Ranking The Best Footballer For EVERY Shirt Number! (1-30) | #WNTT 

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This week Joe sits down to look at the best players for every given shirt number. Including: Kevin De Bruyne, Mo Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, Jadon Sancho and more!


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2 apr. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily 17 dagen geleden
MANSCAPED™ is now available across the UK and EU. Get 20% off + Free Shipping with the discount code FOOTBALLDAILY20. Your Balls Will Thank You™. Follow this link for more info:
Raheem Peter
Raheem Peter 4 dagen geleden
Bro neuer is a number 1
M1st4rE1it3 16 dagen geleden
"your balls will thank you"
HIT music
HIT music 17 dagen geleden
Did you know you look like FRANKIE DE JONG
The world According to Me
The world According to Me 17 dagen geleden
was it really that close between Mbappe and Ronaldo at number 7, Ronaldo has won 5 champions leagues and 5 Ballon D'ors, Mbappe plays in a farmers league
AHMED SAID'S CHANNEL 17 dagen geleden
Hey what about sir Phil jones And lord Braithwaite
António Ferreira
António Ferreira Dag geleden
5 from Portugal !!! Ahead of 4 germans, 4? english, 2 dutch, 2 spaniards and only 1 brasilian, 1 french 1 italian and 1 argentine. Outstanding for my country. We're deffo on the map of international football these days (or should I say Premier League football?)
Caleb Ellis
Caleb Ellis Dag geleden
u forgot silva is a number 6
Aarush Yadav
Aarush Yadav Dag geleden
casemiero for 14 and kroosfor no. 8
Crepin Sterve
Crepin Sterve 4 dagen geleden
Haitham N
Haitham N 4 dagen geleden
If only he knew that Henderson wears No.14
Shamar McIntosh
Shamar McIntosh 5 dagen geleden
14 Casemiro although I'm a Liverpool fan Outstanding player
Brandon Travisano
Brandon Travisano 5 dagen geleden
41- Declan Rice, thank you
Chenyi (Leo) Tao
Chenyi (Leo) Tao 5 dagen geleden
I just exited the video when Neuer wasn’t even mentioned in number 1
Jamie Dingwall
Jamie Dingwall 6 dagen geleden
Is that a sun hat? Inside? Are you that ginger Joe that the sun even gets you indoors?
Musalih Osama
Musalih Osama 8 dagen geleden
Gundogan over kroos, good joke, and aubameyang and Laporte are being considered over casemiro lol
LK Reviews
LK Reviews 8 dagen geleden
Im sorry this guy doesnt know what he is talking about
LK Reviews
LK Reviews 8 dagen geleden
Did he say he would’ve picked Laporte over Aubameyang last season??? Erm have a look at the stats
Matteo Pinn
Matteo Pinn 8 dagen geleden
bruh neuer clear of ter stegen already a mistake cmon
Jose Tobon
Jose Tobon 9 dagen geleden
#14 Casemiro has been one of the 2 best players for Madrid aside from Benzema
Tyler Bridgeman
Tyler Bridgeman 9 dagen geleden
Cmon man. Jota instead of Bernardo any day. Look at the stats and how clutch he has been for Liverpool this season
torres 10 dagen geleden
casemiro is MILES ahead of anyone else for number 14.
Ayaan Kashif
Ayaan Kashif 10 dagen geleden
Prem bias
Khaya Ndebele
Khaya Ndebele 11 dagen geleden
Did Edouard Mendy die ??
Finlay Graham
Finlay Graham 11 dagen geleden
Van dijk is shitb
Nana Osei Nyame
Nana Osei Nyame 11 dagen geleden
Auba has not had the best season but he should get 14
DW 11 dagen geleden
Kroos , Casemiro, and Ramos robbed, what u have against Real mate?
Alistair L
Alistair L 12 dagen geleden
Shaw over Ferland Mendy? I dunno. Mendy has been absolute quality for a couple of seasons now in Madrid.
Mark Fowle
Mark Fowle 12 dagen geleden
What is it with ginger people wearing hideous clothing? Ditch the hat!
ANDR 12 dagen geleden
ter stegen over neuer makes no sense
Changi 12 dagen geleden
Coutinho should be in with a shout for 14.. He was balling before his injury
Arthur B Koon
Arthur B Koon 12 dagen geleden
19. Alphonso Davies ✊✊✊
Lemon Slice
Lemon Slice 12 dagen geleden
Trent Alexander Arnold: Noted, I will be over there then.
josey chacko
josey chacko 12 dagen geleden
do the best footballer for each height category (cm or foot)
WILLIE SHAHID 12 dagen geleden
I think Antonio should be there
Nicky mesias
Nicky mesias 12 dagen geleden
How could you forget Milner for #7
Joshua Wilkinson
Joshua Wilkinson 12 dagen geleden
Stuart Dallas for Number 15!
