The BEST Player Outside The Top 6 Is... | #SundayVibes 

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15 nov. 2020




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Lewis Baudry
Lewis Baudry 25 dagen geleden
Kpac 55
Kpac 55 4 maanden geleden
Richy or Grealish
LESTA JESTA 4 maanden geleden
Why is Jamie fookin Vardy mentioned, he's at a top 6 club.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 4 maanden geleden
Everytime Pato talks shit about Cristiano,i lose respect for Pat. The hatred is clear. Maybe that 3-1 demolition of Arsenal by Ronaldo,still hurts him.
Matt Ames
Matt Ames 5 maanden geleden
Zaha has 7 goals and 2 assists in a team that has none of the ball. I think he definitely has a shout. Vardy's 3 NPG don't really compare I'm sorry.
Jason Howe
Jason Howe 5 maanden geleden
@patrickbvs always looks like he's there against his will.......
s0ydivision 5 maanden geleden
Won't rate vardy because of penalties. Never heard of Bruno I guess?
Joshua Billmeyer
Joshua Billmeyer 5 maanden geleden
Kane, Grealish, Vardy. Easy.
Ryan Tadashi
Ryan Tadashi 5 maanden geleden
Patrick really is such a bummer to listen to. Such long depressing droning it makes it hard to get through these.. :/
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 5 maanden geleden
I just want to say thanks for the saints love on this channel. Defo when it’s my 21st bday! But Prowsy deserves to be a regular England player and he’s no Mark Noble- he’s our Becks and I’m proud he’ll stay with us. We’ve been so underrated this year! We’ve been waiting for a Le God replacement and now he has arrived. Cheers lads! Keep up the content and the saints love too!
Aziz Patel
Aziz Patel 5 maanden geleden
Is Werner overrated? And do you guys think martial is actually better than him, which United fans think.
BenTanYD 5 maanden geleden
Is Barcelona better off without Messi??? #SundayVibes
Fhhvv Gtyhb
Fhhvv Gtyhb 5 maanden geleden
People say about vardy scoring the penalties but he is the one who is winning the pens
Justin 5 maanden geleden
What about Lamptey
Uzair Arif
Uzair Arif 5 maanden geleden
Second best outside the top 6 is Bruno fernandes
Leon Carty
Leon Carty 5 maanden geleden
Scott brown in the back?
Cameron Trevena
Cameron Trevena 5 maanden geleden
clearly not seen dougie play if you think his defensive output is atroscious
Johnny Wilson
Johnny Wilson 5 maanden geleden
Hamill may be a Potter simp, but I gotta love him for that because I think Potter's the real deal and I could easily see him being the one for England who can take them to triumphs at Euros and World Cups in the future. If he were to become england manager the "its coming home" song might not be as cringe.
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 5 maanden geleden
Leicester is already in top 6 😂
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes 5 maanden geleden
Is prime R9 the goat?
luke P
luke P 5 maanden geleden
Vardy has looked nowhere near as good as usual this season, I want what Joe is smoking
Aarav Bussawon
Aarav Bussawon 5 maanden geleden
U guys really need to edit this video into clips also, like seprates to topics and make it shorter
High Five Entertainment
High Five Entertainment 5 maanden geleden
henderson has been robbed!
Only Football
Only Football 5 maanden geleden
Jamie Vardy. Is this thing even up for debate?
Comrade Blyat
Comrade Blyat 5 maanden geleden
Basically: 3 guys gag on villa for 20 mins
Tim Jim
Tim Jim 5 maanden geleden
I think JWP is very underrated for Southampton, united fan
Wil Benson
Wil Benson 5 maanden geleden
Who the hell is Doo-gliss Luiz?
Cyber 5 maanden geleden
At first glance I could see why some people would think that 5 subs would just be an advantage for the 'big 6' but the reality is that the top 7 play more games than the rest of the clubs so run a much higher risk of injuries (due to CL, Uefa cup, potentially longer FA cup runs). It is unfair to players to be playing every 3 days and there could be severe consequences to players careers.
