The BEST Decision Your Club Made This Season! | #SundayVibes 

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28 feb. 2021




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Sebastian Cray
Sebastian Cray Maand geleden
Let Mount go??? Let Mount go??? What are you smoking?
InternetTrollUK Maand geleden
Person on the left looks a bit like Aaron Ramsdale 😂😂
nikeduck24 Maand geleden
"G-E-N-U-I-N-E-L-Y" - Pat
Taha Benkhaldoun
Taha Benkhaldoun Maand geleden
The ziyech part didn't age well xd
Luke Bacon
Luke Bacon Maand geleden
Your breakfast opinions are terrible 🤣🤣
Henny God
Henny God Maand geleden
From America, a full English sounds like the greatest hangover meal of all time
Denzel Chua
Denzel Chua Maand geleden
Guy in the middle says “like” way too many times
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas Maand geleden
It depends which bacon they cook even. It could be turkey or beef or pork🤔
Jamie Moir
Jamie Moir Maand geleden
Patrick speaking facts 👏🏻🐐
Adam Richards
Adam Richards 2 maanden geleden
Some of the things Patrick has said of late make me question his knowledge
Stuart English
Stuart English 2 maanden geleden
beans are to sort the toast out...
Jalil Baksh
Jalil Baksh 2 maanden geleden
Mad how Patrick said he would let Mount go
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 2 maanden geleden
thats not doing much for your bowels !!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 2 maanden geleden
i've been saying this for months haaland is going to bayern !!!!!!!!
Louis Harrington-Edmans
Louis Harrington-Edmans 2 maanden geleden
Hamill - "The mushrooms always look like they've been just picked off a tree". Have a word Joe, you've got a maniac on your hands here. When was the last time you saw a mushroom tree?
marius vlogs
marius vlogs 2 maanden geleden
This patrick guy is a hater
Harry Kelly
Harry Kelly 2 maanden geleden
The rb cancelo one is a carbon copy of Stuart Dallas at Leeds
Xaxhi 2 maanden geleden
5:15 Brought not bought. How you gonna be 27 and not know the difference like how
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino 2 maanden geleden
What's this .. soy boy TV ? lol
John Di Giovanni
John Di Giovanni 2 maanden geleden
There’s only two places I can get a full English that I know of in Florida, but because we do bacon well in the US, it tends to be as good or not better than in the UK. 1. Sausage 2. Bacon 3. Egg
How Bizzare?
How Bizzare? 2 maanden geleden
Bacon is cook with the fat on in the USA also, and thats the right way to cook it.
Jack J-Hammer
Jack J-Hammer 2 maanden geleden
I'd do anything for a fried breakfast and a beer at the spoons right now, boiled bacon or not haha
aaron tibby
aaron tibby 2 maanden geleden
I work at spoons and this has been my favourite episode 😂😂
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd 2 maanden geleden
I mean Giourd is underrated, but I wouldn’t say he wasn’t even the most underrated player in that Arsenal team as Santi Cazorla was probably more underrated, Mertasacker was probs up there
Backpacker Bip
Backpacker Bip 2 maanden geleden
Plummer tinned tomatoes are a very very important aspect to the meal
Herbie Willis
Herbie Willis 2 maanden geleden
Hash brown, beans, sausage
Declan Hehir
Declan Hehir 2 maanden geleden
Love you guys thanks for making my days 100% better
RVF MUSIC 2 maanden geleden
pat as a chelsea fan shut up just shut up tuchel improved chelsea lampards was beat
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 2 maanden geleden
That is funny lol our cb trio is injured the fd trio is injured 😭 this season is shambles
KЯӨПK 2 maanden geleden
oof, Bayern "being not fit to lace City's boots" is a pretty strong comment. Can't say i agree fully with that...
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed 2 maanden geleden
William Charles-Davies
William Charles-Davies 2 maanden geleden
1 bacon 2 crispy hash brown 3 beans
Spencer Neville
Spencer Neville 2 maanden geleden
These heathens all shit on the hashbrown. What is your malfunction? Big fan still.
