Our Champions League Predictions! | #SundayVibes 

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4 apr. 2021




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Moose Lord
Moose Lord 4 dagen geleden
Top 3 soft drinks..... Vodka and coke Rum and coke Jack and coke.........sorted!
Eddy Wally
Eddy Wally 8 dagen geleden
Loool Porto were dominant against Chelsea, stop underestimating us
André Carvalho
André Carvalho 11 dagen geleden
Well somebody just doesn’t like PSG...
Toby Croxford
Toby Croxford 11 dagen geleden
If its noț an all English finals weve failed
Shezzy Hussain
Shezzy Hussain 11 dagen geleden
These predictions aged well lol
Manolis Kotsibos
Manolis Kotsibos 12 dagen geleden
If Bayern make it to the Semis then they win with Lewa and Gnabry back
Manolis Kotsibos
Manolis Kotsibos 12 dagen geleden
My initial prediction was Liverpool vs Chelsea and Bayern vs City semis and then Bayern vs Liverpool final. But after watching the Madrid LFC game I just think Madrid will be in Liverpool’s place and then lose to Bayern in the Final
Hll Doğru
Hll Doğru 12 dagen geleden
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Agit Tilki
Agit Tilki 12 dagen geleden
I feel like I can touch the sky with money I earned in best betting group on the planet! @jbrothers_tips ! 😅
Lendynák Šalcivý
Lendynák Šalcivý 12 dagen geleden
I only bet with jbrothers_tips, don't know how, but these guys are just rocking it like nobody else. Almost every tip is totally correct. 🤑
RecepTar 12 dagen geleden
bang bang bang! wow! you didn't hear for JBROTHERS_TIPS on IG? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????
GiweAway 12 dagen geleden family, are we here??? 😆
kifaya 12 dagen geleden
There is no need for these kind of videos. Just follow @jbrothers_tips on IG!
Batuhan Kaya
Batuhan Kaya 12 dagen geleden
Best tipster group ever is @jbrothers_tips , trust me. 😎
EBNツ VIPER 12 dagen geleden
I only prefer @jbrothers_tips on IG brothers, these guys are not missing anything! 😆
15 second craft
15 second craft 12 dagen geleden
Best betting IG page is for sure @jbrothers_tips 😏😏😏
Solentine 12 dagen geleden
So PSG "bottle it" but Manchester city favourites..
wolvex89 12 dagen geleden
"I don't think real madrids attack is that good..." 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Mr .NOOBIE 12 dagen geleden
`Liverpool are a lot better than Madrid' (PAT)? Kudos joe✌️
Verdant Ray
Verdant Ray 12 dagen geleden
Idk I think if pep doesnt overthink it, city will lift the CL this season plus the prem
SJ Football
SJ Football 12 dagen geleden
1. Mango Rubicon 2. Cherry Pepsi Max 3. Fanta Lemon
Daniel B
Daniel B 12 dagen geleden
What Joe predicted about the Madrid Liver game was exactly what just happened...
Claw Licker
Claw Licker 13 dagen geleden
Pat is a clown looooool, Madrid is winning the CL
Ayyub Horton
Ayyub Horton 13 dagen geleden
Bruh the cap he said about madrid is real
Ayyub Horton
Ayyub Horton 13 dagen geleden
Bayern still better than city
Luka Ivic
Luka Ivic 13 dagen geleden
Ucl final: Liverpool 0-2 City mark my words
Ridhwan Asgarali
Ridhwan Asgarali 13 dagen geleden
Clearly you all did not watch Bayern in the Bundesliga because the reason they conceded so many goals this season is Pavard Boateng Kimmich and Gorezka have been injured Alba playing CDM for periods and therefore Bayern have not played there best team. Saying Man city are favourites after what they did for the last few years under pep is a joke.
Simple 13 dagen geleden
Lewandowski is injured and Gnabry tested positive so now I am thinking psg is going to win
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly 13 dagen geleden
They really need to film this closer to Sunday
Xavi 13 dagen geleden
Aguero >>>> Andy Cole and van Nistelrooy Joe, you're United bias is showing and it's embarrassing.