Cyber 5 maanden geleden
Ha, nevermind - just got another 10 minutes into the video and Pato actually says pretty much the same thing.
freddy61098 5 maanden geleden
"I don't get the snobbery around steak" Proceeds to be a snob about steak. "If you go to a restaurant and buy steak you don't know what you're doing." Does someone really have to "know what they're doing" when they buy food at a restaurant?
Liam H
Liam H 5 maanden geleden
Is Tyler Bosworth the best young prospect coming through at the moment? lightning quick feet with a devastating trademark Ronaldo chop! Seems to have gone under the radar massively! Next big thing FOR SURE.
Liam H
Liam H 5 maanden geleden
@Tyler Bosworth Great to hear. Always thought you needed that big move to kickstart your career ever since you netted three in the youth UCL final at Wembley! #UPTHEFOREST
Tyler Bosworth
Tyler Bosworth 5 maanden geleden
@Liam H Thank you! Something announced soon😉
Liam H
Liam H 5 maanden geleden
@Tyler Bosworth see! They don't get much more humble than this! Incredible humility for a player with a bright future ahead of his young self. Doesn't even know his ability. Cheers for replying mate! Best of luck with your next move.
Tyler Bosworth
Tyler Bosworth 5 maanden geleden
you bored mate
Aman 5 maanden geleden
Patto: not doing stupid stuff is perhaps the most important quality in a midfielder. Me: Yeah.... *Looks at fred*
Thomas Vincent Lowman
Thomas Vincent Lowman 5 maanden geleden
Bamford just doesn’t exist
Liam H
Liam H 5 maanden geleden
you having a giraffe?
Tejayslife 5 maanden geleden
Best player outside the top 6? Villa are currently in the top 6!
Guy Adam Niederhauser
Guy Adam Niederhauser 5 maanden geleden
Sorry guys, Patrick's a dick. I'm out.
Max Aston
Max Aston 5 maanden geleden
Submission for quick fire questions: Would you rather have Grealish and Watkins or Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison
LESTA JESTA 4 maanden geleden
Rather have Iheanacho an Albrighton.
19822andy 5 maanden geleden
He won't defend? You haven't watched Villa in 4 years have you? He busts his balls in both directions.
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith 5 maanden geleden
Pato talking shit as normal saying Grealish and Douglas Luiz don't defend. Luiz is a defensive midfielder maybe watch a game and not just read statistics. And as for saying Nakamba is the only defensive midfielder he hasn't even played in the league this season
Andres Salinas
Andres Salinas 5 maanden geleden
Go veggie
Jamie McKell
Jamie McKell 5 maanden geleden
Grealish won't defend at all?!??! Pato what are you on man? Lose the poo goggles and get over yourself bro. He tracks back, drops in the holes between defence and midfield. When he plays centrally he is very combative.. & he covers amazing amounts of yards tracking back. Fundamentally, you don't understand what he is Pato.
C45P3R 5 maanden geleden
In terms of he manger talk, the reason why guys like allardyce etc get lots of jobs from mid/low table team's is financial. And Eddie Howe did/does deserve a shot with a more financially viable team. Pato brought up Rodgers, what did he do at Swansea to deserve the lpool job? Nothing that Eddie Howe didn't do with Bournemouth. Yet he's a scrub and Rodgers is the best Brit manger in the world. Stop letting him dictate and go unchallenged!! I've been subbed to all the channels for a few months now and he's getting worse as time goes by.
C45P3R 5 maanden geleden
I've bit my tongue for a good while in regards to pato. But it's easy to play mid for Liverpool under klopp?/Gini does nothing? You guys need to start challenging him more when he speaks Dross. Just like he challenges you guys when you have a bad take.
Alexander Archie Pineda
Alexander Archie Pineda 5 maanden geleden
Another point to add for the 5 sub rule: along with the bigger teams having more competition to play in, they also are more likely to have players selected for their national teams. So not only do the lower teams have less games for club, but they’re also receiving additional rest with these useless international breaks while the players of bigger teams are being overworked for both club and country.
Podding Le Baron
Podding Le Baron 5 maanden geleden
nvm found it :-)
Astianax Cuanalo
Astianax Cuanalo 5 maanden geleden
Raúl Jiménez 100%
LESTA JESTA 4 maanden geleden
Ahead of Vardy in your dreams.
