve can get Icardi in exchange. An attack with Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar would be great, but highly unlikely.
Bedbugs Maand geleden
Go to Sportinggg
SoDotMali100 Maand geleden
would love to see him back at United
Horatio hornblower
Horatio hornblower Maand geleden
Not united lol
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
zxaxaza 23 dagen geleden
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XP GAMING Maand geleden
Cr7 should go back to real madrid
Abuthahir khan
Abuthahir khan Maand geleden
Content creators: We are out of content, what do we do now. Okay let's say Cristiano would request transfer from Juventus. But wait we made this every single year. Still we make this so that stupid fans believe and we will get out views.
praZil Khadka
praZil Khadka Maand geleden
Ronaldo come to arsenal 😔
praZil Khadka
praZil Khadka 27 dagen geleden
@Xavier Memes wow so comedy i need to laugh or what?
Xavier Memes
Xavier Memes 29 dagen geleden
Sorry he dont play with europa league team
Leems Bruh
Leems Bruh Maand geleden
Imagine Ronaldo want to Tottenham Hotspur or TFC 🇨🇦
Leems Bruh
Leems Bruh 27 dagen geleden
Tottenham beat me in Manchester 6 to 1 a Couple. weeks ago
Het thacker
Het thacker 27 dagen geleden
After 3-1 thrashing? Never😂😂
Darren Kelly
Darren Kelly Maand geleden
PSG should just take one for the football fans sell mbappe and bring in messi on a free and Ronaldo for 25 million and let us see neymar ronaldo and messi in the one team
Danish Rizwan
Danish Rizwan Maand geleden
Would be nice to see him back at united, and retire where his career started
King Hunter
King Hunter Maand geleden
Y’all made every other option than the United option sound appealing
Phambili Nyilika
Phambili Nyilika Maand geleden
Should stay at Juve till after the world cup then he goes to America years then retire at sporting at the age of 41
bakin seal
bakin seal Maand geleden
Fc Portu he Will be re united with Pepe and he would be back in his home country of Portugal
Be amazing to see him back in the prem!
Edwin m430
Edwin m430 Maand geleden
PSG I think would be his best option
Another easy title for him as well!
Jake Buck
Jake Buck Maand geleden
I don't think he would want to go to MLS. He wants another champions league trophy 🏆 that's why he wanted to go to Juventus, they both wanted the same thing, it was mutual
Tomas Harrison
Tomas Harrison Maand geleden
If he comes to man utd it'll be a lot like the bale return back to spurs
Yes I have to admit I thought of Bale when they mentioned him returning to United!
jason4275 Maand geleden
Other than not winning a gold or world cup, He has nothing else to prove, he should take the retirement route and play for la galaxy I'm sure they can afford his salary, then go back to whoever wants him.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
He earns 550k a week pal
wale olabowale
wale olabowale Maand geleden
KaiSaeren Maand geleden
I dont care where he goes, I just want to keep being able to watch him play. Imo he has still few more years at the top easily, he has been fantastic for Juventus and I doubt anyone seriously blames him for Juventus not winning the champions league, the way they played and how the whole team is currently its simply not feasible imo. I just have issues with his wage demands, its the same issue as with Bale, you gotta be aware of the situation if you want to keep playing football at the best clubs you have to adjust, tho unlike with Bale, whom I also want to keep watching, Ronaldo genuinely wants to keep playing, so I do believe that even if Juventus will be unable to keep him, he will actually lower his wage demands and go somewhere else as long as they give him the main man treatment and honestly, every club should do that regardless of his age.
Kylelon Edwards
Kylelon Edwards Maand geleden
Most likely i believe CR7 is heading to man united, madrid or an MLS side
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez Maand geleden
4:24 Mate have you never heard the pronunciation of Nike? Good lord
Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan Maand geleden
Checking from 2015/2016 to 2019/2020 Juventus scored the least during Cristiano time there and acquired less points than the 3 years prior,so he does score goals but he damages the balance the team had previously and simply Juventus dominance has deminised since his arrival.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Or it’s the fact they have a worse squad Before Ronaldo they had prime higuin and their players weren’t as old
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Maand geleden
I think he should go to PSG or Bayern. Neymar, Mbappe, and Ronaldo would be crazy! Id also like to see a Lewa and Ronaldo combo! Ronaldomwould alsp have world class midfielders like Kimmich, Goretzka, and Muller feeding him. I feel that Bayern it is! I can dream at least lol
StimParavane Maand geleden
Perhaps using Instagram will show how many female fans like Ronaldo as opposed to actual football fans. Not a good metric.
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray Maand geleden
He should've never left Madrid and now he feels the regret.
Ak 4T7
Ak 4T7 Maand geleden
Too much ads😭 United United United.