Jamie McKell
Jamie McKell 2 maanden geleden
Plum tomatoes needed.. Grilled tomato nah... Egg can be fried or Scrambled... Mushrooms mmm...
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Finally, a tinned tomato brother! [Hamill]
GunMan Khan
GunMan Khan 2 maanden geleden
Is tammy really a champions league quality striker? Must have missed something🤷🏿‍♂️
Daniel Siegrist
Daniel Siegrist 2 maanden geleden
did you suggest swapping Bellerin for Reece? ffs... I’d rather play with 10 men than Bellerin
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
It was a Hot Take fo sho. [Hamill]
Ryan Daly
Ryan Daly 2 maanden geleden
As a Chelsea fan, I would never think about letting Mount go. Not for a second.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 maanden geleden
Bayern and PSG would beat City.
sourabh jain
sourabh jain 2 maanden geleden
No way city beats will those midgets defend against bayern attack......and do not underestimate bayern defence
Demarius Coleman
Demarius Coleman 2 maanden geleden
united need a rw much more than they need a striker
Reflections And Resonance
Reflections And Resonance 2 maanden geleden
Tuchel hasn't done anything that Lampard wouldn't have done in terms of results. Before the Xmas/New Year run in Chelsea had a 17 game unbeaten run. Lampard had them playing high intensity attacking football. When the fixtures got congested they lost edge because it was obviously too demanding a schedule for the style. The congestion dropped and there was an energy in Chelsea against Luton which had come back. Tuchel comes in with Chelsea only 5 points off top 4. Every big team has been there this season and turned it round seemingly overnight while keeping their manager. He plays overly negative football which is a combination of Conte defending with sideways Sarriball just keeping the ball and doing nothing with it. They don't play with intensity and they're grinding out results against relegation fodder and sides bottoming on form. On top of that he's clearly dropping Tammy off the side of the ship when Tammy had a goal involvement in every game he started before Tuchel except against Joses Spurs when they were in form. Tuchel has done nothing to change the course of Chelsea's season that wouldn't have happened anyway with Lampard.
Kevin Dhungana
Kevin Dhungana 2 maanden geleden
still saying that lol tactical he is way more astute than lampard and I love lampard
Amadeuz Engdahl
Amadeuz Engdahl 2 maanden geleden
Alexander Isak as a new striker maybe?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
He's looking class this season. Watch this space! [Hamill]
Adam Soliman
Adam Soliman 2 maanden geleden
why dont we play greenwood striker, then get sancho on the right?
V1 2 maanden geleden
He’s not a good number 9 he’s better on the rw ur players are all better wide
Matheus Meneghin
Matheus Meneghin 2 maanden geleden
Barely anyone talks about Adriano the emperor too! At his prime he could sneak in into top 20 best strikers in the history, and no one talks about him anymore as they should (though he didn’t fulfill his full potential coz of depression and his career was quick tbf)
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I did a whole video on him over on Euro Football Daily! [Hamill]
Gospel V
Gospel V 2 maanden geleden
Pato talking about Bacon not being cooked properly in this country SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!!!!!
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 2 maanden geleden
Very good episode yet again I'm watching this on Monday so it's Monday vibes for me.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Vibes don't discriminate. Any day. Any time. Any place. [Hamill]
BusterBarnes 2 maanden geleden
I am a Chelsea fan and I think Giroud has gone form underrated to overrated lol
V1 2 maanden geleden
exaltedlmao 2 maanden geleden
These 3 may aswell take over Sky Sports. They have more football knowledge than all of them on there.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I mean, Joe is on there! Thanks though :) [Hamill]
WordSmith876 2 maanden geleden
City are always favorite for the Ucl but never win it
ChromoZome 2 maanden geleden
Sunday Vibes makes my week. I can’t explain it but everything that you guys talk about gives me comfort and warmth when I wake up on a Sunday, normally a perfect precursor to the football that day. Was also very happy to see a surprise podcast this week. Plus Pato’s voice on the list recent explained was really relaxing. Keep up the good work guys
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We got you my man. Thanks for the support! [Hamill]
Josh 2 maanden geleden
giroud will never be forgiven for 2015/16
Romaiz Dabeer
Romaiz Dabeer 2 maanden geleden
People give him to much flak for that. I do agree that he was a major reason for Arsenal not winning the league in 2016 even though that season they should've definitely won it but alot of the other strikers were equally as shit. Not to mention Wenger should've been more tactically flexible after the team entered a stale period
Gary Finch
Gary Finch 2 maanden geleden
As a New Yorker I can affirm that we also find mixing maple syrup with anything other than waffles or pancakes an abomination... My question is what do you guys know about a bacon, egg and cheese on a kaiser roll? "Peppa n ketchup on dat please."