J Cardenas
J Cardenas 12 dagen geleden
Please do a "most historical kits and their main man wearing them" Pele made the 10 so did Diego, 14 and Cruyff, Ronaldo and the 9... Etc
european shit league
european shit league 12 dagen geleden
Fernandez is overatted
Still in Progress
Still in Progress 12 dagen geleden
HITC beat ya to it by a couple years mate
Ruham Beyene
Ruham Beyene 12 dagen geleden
Dest should be number 2
Ag Warren
Ag Warren 13 dagen geleden
14 casmiro
Ag Warren
Ag Warren 13 dagen geleden
No 8 toni kross
Ag Warren
Ag Warren 13 dagen geleden
No 4....non other than sergio ramos
J S 13 dagen geleden
joe you seriously need to watch teams in their leagues and not only in the ucl.
Jop Van Eijck
Jop Van Eijck 13 dagen geleden
Number 14 has to be Marcos Llorente
suvam mishra
suvam mishra 13 dagen geleden
Aymeric Laporte for number 14
Tommy Chesonis
Tommy Chesonis 13 dagen geleden
Henderson wasn’t even MENTIONED for 14?? Come on joe
Ethan George
Ethan George 13 dagen geleden
man put mount over davies
Sasha Rodenacker
Sasha Rodenacker 13 dagen geleden
Pallabi Baruah Hazarika
Pallabi Baruah Hazarika 13 dagen geleden
Serginio Dest?
Dexter Leese
Dexter Leese 13 dagen geleden
19 Alphonso Davies!!!
Max Baker
Max Baker 13 dagen geleden
I think I would've gone for Jota over Bernardo at 20. He's been immense for Liverpool.
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 13 dagen geleden
Neuer, Hakimi, Dias, Van Dijk, Stones, Kimmich, Cristiano, Gundogan, Lewa, Messi, Salah, Kounde, Oblak, Lingard, Barnes, Rodri, KDB, Bruno, Mount, B.Silva, De Jong, Chiesa, Shaw, James, Muller, Henderson, Cancelo, Soucek, Wan Bissaka, Antonio
Anc Dfh
Anc Dfh 13 dagen geleden
how has mahrexz got it above koulibaly
Harry B
Harry B 14 dagen geleden
agree with pretty much all of them but i’d put Dalot at no. 5
Ben White
Ben White 14 dagen geleden
These videos would be a lot more enjoyable if they were done by someone who was consistent with how they were listing the players and weren’t a biased United fan, this is a stinker lad
Owen Muscat
Owen Muscat 14 dagen geleden
VVD over Ramos? You’re joking right prem bias as always, and the Gundogan over Kroos, really with respect to these players they are world class....Valverde was injured for 3 months of course he will play only 10 games, with that same reasoning we go back to VVD but oh well. Just hating on Real Madrid🤷🏻‍♂️ Prem bias 100%
Thomas Rust
Thomas Rust 14 dagen geleden
If you make a worst players to wear each number list, Willian number 12.
Aidan Chacko
Aidan Chacko 14 dagen geleden
Like it up if u think Jesse Lingard should be 14
Aidan Chacko
Aidan Chacko 14 dagen geleden
14 Jesse lingard for sure
trap beats
trap beats 14 dagen geleden
I'm a Chelsea fan but fonzi😭
trap beats
trap beats 14 dagen geleden
Lorrent Bru he is no1 in the Spanish la liga...
trap beats
trap beats 14 dagen geleden
Wow u just took out kroos wow bro u watch epl alone
trap beats
trap beats 14 dagen geleden
Wait neuer wears which no?
furnace 14 dagen geleden
van dijk over ramos? joe that ridiculous hat must be squeezing your head too hard. I truly don't understand what measurements youve gone by for a number of these choices. Give me this list by pato and his unhealthy xg obsession
Arch Dee Burney Channel
Arch Dee Burney Channel 14 dagen geleden
16 should be Mendy
Ravioli 14 dagen geleden
14 for hendo
Spectre08 14 dagen geleden
Since last season Courtious has been better than ter stegen without a doubt.