Parallel Josh
Parallel Josh Maand geleden
come to arsenal plz
hamzajacksonfan86 Maand geleden
Manchester united return for cr7
Joe Mc
Joe Mc Maand geleden
He said himself he'll go sporting
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
He never said that
DCHTOWN1 Maand geleden
Back to Manchester United it will be a win win situation United will boost their comercial revenue plus add a center forward and CR7 will get paid well
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
As if he doesn’t get paid well
ForsaFit Maand geleden
The only place I see him Going is man united. He can go back where he made his name and retire in a year or two. He can at least help the youngsters there. Outside of that, I see him going overseas to finish of his career. At this point, anyone that takes on a 36 year old wld be doing it for merchandise sales.
shivachetan ulavi
shivachetan ulavi Maand geleden
I hope he returns back to PL!
MrJJuK Maand geleden
it would be nice to have him back for a season before he retires, to come back to where his journey began. :)
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel 17 dagen geleden
@david mccaffrey why would he go to a small club like city?
Johnsteven McDonagh
Johnsteven McDonagh 23 dagen geleden
Would be epic bro
MrJJuK 29 dagen geleden
@rumle he started at Sporting yes, but he was a nobody until Sir AF bought him and his journey started at united, his career at sporting 😍🔥
david mccaffrey
david mccaffrey Maand geleden
I think he’ll try Man City myself
david mccaffrey
david mccaffrey Maand geleden
@Friedrich Nietzsche no sporting lisbon
Calugar Andrei
Calugar Andrei Maand geleden
I see Ronaldo playing at the top level for at least 3 years. I think for him the most important thing is performance. He will go where he has the opportunity to win trophies.
Ryan Rogan
Ryan Rogan Maand geleden
He’ll stay at juve then end up at Miami and retire
Sankt Xando
Sankt Xando Maand geleden
Brad Carling
Brad Carling Maand geleden
Why do people say Ronaldo should go back to his boyhood club Man Utd when sporting are his boyhood club
Tshire Monchonyane
Tshire Monchonyane Maand geleden
As for the MLS - Cr7 stated that he wants to retire AT THE TOP.
Tshire Monchonyane
Tshire Monchonyane Maand geleden
RM have transitioned into a post ronaldo Era...him returning is a step back for Madrid. Madrid as of late are focused on snatching Talent while it’s still very affordable (Vini, Rodrygo) so Ofcourse they’ll be inclined to sign Mbappe WHO BTW has stated he would to play for real sometime
Mr. SadSeal
Mr. SadSeal Maand geleden
Laziest video ever You're talking like he's an object whose only use is marketability Compelety disregards his footballing ability
Toby Croxford
Toby Croxford Maand geleden
No mention of germany? Im very suprised Munich i reckon
Xavier Memes
Xavier Memes 29 dagen geleden
Sorry they already have one of the best central forwards if all time Lewandowski so munich doesnt need there
henry josh
henry josh Maand geleden
Imagine phill Neville being ronaldo's coach ahhaha what a joke
Rafen Mambwe
Rafen Mambwe Maand geleden
CR7 can play until he's 80
HUGE spot
HUGE spot 29 dagen geleden
I think 55 is better
kayoss11 Maand geleden
Wage bill to big for UTD. Glazers won't pay him.
Abu Bakar Siddique Akash
I think he should go to psg or bayern munich
The_real_idoit Maand geleden
I don’t think Real Madrid should sign Ronaldo sure he’s the best player in the world(opinion based) but he’s still old don’t get me wrong Ronaldo doesn’t let that stop him but you can’t beat human biology
HCLF Gaming
HCLF Gaming Maand geleden
I reckon he'll stay at juve for at least another year. Hes got massive wages but hes carrying the team, theyd be much worse off without him
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson Maand geleden
As a United fan, I would love Ronnie back at the club for a couple of years. Then he could go to Becks US team for a couple of years and then retire at Sporting, sounds like a good plan to me.
Gamer4life 2003
Gamer4life 2003 25 dagen geleden
Sick plan g
Horatio hornblower
Horatio hornblower Maand geleden
Better chance of Ron Atkinson
I. A.
I. A. Maand geleden
He wiil retired soon, sorry
Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan Maand geleden
love ronaldo but dont want him back at united
Phoebe Njeri Munene
Phoebe Njeri Munene Maand geleden
I want ronaldo to join barcelona ronaldo and messi and neymar will be a good team
Phoebe Njeri Munene
Phoebe Njeri Munene Maand geleden
I want ronaldo to join barcelona ronaldo and messi and neymar will be a good team
Fahim Ershad
Fahim Ershad Maand geleden
Man be still looking to do the find a club first
Stampistuta Maand geleden
PSG seems a good fit. Great for their reputation and a weaker league for him to excel in.
Rival Maand geleden
Ronaldo should go back to Lisbon, take a wage cutt and drop the arogance.
Rival 29 dagen geleden
@Xavier Memes no it wasnt. His talent and dedication made him the player he is. The arogance is just shameful. When he was at Utd, even when he won his ballon d'or he was never 'arrogant'.
