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This week Joe sits down to look at which forwards and attacking midfielders will be on the plane with England at EURO 2020. 9 places are up for grabs in the 23 man squad. It's going to be a battle between: Patrick Bamford, Ross Barkley, Harvey Barnes, Dominic Calvert Lewin, Phil Foden, Jack Grealish, Mason Greenwood, Callum Hudson Odoi, Danny Ings, Harry Kane, Jesse Lingard, James Maddison, Mason Mount, Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho, Raheem Sterling, Tammy Abraham, Ollie Watkins and Callum Wilson! But who will Gareth Southgate pick?


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5 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Jesse Gordon
Jesse Gordon 16 dagen geleden
@Alvin Dalton I am trying it out right now. Looks promising.
Alvin Dalton
Alvin Dalton 17 dagen geleden
dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPlekt. Find it on google ;)
Yellow 2 maanden geleden
Joe I haven't seen your fish 🐠 he's usually in the background, is it dead yet?
Dan the man Live
Dan the man Live 2 maanden geleden
@guido twotonys he said sancho
Dan the man Live
Dan the man Live 2 maanden geleden
I love mason mount I support chelsea
Lewellyn jnr. Tjakaurua
Lewellyn jnr. Tjakaurua 2 dagen geleden
Greenwood "Unlikely".😂😭
Adam Dis
Adam Dis Maand geleden
Lingard is the best English player atm
dark side
dark side Maand geleden
Macedonia is really strong and very good they destroy Germany at home yesterday 🇲🇰🇲🇰
Charlie Busby
Charlie Busby Maand geleden
For me Grealish has to start, he’s as good as hazard was in the prem IMO
Jessiewrld10 Maand geleden
Grealish as a cam not a winger
FootV Maand geleden
It's a pity that England can't win a trophy They are one of the best teams in the world But I hope it can go home From greece 🇬🇷🇬🇧❤️
Nathan P
Nathan P Maand geleden
Bamford been massively underestimsted here
Alex Palade
Alex Palade Maand geleden
The lingard position backfired now
Butanozl Maand geleden
happy for no chance lingard!!
Exile Maand geleden
Whose here after Lingard got the call up 🤭
you are- you're
you are- you're Maand geleden
Phile Foden!!!!!!!!!
Sander Pedersen
Sander Pedersen Maand geleden
Sancho, Kane, Rashford, Sterling, Foden, Grealish, watkins, Mount, calvert lewin.
ngura phil
ngura phil Maand geleden
😂so lingard went from no chance to actually being called up
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
Kane Sterling Rashford Sancho Mount Smith-Rowe Saka Foden Greenwood (Grealish and Maddison as injury replacements)
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
Greenwood and Callum Wilson are better than dIngs and Tammy Abraham
Thomas Manning
Thomas Manning Maand geleden
Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Sancho, Rashford, Sterling, Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Grealish and Foden
Ali Ibrar
Ali Ibrar Maand geleden
Why wasnt jamie vardy mentioned?
spaghetti Maand geleden
he retired from england
Team_Coco-Mint KonnoR
Team_Coco-Mint KonnoR Maand geleden
Only bring michail antonio. Don't need anyone else
j0n1 Maand geleden
Money mase✔️✔️
Paul Austin
Paul Austin Maand geleden
Mount Foden Grealish Saka Sancho Sterling Rashford Calvert-Lewin Kane
Smallie Tv
Smallie Tv Maand geleden
Callum Hudson will be on the plane
Rory Munton
Rory Munton Maand geleden
Saka has been phenomenal for us this season, if he doesn't go too the euros will be surprised
Martin Kulhánek
Martin Kulhánek Maand geleden
swap ingsy for paty and i am completley fine with it.
Christian Philip Mosley
This video was crying for a 2nd opinion or devil’s advocate
LeonardLK7 Maand geleden
Imo Rashford has been the 2nd best left winger in the world, mane has not been good, Sterling is close but not better, neymar is usually playing cam nowadays, only son has been better
Bura Manikalyan
Bura Manikalyan Maand geleden
You didn’t even include Vardy and he has shown his worth by giving a fantastic performance vs Sheffield United
Simon Lockhart
Simon Lockhart Maand geleden
He retired from international play
Lisandro Chamizo
Lisandro Chamizo Maand geleden
You should do one for Goalkeepers
Jake Sydenham
Jake Sydenham Maand geleden
Adam Malik
Adam Malik Maand geleden
spaghetti Maand geleden
Liquify Maand geleden
Mount more than Foden ? big Lmao
Yuo Ghi
Yuo Ghi Maand geleden
Does likes count as dislikes soz 😅🙃
Danny Maginnis
Danny Maginnis Maand geleden
I’m kinda upset that Antonio didn’t get a mention he has been dangerous this season when he is fit
Danny Maginnis
Danny Maginnis Maand geleden
@Christopher A. yeah he didn’t get picked so he swapped allegiances
Christopher A.
Christopher A. Maand geleden
He's Jamaican now
Nikita Solopa
Nikita Solopa 2 maanden geleden
The disrespect in Jesse lingards name is shocking
Joshua Billmeyer
Joshua Billmeyer 2 maanden geleden
Joshua Billmeyer
Joshua Billmeyer 2 maanden geleden
I paused this video at 5 minutes to say that if you don't put grealish in this I will hunt you and do terrible things.