LA Raine
LA Raine 5 maanden geleden
“Villa gave up a lot of dangerous situations against Arsenal.” The guy in the middle is just waffling. He needs replacing
Ryan Tadashi
Ryan Tadashi 5 maanden geleden
He drags the show down quite a bit. I would love just the other two
Ginge 5 maanden geleden
i noticed that straight away, i was so confused
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith 5 maanden geleden
@LA Raine pato talks shit most the time i think he hates the villa never says anything good about them... as for saying grealish doesnt defend he clearly hasnt watched them
LA Raine
LA Raine 5 maanden geleden
@Gaz Snaith I remember the post match analysis and they said how few chances arsenal created. This guy said the total opposite 🤦‍♂️😂 joker!
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith 5 maanden geleden
LA Raine did arsenal even have a shot in that game? Villa battered them he always talks shit typical arsenal fan
LA Raine
LA Raine 5 maanden geleden
Nakamba has played 13 minutes this season and McGinn and Luiz always break up play and are strong in midfield. They obviously don’t watch Villa play!
LA Raine
LA Raine 5 maanden geleden
Villa don’t really have a solid presence in midfield??????? WTF is the twat in the middle on about. Luiz, McGinn and Barkley are unreal atm and easily one of the best midfields in the league! Shocking analysis 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤯🤯🤯
Antoine GriezmannLyon
Antoine GriezmannLyon 5 maanden geleden
Is the new investments in mid table teams in the premier league going to challenge the idea of a traditional top 6 and rather a top 10. (Eg:Everton, Leister, wolves).
UCL Core
UCL Core 5 maanden geleden
Ritabh Pandey
Ritabh Pandey 5 maanden geleden
5 subs won't be as much of an advantage as the top clubs play the most games as well. They play like 60-65 games a season to compete on multiple fronts.
Alex Dickinson
Alex Dickinson 5 maanden geleden
How would you solve Arsenals problems this season? E.G. formations, players signings etc. #sundayvibes
nathan_idk _
nathan_idk _ 5 maanden geleden
Patrick talking about villa has me dead, the man clearly doesn’t watch the match’s at all, saying we have a shaky defence, we literally haven’t conceded a goal away from home smh
Alex Dickinson
Alex Dickinson 5 maanden geleden
I mean shaky doesn't define your goals conceded, more how they defend and if its all panicky and a mess or not, but personally I think villas defense has been solid, and I don't think PVS watches football at all, just stats
Yo Myboi
Yo Myboi 5 maanden geleden
Which Club side in your life time is the greatest of all time ? #Sundayvibes
Joash Naidoo
Joash Naidoo 5 maanden geleden
With so many "shock" results so far this season, what is your best XI of the season so far in the EPL? Would be cool to see how much it changes come the end of the season #sundayvibes
brian bates
brian bates 5 maanden geleden
Based on the current standings where the top 6 are Leicester, Spurs, Liverpool, Southampton, Chelsea, and Villa the question is stupidly easy and the clear answer is KdB. If you want to re-interpret "top 6" as the top 6 historical clubs the answer is still KdB...
Sollisen Sola
Sollisen Sola 5 maanden geleden
Pat is wrong about the Villa defence. They have been solid and the partnership between Mings and Konsa will only get stronger as the season unfolds. The only weak link in that defence is Targett, wich is a player i would like to see Villa sign a replacement for.
Filippo Tazzi
Filippo Tazzi 5 maanden geleden
Which teams in the premier would Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, and Mbappe improve the most respectively-- with consideration to managers and systems
Raf Giraffe
Raf Giraffe 5 maanden geleden
Great example on how much a person can look like a twat when only seeing the game in stats. Bhaha 😂 1.2 expected goals per game . I'll be 'expecting' a Jamie Vardy penelty next game then. Then the ginge doubles down on his stance.. Class!!
Evan Sherlock
Evan Sherlock 5 maanden geleden
So villa drew with utd? They haven't played man utd yet and they beat sheffield utd and got beat by leeds utd ???
