REVEALED: Manchester City's £100m Sergio Aguero Replacement! | #TransferTalk 

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On this week’s Transfer Talk, we take a look at who Man City are lining up to replace Sergio Agüero! Erling Haaland remains their number one target, but with the Borussia Dortmund man potentially costing €180million, the Premier League leaders may have to turn elsewhere, and reports this week suggest they could put in an offer for Tottenham maestro Harry Kane! Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku could be another option, while Southampton’s Danny Ings remains on Pep Guardiola’s radar.
We also take a look at Mo Salah’s latest response to the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid ahead of their Champions League clash with Los Blancos, while Man United could battle Liverpool and Spurs for the signature of RB Leipzig stalwart Marcel Sabitzer. Meanwhile, Everton may launch a pursuit of Napoli star Kalidou Koulibaly, while Tiemoue Bakayoko could return to Chelsea from Naples this summer...



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31 mrt. 2021




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Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia Dag geleden
It’s not Aguero that needs replacement, it’s Sterling.
RENNERS Dag geleden
Haaland and haaland
William Lashley
William Lashley Dag geleden
Many may disagree but I see that he has great potential .
William Lashley
William Lashley Dag geleden
He his an under rated football player.
William Lashley
William Lashley Dag geleden
Son with his speed for me will be a good player for Man city.
Kabelo Mogaputsi
Kabelo Mogaputsi 2 dagen geleden
We have Palmer!
Kabelo Mogaputsi
Kabelo Mogaputsi 2 dagen geleden
We have Delap!
Mans L
Mans L 4 dagen geleden
Man Utd are destroying Man City transfer targets like Haaland and Kane but city will get one and united will get one.Etheir way both are amazing and it will be a good battle
Jonny Godwin
Jonny Godwin 4 dagen geleden
I genuinely love Salah, the only reason I disliked him was because he plays for Liverpool 😂. I remember watching him at Roma and Chelsea, the growth he's gone through as a player is astounding, I hope he moves to a bigger team and wins as many trophies as he deserves.
Liam Ipek
Liam Ipek 7 dagen geleden
I would rather put a fork in a outlet than see Danny Ings play as the main striker for city.
: Rijaro
: Rijaro 7 dagen geleden
My opinion Felix fits the city system the best and he’s extremely talented
Yudesh 9 dagen geleden
im a city fan and i would rather have danny ings as my striker than to have jesus or sterling up front
Keren Liila
Keren Liila 9 dagen geleden
Man city is now a clickbait topic Just typing man city transfer will get you the views
Real Jamaican Vibes
Real Jamaican Vibes 11 dagen geleden
Well Gabriel Jesus is mature enough to step to being first choice for City...then Matheus Cunha can become lethal so would be a good investment long term....Kaio Jorge is a gud option as Santos produces tremendous talent.
Ethan Duffy
Ethan Duffy 11 dagen geleden
Moodi SucksDick
Moodi SucksDick 12 dagen geleden
Liverpool should sell Mane and Firmino as both are a shadow of their former self while Salah remains a threat in every game he plays.
Tanya Chikukwa
Tanya Chikukwa 13 dagen geleden
Man City should promote delap to the first team while using 3rd choice Torres as a striker while still playing him on the wing. This would mean they would have to rely on Jesus or a false nine which they’ve done for the majority of this season. While this all happening they keep an eye on iheanachos development. This means if he carries on performing they in force the buy back clause
Negative 13 dagen geleden
Lauturo Martinez is the ideal replacement
Manish Jaiswal
Manish Jaiswal 13 dagen geleden
jesus chris
jesus chris 14 dagen geleden
Lotau martinez probably spelled wrong but the Argentine from inter🙃
smruthi sharma
smruthi sharma 14 dagen geleden
City might go for Maxi Gomez or Andre Silva or surprise us with someone like Lucas Alario or Lacazette
Zeded 14 dagen geleden
Delap is the answer with 0 millions spend
Abdullah Rafik
Abdullah Rafik 14 dagen geleden
City might sign andre Silva from Frankfurt
Andy O'tam
Andy O'tam 15 dagen geleden
It’s Shola Ameobi or bust for me
Muhammad Aizad
Muhammad Aizad 15 dagen geleden
yes ! yes ! yes !.. come on city, get harry kane
Punyani 15 dagen geleden
As if Mbappe or Haaland would want to join Liverpool LOL
KROUPY CreePY 6 dagen geleden
TheLionSaidMeow 15 dagen geleden
Harry Kane at City and you might just keep giving them the trophy at the start of every season.
