How to Replace YOUR Club’s BEST Player This Summer! | #SundayVibes 

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21 feb. 2021




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SPX Gumpi
SPX Gumpi 2 maanden geleden
The tasteful textbook constitutively bubble because toe ontogenically lick plus a silent macrame. invincible, mature ambulance
luke jack
luke jack 2 maanden geleden
Where's dybala
Marvens Mathieu
Marvens Mathieu 2 maanden geleden
Ballon d’or Mbappe this year ?? Lol . Howler . Lewandowski laughed . Mbappe not even the best player of his team when Neymar is present . His goals against barca were all set up for him to finish . Passing of the torch ? Halaand > Mbappe ! That was such a bad take
gazamidori 2 maanden geleden
Here is dortmund plan. Sell haaland high. Bring back Alex isak and sign haalands cousin who has score slime 60 goals in 30 youth games
ESV1 2 maanden geleden
Peter Schmeichel Was a bargain🇩🇰
TeQzElementzz 2 maanden geleden
They really said w a straight face mbappe over lewa for balon d’or 😵
Alf Martin
Alf Martin 2 maanden geleden
Jose agenda again. Saying brighton are better
Oskar Borvik
Oskar Borvik 2 maanden geleden
always trying to sneak Potter in, claiming Brighton as a better team than Tottenham is a statement Hammil.
Joe White
Joe White 2 maanden geleden
How does tielemans replace Liverpool's best player?
odciski lopata
odciski lopata 2 maanden geleden
best signing lewandowski for free
lengandsweet 2 maanden geleden
Haaland 120 mill
Pranav Agarwal
Pranav Agarwal 2 maanden geleden
Guys we need an England squad for Euros discussion. PERIOD.
Tommy Knockers
Tommy Knockers 2 maanden geleden
Except Haarland is notoriously bad with his head..
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy 2 maanden geleden
Ole goes length to make sure Lingardinho doesnt have buyout clause
Steven Gadsby-Williams
Steven Gadsby-Williams 2 maanden geleden
i think vestergard is very under apreciated at southampton
Juan Perret
Juan Perret 2 maanden geleden
I'd love Kane at Barca. Shame we don't have any money
Jose Amieva
Jose Amieva 2 maanden geleden
Excellent banter and football discussions. Subbed
TCG Productions
TCG Productions 2 maanden geleden
Lord Pato so soothing I wish he could talk positive about Coventry city to make my worries and troubles fade away
Walla Walla
Walla Walla 2 maanden geleden
Whoooreland 😂😂😂
Dave 2 maanden geleden
Dean Henderson to Burnley
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 2 maanden geleden
Roman has made 300 million available this season haaland will be going chelsea I reckon
Omar G
Omar G 2 maanden geleden
Finley Clarke
Finley Clarke 2 maanden geleden
U need to talk about West ham more plz
ThatGuyHelm 2 maanden geleden
Of course Chris says Brighton for where he would go. Needs to spend time with his one true love; Graham Potter
Ross Devine
Ross Devine 2 maanden geleden
I think Lautaro Martinez is the perfect fit for City.
brandon palmer
brandon palmer 2 maanden geleden
Raheem sterling to Liverpool 500k
Edward Andem-Osu
Edward Andem-Osu 2 maanden geleden
Seamus Coleman for 200k
Edward Davies
Edward Davies 2 maanden geleden
Patrick have a dog or child rolling around the floor at 27:18?
PokeMist 2 maanden geleden
​How/where did Joe, Chris, and Patt meet in the first place?
Bryce Denholm
Bryce Denholm 2 maanden geleden
Around the 15th minute Chris says Tottenham aren’t as good as Brighton this mans deluded Brighton are crap
DamageBoy 7
DamageBoy 7 2 maanden geleden
Philip Lahm surely used to play for Werder Bremen before he signed for Bayern Munich .Not Stuttgart . Anyways ,I did enjoy this one ,well done lads.