Xavi 13 dagen geleden
"Defensively Chelsea are unbelievable" *concedes 5 goals at home to West Brom*
Kaleb Saunders
Kaleb Saunders 13 dagen geleden
Red Creaming Soda Vanilla Coke Dr.Pepper
Tanga karel
Tanga karel 13 dagen geleden
Semi Final PSG vs City Liverpool vs Chelsea Final City vs Liverpool
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 13 dagen geleden
Fellas I sell crack, coke, K2, meth u know name it.. let me know if you want some more🤣 Bayern leaving in the quarters
Kaleb Saunders
Kaleb Saunders 13 dagen geleden
Bayern Man City Bayern Liverpool (W) Porto Liverpool
Kireshan Moodley
Kireshan Moodley 13 dagen geleden
Zac is a poes
Abdullah Rafik
Abdullah Rafik 13 dagen geleden
City vs Liverpool final a modern day classic Bayern vs real Madrid final an old school classic
zane gabriel
zane gabriel 13 dagen geleden
these man don't know nothing about football why would Fabinho play cb
Theo Troop
Theo Troop 13 dagen geleden
'liverpool cb issue' they've started 4 games and 4 clean sheets.
KAPE PRT 13 dagen geleden
I don't know why people give city the best team in the world title based only on their league Performance anyway we will see if they Make the final
KAPE PRT 13 dagen geleden
Premier league has never been the standard to judge whether a team is the best in the world
Jamie Kenneally
Jamie Kenneally 13 dagen geleden
Bayern > PSG City > Dortmund Liverpool > Madrid Chelsea > Porto Liverpool > Chelsea City > Bayern City > Liverpool
Maxx - FTS
Maxx - FTS 13 dagen geleden
" Liverpool are a lot better than real madrid " Since when? Oh yea they're better bcz they have Kabak and Philips at the back.
Andrii Kyrychenko
Andrii Kyrychenko 13 dagen geleden
What's good in CL. You don't need another motivation. You the 1st. 🏆⚽1️⃣
Munchlarry25 13 dagen geleden
This Pat guy is underestimating Bayern so much I feel. On their day they can beat any team in the world. Their issue is definitely in their defense: but they almost always find a way to outscore their opponents. Also, I know this was recorded before the Leipzig fixture, but Bayern's defense really impressed me with Lucas Hernandez in it against Leipzig. Once Lewandowski comes back for the quarterfinals (PSG have no chance since they'll miss florenzi, verratti, Marquinhos, and I might be forgetting a few more) its done for Europe. Gotta say though I am really bummed Bayern and Man City won't get a chance to go head to head in the final though, it could've been one hell of a final.
Chehan Bathina
Chehan Bathina 13 dagen geleden
I refuse to believe that chelsea lost cuz of Thiago Silva's sending off. How could one man stop all those goals from going in? They anyways still had a 5 man defence through most of the match with Christensen coming on.
RetroUnlim 13 dagen geleden
This video is delayed..
Conner Lee
Conner Lee 13 dagen geleden
I think the "shock" this round will be Dortmund beating City. I know City is good and they have been playing extremely well in the league, but history has a big impact on City I feel in the CL. Lyon last year, and a Lyon side that didnt finish high in Ligue 1, Tottenham two years ago, and lost in the only semi they have been to. Dortmund have at least won the competition and have history.
Sahay Raj
Sahay Raj 14 dagen geleden
10:10: Respect to Pato for finally saying the truth about La Remontada out loud. The other boys always talk about it as if nothing "abnormal" happened that night.
Planet X
Planet X 14 dagen geleden
Its pretty ironic how this guy says "if you think Bayern are the best team in the world it means you dont watch Bundesliga". Literally everything he said it proves him that he actually doesnt watch Bundesliga. Lol. Bayern isnt a one man team.