Berre Kestens
Berre Kestens 14 dagen geleden
So walker isnt on a winning team huh...
yoo huew
yoo huew 14 dagen geleden
Mount over Davies loooool
keith keane
keith keane 14 dagen geleden
Robertson 26
Sid Sakya
Sid Sakya 14 dagen geleden
How do you not pick Neuer for number 1😆.
Aḓivhaho Mathivha
Aḓivhaho Mathivha 14 dagen geleden
Itumeleng Khune of Kaizer Chiefs is definitely the best number 32 out there
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 14 dagen geleden
Gonna fill in that 14 shirt with Jordan Henderson
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 14 dagen geleden
The U-23 you forgot was Trent
Toby didn’t like My name
Marcus rashford isn’t U23
fizzy_ train6
fizzy_ train6 15 dagen geleden
lol😂 “Marquinos”
Ciypher Cyborg
Ciypher Cyborg 15 dagen geleden
At least 7 of those Liverpool goals conceded at Adrian not alison 😂
Arkadeep Dasgupta
Arkadeep Dasgupta 15 dagen geleden
Casemiro deserves no 14
Jake Murray
Jake Murray 15 dagen geleden
KDB clearly just a massive Ayoze Perez fan
Ellef Hustoft Sodeland
Ellef Hustoft Sodeland 15 dagen geleden
You know football.
George Beddoe
George Beddoe 15 dagen geleden
Casemiro is 2nd top scorer for real. Enough said
Ben Scott
Ben Scott 15 dagen geleden
Never is better than Ter Stegen
Lucas Ericson
Lucas Ericson 15 dagen geleden
Umtiti at 23 clear of Shaw. Best CB in Spain for the past 58 years.
deepesh yadav
deepesh yadav 15 dagen geleden
Henderson for no 14?
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan 16 dagen geleden
14: Henderson
Christie Lotter
Christie Lotter 16 dagen geleden
Robertson has probably been the best LB over the past 2-3 years... and u chose Marhez, who has just started starting games... over him
Hao2k 16 dagen geleden
epl bias what can you do
David Oakes
David Oakes 16 dagen geleden
Barella has been the best midfielder in serie A. Luke shaw wtff
Luckford Edinam
Luckford Edinam 16 dagen geleden
The most bias video I have ever seen, I think you only watch English Premier, Hakimi didn't get enough playing time in Madrid yet he is on the list, yet not even one Madrid player on the list. No Ramos, no Varane, no Casemiro, no Kroos. How many matches did VVD played this season? yet you choose him over Ramos. you even choose Hakimi over Carvajal.
Shreshth Bhatia
Shreshth Bhatia 16 dagen geleden
Number 1 should be Manuel Neur, officially the best GK in the world right now, maybe 35 but still he is the wall, the G.O.A.T🐐🐐
Shreshth Bhatia
Shreshth Bhatia 16 dagen geleden
And plus for number 14, i think hendo is a very good option, might be out for a while, but what a good player, captain, motivator, can play anywhere, literally played CB the whole season, just incredible🤩🤩
Elias Ouddaadaa
Elias Ouddaadaa 16 dagen geleden
15 should be En-Nesyri, great form in la liga
Dean Horgan
Dean Horgan 16 dagen geleden
Jordan Henderson for 14 no debate
Swarup Kar
Swarup Kar 16 dagen geleden
he is a real Madrid hater.
ELLANAS BULKAS 16 dagen geleden
As of recent yea willian is in there but not the whole season HELL NO. And since Christmas 14 is Aubameyang.
Henrik Fjellström
Henrik Fjellström 16 dagen geleden
Jesus Joe, Nicolò Barella>Luke Shaw
Mario Muñoz
Mario Muñoz 16 dagen geleden
#14 Marcos Llorente no doubt!!!
Rob 16 dagen geleden
Pubs are Still closed?
dkbif 16 dagen geleden
YoYou should clearly pick Jordan Henderson for no. 14. How have you missed him competely?
Y-Roken Jnr
Y-Roken Jnr 16 dagen geleden
Goretzka is so much better than Fernandes
kokichi with a gun
kokichi with a gun 16 dagen geleden
So i was watching a video yk and this was in the queue then my mouse got stuck, so i spammed my keyboard trying to unstuck it. Then this video popped up, (wasnt an ad) then like millions came spamming on my screen. And then my headphones died
fortibah william
fortibah william 16 dagen geleden
manuel neuer
Liamd474 16 dagen geleden
Henderson for 14
Cathy Devine
Cathy Devine 16 dagen geleden
14 laparte
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