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This week Joe looks at the defenders, full-backs and defensive midfielders that could be selected for England at EURO 2020. Players include: Trent Alexander-Arnold, AWB, Walker, Trippier, James, Maguire, Stones, Coady, Konsa, Keane, Dier, Smalling, Shaw, Chilwell, Saka, Cresswell, Henderson, Rice, Phillips and more.


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12 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily Maand geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Dungus Bill
Dungus Bill Maand geleden
@Joe Mudd walker is barely playing and tripper has been banned for 10 weeks but the rest i agreed with
George Head
George Head Maand geleden
GK- Pope, Henderson, Pickford LB- Shaw, Chilwell CB- Stones, Maguire CB- Keane, Coady RB- TAA, Walker CM- Rice, Henderson CAM- Foden, Maddison CM- Grealish, Mount LW- Sterling, Rashford ST- Kane, DCL RW- Sancho, Saka
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd Maand geleden
RB: Trent, Trippier Walker CB: Maguire, Stones, Coady LB: Shaw and Chillwell and Saka(if defensive pick) CDM: Rice, Hendo, If Saka goes as attacking player then if James Justin is fit then he goes or Keane goes in at CB
max treacy
max treacy Maand geleden
It’s sooo repetitive
Defenders: error 404 not found
Kevin McLeod
Kevin McLeod 13 dagen geleden
I really hope that we don't have Kalvin Phillips in the squad. It would be embarrassing.
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 22 dagen geleden
Luke Shaw reminds me and is pretty much copy and paste and is Man U’s the Jordan Henderson of Liverpool. Started off with fans really not liking him thinking he was overpriced English players and not good enough etc but always works hard for the team and is consistent and then as career moves along further gets more and more appreciated by the fans every year for what he brings. Shaw=Hendo in terms of similar career paths!
Sasha Rodenacker
Sasha Rodenacker 23 dagen geleden
Digjay Das
Digjay Das 24 dagen geleden
I am still confused as to why James Tavernier isn’t being spoken about
Karlos Rmz
Karlos Rmz 24 dagen geleden
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buhkyrpang chullai
buhkyrpang chullai 24 dagen geleden
Stop acting like you know football 😂
Martini Jek
Martini Jek 26 dagen geleden
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Lewis Wilko
Lewis Wilko 27 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t say Chilwell has struggled, Tuchel just likes to rotate
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis 27 dagen geleden
It will be Trent and Trippier. Walker will go too as a utility defender in case of back 3. Chilwell is lucky Justin is Injured. Stones, Maguire, Mings, Walker, Trent, Trippier, Shaw, Chilwell. Rice in midfield options gives an emergency centre half if needed.
Jahnoi Stewart
Jahnoi Stewart 29 dagen geleden
Kyle Walker really???? 😂😂😂
Maryam 29 dagen geleden
Jwp baby 😍😍😍
Maryam 29 dagen geleden
Here after reece got called up 😘😛 mans really said 3 right back above him
Thuta K.Soe
Thuta K.Soe 29 dagen geleden
Tierney is the best left back in the league not shaw
Geo Racz
Geo Racz 29 dagen geleden
Reece James in the England squad and Trent and awb aint lol Reece James starts for England as a right back or right wing back and best we got going forward and defensively
Ncfc 1902
Ncfc 1902 Maand geleden
Where’s Ben Godfrey
Wristbreak Maand geleden
Obviously hasn’t watched Chelsea a lot. James is a must go
Chuck Fox
Chuck Fox Maand geleden
The sweet break interestedly coil because parent thessaly blink under a depressed session. serious, uninterested group
Saugat Paudel
Saugat Paudel Maand geleden
3 RBs ahead of reece james??? Joe clearly only watches the highlights :/
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Maand geleden
Connor Goldson has been class this season he deserves a mention.
