Underrated 2020/21 Premier League Stars XI! 

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Welcome back to Football Daily where we have put together an XI of Underrated Stars from the Premier League this season!
Starting with Arsenal stopper Bernd Leno in goal, these players all deserve more recognition for their efforts.
In defence we have the Fulham duo of Joachim Andersen and Tosin Adarabioyo, and Leeds United’s unsung hero in Liam Cooper. In midfield we profile Southampton’s Stuart Armstrong, and Liverpool’s young star Curtis Jones, before ending the debate once and for all over Chelsea’s Mason Mount! And on the wings there is Brighton’s Solly March and Aston Villa’s Anwar El Ghazi, the latter on the receiving end of some shocking social media abuse near the start of the season.
Finally up front we explore for Richarlison has evolved this season Everton, before giving Callum Wilson the credit he deserves for all his work at Newcastle United!



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16 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
If we did a Part 2, who would be in your side?!
Fin Laurie
Fin Laurie 23 dagen geleden
Rob Holding
mark dailyyt
mark dailyyt 25 dagen geleden
Werner , he has 23 direct goal involvements
AB 26 dagen geleden
konsa obviously
Eduardo Lalo906
Eduardo Lalo906 27 dagen geleden
Ayrton Vennkeane
Ayrton Vennkeane 27 dagen geleden
Slikz Is like
Slikz Is like 20 dagen geleden
No konsa?
ZACH 20 dagen geleden
mason mount is so underrated that one of synonym of underrated should be MasonMount
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 21 dag geleden
As a Leeds fan, Cooper is not good enough for the Prem. Would happily see him replaced
James Wilson
James Wilson 22 dagen geleden
Cooper doesn’t play for Scotland
J1GS4Wcobra 23 dagen geleden
No West Ham players ? Creswell ? Coufal ? Rice ? Ogbonna ? Dawson ?
Callum Jones
Callum Jones 23 dagen geleden
Putting a Leeds defender in despite them having the worst defence in the league 😂😂😂😂
Mohd Hareez
Mohd Hareez 24 dagen geleden
ESR should be there
Haha Yeah
Haha Yeah 24 dagen geleden
You have Anderson after one good season but not Dunk, someone who’s been by far Brighton’s best defender
Lenz 24 dagen geleden
Bernd Leno isn’t good enough!!! We fucked up letting Martinez go!!! Leno is Lloris levels
Ricu van der Bergh
Ricu van der Bergh 25 dagen geleden
Surely not jones
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 25 dagen geleden
#YJB 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
D - Wizard
D - Wizard 26 dagen geleden
One guy who is most definitely not underrated is mount
Fadhla Karim
Fadhla Karim 26 dagen geleden
Meslier have a unbelievable potential in himself and he is underrated.
Manish Maurya
Manish Maurya 26 dagen geleden
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piyush singh
piyush singh 26 dagen geleden
Where is azpilicueta, the most underrated defender ever
Sunil Singwal
Sunil Singwal 26 dagen geleden
Mason Mount is not underrated. DoCoure of Everton is an underrated midfielder.
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob 27 dagen geleden
Jack Harrison, Ben White, Raphina should be there. Not sure about Richarlison he’s very inconsistent. Reminds me of Martial
ZACH 20 dagen geleden
shut up leeds fan
Arch man
Arch man 27 dagen geleden
I think we were all expecting to see Giroud here
Bobby 27 dagen geleden
How is Mount underrated?????
Bobby 27 dagen geleden
No Dallas, what a joke
Boe Fowler
Boe Fowler 27 dagen geleden
What a load of shit, no coufal? No soucek?
Scarborough Hammer
Scarborough Hammer 27 dagen geleden
Mason Mount underrated is laughable he is very highly regarded by pretty much everyone and rightly so.