Matheus Meneghin
Matheus Meneghin 14 dagen geleden
Hey Joe, why don’t you guys make a channel about your 5 a side team, sounds funny and interesting😂
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt 14 dagen geleden
The Real Madrid game will be decided in the mid field. Both teams defences are weak, both teams forwards are weak with the exception of Salah, Benzema and Jota. The midfield will decide it and I think Liverpool will win
fernando cruz
fernando cruz 14 dagen geleden
"Man City are the favorite" the easy way to said that the PL is better but we all know they are not winning shit, just pure pl bias that always have been
Jeremy Cashen
Jeremy Cashen 14 dagen geleden
Djellab with some peak level fraudulence
Arrogant bayern fan Since 2012
Bayern 3 psg 2
Fred Schneider ate my baby
Cherry Coke / Dr Pepper / Big Red / Irn Bru
B-Town Boys
B-Town Boys 14 dagen geleden
“Defensively ridiculous” west brom 5-2 Chelsea 🤣
cfc's Time
cfc's Time 14 dagen geleden
I see a man city vs liverpool final tbh
Cory Frederickson
Cory Frederickson 14 dagen geleden
You can really see how much it meant to Zach went Pat backed Chelsea over Liverpool, like a son finally getting his dad's approval lol
Max Gomez
Max Gomez 14 dagen geleden
Bro Pat makes everything so complicated lmao Q: What kind of sandwich do you like? Pat: *Well what is a sandwich really?*
Joystick Media
Joystick Media 14 dagen geleden
everyone deserves an opinion but as soon as you put grape fanta in your top 3, everything else you have ever said is invalid.
stuartbest95 14 dagen geleden
This discussion shows that the UCL is such a bad reflection of the best team in Europe... 3 ties to get to the final
Liamd474 14 dagen geleden
Liverpool Bayern final Liverpool taking it for 7
Khrystyan Walters
Khrystyan Walters 14 dagen geleden
Bayern went out of the DFB pokal to a team in the 3rd tier if anyone remembers
John-Paul Padula
John-Paul Padula 14 dagen geleden
PSG "always bottles it" despite making a final due to their very rich ownership. Manchester City is the favorite despite never making a final and bottling ties to Spurs, Lyon, and Monaco under equally rich ownership.
Anthony Thornton
Anthony Thornton 14 dagen geleden
Liverpool are going to win the champions league The moment Rio said Liverpool can’t win with these defenders I knew it was nailed on
chandna63 12 dagen geleden
Laurence Knipe
Laurence Knipe 14 dagen geleden
My days can we have one year of people not up citys arse, you had a big debate psg being known to bottle it and bayern bad without lewa yet despite city abysmal reputation in the champions there still predicted to be in the final, like god the centurions city squad didnt get anywhere near winning this trophy why would this city that fully relies on gundogan of all people to get there goals have any better chance, like give others more credit man, bayern and psg finailist last season, liverpool won it 2 season ago and real madrid still have a majority of the player that won it 3 times in a row and granted ronaldo was a big part of that but its still impressive, point is give more teams credit for there history otherwise whats the point
Alessio Jorge
Alessio Jorge 14 dagen geleden
You guys talk about Liverpool like we're not starting to hit good form... No mention of Jota and the fact we've looked solid defensively now with Fabinho at DM.
fghjper 14 dagen geleden
Me sitting here and drinking my daily Red Bull, getting s*** on😂
JustaYokai 14 dagen geleden
i am a bayern hater but imagine saying bayern aren't favorites to winning the cl
Joe Polley
Joe Polley 14 dagen geleden
To be fair I can see chelsea doing very well, I don’t know why. Think an English club will deffs win this yesr
Ilias Mrabet
Ilias Mrabet 14 dagen geleden
Pato killed it with the grape Fanta 🍇👌🏽☄
Plop Polar bear
Plop Polar bear 14 dagen geleden
Vimto, coke, Oasis
spokey 9
spokey 9 14 dagen geleden
My ucl predictions on both games Chelsea1-2Porto Bayern4-2PSG Man City4-2Dortmund Liverpool2-3Real
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez 14 dagen geleden
liverpool beats madrid, bayern beat psg, chelsea beat porto, city beat dortmund liverpool beats chelsea, bayern beats city liverpool beats bayern 3-1.
