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This week Joe decides to stir the pot by selecting the player he believes is the best in their respective age group. Does a 35 year old Luka Modric make the cut? How many City players end up in this list? It's a toughie but poor old Joe does try his best.


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26 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily 24 dagen geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY20. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 20 dagen geleden
GREENWOOD????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Most goals scored since last season. OH FFS. Great way to back Mason
Ben Onofrio
Ben Onofrio 21 dag geleden
Kante didnt even get mentioned the disrespect hes 30 years old and one of the best cdms in the world
Stephania Yohanan Lungwangu
Why not make a best manager in the world alphabetically from A-Z
Muhammad Ilyas Abdul Karim
Some other 40 y.o. players besides maxi rodriguez : Lucho gonzalez (argie playing in brazil), rodrigo Tabata (Al-Sadd), Jose sand (Lanus arg.) , jesus corona (cruz azul gk), lukas vyntra (greek defender)... All going strong in their 40's Note: found them in the cyberfoot mobile cm game I think Jose sand deserves a shout as he's still playing & scoring goals You're welcome
Pelumi Ogedengbe
Pelumi Ogedengbe 24 dagen geleden
@Football Daily for 38 what happened to Ribery ?🤷🏾‍♀️
Matty Way
Matty Way 5 dagen geleden
Marcus Puhalj
Marcus Puhalj 7 dagen geleden
Fernandinho over Modrić...that should be a criminal offence
Eduardo Salvio’s lover
Eduardo Salvio’s lover 7 dagen geleden
11:26 yeah cos Messi is a number 11
Lewis Lawrence
Lewis Lawrence 7 dagen geleden
Picks Oblak over Salah because he’s the best itw in his position. Then doesn’t pick VVD....
lasa 00
lasa 00 8 dagen geleden
Ok im real madrid biased but surely ramos and modric should be in this! Neuer is good keeper but not top 3 ramos is best CB in the world when he plays. And i don’t think I need to explain modric! maybe ill concede that muller could overtake kroos though it is a close call. Also is joe secretly a city fan . Because even city fans would have hard time justifying de bruyne over neymar fernandinho over modric.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 8 dagen geleden
The fact FD still think Messi is the best in the world is a joke 🤣
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 8 dagen geleden
Greenwood is having a down season and has done more then Saka 👍🏻 look at Masons first season aswell
Nana Osei Nyame
Nana Osei Nyame 11 dagen geleden
Saka is better than Greenwood let's just be honest
Caio Vargas
Caio Vargas 12 dagen geleden
Neymar defo clear of KDB
Pfft 12 dagen geleden
Ah yes, Toni Krois
al ._. irl
al ._. irl 12 dagen geleden
Neymar over kdb and vvd, anyday
al ._. irl
al ._. irl 12 dagen geleden
Oblak over salah !?!!!
BERNARDO CELORIO 12 dagen geleden
Leave it to an Englishman to have that many English players on here. Sancho? Grielish? Kane? Come on man...laughable. And I rate these players (except Kane) but best for those age groups? Stretch is putting it mildly
BERNARDO CELORIO 12 dagen geleden
Hardest one about Ney and KDB is that Ney is EASILY a better player but he never plays so its tough to guage
Sasha Rodenacker
Sasha Rodenacker 13 dagen geleden
Saeid Hejazi
Saeid Hejazi 15 dagen geleden
He picked fernandinho over modric 😂😂😂
Ravshanbek Mavlonov
Ravshanbek Mavlonov 15 dagen geleden
I agree with you, you chose honestly
Fayiga Tunde
Fayiga Tunde 15 dagen geleden
He's in love with grealish 🤣😈😭
S S 15 dagen geleden
24 - it should be Diogoal Jota 26 - Bruno Fernandes
shivam tiwari
shivam tiwari 15 dagen geleden
by the way it is his choice no bruno no modric no muller
Sebastian Baele
Sebastian Baele 15 dagen geleden
this guy good but he just talks about man united a lot
Hayden Harrington
Hayden Harrington 15 dagen geleden
Jose Fonte at 37 surely
HYSTERIA 0161 17 dagen geleden
The oldest player in the world is 74 he played games for an Egyptian team I believe and he's in the guinness world records
young_range007 17 dagen geleden
Fanandinho over Modric 😂😂😂
Zain Khalid
Zain Khalid 17 dagen geleden
He didn't mention verrati at 28 but put kimmich just put the bias against him
Aqua Laqua
Aqua Laqua 17 dagen geleden
Me thinking how Foster and Tevez were challenging for 37 when Ribery is still 37 or Pandev at 37 and Jose Sand at 40 is way better than Rodriguez
Lucas Ndungu
Lucas Ndungu 17 dagen geleden
No Greenwood, no Rashford, no Bruno and you have 4 City players? I thought you're a red fam?
ruth lee
ruth lee 17 dagen geleden
The clever receipt nouzilly memorise because mom uniformly race unto a purring sing. raspy, true cost
StringierCrab8 17 dagen geleden
Grealish > Sane and Gnabry 😳 wot
DaNioWsKi 1337
DaNioWsKi 1337 18 dagen geleden
Harry Kane better than lewandowski? Is this ginger on crack ?