Sam Ewart
Sam Ewart Maand geleden
Trent, Reece James,AWB, Stones, Tomori, Maguire, Gomez, Shaw, Saka, Rice, Bellingham
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Maand geleden
Trent does not deserve to be in the squad
Iso Trece
Iso Trece Maand geleden
I’m about to sound like an old head lol but no one appreciates a great defensive minded player anymore there’s no way Trent should be ahead of awb comparing their seasons I’m sorry
Ewan Logie
Ewan Logie Maand geleden
No mention of James Tavernier, one of the most inform full backs in the world right now? Poor show for not even a mention, pretty disappointing. I don’t see him starting over Trent but he is definitely is an injury call up and maybe even a sub for south gate as he is very good going forward and decent going back. Considering Rangers are also in the last 16 of the europa league and could maybe even make it to the quarters I think not even a mention of him is a big opportunity missed.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Maand geleden
I agree he doesn't get the respect as he plays for rangers i would also take Connor Goldson.
Sourya Chakrabarty
Sourya Chakrabarty Maand geleden
Ben Chilwell and Reece James are going
Tobby Echonga
Tobby Echonga Maand geleden
How is Rob Holding not in contention
Calum I
Calum I Maand geleden
think tosin adarabioyo should’ve been at least mentioned, completely overlooked
ConnorX HD
ConnorX HD Maand geleden
Apparently all JWP does it take freekicks?
DanielMasonBFC Maand geleden
The fact that he said Coady and Dunk over Tarkowski makes me piss myself laughing
Vaibhav Shukla
Vaibhav Shukla Maand geleden
WTF?? No Rob Holding?? You're are stupid
Noah Leydon
Noah Leydon Maand geleden
konsa is defo better than mings.
Dante Spina
Dante Spina Maand geleden
Godfrey not even mentioned. Disappointment.
wizardaka Maand geleden
I thought Trent was redonkulous last year, but the take that he should go and James shouldn't is poor. The 3 best English right backs this year have put down as "Injury Back Up", and these 3cover every responsibility/role England need there. This is rude but this looks like it has been picked by FIFA ratings rather than actual form.
Bob Pettle
Bob Pettle Maand geleden
AWB has most goal involvement from prem English right back but some how he’s the only one that needs to improve forward?
Ntokozo Mahlangu
Ntokozo Mahlangu Maand geleden
You guys are sleeping on James Tavernier!!🤯
Adam Todd
Adam Todd Maand geleden
The disrespect to Jamaal lascelles it doesn’t matter how low down Newcastle are in the league lascelles is a leader and in my opinion a top 4 or 5 at least English centre back should going to the euros
Paul Austin
Paul Austin Maand geleden
Alexander-Arnold, Wan-Bissaka, Chilwell, Shaw, Stones, McGuire, Dunk, Konza, Phillips, Henderson and Rice.
Harry Miles
Harry Miles Maand geleden
There is no way in hell Alexander Arnold deserves to go 😂 he comes up against an average winger and we’ll concede
David W
David W Maand geleden
if curtis jones hops in the plane im running around without a shirt for a month
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma Maand geleden
6:47 May as well call the unlikely tier the “any player that plays in claret and blue” tier... 😂😂 Great vid anyway tho!