Hamperbottom 27 dagen geleden
Yerry Mina is so underrated, never gets any recognition because every other centre back we have is English, brilliant this season and is a Menace on corners
Harry James
Harry James Maand geleden
Surely Lewis Dunk
Harry Collins
Harry Collins Maand geleden
March has 2 goals not 1, scored against United and Aston Villa
TASHI TENZING Maand geleden
Leno is so underrated. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Matthias Maand geleden
Mount???? Dude is wayyyy overhyped
ThatRedHairedDude Maand geleden
As a Chelsea fan I don’t think ANYONE would say Mason Mount is underrated, he is our player of the season so far
Soumik Paul
Soumik Paul Maand geleden
Curtis jones🤣
Lol Maand geleden
The most underrated player in the Prem Is definitely James Ward-Prowse. Literally no one talks about him
Jake Robinson
Jake Robinson 23 dagen geleden
People think he's just set pieces because he's elite at that😴 the guy is an absolute engine and his game has developed so much
Curtis Jones is quality but liverpool fans act like hes the second coming of christ
cogamers84 25 dagen geleden
@sam king Would he start at city though?
sam king
sam king Maand geleden
He’s 20 and is good enough to start for us. Imagine how good he could be when he’s 25. He’ll start adding goals and assists to his game and will become an England regular
Mount isnt underrated anymore people are beginning to recognise his quality
Jake enea
Jake enea Maand geleden
Mendy in goal
LO17 Maand geleden
I don’t think Jones is underrated at all. Neither is he overrated. He’s just done well for his age.
cogamers84 25 dagen geleden
I don’t think you can really call him a wonder kid. He’ll probably be as good as Michael Carrick or something
Jamez G
Jamez G Maand geleden
March has two goals not one
D John
D John Maand geleden
Cresswell, highest assists from a defender this season?
Will Maand geleden
LeNo iS SHit🤪
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng Maand geleden
Had him starring in Online Soccer Manager (found it through a 442oons ad) for Brighton and AEK Athens, even waited until I can afford him for AEK. Solly March the GOAT.
MrBananaBandana Maand geleden
Can’t see Fulham allowing there only capable centre back to leave the club if they’re relegated tbh
Pratik Samal
Pratik Samal Maand geleden
james maddison is the most underrated midfielder
Noah Leydon
Noah Leydon Maand geleden
mings is not villas captain, grealish is.
Alfie Croker
Alfie Croker Maand geleden
How there isn't any west ham players ill never know?!?! Fabianski, coufal, rice, Antonio, ogbonna?? all underrated (even rice since I see so many people say he is poor or average)
Unai Emery
Unai Emery Maand geleden
Birst ob all gud ebenin
Sam Redgate-Large
Sam Redgate-Large Maand geleden
Saw Mount on the thumbnail and had to click, give that man some respect!!!
Caleb Luciano
Caleb Luciano Maand geleden
Dawson is the most underrated in the prem y’all 🤡
Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim
Why there’s very little English players playing outside. Look at LaLiga and so on. English players not involving at all. But you can see Spanish players in EPL.
Azツ 27 dagen geleden
Because they're reluctant to learn and this is why they fail in national competitions. Also the notion is that prem is the best league so why would they want to leave it
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Maand geleden
I think Chelsea's edo mendy what's supposed to be there
Davinho Maand geleden
Mount and Jones? Really, underrated? Mount has easily been Chelsea's most consistent player, perhaps not the best all the time but the most ''undroppable''. While Curtis Jones has practically been Liverpools best/only creative option during their crisis. I struggle to see how them two are underrated
Ryan Bareham
Ryan Bareham Maand geleden
Curtis Jones 😂😂😂
Zac Heap
Zac Heap Maand geleden
Jimmy Trout's had a great season, can't believe he's not included.
MC Mental
MC Mental Maand geleden
Watch some people still call Mason shit and is only a championship player
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Alex Zinchenko is a shout. All solid performances this season and a key part of cities 21 game winning streak
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Now do the overrated video
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#UPPASWANS 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#YJB 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
I like how people say “mount isn’t overrated he’s shit and overated”I think everyone Sayign he’s overrated makes him underrated
Ciaran Lewis
Ciaran Lewis Maand geleden
Mount is overrated, good player but every English person sucks him off so much
Whu Barney
Whu Barney Maand geleden
Leno over fabianski 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
Mount’s actually very good player. His dad ruined him. Now he’s under top coach.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@Rohan Vyas tuchel is playing mount winger a bit,lampard never played mount out of position besides maybe lm
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 it started from him and he almost ruined him. He would’ve played mount in net if he wanted
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Before lampard mount was in derby county and people made fun of lampard for starting mount Mounts career started from lampard
Obe Jones
Obe Jones Maand geleden
I’m an Arsenal fan and Leno isn’t underrated. He’s been coming for and missing a lot of crosses this season, they just haven’t been punished so no one talks about them.
