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With bad decisions costing teams penalties and red cards every week - as well as seeing season-ending challenges, like Jordan Pickford’s on Virgil van Dijk, go unpunished - VAR has brought a new level of controversy to football. The Premier League has already reviewed its rules multiple times this season after complaints from Arsenal, Southampton, and Chelsea, and while some teams seem to benefit from the system every week, like Leicester and Man United, others seem to be constantly losing points to VAR.
With all this in mind, this week’s FD: Explained is our take on how VAR could be improved. From the nonsensical handball rule, to the time-wasting offside system, we examine just what makes the process so slow and inconsistent, and how we can fix it.
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20 mrt. 2021




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Carlos Geli
Carlos Geli 10 dagen geleden
VAR isnt the issue its the idiots in charge who can’t get a clear objective rule set in place Agree 100% with every suggestion in this vid
Adam Watton
Adam Watton 11 dagen geleden
I think offside is easily fixed by eliminating line drawing. If you can't tell with the naked eye then it's onside as there's no clear and obvious advantage gained
Odi et Amo
Odi et Amo 25 dagen geleden
Wenger's got the idea!
misael espinoza
misael espinoza 26 dagen geleden
You should make a video about how the role of the assistant ref is no longer needed. They don’t call fouls because they don’t want to over step the referee and var is taking away their rule on offsides
Mihail Tsvetkov
Mihail Tsvetkov 27 dagen geleden
I don't understand why the 10cm( I would even suggest 20cm) line won't work for the off-side rule. Just draw a thicker line starting from the closest part to the goal of the defender's body and if any part of the attacker's body goes beyond that line, it's off-side. Boom, simple. 10/20 cm surely cannot be categorized as an armpit or shoe size off-side.
TheSuomi 28 dagen geleden
Something that needs to be taken into account when tweaking the offside rule is whether it makes it more difficult for the on-field linesman to tell offsides. Having separate offside rules for var games and non-var games surely isn't what you'd want
bob zazzy
bob zazzy 28 dagen geleden
As suggested its here to stay and its newly introduce so some ups and down will be there but I think VAR is fair and legit. On the issue of offside leg or feet or both should be the line not the body, but everything depend on rule maker. I think overrule the referee decision should be on time limitation, bias or uncertain decision should be challenge by the manager with limited number, if its fault the challenge stand, if it is wrong the number of challenges decrease.
jonnyb097 28 dagen geleden
They should have an appeal system like in cricket or tennis. Each team gets for example 3 appeals a match where if they feel that there is a handball or free kick incident that isn’t given they can challenge var to have a look
Donald Sinclair
Donald Sinclair 28 dagen geleden
I just think it’s so much easier and the majority of fans will like it better if VAR is just scrapped
Kaj Olsen
Kaj Olsen 29 dagen geleden
When VAR was introduced I expected players to dive a lot less but that doesn't seem to be the case. They call it a 'Contact Sport' but honestly... Come on... These 'top professional athletes' fall down and cry more than an infant trying to learn how to walk.
Nathan Stephanis
Nathan Stephanis 29 dagen geleden
The way rugby does it seems like it works
Leo Dewsbury
Leo Dewsbury 29 dagen geleden
how about offsides being judged by the attackers front foot. this would end being offside by an arm or by leaning offside.
Isaac Dodshon
Isaac Dodshon 29 dagen geleden
Get rid of the lines with Offsides. If it isn’t noticeable on a first glance whether a player is onside or not then they should be onside.
Yellow 29 dagen geleden
OMG!!!! Did you actually say ARMPITS? Give me a F----G break. You establish a set of rules, guidelines and you stick by them whether a fan/player/club likes it or not. Stop allowing everyone to contest decisions just because your afraid of fans/players/clubs opinion. No teams/sport (imo) actually challenges Instant Replay in the US. It's the cameras from ALL angles that rule. Ref walking up to the camera to look at the play. Is just to much. *_STOP ✋🏼🚫⏱️WHINING!_*
Pablo Hamburger
Pablo Hamburger 29 dagen geleden
The offside dilemma is simple. There is no need to change the rule, as it works great... Ban digital tools. That way the armpit offsides will have to be determined as inconclusive, as an offside cannot be 100% determined, and the ruling on the field will have to stand! Am I insane for thinking that will solve any problems?
Callum Lucas
Callum Lucas 29 dagen geleden
Nothing wrong with Var it’s the officials that use it and the rules which give it a bad rep
Nangkiew 29 dagen geleden
How about let the referee have discretion and allow a team only a number of reviews to use in cricket say 3 reviews per team in a 90min match
Martin 29 dagen geleden
imo i think refs should always go check the screen no matter what
Jesse lingard
Jesse lingard 29 dagen geleden
Random story but I started to full asleep half way through this video while singing head shoulders knees and toes .
ADITYA 007 29 dagen geleden
It's the incompetent English ref's are the problem. Cl and other leagues have implemented var perfectly.
Keoki Higa
Keoki Higa 29 dagen geleden
Honestly I’d like it better if they only used it for when the ball crosses the line whether it’s out of play or into the goal.
