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19 mrt. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Stamati Belivanis
Stamati Belivanis 29 dagen geleden
Do a tier list video of the best players at premier league academies
J Mcfar
J Mcfar Maand geleden
@Randy Aparicio watch james alcotts channel and you will most likely see a very similar video on here a week later
Randy Aparicio
Randy Aparicio Maand geleden
can we get ranking every defender or strikers to play internationally. maybe do france, spain or germany?
Devavrat Singh
Devavrat Singh 5 dagen geleden
Where is axel tuanzebe friend?????
Shadow Boi
Shadow Boi 17 dagen geleden
Matty cash can be 3rd RB trippier and Walker are old 30-31 TAA could be the main RB (if his form picks up) AWB would be 2nd pick for me he is better then matty cash and could play here and there if England wants to play defensive
Soloarez 19 dagen geleden
Once again, its Ademola, not Adeloma. Maybe being African has its advantages. We catch both local and foreign names
Ben Onofrio
Ben Onofrio 20 dagen geleden
This aged well
Keith Mhundwa
Keith Mhundwa 23 dagen geleden
Ers at rising star fair 👍🏿 i think out of everyone on the list he has thighest ceiling. He has done it in big games and plays for a big team. Others still need to prove themselves. If he gets scoring for he will be in the team
Aanuoluwapo Fawole
Aanuoluwapo Fawole 24 dagen geleden
I don’t know if he’s ever played there but I feel like AWB could slide in to RCB in a back 3. He can’t cross but he can pass pretty well and he is the best one on one defender in the league in my opinion.
Decimus Maximus
Decimus Maximus 25 dagen geleden
Violence against referees in lower leagues is a really big problem.
Lew 25 dagen geleden
puts some respect on KWPs name.
Darren Clayton
Darren Clayton 26 dagen geleden
How can you put matty cash below lamptey? You only have to look at statistics and even the table to see how good Matty cash is in comparison to lamptey
Alex Riddell
Alex Riddell 26 dagen geleden
AWB pocketed mbappe and neymar in one game 🔥🕸🕷
Benjamin MD
Benjamin MD 26 dagen geleden
Once again biased to the prem clubs
Mahad Abdirahman
Mahad Abdirahman 26 dagen geleden
"Ade-lo-ma lookman" 🤣🤣🤣
Ebbe Iseborn
Ebbe Iseborn 26 dagen geleden
All jokes aside, nat Philips is actually really good. He is the same age as white and you put him at one for the future. Philips has Done it in a way better team and I think he deserves a chance as england arent that stacked in CB. Great video!
Side Before Self tv
Side Before Self tv 27 dagen geleden
If Kane and dcl get injured only bamford can play as a target man he’s fast for a tall lad and strong when holding up the ball
Jay Harper
Jay Harper 27 dagen geleden
Yet again Karl darlow disrespected again
KyleRC 27 dagen geleden
Tavernier needs to accept that it is nearly impossible for him to get that call up. He's really good but no way will he get in instead of a young player and with that, go to the SFA and say "it's been 5 years, lets do this" Goldson is better than half the players in this tier list in the CB position imo and i think if he goes back to England and plays like he does in Scotland, he would be called up
Adam Smart
Adam Smart 27 dagen geleden
Your football knowledge is a little sketchy
Hercules' Creed
Hercules' Creed 27 dagen geleden
The thing is you can't really keep track of every player, so I don't blame you but Webster I reckon should be a tier higher. He's been performing so brilliantly this season and saved Brighton too many times to count on my fingers, he's godsent. Man of the match against Liverpool and he has pretty good stats, I'm pretty sure one of them being most dribbles completed by a defender he is seriously game changing. Hes surprisingly agile, works really well with Dunk and is really good at holding the ball.