ayo martins
ayo martins Maand geleden
Talking rubbish. All Goalkeepers make mistakes, playing in a sh*t side and still perform at the highest level deserve some accolades. Is 1v1 is 2nd to none. Proper shot stopper. Long range passes, powerful in the air. Are you okay 😂
HenSt1985 Maand geleden
Mount and Foden are definitely for the future. Would love to see them making a partnership as well as rivalry between the two for years to come.
cogamers84 25 dagen geleden
Foden is not for the future. He is already one of the best midfielders in the league
Kepa- #FuckToESL
Kepa- #FuckToESL 26 dagen geleden
@Teq JN saka plays in the different position , no need to insert saka everytime
Teq JN
Teq JN Maand geleden
Think you’re forgetting saka 🤷🏻‍♂️
D Plat
D Plat Maand geleden
I remember a month ago when people rated Foden, Grealish and Maddison (in that order) more than Mount! Twats! Mount is the more complete player out of the four!
cogamers84 25 dagen geleden
Grealish is the best but he’s like 26 and in his prime. Out of the young players it’s Foden
Marco Verratti
Marco Verratti Maand geleden
Ehhhhhhhhhhh. No. Maybe Maddison but absolutely not Grealish and Foden lmao
Simphiwe Mokgatle
Simphiwe Mokgatle Maand geleden
Can we get the same kind of video for other leagues??... Even if you combine em and make 1 XI its fine
dannyboi340 Maand geleden
After this and no mention of David moyes in the Sunday vibes grading premier league managers seasons I'm starting to think that football daily are biased af
Scarborough Hammer
Scarborough Hammer 27 dagen geleden
I’ve noticed that football daily only like it when they can laugh at us
Thomas Castree
Thomas Castree Maand geleden
jones: does a 5 yard pass EVERYONE: He's World Class
cogamers84 25 dagen geleden
Pogba career
Mr Meteora
Mr Meteora Maand geleden
Ole Zinchenko is also very underrated man performs well against any team
JackPilbrow Maand geleden
Mount is very overrated
og87 Maand geleden
Richallison is genuinely poo. He’s raw talent but absolutely no end product. I honestly can’t see him doing anything and just fading out into mid table mediocrity when he’s older, maybe a move to Italy or whatever. He has to have so many chances to score before scoring and he’s unbelievably wasteful in front of goal.
Elliott Davis
Elliott Davis Maand geleden
“P E R N I N E T Y Y Y Y Y Y”
Triff Ov
Triff Ov Maand geleden
Me "Mount is 10× better then POGBA." Fifa "Mount 80 Pogba 86." Billy Gilmour is better than Pogba soooo
Oto Maand geleden
Zinchenko Rodri and Bernardo Silva should all be in there
ilan Gilmore
ilan Gilmore Maand geleden
Ndombele for mount maybe because I think mount is rated now
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Ndombele isn't good
Super Mario4205
Super Mario4205 Maand geleden
Leno is so unfortunate that his competition for Germany's No. 1 is Neuer and Ter Stegen.. 🤣🤣 If he was playing for England by default he would have been the number one choice!!
The Savage Fitness Academy
Not sure bout Leno... there’s a reason a lot of arsenal fans say they made a mistake letting Martinez go. Always thought he and lloris are about the same
Nathan Ikiekande
Nathan Ikiekande Maand geleden
Bruno Fernandes
Dylan Clark
Dylan Clark Maand geleden
Harvey Barnes doesn’t get nearly enough praise
Mount has been great I don't know why he was being benched. Richardson is world class I signed him on my wolves career on fifa😂😂
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
Bernd Leno has been among the best keepers of the year but you'll never hear anyone say it because he doesn't play for a top six club
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
@Vintage Perez a bit of both really
Gokhul Manikandan
Gokhul Manikandan Maand geleden
Lol the subtle dig
Vintage Perez
Vintage Perez Maand geleden
idk if this is a troll or not 😂
dalo Maand geleden
Chelsea fan here, Mount is overrated please!
dalo Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 i have watched all our games this season and last season too, he is a good player but vastly overrated by our fan base, in any other team his gameplay is bang average and his contributions dwell heavily on pressing/stamina ability
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
You fecking joke,I bet Roy just searched up mount goals and asssist and don’t watch games
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang Maand geleden
Nahhh. I think he's overrated a little by some Chelsea fans and underrated by all the other fan base.