Gary Finch
Gary Finch 2 maanden geleden
Had to google cob. Glad to learn some regional English slang. A kaiser roll is the non fancy option though. I aint boujee enough to be ordering on a brioche.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Just a fancy 'cob' mate ;)
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
kaiser roll? Must google. [Hamill]
Cain McCabe
Cain McCabe 2 maanden geleden
Soucek is so much better then fellaini he got good passing ability sort and long range
Conor Foster
Conor Foster 2 maanden geleden
Hold up... Joe is nearly 27 🤯
misfit 2 maanden geleden
Dias two for the price of one as Stones has also been a revelation and after getting bored at the back popped up front to score a goal each.
Alfie Bates
Alfie Bates 2 maanden geleden
Is this just the top 6? Thought it was the full prem
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We talked about Burnley last week ffs. It is scarring. [Hamill]
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 2 maanden geleden
I think it is fairly unfair to blame giroud for arsenals failure in 15/16. Its a horrendous squad building failure before its a giroud one. Giroud finished about dead on xg that season first of all, obviously he should have done better at getting into goal scoring positions. 2013 arsenal sign ozil, 2014 arsenal sign alexis. So you have alexis lw, ozil cam and giroud for striker and who at rw? Walcott? Ramsey? Clearly needed either an actual prolific goal scoring striker, which giroud never was, or a guy like pedro for rw, very off the ball, gets at the back post type of guy. Its a travesty of team building that a front 4 with alexis and ozil in it had no real rw and giroud up front. I see it as giroud being put in a position to fail more than anything. Arsenal only signing cech cost them the league way more than giroud did
Bryan 2 maanden geleden
If Chelsea hopefully get Haaland, play 4222. Double 6 (Kova & new DM/Jorgi), LAM (Pulisic/CHO) & RAM (Havertz) & Werner & Haaland front 2.
Alx 2 maanden geleden
pat has got a hard on for tammy, hes a bum, mid table striker at best.
Andrii Kyrychenko
Andrii Kyrychenko 2 maanden geleden
What players makes PL the most money productive. That's answer directly or in theard consist with managers transfers of coaches and players? Or its makes promo rules. Do it's was forever, or recovered by whom? Make it clear.
Areef Khan
Areef Khan 2 maanden geleden
Thanks for having my question joe,made my evening 🥲 P.S - united should be looking to sell martial this summer,could free up bags of cash for potential transfers.
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z 2 maanden geleden
Arguing about bacon I see 👍
JT McGee
JT McGee 2 maanden geleden
Bayern not fit to lace city's boots... that british crack must be strong.