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 2 maanden geleden
I'd take Kane, Sancho, Mount, Foden, Saka, Sterling, Hudson-Odoi, Rashford and Harvey Barnes.
zack abzik
zack abzik 2 maanden geleden
what about vardy is he not gonna go you think ?
Louis Stones
Louis Stones 2 maanden geleden
MASON MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT, our best player we need him at the Euros, his energy and work rate is unrivalled, generational talent and hopefully our future captain, the next Super Frank 💙🐐
FO7SCH 1989
FO7SCH 1989 2 maanden geleden
What about vardy? 🤔
Bura Manikalyan
Bura Manikalyan 2 maanden geleden
Bamford no chance!? Bro if at all Vardy or Kane gets injured he’ll be called for sure! He deserve to be in Injury call up Atleast
PJ -
PJ - 2 maanden geleden
So many things wrong with this 😂🤦‍♂️
Adeel Tahir
Adeel Tahir 2 maanden geleden
Did vardy retire from int. football?
AlexT 2 maanden geleden
Grealish has to be the first name on the team sheet
AlexT 2 maanden geleden
How is mount, sancho, sterling and rashford a category above grealish 😂😂😂
Oliver Vaughn
Oliver Vaughn 2 maanden geleden
Jamie Vardy?
dan day
dan day 2 maanden geleden
That hat must be a bet
Daniel Walshe
Daniel Walshe 2 maanden geleden
Saka arsenals best player? Kieran Tierney would beg to differ
Nabith Maeesh
Nabith Maeesh 2 maanden geleden
What's with the hat?
Luke H
Luke H 2 maanden geleden
Callum Wilson is so disrespected ffs
Adam Chelton
Adam Chelton 2 maanden geleden
Who’s divy? I think you spelt James Lawrence Alcott wrong Joe!
Zack Brocklebank
Zack Brocklebank 2 maanden geleden
Would of swapped Maddison for Abraham
Zack Brocklebank
Zack Brocklebank 2 maanden geleden
agree with you pretty much mate. I’d love to see mount Grealish foden and Maddison all go though some how lol
sudzz 2 maanden geleden
kane sancho saka foden grealish maddison rashford mount declan rice
Vaibhav 7
Vaibhav 7 2 maanden geleden
Kane Rashford Sterling Sancho Mount Grealish Maddison Foden DCL
TheLeechaolan15 2 maanden geleden
Mount above Maddison what a disgrace. Maddison is levels above Mount, just like many English midfielders.
TheLeechaolan15 Maand geleden
@Fiachra Gallagher I am not even a Maddison fan, and I had high expectations of Mount, but Mount is not a top midfielder which is why he is used on the wings to play alright. Maddison, Shelvey, Barkley, Foden and even Westwood are quality, and midfielders like Grealish and JWP are world class. Mount should never make the England squad
Fiachra Gallagher
Fiachra Gallagher Maand geleden
Personally I think mount offers more than Maddison, tho you can argue either way. Madders is struggling w injuries tho, hence why mount is a better choice regardless
Jax2330 2 maanden geleden
Sterling over rashford????? He cant finish in front of goal?
kalsc 2 maanden geleden
Callum Wilson?????????
TheAbvefnc 2 maanden geleden
Watkins more chance than ings 😂
Adam Painter
Adam Painter 2 maanden geleden
Tammy in but Maddison out 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Sihan Naeem
Sihan Naeem 2 maanden geleden
Harry Kane, DCL, Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford, James Maddison, Mason Mount and Phil Foden. I think they will be part of the squad. Back-up will be Tammy Abraham, Harvey Barnes, Mason Greenwood, Bukayo Saka and Danny Ings.
Josh 2 maanden geleden
Phantomlord 2 maanden geleden
Mate, Bamford has a good chance getting on that plane. If Southgate is to take a third striker with him, I think that has to be Bamford, not only because of his consistency in goals/assists, but also cause there is a certain hard-work mentality in him that the gaffer likes. He's just been unfortunate to not get the cap for England due to the massive competition in that striker position. With Ings' and Abraham's dip of form, would not be surprised to see him on that bench.
C.O 2 maanden geleden
Tammy Likely???? Lmaoooo
Jamyyy 567
Jamyyy 567 2 maanden geleden
Jamyyy 567
Jamyyy 567 2 maanden geleden
Saka is the most overhyped player in the premier league
Karl Kearney
Karl Kearney 2 maanden geleden
did jamie vardy die??
Bobby 2 maanden geleden
Why is mount nailed on 🤣🤣🤣
Yuo Ghi
Yuo Ghi Maand geleden
Bc he is so good
Simon games 2.0
Simon games 2.0 2 maanden geleden
Where IS vardy
Simon games 2.0
Simon games 2.0 2 maanden geleden
Ah shit
Rafi Greenberg
Rafi Greenberg 2 maanden geleden
He retired from international football
JM10 Lil Bro
JM10 Lil Bro 2 maanden geleden
I'd take everyone in nailed on and very likely apart from Tammy
reality gamers
reality gamers 2 maanden geleden
You should do one for the full squad. Would be interesting to see how many you get right. Then when the squad is announced, you could then make another video seeing how many you got right
tshego zar
tshego zar 2 maanden geleden
Rashford fails the eye test almost every game but will get the odd G/A.