Flamboyant football
Flamboyant football 15 dagen geleden
Imagine Van Dijk and Koulibaly at the back 🤣
tanmoy singha
tanmoy singha 15 dagen geleden
early 2000s arsenal fight for championship.2010s for top 4 nd 2020s for top half what a downfall🤣🤣🤣
kenzie sockett
kenzie sockett 16 dagen geleden
messi lionel
messi lionel 16 dagen geleden
So poor beto Tottenham Hotspur no it para que una persona Manchester city Dortmund jugadores 1 hombre con jugadores number 23 messi number 10 siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Zed Nation786
Zed Nation786 16 dagen geleden
Kane at city u gotta be joking right .... hes not even at spurs level and ppl say hes at aguero level ... kane would even be the second striker for Grimsby town
CH4oTiC RaCoOn
CH4oTiC RaCoOn 16 dagen geleden
Koulibally to Everton doesn’t seem right to me, he’d fit in better in Spain I reckon
Green Harp Financial
Green Harp Financial 17 dagen geleden
Aguero has been a joy to watch and the premier league was lucky to have him . Pure class
Ian Kamz
Ian Kamz 17 dagen geleden
Man city are gonna sign Depay trust me
Tiernan Quirke
Tiernan Quirke 17 dagen geleden
Raul jiminez for man city
Louis Holden
Louis Holden 17 dagen geleden
Football daily : compares erling haaland to Danny Ings
krishna raj
krishna raj 17 dagen geleden
Andre Silva is gud striker probably a good replacement for aguero if he leaves
Matthew McGowan
Matthew McGowan 17 dagen geleden
myron boadu should be talked about more
Y-Roken Jnr
Y-Roken Jnr 17 dagen geleden
Kane took far too long to decide he wanted to leave its the Shearer route to legend status for him now
ronist 13 dagen geleden
Suarez moved at 28 zidane moved to almost 30 .van nisyeroy was 31 when he moved to madrid so for a 27 year old it's ok
Prince Khadka
Prince Khadka 17 dagen geleden
Patson daka
Prof. Albert Einstein
Prof. Albert Einstein 18 dagen geleden
Aguero will join real madrid
Azry 18 dagen geleden
Dominic calvert lewin
Akim Wills
Akim Wills 18 dagen geleden
Lolia Charles
Lolia Charles 18 dagen geleden
Manchester city can buy Werner,firmino,mbappe,greenwood etc their many more people
Lolia Charles
Lolia Charles 18 dagen geleden
If salah goes there is no hope for liverpool
Fikile Mkhize
Fikile Mkhize 18 dagen geleden
I don't see why city don't just promote a delap. I think the better option would be to have delap more in the squad, renew aguero contract by a year, and if that does not happen, buy haaland in 2022
Fikile Mkhize
Fikile Mkhize 18 dagen geleden
@artearmy thank you
artearmy 18 dagen geleden
You are an idiot %100 Aguero is leaving because he is not first choice anymore
John shaw
John shaw 18 dagen geleden
Patson daka to man city
Aswin BUC
Aswin BUC 18 dagen geleden
Ballotelli to replace Aguero
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 18 dagen geleden
Salah wants to leave? cool. Hope he enjoys spain.
Michal Gojdic
Michal Gojdic 18 dagen geleden
Andre silva to city
Aswin BUC
Aswin BUC 18 dagen geleden
We should sell firmino
Jossy J
Jossy J 18 dagen geleden
RGN10 18 dagen geleden
Myron boadu 🤔
MrMeoow91 18 dagen geleden
Bakayoko is such a wasted talent, he was great for me in FM17-18
timtooni Abdulai
timtooni Abdulai 18 dagen geleden
Danny ings and lukaku should come to city
SKYRISE SENPAI 18 dagen geleden
Harry Kane replacing Aguerio will be a good choice
Gyan Chudasama
Gyan Chudasama 18 dagen geleden
I can't believe we're not looking into Jovic. Someone I seriously can see as a long term augero replacement
James Mutumba
James Mutumba 18 dagen geleden
Kane will win a ballon dor if he goes to Man City
poes lekker
poes lekker 18 dagen geleden
City can only replace Sergio with someone who can challenge his records. That is not Danny Ings. Haaland or Mbappe are the obvious choices. Ings would be nice as a alternating sub with Jesus maybe but not a replacement for Aguero.