Ben Protheroe
Ben Protheroe 27 dagen geleden
Should just change your name to James Lawrence allcot
Jamez G
Jamez G 27 dagen geleden
When you have no knowledge about Webster
Ben Mullen
Ben Mullen 27 dagen geleden
you forgot Karl Darlow for GK aswell
Sebastian Berthelsen
Sebastian Berthelsen 27 dagen geleden
Where is CHO
Bobby _
Bobby _ 27 dagen geleden
R u James Harris
Jack Yourell
Jack Yourell 27 dagen geleden
s splash
s splash 27 dagen geleden
Fikayo tomori?
Julian Musson
Julian Musson 27 dagen geleden
This is just a James Lawrence Allcott echo channel at this point 😂
Scuzzy_0808 kosher kush
Scuzzy_0808 kosher kush 28 dagen geleden
Bamford has six more goal contributions across the course of this season so far (played 1 more game than Watkins)
Lgandcow 456
Lgandcow 456 28 dagen geleden
A lot of these “Deserve a go” but the quality of competition is too high
Okoruwa Alexander
Okoruwa Alexander 28 dagen geleden
Thought rob holding was like 30😳
Alex Thacker
Alex Thacker 28 dagen geleden
Jude Bellingham is 17
AJTOON944 28 dagen geleden
Patrick Bamford is a penalty box player. You've never watched Leeds have you 🤣
charles asamoah boadi
charles asamoah boadi 28 dagen geleden
What this website called cos everyone does it and I don't know what it's called
Joe 28 dagen geleden
Fair enough Tav is in no chance since England are stacked at rb but Goldson and Kent deserve bumped up 1 place
FRH 28 dagen geleden
You say rangers done really when in the europa league, when they cant beat any team from a top 5 league. You just say these things cause their fans love the queen.
FRH 27 dagen geleden
1. You played porto in 2019, 2 years ago. They aren’t top 5 league either. The fact that you said that 3 players from that team that played villareal are there shows how much a team can change in such a small time frame so beating porto two years ago isn’t as impressive as beating them this year. 2. If you beat all the shite teams you would get to play an English or Spanish team and maybe get a result, but you can’t get results against the shite teams.
KyleRC 27 dagen geleden
@FRH Vilareal were streets ahead in 2018 and the fact they couldn't beat us even with 10 men is good in it self. We beat Porto and drew against them last season and where are they now? Quarter finals of UCL now. We have lost 6 times in Europe since arrival of Stevie G and the fact he took over when we lost to some plumbers the season before and went to level with Vilareal is impressive. Those thre players in this video played in nearly all those games. Beating a team in the top 5 leagues doesn't make a team good, if they can play well against leveled or above their quality, shows how good they are. Also it isn't our fault that the draw doesn't give us any English or Spanish teams
FRH 27 dagen geleden
@KyleRC so you just told me you haven’t beat a team from a top 5 league just like I said. Got anything new to add to this or are they overhyped by beating low level teams?
KyleRC 27 dagen geleden
Wtf you chatting? We've been in Europa league groups for 3 years now and have only met 2 top 5 teams. Drew with Vilareal twice in our first season with Stevie G. Only other 1 we've met is Bayer and they are above us in terms of quality when we met
James O'Dowd
James O'Dowd 28 dagen geleden
You might as well Change this show to we need to rate
James Barwick
James Barwick 28 dagen geleden
The awb bias fully ruined this
Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh 28 dagen geleden
The flowery cherries surprisingly screw because afternoon concordingly grip per a torpid backbone. frequent, aspiring guilty
James Lawrence Allcott
James Lawrence Allcott 28 dagen geleden
Ashwyn Rogers
Ashwyn Rogers 28 dagen geleden
Wat about max Aaron's ??
Bobby 29 dagen geleden
Bamford literally has 4 more goals than Watkins and like 3 more assists??
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 29 dagen geleden
Great twist on James' video!
Calum Neeson
Calum Neeson 29 dagen geleden
Tavernier in no chance isn’t a wind up he’s 29 playing in Scotland and in the position England has the most depth 🤷‍♂️
Shane Doyle
Shane Doyle 29 dagen geleden
I actually can't believe he said jude is 20 im not even English and I knew he was 17 😂
Benjamin Nguyễn
Benjamin Nguyễn 29 dagen geleden
It's Nat Philipps' birthday today
Adam Sumner
Adam Sumner 29 dagen geleden
where is saka.