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z 2 maanden geleden
The three old guy's getting injured what a combination, Pat dead leg 😄, Joe ankle & Hamill calf like Roberto Carlos, you guys are the best.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Thanks brother! [Hamill]
Dylan Miles
Dylan Miles 2 maanden geleden
Pretty harsh to say Martial hasn't been good at United
Mark Royter
Mark Royter 2 maanden geleden
Bacon, egg, sausage, toast, beans, tomato
Eamon Maguire
Eamon Maguire 2 maanden geleden
a fry suppose to be greasy :)
Custard 2 maanden geleden
Matt Le tissier is a shout for most underrated player
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Yeah but... Have you seen his Twitter? [Hamill]
Pills Intoxicated
Pills Intoxicated 2 maanden geleden
4231 «werner» «Pulisic havertz mount» «Kante kovacic «Chillwell rudiger Christensen james»
V1 2 maanden geleden
Cho rw and swap kova for mount
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage 2 maanden geleden
Fully respect the Alan Partridge reference as my friends think it shite but they are all so very wrong
Es 2 maanden geleden
Pat : "i was smiling the whole time you were talking" Pat's face : 😐
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Hahahaha! Done me, this. [Hamill]
Fred Schneider ate my baby
Fred Schneider ate my baby 2 maanden geleden
Shocking chat on the breakfast question, if there's no soda bread or potato bread on there you're doing it wrong. Scrambled egg over fried in a fry is a disgrace too, need that yolk for dipping
Fred Schneider ate my baby
Fred Schneider ate my baby 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily good ol' Norn Iron, home of a proper fry
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
My man Irish? [Hamill]
Derek Williams
Derek Williams 2 maanden geleden
Full Irish > Full English
Derek Williams
Derek Williams 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily Hamill a celtic fan and full Irish lover? Are you parents Irish or something?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Agreed. Annoyed I didn't make this point. [Hamill]
Sam Gollings
Sam Gollings 2 maanden geleden
“I feel like beans impart too much chaos upon a full English” Patrick Van Straaten 2021
Eddie Chan
Eddie Chan 2 maanden geleden
United need to sell Martial if there is a decent offer, he goes through too many patches of crap form while providing nothing; his value is going to continue to plummet if he is just the 2nd choice on the left. If no striker of quality can be found, then they need a right winger and use Greenwood and Cavani down the middle. Silva and Jovic are good options, I personally think they should had snagged Haller off West Ham. His finishing might not be the greatest (when in the Prem, he was lethal in Frankfurt and is now again with Ajax), but is the one who can do intricate link up play, and him now playing for Ajax might make him a more palatable purchase. The former 2 are lethal finishers of a counter attacking team, but United are already that; the struggle is when teams sit back. Either way, any of them is better than Martial who frankly had proven himself unreliable and don't have the work rate to make up for it.
ET FROM EARTH 2 maanden geleden
Yall love GMO food 😂
Dantheman 123
Dantheman 123 2 maanden geleden
For the first 2 minutes i thought liverpools cb were on sunday vibes
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
We could do a shift. [Hamill]
michael shoemonster
michael shoemonster 2 maanden geleden
That ginger guys clobber is shocking
Paddy Gladman
Paddy Gladman 2 maanden geleden
Chelsea probably regret selling Lamptey now especially for so cheap as he'd be a perfect right wing back
Paddy Gladman
Paddy Gladman Maand geleden
@Ian Squires yeh i know
Ian Squires
Ian Squires Maand geleden
Lampard wanted to keep him, but he didn't want to sign a new contract.
V1 2 maanden geleden
Reece James would play over him
Cameron Norris
Cameron Norris 2 maanden geleden
As a Chelsea fan, I don’t regret it in the slightest
Laura 2 maanden geleden
How am i sitting here, listening to Pato say the words "Danny Welbeck was more clutch than Giroud...", nodding my head & thinking "he's got a bloody point there"? What has 2021 come to
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
It's the confident delivery. [Hamill]
Bill Board
Bill Board 2 maanden geleden
I actually love when you talk less about football And more about yourselves, you talk about football all the time :Ddd
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill 2 maanden geleden
Football Daily give it a go mate, even if it’s not a hit what’s the worst that can happen through trying it?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Make personal questions longer, as a start? [Hamill]
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 2 maanden geleden
Second this, I would 100% listen to a podcast about the boys’ lives with Dougie, Henry, McCubs, Sonny etc as guests
AboboraMan07 2 maanden geleden
Pato said "Bayern are not good enough to lick City's boots this season" EVERYONE REMEMBER THAT
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
pringleton 2 maanden geleden
Leave us with that bombshell, you've a video about Phil Foden coming out?!