THE BLANK 18 dagen geleden
Fernandinho > modric , what the hell ?
THE BLANK 18 dagen geleden
The best player at age 28 is jesse lingard
Clorox The Dad
Clorox The Dad 18 dagen geleden
Imagine thinking Harry Kane is better than Lewa in any way aside from passing. Lewa is THE all around striker in the world.
Clorox The Dad
Clorox The Dad 18 dagen geleden
No mention of Gianluigi Donnarumma at all. Disgusting. To be of that quality in net at 22 is absurd. Of course he does not come close to Mbappe though.
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam 18 dagen geleden
At 40 there is esteban paredes
Craig Henley
Craig Henley 18 dagen geleden
Would have said vardy at 34 surely
Morgan Ambrose
Morgan Ambrose 18 dagen geleden
kroos over muller are u crazy
Aditya Narayanan
Aditya Narayanan 18 dagen geleden
Mate I agreed with you till Oblak ahead of Salah....I agree Oblak is one of of not the best gk but salah is one of the top 5-6 footballers in the world at the sorry I disagree
Hyper Light
Hyper Light 18 dagen geleden
Bruno the best number 10 that’s a joke right
iamdejan 18 dagen geleden
24: Franck Kessie easy
Adrian Nygaard
Adrian Nygaard 19 dagen geleden
BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, KDB over VVD?? At 28 you sayed oblak over salah bc oblak is the best in his position, i get that! But you also sayed Bruno was the best 10 in the world, so VVD is not the best cb in the world? Bc a freak injury? Reeeeally!?!?
S 19 dagen geleden
In the Segunda Division and the Segunda B, there are a lot of older players which you could have looked at. Also MATS never got a mention!!!
Jolan Coenegrachts
Jolan Coenegrachts 19 dagen geleden
Lukaku is better than Kane in every way
Zak Luca
Zak Luca 19 dagen geleden
Gundogan over Kante lololololololol don’t pi** me off
joseph pandini
joseph pandini 19 dagen geleden
No donnarumma?
Dragz Shagz
Dragz Shagz 19 dagen geleden
24 year old has to be Ndombele, he's incredibly talented and has been Tottenham's best player behind Son and Kane. 35 year old has to be Luka Modric, he's been immense..
Jason Collins Mannion
Jason Collins Mannion 19 dagen geleden
Jota robbed
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 19 dagen geleden
Casemiro mention atleast
Tomás Brandão
Tomás Brandão 19 dagen geleden
I can't believe how a man u fan is afraid to put his players ahead. Is he afraid of the public reaction? Bruno Fernandes is miles ahead of kimmich with AMAZING goal contributions.
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr 19 dagen geleden
bro even if you asked fernandinio he will say modric is the best😂
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr 19 dagen geleden
bro rodrygo from real madrid🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Shrsth 19 dagen geleden
19- saka ? Fook off
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme 19 dagen geleden
Me realizing how old I am with most of these players being younger than me and I just turned 26
Aman Lem
Aman Lem 19 dagen geleden
Bernardo Silva at 26 should be given a shout as he is so under rated. Maybe not the goal scorer or assist provider, but he's so good to watch.
Matti Olsen
Matti Olsen 20 dagen geleden
Muller over kroos I think
SHAD0W TAC0 20 dagen geleden
Haaland is better then mbappe in my opinion
Samuel Garvey-Oakes
Samuel Garvey-Oakes 20 dagen geleden
In your next video you should rank all of these players from 1-23
Andi Bld
Andi Bld 20 dagen geleden
You gotta extend the list until at least age 43 where Vitorino Hilton of Montpellier is still dominating the scenes hands down
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 20 dagen geleden
There's a few dumb decisions but overall 7/10
SOMA CHATTERJEE 20 dagen geleden
18 year old should be Jamal muisala imho
Omar Omar
Omar Omar 20 dagen geleden
This guy loves to disrespect Cristiano Ronaldo
Jubib 20 dagen geleden
How Ramos, Modric and Ribery missed out is beyond me... When you said Fernandinho I legit thought you forgot Modric was 35, but then you mentioned him. So I realised you’re just clueless
sahil Naik
sahil Naik 20 dagen geleden
Bro you just chose fernandinho over modric😅
Rasmus Storkholm
Rasmus Storkholm 20 dagen geleden
I smell hmmmm united fan
Timber Team
Timber Team 20 dagen geleden
I’m not sure how you didn’t go for Ramos, been amazing over the last few seasons.