Matt Wix
Matt Wix 29 dagen geleden
Losing AWB to DR Congo would be one of Southgate's biggest failures imo. Considering that for many top nations their biggest threats are either left wingers or operate in and around that left side, passing up on a player as defensively talented as AWB would be insane. Just seems a no brainer to me that he would be a fantastic tournament player.
Feranmi Idowu
Feranmi Idowu 28 dagen geleden
England could lose Eze and Lookman to Nigeria
Tommy Archer
Tommy Archer 29 dagen geleden
Riess Nelson? Maybe on the “if injury list”?
Official Tiggy
Official Tiggy 29 dagen geleden
The scariest thing I took out of this video is that Craig Dawson is only 30. Guy has been around for a millennium.
Bo Bo
Bo Bo 29 dagen geleden
Could do the same but for any England players,capped or uncapped, over 30
Soopun Zoubayr
Soopun Zoubayr 29 dagen geleden
England are at risk of loosing bissaka to dr congo and konsa to portugal
Maryam 29 dagen geleden
I dont think u r good at this kwp easily one for the future.. have u ever seen him play?
LK Reviews
LK Reviews 29 dagen geleden
Is there a way to get this tier maker Anyone have the link? Please comment it on this
Boojhawon Sharma
Boojhawon Sharma 29 dagen geleden
This man is so biased that he can even put Phil Jones ahead of Conor Coady or Gomez
Fresh Memes
Fresh Memes 29 dagen geleden
No Tavernier 😳 absolutely smashing it
shay underwood
shay underwood 29 dagen geleden
can someone please give isaac hayden from newcastle some credit he’s very good at what he does newcastle turned down 25 million for him a season ago
zakariya elfatih
zakariya elfatih 29 dagen geleden
James Justin & Ryan Kent will make it to the roster
King Ethan
King Ethan 29 dagen geleden
Would be interesting to see a Portuguese attackers tier list they are surprisingly stacked in that area
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 29 dagen geleden
U say if MBAPPE then u bet on AWB no i will bet on WALKER because of pace but if its RONALDO or NEYMAR then ill take AWB
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 29 dagen geleden
I was actually quite pessimistic about this video(because I don't care about England) , but it's a great video.
Rob The Kaiser
Rob The Kaiser 29 dagen geleden
Holgate probably going to Jamaica anyways
jon jones
jon jones Maand geleden
Lookman is going to play for Nigeria
Adam Richards
Adam Richards Maand geleden
No Ivan Toney? The guy has scored 28 goals in the championship. Clearly don’t watch championship football.
Alex Ford Ford
Alex Ford Ford Maand geleden
ayling almost got called up this time, so he should be in injury call up cos he can play cb which most of the other rb cant do
KQua15 Maand geleden
did Joe just say "Adeloma Lookman"?
camymurray01 Maand geleden
I genuinely believe those Rangers players deserve an injury call up spot, theyve been outstanding the whole season in europe and in the spl, you cant write them off for not playing in top 5 leagues when theyve pulled of ridiculous results in europe and dethroned celtic in the league, the best defensive record in europe currently aswell I believe
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
Having the best defense isn’t a achievement when they’re head and shoulders above everyone else Only thing you can cheer about is then beating a side from Belgium
Ryan Attiyeh
Ryan Attiyeh Maand geleden
Marcus Edwards and Noni Madueke
The 9th Round
The 9th Round Maand geleden
Harvey Elliott?