zakialda sarvi
zakialda sarvi Maand geleden
Maguire, Stones, TAA, Shaw, Walker,AWB, Keane, Henderson,, Rice
Big Neville
Big Neville Maand geleden
the disrespect to cresswell
zoe Taremba
zoe Taremba Maand geleden
You can't leave ward prowse out of England man doesn't sound right 😂
Bryn Knight
Bryn Knight Maand geleden
I'll go two RBs, two LBs, four CBs and three CDMs RB Walker and James CB Stones, Keane, Tomori and Maguire LB Chilwell and Shaw CDM Henderson, Rice and Jones Injury call-up: Trent (RB), Dier (CB), Saka (LB) and Phillips (CDM)
MrBectham Maand geleden
England have enough of leaders in this team now Coady don’t have experience in big tournaments, Henderson, grealish, maguier , Rice captains in clubs, Kane captain of England
Lisandro Chamizo
Lisandro Chamizo Maand geleden
Do Goalkeepers
Ar Mo
Ar Mo Maand geleden
The disrespect on Greg Dawson
Ben Mullen
Ben Mullen Maand geleden
3 CDM's, 4 CB, 2 RB and 2 LB are CDM's Rice, Henderson and JWP LB Ben Chilwell and Luke Shaw RB Reece James and Kyle Walker CB John Stones, Conor Coady, Harry Maguire and Michael Keane
Berg Maand geleden
awb has the most g/a for any rb itl btw
david okoro
david okoro Maand geleden
Godfrey's in the u21 squad
The General
The General Maand geleden
Harry Maguire 😂😂😂 I genuinely enjoy watching him.... always ready to do something comical
William Bagnall
William Bagnall Maand geleden
this is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen how are you picking Keane and coady over Mings it’s just embarrassing! And how tf is Trent a definite when he’s having a shit season compared to James and bissaka like he’ll go but he’s playing shit
Aiden Harp
Aiden Harp Maand geleden
15 lmj
15 lmj Maand geleden
How can u include Walker because he can play in a back 3 and fail to realise AWB can too. It’s probably his best position and AWB has been far better than Walker this season
Abdul Basith
Abdul Basith Maand geleden
Rob Holding???
Emmet Reilly
Emmet Reilly Maand geleden
AWB has to go for me, assuming 3 rb go, trippiers, Trent, walker are all the same player. Imagine we play a hazard or mbappe Awb has proven he can defend that calibre of player and he's a diff option to the other 3 imo
Zack Pullicino
Zack Pullicino Maand geleden
why didn't you mention tomori?
Jordanalan 123
Jordanalan 123 Maand geleden
Sorry but where is Craig Dawson!? Why isn’t he going as a second choice? Been in brilliant form this season and is a head in the changing room...
aung nyan htun
aung nyan htun Maand geleden
11 defensive minded players are. Centre backs - stones mings maguire dier Wing backs - walker arnold shaw chiwell Defensive midfielders - hendo ( if not injured ) rice philips
Siddhartha Suhas
Siddhartha Suhas Maand geleden
good thing ur not the england team coach
Christian Philip Mosley
If gareth doesn’t call up Reece James he’s silly
Siddhartha Suhas
Siddhartha Suhas Maand geleden
reece james has been 20 times better than trent this season and he has cemented that rwb spot now
Mrcatcake Maand geleden
Absolutely criminal if AWB isn’t included. Looking beyond the group England could face Ronaldo or Mbappe and you need someone who’s defensively solid. Against PSG AWB had Mbappe in his back pocket. I like TAA and when England are dominant he’d be my choice, but his form, even going forward this season has been pretty poor and I wouldn’t fancy him against stronger attacking opposition in the latter stages. For me, James falls between two stools, solid but doesn’t excel at either skill set.
Lad Jose
Lad Jose Maand geleden
Reece James and Wan-Bissaka should be on the plane instead of trent and walker imo
Finley KD
Finley KD Maand geleden
Wan Bissaka is a must go, there is no better 1v1 defender on the right side then him. Keep Trent and Walker as attacking options, but AWB is a must need for defensive capabilities.
Muhammad Ariff Abd Aziz
What about rob holding???
Ski Moh
Ski Moh Maand geleden
Konsa is gonna be crazy
Myles Smith
Myles Smith Maand geleden
Ben Chilwell is so boring
SirDaddy Maand geleden
Craig Dawson?
Viggo Platt
Viggo Platt Maand geleden
Why is Tomori not even spoken about? Starting for AC!
FrancoLive Maand geleden
Mings will go as he's a left footed CB
FrancoLive Maand geleden
Konsa won't go, too soon
LW 21
LW 21 Maand geleden
What about Jude Bellingham?