The Chair King Steer
The Chair King Steer 18 dagen geleden
Gabriel jesus?
Reese 18 dagen geleden
All I want is Joao Felix in sky blue
Yash Abdullahi
Yash Abdullahi 18 dagen geleden
They should sign me
Brenda Young
Brenda Young 18 dagen geleden
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Ameen Nazeer
Ameen Nazeer 16 dagen geleden
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Rehan 18 dagen geleden
Full bot chat
Brenda Young
Brenda Young 18 dagen geleden
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Diana Young
Diana Young 18 dagen geleden
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Diana Young
Diana Young 18 dagen geleden
Brenda I am very interested, how do I contact david west?
Adam Stranan
Adam Stranan 18 dagen geleden
Lukaku or haaland to city
Vuyolwethu Tshirana
Vuyolwethu Tshirana 18 dagen geleden
Kane, Haaland and Ings are more likely to join City, because they are lethal goal scorers...
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 19 dagen geleden
Lautaro Martinez is the right person to play for City after Aguero
robert Robinson
robert Robinson 18 dagen geleden
Yeah, but he signed a new contract maybe andre silva
melv._n 19 dagen geleden
I say go all out for Halland he's generational
ET FROM EARTH 19 dagen geleden
Daniel Maland for City would be amazing!!
Jacob Mubalebane
Jacob Mubalebane 19 dagen geleden
I would think salah is more suited to real Madrid. He could do some damage with hazard
ROCKY BORAH 19 dagen geleden
Gabriel Jesus...... promote Liam Delap as a backup
unun septium
unun septium 19 dagen geleden
Joao Felix if no Haaland
mexican_ erick
mexican_ erick 19 dagen geleden
Someone needs to sign chucky Lozano and tecatito corona. The blues should sign one. Plus haland
Zoheab Aleem
Zoheab Aleem 19 dagen geleden
City will either get zakaria or locatelli and maybe daka or Malen. I don’t see us getting haaland
robert Robinson
robert Robinson 18 dagen geleden
Or andre silva and maxi gomez as a back up
the nimble tester
the nimble tester 19 dagen geleden
Harry Kane to city works for everyone! City get a guaranteed premier league goal scorer, Kane will almost definitely win a trophy, and it will only benefit England with Kane, sterling and foden playing together each week! Spurs get a big premium and then city can always sign haaland in five years time where he will still only be 25 lol
the nimble tester
the nimble tester 2 dagen geleden
@artearmy Harry Kane is 27 currently mate
artearmy 18 dagen geleden
He is 29 past his prime
DzNtzRonFyre 19 dagen geleden
Juve get Fernandinho!
James Warrell
James Warrell 19 dagen geleden
Man City could go for Kaio Jorge if they want a young talent who as seen by his smarter scout profile is excellent at link up and dribbling but could need a more potent finisher. Another option could possibly be Alexander isak of real soceidad again profile similar to Kaio but older and proven in A European league. Another couple I would consider: Musa barrow of Bologna ( it might beGenoa can’t remember), donyael Mallen of psv, parson daka and maybe werghorst of Wolfsburg could fit in. Sorry so many options with may being similar but not many strikers of a aguero like mild with goal scoring record so I’d through a lot of young ones and hope they come good.