Abdullah Sorour
Abdullah Sorour 20 dagen geleden
I just wonder how did u choose Fernandinho over Luka Modric
Hrayr M
Hrayr M 20 dagen geleden
If you’ve been watching Modric recently you’d put him over every single player on this list besides leo and lewa
David McInnes
David McInnes 20 dagen geleden
Why is it only up to 40 miura is 54
liam parle
liam parle 20 dagen geleden
Van Dijk should be 28 year old he might be injured but is still world best CB
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr 19 dagen geleden
world best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 21 dag geleden
Goalkeepers aren’t real footballers come on 😂 can’t put oblak over salah
Ben Onofrio
Ben Onofrio 21 dag geleden
Igolo kante should of been picked instead of gundagon
Aidyn Fang
Aidyn Fang 21 dag geleden
dumb video
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita 21 dag geleden
How are you keep doing these....You need a job at EA sports
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita 21 dag geleden
Even de bruyne plays 10million games than Neymar he will never be close to Neymar.........a chess player can play a thousand game but he will he will never beat a world champion...........AND you are doing these on form not on talent......STUPID LIST NO CAP
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita 21 dag geleden
Best player doesn't rate on form but on record and consistency...........and how is De bruyne better than NEYMAR......
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita 21 dag geleden
Calvin Lewin over NDIDI......This is just English thing written over it....This is ridiculous......NDIDI CARRIES LEICESTER
PHR 29
PHR 29 21 dag geleden
Overall not bad list. Definitely should’ve mentioned thiago silva but yes ofc u pick ronaldo over him. I only say to say his name as a recognition of how good he has been this season before his injury. I don’t understand how you pick Fernandinho with 15 appearances in all comps over Modric with 27 in all comps. Doesn’t make sense if we use appearances as a way of determining as well.
Hrvoje Habulan
Hrvoje Habulan 21 dag geleden
Man said could've picked Modric but didn't with his chest☠
Evan Help Us
Evan Help Us 21 dag geleden
It’s haaland not haland haha
Bura Manikalyan
Bura Manikalyan 21 dag geleden
Whoa!! I thought Kane was 30 or 32!!
Gurveer Sunner
Gurveer Sunner 21 dag geleden
Neymar is the most talented player we will see for along time
Enrique Mendes
Enrique Mendes 21 dag geleden
sane is playing terrible for bayern this season what are you taking about
Enrique Mendes
Enrique Mendes 21 dag geleden
Im disagreeing i know they play two different positions but im taking de jong over rashford any day of the year
Knight Show
Knight Show 21 dag geleden
Jack grealish, Irish guy would love you😂
luca apetri
luca apetri 21 dag geleden
You literally have extreme premier league bias, Joe!
Hampus Baljan
Hampus Baljan 21 dag geleden
Fati over Pedri is a crime, jesus christ
jon T
jon T 21 dag geleden
what about tielemans?? isn't he 24??
raja singha
raja singha 21 dag geleden
Wait from where you got the idea that Rashford is better than De Jong ?? Mr inconsistent is better than De Jong 😂😂
sourabh jain
sourabh jain 21 dag geleden
Adrien Velimirovic
Adrien Velimirovic 21 dag geleden
Jose Fonte is 37
Jayaditya RamRacheya
Jayaditya RamRacheya 21 dag geleden
Azpiliqueta in for kroos👀
Sebastian Lee
Sebastian Lee 21 dag geleden
Joe: Says Bruno Fernandes Me: BRUNO FERNANCH
Pranav Ulman
Pranav Ulman 21 dag geleden
This video is so biased
Tim 21 dag geleden
I actually really like this list tbh. I don't think Gundy or Fernandinho deserve their spots but probably have a bit of recency bias and honestly the only other ones I'd change are Coman and Grealish for Ndombele and Sane purely out of personal preference. Love the shouts for Dias and 32-34 is just *chefs kiss* all so class and aging like wine
Tim 20 dagen geleden
@umm Yh definitely fair
umm Yh
umm Yh 20 dagen geleden
@Tim ah ok. I still think Grealish is better than sane when u consider the quality of players they get to play with but tahts just my opinion
Tim 20 dagen geleden
@umm Yh Ndombele over Coman and Sane over Grealish but both are purely off personal preference as I said
umm Yh
umm Yh 20 dagen geleden
Ndombele? Not been anywhere near Jacks level
ZACH 21 dag geleden
lol HITC sport did it first
Abdullaahi Ahmed
Abdullaahi Ahmed 22 dagen geleden
This list seems to be his preference more so than on actual fact !
Harrwow_view 22 dagen geleden
How is Thomas Muller managed to get robbed in every single best player list I’ve ever seen
VBAHMED!! 22 dagen geleden
"Best 10 in world football"😂😂😂. Get out man, hasn't even played a whole season yet and ur saying that KDB is below that pen merchant. He'll never reach the heights of KDB, never. Just cos KDB hasn't had the best of seasons BY HIS STANDARDS THAT HE HAS SET HIMSELF, doesn't mean he's worse. And btw, he's the 2nd highest assister in Europe's top leagues and including internationals too, behind Muller who has 1 more. And lets keep in mind that Muller is playing in the BUNDESLIGA, Muller is playing in a team with a man that has GOALS in his name, and the whole team is just ridiculous, and has played 5 more games than KDB. Not bad for a man that has had an off season, smh
Julian Price
Julian Price 22 dagen geleden
The thing with neymar is that he keeps that ball too long He should dribble and pass rather than just dribble He would get injured less
Bernard Kotełko
Bernard Kotełko 22 dagen geleden
Joe, i think Lewandowski is a worse finisher than Kane. However, i think Lewa is a better all round striker and player than Kane