Fred Schneider ate my baby
Fred Schneider ate my baby 2 maanden geleden
21 Pilots guest star
FerdiGriffonPierrot 2 maanden geleden
Clueless video. If Haaland comes to England it would only be to reunite with Ole.
arnor eli
arnor eli 2 maanden geleden
in the pound for pound the did not even mention lewandowski to bayern on a free
William Howell
William Howell 2 maanden geleden
Am I the only one screening RONALDO! 80m and sold for what 100m?!?
Incognito 2 maanden geleden
Shock, Joe baffling nonsense about city....
Josh Davo
Josh Davo 2 maanden geleden
Unbelievable lads great work u know that by now told u for the last 3 years😂👌🏻
Lubo 2 maanden geleden
you're right Pat, remember Dzeko in the 11/12 season? he was unbelievable. that other option would be stellar at city
Spin sk
Spin sk 2 maanden geleden
The dream trio
Hunter York
Hunter York 2 maanden geleden
Hamill came in and big boyed Joe on the Lukaku stuff lol Joe has no idea what he is talking about
Michael Georgiou
Michael Georgiou 2 maanden geleden
9 minutes 26 ... like if you hear it
ashley patel
ashley patel 2 maanden geleden
Stopped listening when you said Lukaku to city looool not going to happen
Agu Tobechukwu
Agu Tobechukwu 2 maanden geleden
How do you guys know the sports like this? This is very good
helen raybould
helen raybould 2 maanden geleden
kane will leave in the summer if spuds dont (A) get top 4 and (b) win a trophy he will replace aguero maybe hes not worth 100mil chelskie wasted money on flops werner and the other twit so i think they will struggle for top 4 maybe 5th spuds will be lower i cant see any team catching citeh at the moment the wheels will come off mankieshite they cannot mentain their form as they dont have depth of squad cavani is end of his career i cant see him staying and liverppol who you havent even mentioned salah is just too good for the club consistantly scoring dbl digits since 2017 so i think he may move on in the summer or mane as hes been there longer so all in all theres a lot or great players or good players gonna be available in the summer i cannot see haaland coming yet i think sancho will go first to mankies and mabappe i think if psg lose ligue 1 will leave also the only team to get close to bayern is leipzig but i would pay top dollar to see lewdanski in the prem and see how he fares up against the likes of werner mane kane rashford etc
Ben Morgans
Ben Morgans 2 maanden geleden
Could you see Hasenhuttl being a good fit and Gladbach now Rose has gone??
Gilad Yarden
Gilad Yarden 2 maanden geleden
Why are they talking about the ballon dor in February
Bongo00 2 maanden geleden
Anybody else like Waking up on Sunday having some coffee and watching this?
Clement Siby
Clement Siby 2 maanden geleden
Sometimes I feel like Patrick puts on dark glasses of his narratives when watching football. Hallandale does all the things Patrick has just claimed he doesn't!
skatertreflipable 2 maanden geleden
Leicester should take a punt on Eddie Nketia
Clement Siby
Clement Siby 2 maanden geleden
Patrick was telling us a few weeks back that United can only get worse.. that they would not get better and Liverpool would challenge City. This guy says things with confidence but is rarely right
lengandsweet 2 maanden geleden
Can Man City win the quadruple
George Crofts
George Crofts 2 maanden geleden
Harry Kane will be 31 when his contract is up, not 29.
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 2 maanden geleden
Pope to Everton Pickford is shite
CM 72
CM 72 2 maanden geleden
Glen kamara would be a good addition to Southampton imo
Yannis Alexander
Yannis Alexander 2 maanden geleden
should consider coming to st.lucia for vacation
Aamir Mehmood
Aamir Mehmood 2 maanden geleden
Monday morning, working from home + Sunday Vibes 💯🔥
Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra 2 maanden geleden
Why does pope have to stay in England. Inter might be a good option considering handanovic is old and average
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 2 maanden geleden
Leicester should sign Jovic or Andre Silva.