Lee Currier
Lee Currier 5 maanden geleden
Who is coming out of this group Group F (Munich/Budapest): Hungary (hosts), Portugal (holders), France, Germany (hosts)
Iconic Ideas
Iconic Ideas 5 maanden geleden
Zaha is the best player outside the top 6. Hopefully Palace can turn it around an give us some European football
LESTA JESTA 4 maanden geleden
Above Vardy grow up, tinpot club.
Kendall Smith
Kendall Smith 5 maanden geleden
i like how u guys didnt spend 40 minutes talking about manchester united this time and my bf agrees
Karl Branscombe
Karl Branscombe 5 maanden geleden
With the amount of fixture pileups leading up to Christmas, do you think that international games should have been delayed or cancelled until next year when a more regular schedule is in place? #SundayVibes
Owain Hughes
Owain Hughes 5 maanden geleden
Joe: ‘No pubs are open here in the UK’ Me watching this in a pub in Wales: 👀😳🍺
Oliver Shasha
Oliver Shasha 5 maanden geleden
and do you?
Football Daily
Football Daily 5 maanden geleden
Jealous... [Joe]
P Shangzinho
P Shangzinho 5 maanden geleden
Has anybody noticed Joe’s developing moustache??
Kjartan Eide
Kjartan Eide 5 maanden geleden
Do you think the MLS will ever get big enough to care about?
safe 5 maanden geleden
you have to get some actual high level talent there, 30 year olds from our leagues go there and they are automatically the best player in the league. You have 31 year old Giovinco who had one year where he was even near top 10 in his position in Europe, smashing up the MLS. Bradley Wright who literally could not cut it in the Championship smashed the league up at 33.
Gino Pietermaai
Gino Pietermaai 5 maanden geleden
Yessssiirrrr get whooped on come on rode duivels 💪💪💪
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 5 maanden geleden
could use 3 normal subs and 2 have to be under 21 2 make 5 subs 4 all.
Beast From The East
Beast From The East 5 maanden geleden
Pato is never in a good mood anyways
Jamison Sims
Jamison Sims 5 maanden geleden
If guys ever fall on hard times, let me know about that patreon. I'll dump money into the channel to keep Sunday vibes going.
Misha Craig
Misha Craig 5 maanden geleden
You guys are idiots. Barely any mention of Danny Ings who single handedly kept Southampton up last season.
mickey zoio
mickey zoio 5 maanden geleden
What about Richarlison tho ? Bad start of the season but he is a great player
mickey zoio
mickey zoio 5 maanden geleden
@safe I know but he was sent off one game then got injured but when he comes back he is going to be essential for Everton
safe 5 maanden geleden
he hasnt had a bad start? everton have looked far far better with him
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 5 maanden geleden
Great podcast guys keep up the amazing work.
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 5 maanden geleden
35:20 Pato is such a twat honestly
Dominic Hedley
Dominic Hedley 5 maanden geleden
Do you guys watch games or just read stats because you can't say anything about a player except there stats 🤔
Carlton mujem
Carlton mujem 5 maanden geleden
Enjoyed the show lads. Great one 👍🏿
Carlton mujem
Carlton mujem 5 maanden geleden
The three amigos
Henri 5 maanden geleden
On the subs rule, idk why they don't just meet in the middle and have 4, going forward. Pep said about this a few years ago and I actually agreed with it. Not straight away but shortly after. It allows more flexibility to make tactical decisions for everyone, more home grown talent potentially start games and come on like the boys said and every single year the game is becoming more of a 'squad' game even for those outside of Europe. Maybe in other leagues not so much but the PL is becoming such an even playing field, intense and tightly contested. The only real downside I can think of is it allows the big sides more rotation room but on the other side of it small sides also have fresher players to come on if they're getting spanked. On the PL point again, this just adds to the entertainment for me.
james marangu
james marangu 5 maanden geleden
we should form a whatsapp grup for football daily thoughts????
nidhal boulifa
nidhal boulifa 5 maanden geleden
Pvs is such a hater Ronaldo is your daddy.