pringleton 2 maanden geleden
@Football Daily all depends on how you read my comment! 🤣
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Saturday's Explained! Get on it! [Hamill]
Aaron McCarthy
Aaron McCarthy 2 maanden geleden
One of the best questions in months, remind me, why isn't this a food channel? 🤔
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Preach my man. Love that shit. Somebody Feed Phil has been my juice in lockdown. [Hamill]
Ashley Kankam
Ashley Kankam 2 maanden geleden
IF YOU CLICK ON ANYTHING TO READ TODAY IT MUST BE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem at Chelsea isn't the midfield, we play defensively by holding possession of the ball and create chances. Mount and Werner have both shown at times where they do small flicks into the box. As you mentioned, CHO has a significantly high amount of dribbles into the box in the top 5 leagues and so does Pulisic when he plays (his explosiveness when he dribbles into the box from the left is superb. The problem is our strikers, Giroud is a well-known fox in the box and is able to finish his dinner, but he is way too old for this young Chelsea side. You speak so highly of Tammy Abraham but I'm afraid to say he just doesn't cut it. His pressing is so poor and there are some chances where he lingers too long on the ball or just can't finish correctly. But mainly his pressing it's terrible, there are times during games where he just waltzes while the opposition backline bounces the ball around him. Chelsea is chasing Galactico Status and therefore we need Galactico signings. We have some in the forms of Kovacic and Kante (who is visibly aging from his job as a box to box destroyer yet good on the ball DM) and many many hopefuls such as CHO, Pulisic, Havertz, Werner, Reece James (who btw is a TAA on steroids) and many more in youth development. Abramovich isn't building a side that competes for World domination right now but in 3/4 years we definitely will be there. It seems like Joe has a hatred of squad depth but you have to understand what is happening. Many of the signings made by Lampard are not and probably will never be Tuchel Type Players. Not only this but Tuchel is bringing back players that would've had a poor sell on cost and it's clear that Marina wants him to try and develop players that we want to sell on quickly. Jorghinio, Ziyech, and Marcos Alonso are players that will leave at the end of the season. It was not in the plan for Ziyech to leave of course, but under Tuchel he is not effective and is not a Tuchel Type Player. Jorghinio will leave and I think Mount will play a deep-lying box-to-box midfielder (exactly how Lampard once did) alongside Kovacic and be switching with Kante, whose body has stood the test of time and finally beginning to slow down. That leaves space for Havertz to play as a number 10 and do the same defensive job as Mount (one notable yet underrated stat of Havertz is his high amount of successful slide tackles in the box) yet with Havertz he is much more an attacking threat with a clinical shot and speed on his side. Pulisic and CHO will play as wingers /inside forwards that can drive into the box or even whip in crosses into the box. And this is where Haaland shines as a complete forward as he can collect any shot and just thump it in. If not him then Havertz of course with his clinical shot. Werner will be a highly used squad rotation player and that's okay. Not every high money signing is going to be used extensively but Werner will be to play across the front three and either play him as a winger or drop wingers as a whole and play him with Haaland/Havertz. Tuchel wants a ball-playing backline and Thiago Silva will not play this consistently at his age,. Christensen has been playing effective football and Rudiger has exceeded expectations but in my personal opinion, I really really hope Chelsea can train Zouma into becoming a Ball-Playing Defender. He is our best defensive player and is reminiscent of Drogba in the air. Across all clubs, we act like we have to buy a new player when there is an older player that just needs a bit more training. Learning ball-control is taught to kids so why can't we do it to professional ballers? If you still disagree with me then Azpi coming in as a CB is also a shout. He is criminally underrated as an attacker if you look at his overall stats such as passes in the other half and can also play as either full-back. If you are still adamant about purchasing a new CB then that's my homework for you to find out because I really don't know. Someone who is comfortable on the ball and does much defensive work. Maybe a Tomori? Selling him