Tony W
Tony W 2 maanden geleden
Respect to Hammel. Brave to do this video while going through sex realignment. The oestrogen is working. 👍🏻
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 2 maanden geleden
Frank Lampard to Chelsea for £11m was amazing business. He was the main signing for Chelsea transforming into who they are now
josh n
josh n 2 maanden geleden
Bruno should win the bal on dor
Dylan Miles
Dylan Miles 2 maanden geleden
I like how Hamill mentioned Brighton in teams better than Tottenham
Mark Royter
Mark Royter 2 maanden geleden
Balon dor for mbappe? Not if he puts similar performances to what he showed today against Monaco.
Aum Pathak
Aum Pathak 2 maanden geleden
Would Bruno be in contention for ballon d'or if United finish 2nd, Won Europe league, FA cup and he helps Portugal to win Euros
Aidan Grant
Aidan Grant 2 maanden geleden
MILNER ON A FREE tho it’s probably been said
Aum Pathak
Aum Pathak 2 maanden geleden
Word-Prowse is worth around 35 million in this market
Kayode 2 maanden geleden
Lukaku is great but will be a bad fit for any team looking to play silky smooth football.
mason nigro
mason nigro 2 maanden geleden
only bad thing ab this is it only happens on a sunday
JT McGee
JT McGee 2 maanden geleden
15:29 Kinda hard to hear Hamill while he is SLURPING on Potter.
samuel giovas
samuel giovas 2 maanden geleden
dont forget haaland is a childhood man city fan
David Jones
David Jones 2 maanden geleden
No he’s not. His dad played 30 games then city let him go. I don’t think he has any feelings towards them.
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 2 maanden geleden
Once again an amazing Sunday vibes episode.
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer 2 maanden geleden
How about FD talk about west ham for more than 2 minutes? Even though we're in the top 4 you only ever talk about the "top 6".
todd stanley
todd stanley 2 maanden geleden
Really enjoyed the talk on lower teams in the league, thoughts on Ivan Toney as Vardys replacement?
Bored Person
Bored Person 2 maanden geleden
Alexander Isak to replace Haaland
RudyBoy 164
RudyBoy 164 2 maanden geleden
talking about balon d’or in february
sam Lakin
sam Lakin 2 maanden geleden
Seamus Coleman for £60k I think outside shout
Jason Blaine
Jason Blaine 2 maanden geleden
As a huge man city fan I’m loving the content. Keep it up FD
Calm Mind
Calm Mind 2 maanden geleden
Erling Haaaland is coming to Chelsea. I can't wait to see him.
Solomon Williams
Solomon Williams 2 maanden geleden
15:30 sneaky from Hammil putting Brighton on the same level as West Ham , Tottenham and villa. Joe’s face says it all
Jack Saxton
Jack Saxton 2 maanden geleden
Imagine If haaland went to Juventus he’d have Ronaldo as a mentor which could be destructive to world football
Charlie Carey
Charlie Carey 2 maanden geleden
Joe didn’t say we’re not back in the pub. He’s given up
Alfie Dunn
Alfie Dunn 2 maanden geleden
Stuttgart are an exciting side. Gonzalez and Endo are very good players, while Wamangituka looks genuinely quality.
Muhammad Umair Mehmood
Muhammad Umair Mehmood 2 maanden geleden
Would love Danny Ings at City
Brett Stephens
Brett Stephens 2 maanden geleden
Phil Coutinho is one of the best pound-for-pound signings in Prem history. 8.5m to get him in, great few years for Liverpool, and then sold him for 142m
helen raybould
helen raybould 2 maanden geleden
are u having a laugh hes done nothing for lfc bayern and barca was a waste of money but we got change we are laughing getting 142mil for a dud lol
Brett Stephens
Brett Stephens 2 maanden geleden
@Nufail Vhora I don't think you understand the point of the question
Nufail Vhora
Nufail Vhora 2 maanden geleden
he won nothing tho
Hunter York
Hunter York 2 maanden geleden
Lukaku is not coming to City. If any Inter striker might go to City, it is Matinez. He fits the City striker profile much better than Lukaku
Hunter York
Hunter York 2 maanden geleden
Yeah I don't think Joe has watched a single City match. They hardly ever "just pass" around the 6 yrd box. Mahrez might dribble too much sometimes, but if it is that close to goal, City always shoot. Must have watched one match and thought, they do that all the time. There are sometimes where I see what they are saying, but then it is like they havent watched football in years. City are not great in the air, because they hardly try and play through the air. Thats the entire point of Pep's tactics, that they are trying to keep it on the ground and make simple passes enough to move it forward and tire defenders. Plus, great timing with saying City are poor in the air as the only goal today was a Sterling header.