Ryan Dewey
Ryan Dewey 19 dagen geleden
Think City should go for that other Inter striker Martinez OR Frankfurt hit man Silva
robert Robinson
robert Robinson 18 dagen geleden
Yes but martinez signed a new contract
ChAv Serpine
ChAv Serpine 19 dagen geleden
Only one man got the job: Adebayo Akinfenwa
Kelvin John*
Kelvin John* 19 dagen geleden
Danny Ings 😂 Rather Have Lord Braithwaite🥵
artearmy 18 dagen geleden
@Rehan he is garbage
Kelvin John*
Kelvin John* 18 dagen geleden
@Rehan 😑 When Did I Say That He Was Trash 🥱🥱
Rehan 18 dagen geleden
Bro stfu braithwaite is better than hazard this season at least the lad plays u cant expect him to be messi eh? If he was english id expect yal to overhype him
attarkhan caponebiz
attarkhan caponebiz 19 dagen geleden
I think city should consider sevilla striker, youseff neseri...he 23yo,1.89m looks promising goal scorer, 6goals in ucl,15goals la liga 25app...his price still under 30mill but his contract till 2025. I think city can make an offer for him.
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt 19 dagen geleden
NOTHING REVEALED: CLICKBAITED LIKE A BOSS. We watch them anyway why bullshit us 😂
Speck G
Speck G 19 dagen geleden
I’m a Man City fan and if I have to go from watching Aguero, a top 3 premier league striker of all time, to Danny Ings then I think I might drop a toaster in the bath
Liam Ipek
Liam Ipek 7 dagen geleden
@Damare Konayaro name 3 better
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd 9 dagen geleden
@Damare Konayaro Henry , Rooney , aguero/shearer
Speck G
Speck G 12 dagen geleden
@Damare Konayaro good joke
Damare Konayaro
Damare Konayaro 12 dagen geleden
Top 3 of all time ? He is fantastic but not even close to top 3
D Payne
D Payne 15 dagen geleden
Man City won’t settle for anything less than a top striker especially with Pep. They will spend the money for the right player guaranteed
Hunter York
Hunter York 19 dagen geleden
it will not be Ings. Ings must have an incredible agent to make you believe this could happen
An Dre
An Dre 19 dagen geleden
Pls not kane🤮
Julio Ramirez
Julio Ramirez 19 dagen geleden
I think man city should not buy any striker this summer and give Liam Delap a shot at the first team
steven 19 dagen geleden
City don’t need a striker they’ve got iker gundadgong
Ciorciari Alessio
Ciorciari Alessio 19 dagen geleden
Why don’t we just use Jesus as a striker and maybe try and see a player from the youth academy???
Jake 19 dagen geleden
Honestly, I wouldn't mind giving Jesus a full season as City's top striker because if nothing else I want to see if he really was worth the hype when they signed him. He's still young and could still develop into a world class striker. However, they'd be silly not to go after Haaland if at all possible. And Aguero's replacement sure as hell isn't gonna be Danny Ings. Who the hell thought to throw him in the thumbnail?
Alexandros Gkountonas
Alexandros Gkountonas 19 dagen geleden
Dybala would be a perfect replacement for kun
Alexandros Gkountonas
Alexandros Gkountonas 19 dagen geleden
Dybala for city
Alexis Flores
Alexis Flores 19 dagen geleden
Dony Mallen needs a move to Man City
Matt Bordiuk
Matt Bordiuk 19 dagen geleden
For city the striker could be Darwin Nunez from Benfica. 21 with could numbers this season in his break through
Matt Bordiuk
Matt Bordiuk 18 dagen geleden
eireforever my bad 😂 meant to say good
eireforever 19 dagen geleden
What is could numbers
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 19 dagen geleden
City don’t need “malen and boadu”they have Jesus It’s either a big striker or stick with Jesus
Taufiq Iqbal
Taufiq Iqbal 19 dagen geleden
i think harry kane will go to bayern munich tho, he will replace lewandowski
London Will Always Be Blue
City should go for Myron boardu or donyell malen. 2 fantastic upcoming stars . Maybe even a move for dembele from celtic .
Tinsae Deresse
Tinsae Deresse 19 dagen geleden
alan lars
alan lars 19 dagen geleden
if city are desperate they should go for wissam ben yedder, dybala, luis muriel maybe even insigne or icardi
Rahul Dsouza
Rahul Dsouza 19 dagen geleden
Danny Ings would be great for City
Hatem Haberbeck
Hatem Haberbeck 19 dagen geleden
If haland does not work out one of the inter front 2 would be ideal or potentially joao as i think all of them would work well with pep and fit our system well but i still believe haland is the best option
robert Robinson
robert Robinson 18 dagen geleden
Martinez sign a new contract and we dont need lukaku