Xavier Memes
Xavier Memes 29 dagen geleden
Sorry that arrogance made him today he is U think cr7 would join europa league loosers
ben ritchie
ben ritchie Maand geleden
Football is finally given up on big wages now and after the covid 19 . Wages wont be so big I bet u that clubs are not willing to pay big wages now if covid is still about
Michael Herbstmann
Michael Herbstmann Maand geleden
It‘s now up to PSG to make good use of that Quatari blood money and gift us football fans the joy of a front three containing Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar.
sheeba karunagaran
sheeba karunagaran 23 dagen geleden
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Ranjit Giri
Ranjit Giri 23 dagen geleden
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Benny Siregar
Benny Siregar 23 dagen geleden
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Manpro107 29 dagen geleden
@Yvng Ify Innit
Yvng Ify
Yvng Ify Maand geleden
@Sorin cap they are all better rn despite cr7 and messi being in the latter stages. An neymar has always been better. Don't know where ur getting this from. Mbappe is just the best young talent in the world with halaand right now and they are showing it. Don't know how dumb you are for yourself to agree with your statement.
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky Maand geleden
Eric Khai
Eric Khai Maand geleden
bayern munich lol
ChristopherPlayz Maand geleden
Percentage that Ronaldo will return to Manchester United 👇
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo Maand geleden
The music in the background is so annoying
VinylLondon Maand geleden
I'd go to Miami if I were him
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz Maand geleden
I want him to go to PSG so bad... No one seems to be talking about the fact that if he wins league 1 he will be the only player in history to dominate in almost every top flight league in Europe and that would easily put him above Messi in terms of impact on the game. At this point its not about money or fame for him, it's all about legacy. Ronaldo is the kind of player that every club he played for should want to build him a statue
D P 17 dagen geleden
@Cosmic Klutz If Messi goes to psg or any epl team he can easily outperform anyone. You Ronaldo fanboys really think that Messi will flop at psg/man city? Messi is outperforming everyone for the past 15 years just like Ronaldo and a player of his caliber will not 'flop' if he moves to a different club. He does'nt want to move to a different club.
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz 29 dagen geleden
@Mahad Bahad I was joking about the Messi comment but really, zlatan dominated yes but he's lacking in silverware and other accolades compared to Ronaldo. The reason I made this comment is because I look at Messi as the undisputed king of LA Liga, that's his hunting grounds and there's no changing that, his name is synonymous with barca at this point. Ronaldo on the other hand is a different kind of player, he goes to different leagues and outperforms the competition. They will always be the two goats for me but I appreciate what Ronaldo has accomplished more than Messi. Anyone who thinks Ronaldo going to France or Germany does nothing for football is just uninformed
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz 29 dagen geleden
@Shaurya Kapoor sure, I'm the one who's blind after you made a statement like this. Good one
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz 29 dagen geleden
@Mahad Bahad Messi fanboy?
Shaurya Kapoor
Shaurya Kapoor 29 dagen geleden
and btw messi converted barca into a mega super club while cr7s addition to psg wud barely make any "impact" on football the sport as a whole. stop being blinded
Filip Vranesevik
Filip Vranesevik Maand geleden
United top 3 clubs besides Real and Barca AHAHAHHAAHAHA they can only dream. Bayern are twice the club they are hahah
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie Maand geleden
Am I the only one getting really excited imagining PSG having a front four of Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappe
rayon nelson
rayon nelson Maand geleden
That will never happen. It's good to be excited still but all those 4 players are ballor candidates. Therefore they wouldn't want to be in the same team. Remember what happen when Neymar was at Barca??
Jordan Maand geleden
Mbappe is leaving and CR7 isn't going.
Anish Naskar
Anish Naskar Maand geleden
Not gonna happen
War Saw
War Saw Maand geleden
Double yes. Ronaldo is coming back to united.
Patrick Kerrigan
Patrick Kerrigan Maand geleden
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
Inter miami..
Fisayo Run
Fisayo Run Maand geleden
Go back to Sporting and transform the Portuguese league into a top league and destination place.
Connell Taylor
Connell Taylor Maand geleden
Can respect that tbf
Kshitij Singh
Kshitij Singh Maand geleden
United will do.
Kunal Aloo
Kunal Aloo Maand geleden
I think psg would like to sign him up.....almost every football fan calls the french league farmers...but if ronaldo goes their ....the plastics would start supporting psg because of him ...and if he scores their... they would make excuses that they were wrong and french is the best league in the world.....seems realistic
JesusCrisht Maand geleden
"Man United saw their followers less than double, from 20M to 39.9M" Or you could phrase it as "almost/practically" doubled. It's all about perspective, isn't it.
David Santillana
David Santillana 8 dagen geleden
Mark Dominick Canicula
Mark Dominick Canicula 23 dagen geleden
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Filip Lindblad
Filip Lindblad Maand geleden
At 25 mill?! Be stupid not to imo
hello Mizzter
hello Mizzter Maand geleden
psg will be a great place for cr7.
MAR1989 Maand geleden
I think he said he wanted to finish his career in an elite European club not America
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan Maand geleden
PSG makes the most sense as the final move. He’s performed well in the Portugal, England, Spain and now Italy. He will want to complete the legacy and move to France - it’s similar to what Beckham and Ibrahimovic have done. High commercial value for player and club. This will most likely happen next summer in 2022 with Ronaldo’s contract expires and PSG will have clarity over Mbappe, Neymar and will release Di Maria.
Karlyn Treats
Karlyn Treats 23 dagen geleden
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