Calum McKee
Calum McKee 2 maanden geleden
Pound for pound has to be Eden hazard (considering what he did in his time, the fee Chelsea got for him and what he's done since he left)
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 2 maanden geleden
I like to think City have evolved past the need for a classical striker / 9. They’ve steamrolled the league without Aguero and only occasionally used Jesus. Even when Jesus does play he occupies a role that any one of KDB, Bernardo, Gundogan or Foden could do. For Christ’s sake Cancelo and Zinchenko would put up decent numbers up front. If City, for any reason, wanted to save money they really don’t need a 9
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 2 maanden geleden
@cogamers84 my point is really that anyone with good technical ability and intelligence could do the job. And if that’s the case they have that in plenty already
cogamers84 2 maanden geleden
Aguero does need a replacement though. I can see the logic the we don’t need a big money established striker like Haland since we’re doing to well without one. Malen could be a good signing
William Hesketh
William Hesketh 2 maanden geleden
15:28 - joe did not like that 😭
smurfxvi 2 maanden geleden
Nothing better than eating your Sunday dinner while watching this
Football Daily
Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Legend! Really appreciate the support. [Hamill]
Max Woolman
Max Woolman 2 maanden geleden
Hamill you’re right spurs aren’t better than West Ham but they are definitely better than Brighton and probably better then villa, do not compare WHU to these teams ffs
Bob Sagan
Bob Sagan 2 maanden geleden
I’ve always wondered why United don’t try out Wan-Bissaka at CDM or CB
Ben Todd
Ben Todd 2 maanden geleden
Dude thank you, you’re the first person I’ve seen who’s had the same opinion as me. His strengths are his 1 vs 1 defending, tackling, and simple passing, and athleticism And his weakness are his attacking output and adventurousness in the final 3rd. Sounds exactly like a Cb to me
the don pin
the don pin 2 maanden geleden
I think real should offer jovic + 60mil for haaland
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z 2 maanden geleden
Pat can't remember the podcast
Danilo 2 maanden geleden
Dynamo Kiev good young players decent manager. Favourites to win the league.
Danilo 2 maanden geleden
@KING SABIN KUSH Yeah Salomon to. But Dynamo got half the team that won the under 20 world cup.
KING SABIN KUSH 2 maanden geleden
@Danilo top goalkeeper but they also have dodo and tete who are great
Danilo 2 maanden geleden
@KING SABIN KUSH Ukraine won the under 20 world cup. There is definitely talent there. They just need to invest in their own youth instead of buying overrated players from other countries.
Danilo 2 maanden geleden
@KING SABIN KUSH Shaktar only got Trubin in goals
Danilo 2 maanden geleden
@KING SABIN KUSH Tsygankov, Popov, Zabarniy, Mykolenko etc
Olly G
Olly G 2 maanden geleden
Lautaro Martinez would fit peps system impeccably well
Zaccybacon 2 maanden geleden
Best transfers for value: lewandowski Sancho Fabregas Pirlo
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 2 maanden geleden
Kenny Mctyson
Kenny Mctyson 2 maanden geleden
Ings to Leicester city?
Don Pedro
Don Pedro 2 maanden geleden
Malen to replace Aguero or Vardy
Making transparent wood
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Making transparent wood
Weergaven 4,8 mln.
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