Abdul-Alim Maand geleden
Successful pressure? This is the new stat? Wtf what’s next successful leg move?
ryan smith
ryan smith Maand geleden
It's not new. It's been around for a while.
Aniekwe Kingsley
Aniekwe Kingsley Maand geleden
Why so salty
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22 Maand geleden
tbh I think Mount is just the right amount of rated lol
Filip Lovrinović
Filip Lovrinović Maand geleden
Its a crime there is no West Ham player in there
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@ryan smith yes,coufal Bowen ogbonna aren’t rated outside of west ham fans
ryan smith
ryan smith Maand geleden
Are they underrated?
Molibeli Lepamo
Molibeli Lepamo Maand geleden
I would love to see this same video for the other top 5 leagues
Xmas xmas
Xmas xmas Maand geleden
I think Jacob Murphy should go in there he has single handedly gave us hope without almrion Wilson and Saint maximin and even out of position has bagged son goals and assists surely if u make a video with the best xi for relegation battlers he in with solly march
Luke Passmore
Luke Passmore Maand geleden
Curtis Jones is not underrated he is overrated
Jake H.
Jake H. Maand geleden
how are mount and jones underrated? everyone sings their praises
what am I doing
what am I doing Maand geleden
Mount gets called overrated all the time but I agree with jones being overrated
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta Maand geleden
I think areola of fulham deserves a shout in the keeping position... he has been exceptional in a bad fulham side and is under appreciated
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng Maand geleden
Fulham have been doing pretty well lately...
Ben Lane
Ben Lane Maand geleden
Well he literally did get a shout in the video
Arjun Grewal
Arjun Grewal Maand geleden
Cresswell is extremely underrated, so is Coufal
Freya murtem
Freya murtem Maand geleden
Harvey barnes please.
A2 Maand geleden
How is Mount under rated?
Ah7 Music
Ah7 Music Maand geleden
good to see Leno getting the recognition he deserves
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul Maand geleden
Richarlison is so inconsistent
Gabriel Sales
Gabriel Sales Maand geleden
Leno was never going to get much of a chance for Germany. He is only about 5 years younger than Neuer and is about the same age as Ter Stegen. That’s some bad luck.
Jamie Mcmullan
Jamie Mcmullan Maand geleden
Curtis jones will be in the championship in 5 years
kittenallie Maand geleden
Mount underrated?? Guess maybe by weirdos. Richarlson does more than just feign injury by rolling around on the ground multiple times a game?
ste farrelly
ste farrelly Maand geleden
Leno is definitely underrated its about time he got some recognition he's definitely a top 5 keeper in the league
Toby didn’t like My name
Mendy better
1.allison 2. Ederson 3. De gea 4. Leno 5. Martinez
J S Maand geleden
@Louie Weissand Mendy is top 6 in prem
Eden Sherlock
Eden Sherlock Maand geleden
@Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim 1. Neuer 2. Oblak 3. Ederson 4. Ter Stegen 5. Courtois
its mr yaso
its mr yaso Maand geleden
@Lenox Hamese bruh just bc he had 2 bad games dosent mean alission is not top 3 he has been crayying thst liverpool defence
Marshall Maand geleden
Mount underrated? If anything he's overrated
Albal 4774
Albal 4774 Maand geleden
You’re a casual
Mig Maand geleden
No Leicester players? Feels like we are always overlooked
Ethan Percy
Ethan Percy 27 dagen geleden
@Azツ Harvey Barnes need more recognition just unfortunately he’s injured
Azツ 27 dagen geleden
@Ethan Percy but are they underrated? I think they rated fairly
Ethan Percy
Ethan Percy Maand geleden
Harvey Barnes ndidi Maddison evens the list goes on🤣
Onthulling nieuwe auto Andy!
Onthulling nieuwe auto Andy!