Tom Rummels
Tom Rummels Maand geleden
facts about dier and konsa. awful player vs a brilliant young talent
Podwer Maand geleden
Fd needs to realise that 50 % of their viewers aren't british
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway Maand geleden
How english david luiz got in instead of Konsa is beyond me 😂
Andy Ezewski
Andy Ezewski Maand geleden
IMO Ryan Kent is good enough to come to premier league for a team like Leeds or West Ham
Max Taylor
Max Taylor Maand geleden
I think England should look at playing Wan bissaka and Kyle walker as right centre backs so that we can fit Reece james and and TAA into the team but southgate doesn’t have that kinda of tactical nouse
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent 29 dagen geleden
For a start, he's played Kyle walker as rcb many many times..... He's also tried TAA as a wingback and it doesn't work.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
Walker maybe I guess bur awb would be awful at cb
Liam T
Liam T Maand geleden
I’d put them in no chance or pretty unlikely but aren’t Lascelles, Hayden and Willock uncapped English players? Just because your dad managed Sunderland in 2016 doesn’t mean you have to completely disrespect Newcastle 😂
Max Armitage
Max Armitage Maand geleden
James Alcott 2nd channel
Luke Cibelli
Luke Cibelli Maand geleden
Joe, we need to talk
Tife Ogunmodede
Tife Ogunmodede Maand geleden
Lookman isn’t an England international anymore mate. He switched to Nigeria.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
He doesn’t have over 3 caps so he’s eligible to switch,also he doesn’t actually have a cap for Nigeria
George wood
George wood Maand geleden
Aarons should be in this
michael shoemonster
michael shoemonster Maand geleden
This ginger guy’s Manchester accent is so thick I can barely understand him!
Ruka Ruka
Ruka Ruka Maand geleden
I would rather have kyle walker to be up against mbappe tbh. He’s fast and not a bad defender, almost as good as awb. But I definitely wouldn’t want taa.
Ndabenhle Mncube
Ndabenhle Mncube Maand geleden
#England number 10s... 1.P.Foden. 2.J.Grealish 3.M.Mount 4.J.Maddison 5.Eze 6 E.S.R.. #Fact
auverlau lily
auverlau lily Maand geleden
How did you do the columns?
Madieux Maand geleden
No Marc Guehi?
Matt Swed
Matt Swed Maand geleden
Imagine putting in Scottish league players but no Championship players
KyleRC 27 dagen geleden
Considering they have been doing well in Europe 3 seasons iar now, you can see why they are while missing Championship makes a lot of sense. Not as if he picked out Joe Lewis
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
Wym he put basham in
Manolo 9Eleven
Manolo 9Eleven Maand geleden
And Tomori... !?
TT 97
TT 97 Maand geleden
6:15 hasn't Southgate called up Championship players in the past?
joshua moore
joshua moore Maand geleden
Surprised not to see ivan toney any of these videos
Willem van de Ven
Willem van de Ven Maand geleden
Noni Madueke?
1234 Maand geleden
Jude bellingham is 17......
Sollisen Sola
Sollisen Sola Maand geleden
I think you are wrong about Matty Cash. He's been very consistent for Villa and has good qualities both in defence and going forward (former winger). But everything can happen in football
moedhirar Maand geleden
sean bowes
sean bowes Maand geleden
No Newcastle players???, lascelles, darlow???
Blake Newton
Blake Newton Maand geleden
Do you just watch James Allcott and think that’s a good idea sre steal it 😂😂
Jordy Maand geleden
Like 3 weeks in a row now?
Rafi Ardiel
Rafi Ardiel Maand geleden
AWB is definitely one of the best right backs in the PL. Well, idk if he's above Cancelo or not, but AWB is definitely up there.
James Edes
James Edes Maand geleden
Everytime I watch curtis jones he looks bang average. I think people rate him just because he plays for liverpool.
David W
David W Maand geleden
we love it
Glasgow Celtic 1888 # oneclub
Have I never seen a more overrated player than Jude Bellingham the boys pish
Ally Bell
Ally Bell Maand geleden
More disrespect to the scottish game 🥱🥱
BenaldoCR7 Maand geleden
What about Aaron Ramsdale? Yes he’s been all but relegated twice but if he was to move to a club with a much more solid defense (maybe a Brighton) and he turns 23 in May so could be one for the future maybe?
Cam Lam
Cam Lam 24 dagen geleden
Wow didn’t realise he was only 22. Thought he was like late 20s 😂😂
Kevin Gulstad
Kevin Gulstad Maand geleden
Where is tanganga?
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