away was such a mistake. Or a Declan rice who can also move into a DM position. I also think we should buy a fullback just in case Chilwell isn't in Tuchels' plans either and I believe HAKIMI is the perfect signing. He can play as an LB as well as an LWB and is just so so so so sooooo good, i really don't need to talk too much he's tekky. Also to swing back to the Kante situation I think Camavinga would be a really good signing that can slowly replace Kante. The main issue with teams is that we buy players and expect them to instantly make a change. Buy Camavinga now will allow him to be under a better education the prem and can switch between Kova and Kante and maybe even Mount. We have many players on loan and in the academy such as Marc Guehi and Jude Soonsup-Bell and they'll both become the new "Mount's and Abraham's" that come from the youth set up. I'm going, to be honest, I'm disappointed in FD. You talk so much about creating projects and giving developing talents a chance but when it comes to Chelsea you expect results after, A transfer Ban, losing some of our best players, injuries, Pulisic never really and truly settling down, Covid, and now a managerial change. As much as firing Lampard was a shame we need to make the top 4 again this season and it just wasn't going to happen under Lampard. I think the board saw everyone signing their own club legends and Chelsea just followed the trend. A Business Mistake. Tuchel is here for a while and we're building a project. There will be a lot of money wasted but that's the point we make mistakes, we invest continually until we get it right. And when we do we keep it permanent. By the way, I also really hoped they would demote Frank to like an assistant manager role or a role where he's managing a younger side. I don't know how that would've worked but it would've been much better for him to get more training as a coach. Sorry for so much waffle hopefully you read it all These are my socials: Instagram - @kammzy_ Twitter - @kammzy_ Snapchat - @ak2drippy1
STAR LORD 2 maanden geleden
Utd doesn't need a striker.
pringleton 2 maanden geleden
Is this only a week after PVS called Hamill out for being injury prone? 🤣
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Jack Malcolm
Jack Malcolm 2 maanden geleden
Chelsea should get kounde and Bentecoure
STAR LORD 2 maanden geleden
You've got to be kidding. Chelsea's biggest problem is the lack of a goalscorer. Not a midfielder. They need to sign a striker.
ProdSixteen 2 maanden geleden
1. Bacon 2. Hash brown 3. Sausage
Mitchell Patten
Mitchell Patten 2 maanden geleden
Greatest personal question ever
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
MORE TO COME. [Hamill]
Columbo 2 maanden geleden
Has Chris had a trim ?
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Have I fuck mate. It is all over the shop. [Hamill]
tcoudi 2 maanden geleden
guys, sorry for nitpicking, but Coufal and Souček, are pronouced with " O" like in O shit. with the U soud, they sound more like being from Slovakia.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Love that attention to detail my man! Thanks. [Hamill]
KxMac 2 maanden geleden
If Yall are looking for a good running shoe, you should look at the shoe the nike react infinity run! It's meant to help reduce running injury so it might help with all the leg problems 😀❤
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Love that! TLC from the team. [Hamill]
Ruben Limon
Ruben Limon 2 maanden geleden
Hamil, do us all a favor and send us a link to that photo shoot if it still exists! 😜
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
I wouldn't even know where to start man. [Hamill]
CAPSLOCCC 2 maanden geleden
FD Squad got more injuries than Liverpool this season
Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney 2 maanden geleden
I remember last season Patrick said Rodri was one of the worst signings of the season and Cancelo was a flop.
Jandabom 2 maanden geleden
bayern would thrash city
Bernardo Mateus
Bernardo Mateus 2 maanden geleden
I never gave as much praise to Guardiola for his work in Germany and Spain and those first years in England as most people, even tho I did accept the fact that he is one of the greats, but this team and its transformations show how good of a coach he really is, they could quite easily win the CL this year and then get Messi and Haaland and maybe a backup DM or LB and win it again. Great coach, great team, great football!
Luke Comiskey
Luke Comiskey 2 maanden geleden
Flaccid bacon 😂😂😂 sent me.
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Best personal question in months, that! [Hamill]
KSI vs Tobi Rap Battle