James Burns
James Burns 2 maanden geleden
Who instead u reckon
Tom Roughneen
Tom Roughneen 2 maanden geleden
Grealish and Foden have to start
horridcosine108 2 maanden geleden
Vardy > abraham
Dipanshu Dhuliya
Dipanshu Dhuliya 2 maanden geleden
How could you forget Vardy?? Massive disrespect
Joe Morelli
Joe Morelli 2 maanden geleden
Mate Jack Grealish is gonna start and play every game and if you wanna win the Euros, he’s gonna be a main reason you do
Choi Kun
Choi Kun 2 maanden geleden
I got recommended with the words “ HITC sports watchers also watch this channel”. Ironic
akif mohammed
akif mohammed 2 maanden geleden
jamie vardy??
Rafi Greenberg
Rafi Greenberg 2 maanden geleden
He retired from international football
ItsJustDucky -
ItsJustDucky - 2 maanden geleden
If Harry Kane doesn’t make everyones lists then you are on crack
Abdirachman Mahamud
Abdirachman Mahamud 2 maanden geleden
Goalkeepers: Pope Defence: Stones, Maguire, Shaw, AWB🕷, Mids: Rice, Mount or Foden, Henderson (if fit). Attack: Kane, Rashford, Sterling. SIMPLE
Divya Nalukurthi
Divya Nalukurthi 2 maanden geleden
how is grealish not nailed on
Ait el hadj Hamza
Ait el hadj Hamza 2 maanden geleden
Maddison > mount
James Taylor
James Taylor 2 maanden geleden
kane sterling sancho rashford grealish mount maddison calvert lewin foden
Akhi 786
Akhi 786 2 maanden geleden
Mason mount above grealish😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Devansh Dwivedi
Devansh Dwivedi 2 maanden geleden
Ask any manager who would they rather have on their team, they'd say Mount. Grealish falls over if a mosquito bites him.
Arphy 2 maanden geleden
Is there a reason there’s no Vardy?
Rafi Greenberg
Rafi Greenberg 2 maanden geleden
He retired from international football
Tamim Al Thani
Tamim Al Thani 2 maanden geleden
I subbed because you put saka in his rightful place at the top
Obed Letminthang
Obed Letminthang 2 maanden geleden
The inverse color arrangement(red to green) is something else
James Mutumba
James Mutumba 2 maanden geleden
Plz do one for midfielders
Jack 2 maanden geleden
Joe you can’t talk about Rashford disrespect then have Rashford on the bench behind Sterling. It ain’t right
James Jenkins
James Jenkins 2 maanden geleden
@Jack across all competitions there isn't much difference and sterling has played less games. Sterling might not be as good this year but that's comparing him to his previous performances.
Jack 2 maanden geleden
@James Jenkins try looking at a player’s overall game and perhaps across all competitions. Hard stats of goals isn’t enough
James Jenkins
James Jenkins 2 maanden geleden
@Jack sterling and rashford are equal on goals this season, sterling has a better conversion rate and better accuracy.
Jack 2 maanden geleden
@James Jenkins Sterling has been average all year
James Jenkins
James Jenkins 2 maanden geleden
Sterling is the best English forward after Kane. Sancho is the one more likely to be dropped for Rashford, but both Sancho and Sterling have performed well for England and have Southgates trust
christopher Loughran
christopher Loughran 2 maanden geleden
Strikers (2) Kane, DCL Wingers (4) Grealish, Rashford, Sterling, Sancho CAM'S (3) Foden, Mount, Maddison
Elliott Haskins
Elliott Haskins 2 maanden geleden
Euro 2020... or 2021? I’m confused....
zeacho 2 maanden geleden
Another England tier video... Yawnn
NXC_SNIPZ 2 maanden geleden
Asad Production Unplugged
Asad Production Unplugged 2 maanden geleden
You look like that Fleabag girl, Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Casper Qvistgaard
Casper Qvistgaard 2 maanden geleden
How many dislikes do we have to get for England not to win the EUROs?
Zach Kangulumba
Zach Kangulumba 2 maanden geleden
Sterling Foden Kane Sancho Rashford Grealish Mount DCL Maddison
GateCrasher47 2 maanden geleden
If I were Southgate, my choices would be: Kane, Sterling, Sancho (duh...) Mount, Maddison, Foden DCL, Rashford, Bamford and Saka (yes it's 10 choices, but Saka can double up as a wing back)
Taha patel
Taha patel 2 maanden geleden
Kane Rashford Sancho DCL CHO Harvey Barnes Mount Maddison Grealish
Oscarthesharkslayerg G
Oscarthesharkslayerg G 2 maanden geleden
Why not vardy??
Teejhay Emperor
Teejhay Emperor 2 maanden geleden
Sterling is def going for Euros meant to be at nailed on spot
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