Jared Blake
Jared Blake 5 maanden geleden
18:06 I think the phrase you’re looking for is a box-to-box midfielder Pat 😂
james marangu
james marangu 5 maanden geleden
ferran (mancity) is also good
ben tarbuck
ben tarbuck 5 maanden geleden
anyone else immediatly turn off at the mention of personal questions? its a football show, whos honestly gives a shit how they like their steaks? other than that its a fantastic channel and show
safe 5 maanden geleden
then dont watch it, no need to complain, what difference does it make to you if its a 40 minute video without the extra stuff or a 45 minute with it, just don't watch the five minutes, not that deep you sound like a moaning woman
El Shaarawy 92
El Shaarawy 92 5 maanden geleden
PAT : Wjnaldum just does one thing that is to not give the ball away. Wjnaldum : Scores 2 Goals on same day.
Sagar Ghelani
Sagar Ghelani 5 maanden geleden
Has to be Ricardo pereira, people must’ve forgotten how good he was before he went down last year. Best all round RB in the league arguably in football today. (Shoutout lamptey, coady and Antonio who no one will talk about)
Chrislon Fraser
Chrislon Fraser 5 maanden geleden
Is the increased competitiveness of the Prem over the last years due to the bigger sides getting weaker or the weaker sides getting stronger. #sundayvibes
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 5 maanden geleden
Jack Sewell
Jack Sewell 5 maanden geleden
I respect Joe's Movember attempt
Dadirbirt 9876
Dadirbirt 9876 5 maanden geleden
Villa didn’t play man utd you dummy this show just lost all there reputation
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns 5 maanden geleden
All reputation gone. Its gone mate. 0 quality anymore. May as well delete the channel. 0 reputation.
Luke Cibelli
Luke Cibelli 5 maanden geleden
Wouldn’t be an FD video without Hamill mentioning Graham Potter.
Alex Dickinson
Alex Dickinson 5 maanden geleden
Wouldn't be an FD video without PVS talking absolute bollocks and acting as if he knows it all!
craig keogh
craig keogh 5 maanden geleden
Joe serious question here Ronaldo to return or sancho to come in ? Surely it could only be one or the other which would you want more ?
Teddy Eastside
Teddy Eastside 5 maanden geleden
There is already a safeguard for players, the squads are 25 man for a reason. If the club cared about their players they would rotate them. It's not the responsibility of smaller clubs to accommodate the big ones. If they lose points for playing weaker players that's their own problem. If they're so happy with small teams having to play weaker players then they should be ok with doing it themselves.
Brandon Forde
Brandon Forde 5 maanden geleden
Ricardo Parreira is highly under rated and I would go as far to say he’s the 2nd best RB in the league
MrSparkymajor 5 maanden geleden
@Prince Fahrez African expert?
Jon Lemierte
Jon Lemierte 5 maanden geleden
@Prince Fahrez hes not and im a chelsea fan
Prince Fahrez
Prince Fahrez 5 maanden geleden
Reece james is better thn ur ricardo😂🤣😂
James Corcoran
James Corcoran 5 maanden geleden
He is probably the most well-rounded
safe 5 maanden geleden
As a united fan I'd say best.
sotc utv
sotc utv 5 maanden geleden
Pat hates villa never a nice word to say
aswin venugopal
aswin venugopal 5 maanden geleden
I think its time to consider Leicester as a top 6 side. They are comfortable at the top of the table with lot of injury woes in the name of ndidi, soyancu, maddison etc
Kerod Fresenbet Gebremedhin
Kerod Fresenbet Gebremedhin 5 maanden geleden
Chinatown Network lol
craig keogh
craig keogh 5 maanden geleden
Feel like Dominic Calvert-Lewin wasn't mentioned enough in this video surely one of the best in the league this season and now proving he deserves to be challenging in the England squad. Not to mention the outrageous height he can jump
ryan smith
ryan smith 5 maanden geleden
Arsenal played their U23s in all the Europa League games so that's not a good excuse.
ryan smith
ryan smith 5 maanden geleden
Teams don't use their 3 subs so how would 5 subs do anything?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 5 maanden geleden
maybe they don t use 3 subs because they worried about injuries and using them all up
Raphael Nasser
Raphael Nasser 5 maanden geleden
Vardy is the pen merchant people think fernandes is
Sadakatsiz 28. Bölüm
Sadakatsiz 28. Bölüm