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez 14 dagen geleden
lol joe is gonna go 1-3 on his picks
Humza Keizur
Humza Keizur 14 dagen geleden
Underestimating Liverpool and Bayern here lads, both in the final fighting for their 7th
Potato McMuffin
Potato McMuffin 11 dagen geleden
Both lost , crazy.
Achraf Arharbi
Achraf Arharbi 12 dagen geleden
chandna63 12 dagen geleden
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone 13 dagen geleden
Zoher Ali
Zoher Ali 14 dagen geleden
I think Bayern will have a easy victory over psg since their slacking but will not be able to pass man city Last season as well they did not face thriving teams as Liverpool or Atlanta
Damain Ponce
Damain Ponce 14 dagen geleden
Liverpool def Real Madrid Chelsea def porto Man city def Bayern def PSG Bayern def man city Liverpool def chelsea Liverpool over bayern !!
arturo 14 dagen geleden
9:00 gotta thank Pat for puttung the pressure on joe for being a hater, if anything Barca have bottled more games than psg since the remontada, and real rich talking about bottlers when his united side bottled the group stage
Ad Man
Ad Man 14 dagen geleden
Best final: Porto v BVB.
Neelu Kachhap
Neelu Kachhap 14 dagen geleden
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breadman james
breadman james 14 dagen geleden
Podcast is hype but it's a timestamp gap
Honest Watch Reviews
Honest Watch Reviews 14 dagen geleden
My top 3 fizzy drinks: - Rubicon Mango - Cherry Coke - Tango Orange
Half Screwed Cyborg.
Half Screwed Cyborg. 14 dagen geleden
they jinxed chelsea lmao
Gonçalo Marques
Gonçalo Marques 14 dagen geleden
Lipton Peach Ice Tea 1st, no doubt
Raf Giraffe
Raf Giraffe 15 dagen geleden
1980's Vimto was awesome. Milenium Vimto has the after taste of a dead shoe.
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali 15 dagen geleden
Patrick knows everything about football
Antoni Rosic
Antoni Rosic 15 dagen geleden
Dedicate an episode for just personal questions. We all want it
Raf Giraffe
Raf Giraffe 15 dagen geleden
Did Chris say London? Nah nah Chris is out with his Mum buying a brand new Glasgow Rangers top. .
Ahmed AL-Zamzami
Ahmed AL-Zamzami 15 dagen geleden
The dude was talking as if RL9 is the only good player in whole Bayern’s team Bro...they are the triple winners
SEDATED SITH 15 dagen geleden
"Man city have to be favorites ". No, no they don't. English football is overrated mate.
CaptainBroDude 15 dagen geleden
I still have more faith in Bayern winning the Champions league. I know they have the mentality of European Champions, I don't know if Man City do.
Y H 15 dagen geleden
Liverpool vs city final
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER 15 dagen geleden
U are my man JOE
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER 15 dagen geleden
Gladbach lost 8 games in a row before city 😁 in the so called farmers league. Wow
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER 15 dagen geleden
Last month or when it was when utd won vs city ? 😂
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER 15 dagen geleden
...When predictions are defined by the wish to avoid bayern
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER 15 dagen geleden
Who is the dude in the center.? when city was dominant lately Liverpool won the ucl And when liverpool was dominant in the epl . bayern won. Just saying. The ucl champ is the best team til they are out of the ucl. Thats how its always handled by football pros. And def not the team which havent won more trophies in their history than bayern in a single year
Christopher Olson
Christopher Olson 15 dagen geleden
I'm so sick of people saying Pep ruins the champions league chances because he 'over complicates it' and don't blame the players. Against Lyon we lost because Kyle Walker made 2 mistakes leading to goals and our finishing was abysmal. Pep's tactics were correct, they were controlling the game and had Depay in their pocket, but the players mistakes were why they lost last year.
adran x
adran x 15 dagen geleden
My Predictions: Quarters: Bayern > PSG Man City > Dortmund Chelsea > Porto Liverpool > Real Madrid Semis: Man City > Bayern Liverpool > Chelsea Final: Liverpool vs. Man City... Too close to call.
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