Aaron Cooke
Aaron Cooke Maand geleden
ben godfrey is a better shout than konsa imo, similar players but godfrey is faster and most importantly more versatile, can play anywhere across the back line if needed
vaibhav goel
vaibhav goel Maand geleden
Do for Spain and Portugal and France also
Nathan Regan
Nathan Regan Maand geleden
GK - Pope RB - Trent CB - Stones CB - Maguire LB - Shaw CDM - Henderson CM - Rice CM - Mount LW - Sancho ST - Kane RW - Sterling
eman 99
eman 99 Maand geleden
Southgate loves rashford though
Kante Goat
Kante Goat Maand geleden
We do not need to take 5 centre backs hahaha i would take 3. Walker/Rice & Shaw can all play in a back 3.
brandon palmer
brandon palmer Maand geleden
Nat phillips not even getting a mention 🙄
AP06 .P
AP06 .P Maand geleden
respect nat phillips
Christoffer Milo
Christoffer Milo Maand geleden
This is just a shot in the dark, because i dont watch a lot of United games, but wouldnt Wan Bisakka be alright at a right centre back in a 3 man centre back and 2 wingback system?
Geo Racz
Geo Racz 29 dagen geleden
Agree with you on that mate
Lanz Noir
Lanz Noir Maand geleden
Why Ainsley Maitland-Niles playing in CM... Nonsense. Just stick him out on the wing. He's AtHleTiC right 😑😒😒.... You are part of the problem
Bede Barrie
Bede Barrie Maand geleden
Rice Mount Foden midfield 3
AP06 .P
AP06 .P Maand geleden
cbs maguire, stones, fofana, holgate rb, reece james, trent, walker lb, james justin, shaw dm rice, henderson
wal id
wal id Maand geleden
Arnold over James, Bissaka and Walker 🤯
Nat Reilly
Nat Reilly Maand geleden
Ben white, more like Ben shite 😃
Rowan.thurland Maand geleden
I’m sorry Aaron has been just as good as luke sure this season
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam Maand geleden
Mason Peach
Mason Peach Maand geleden
Matty Cash will be getting better every game he plays for villa. I’m a forest fan and he was superb! Great dribbling, great vision and an eye for goal too. Incredible player❤️
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh Maand geleden
That disrespect to Reece James 😒
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi Maand geleden
why are you rating R.James with his assists rate him with his performancee dont you see how he plays he creates a lot of chance but chelsea strikers didnt finish it he is better than arnold and walker this season
Melmeister -
Melmeister - Maand geleden
AWB is a better defender than TAA obviously and this season shows that Trent can't handle being a RB when he doesn't have class CB there to back him up. So having the likes of Maguire or Dier as CB's means England would get absolutely spun. However having AWB as right back is better because he's ain't getting beat by anyone and he's good going forward (better attacking season than trent, better shot conversion, and better assist ratio) England have an amazing attack so AWB going forward wouldn't necessarily be needed
Isotoptic- Waist
Isotoptic- Waist Maand geleden
Coady must start we need a quality leader
Ruweida M
Ruweida M Maand geleden
Manscape is the new raid shadow legends
Ruweida M
Ruweida M Maand geleden
would drop a CB for a CDM/CM like JWP or even bellingham(rogue shout ik) as both shaw and walker can cover at CB
James Maand geleden
Jude Bellingham?? Probs not atm because of age but would people take him if Dortmund won the champions league?
Chrisito Farfarenzio
Chrisito Farfarenzio Maand geleden
Curtis Jones is not a defensive player. And not a Dm
Ryan Pinder
Ryan Pinder Maand geleden
Surely Phillip's is in for one of the CB he can play in a back 3 and cdm, the best cdm in the team, just look at him breaking up play against chelsea last night
many a true gamer
many a true gamer Maand geleden
how is trent nailed on he has been woeful this season
Wooderz245 Maand geleden
Trippier Alexander-Arnold Walker Stones Maguire Keane Mings Shaw Chilwell Rice Henderson
Ber Bennett
Ber Bennett Maand geleden
The disrespect to Godfrey he’s a baller
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Good Sister vs Bad Sister
Weergaven 4,9 mln.
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