PHR 29
PHR 29 29 dagen geleden
I completely agree with everything here. Very realistic and overall practical. My dad and I have been saying go by the feet since they brought it in cause it seems like the most obvious, simplest and fairest rule.
FC United Forever
FC United Forever 29 dagen geleden
On handball, its simple, if the ball contacts the hand up the elbow joint only, a foul and to solve this nonsense of the ball coming off the body, only if VAR CLEARY shows the arm moved towards the ball to block... on the offside, these marginal off should be scrapped totally, what benefit does marginal make ?.. ABSOLUTELY NONE... unless a player is miles or doing the Michael Owens goal hatching , anything else is pure nonsense... way its going players will soon be dressing up in all body bubble suits, its becoming a total pansy sport now spearheaded by UEFA and FIFA... send them all playing Aussie Rules or Irish Gaelic football, that will toughen players up to what is supposed to be a CONTACT SPORT..
Nicholas Sloan
Nicholas Sloan 29 dagen geleden
I think VAR needs to change to a review system where each team can elect once each half to review a decision made by the referee. I feel that this will improve the flow of the game while also adding a new dimension a tactics to the game
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 29 dagen geleden
I think examples of handballs such as the Hudson odoi one vs united shouldnt even be looked at no players or officials on the pitch even considered a penalty
Human Highlight Reel
Human Highlight Reel 29 dagen geleden
My offside rule would be that both feet have to be onside. I don't care if your arm, heat, or knee is offside.
Tega Maand geleden
I think that the problem is the fans, look at TMO people don’t mind if something gets overturned they know it’s correct, they don’t mind waiting, football fans need to change their kindest
EthanG298 Maand geleden
Am I the only one that thinks the offside VAR implementation is completely fine? Offside is offside so if that means someone's toe is offside then fair enough, I get it's frustrating to see those decisions get made but if you look at it objectively I really don't think there's anything wrong with it
Ryan Attiyeh
Ryan Attiyeh Maand geleden
Pvs documentaries are amazing
Grey EyedB
Grey EyedB Maand geleden
What VAR has done is expose how poor our referees actually are, even more so when they make rules that stop thier poor decisions being overturned to save face which actaully only serve to further expose just how poor they really are at their job
Chris and Katie Brooke
Your feet should have to behind the furthest back part of defender
Chris Salts
Chris Salts Maand geleden
Wasn’t wengers proposal of offside referring to what the attacker scored with not just any part that they can score with?
Marc McNamee
Marc McNamee Maand geleden
they need to make var like TMO in rugby where you can hear and see what they going on about
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez Maand geleden
Is it wrong for me to think teams should just not let it come down to a var decision. Like just be better. If you lose because of a var decision you probably didn't deserve to win and should go train more. Or what do yall think?
Xedose Maand geleden
All they need to do is copy the model of TMO used in rugby as how many TMO complaints do you hear
Harry Davies
Harry Davies Maand geleden
Ban var its killing the game .just train up younger people male and female maybe some ex players make officials accountable for decisions if they mess up 3 strikes and they are sacked .
Patrick van Stokken
Patrick van Stokken Maand geleden
It once was the rule pre VAR times that you can only be offside with your feet, I never understood why that was changed as well.
Khalid Garbiya
Khalid Garbiya Maand geleden
Scrap it its so perplexing
ConcaveGoat Maand geleden
How about Var officials cant pause the video when judging offside decisions. No drawing silly lines that might not even be straight. If it looks offside in however many replays they watch, then it is offside, and vice-versa. They are overcomplicating it. Yes, there will be tight calls but officials had to make those decisions before, just this time they have the help of the technology to make it.
Lucian McM
Lucian McM Maand geleden
VAR should be used similarly to how video review is used in the NFL and NBA. Coaches should get a “challenge” where if they disagree with a call made on the field, they notify the fourth official who then tells the ref, then the incident at hand gets reviewed at the next dead ball. This keeps the flow of the game intact, and adds a sense of gameplay to VAR. And simply limit the number of “challenges” a coach can use to 1 per half, or 1 per game, whatever is thought to to be best.
Brad Lee Nosbisch
Brad Lee Nosbisch Maand geleden
For offsides, I still come back to how MLS did it years ago where if it was close it was given the eye test of the ref being called over to the monitor to look at it. Were there still debates? Yes, but they were still done with the understanding that it was very close and there wasn't this kind of frustration over decisions and whatnot. Going in and examining pixels is far too pedantic. If you can't tell they are offsides with trained eyes... tie goes to the attacker. Having so many decisions just be made by a ref not at the game means they are no longer an assistant but instead another head ref
Kalo Maand geleden
We also need better cameras and better camera positionings
Regan Brannigan
Regan Brannigan Maand geleden
People forget how bad refs were before VAR
Utkarsh Shrivastava
Utkarsh Shrivastava Maand geleden
People will always banter about it.
James Willington
James Willington Maand geleden
offside calls for var should become obvious errors/ become like an eye test. If the best view available doesn't convince var that the call made on field was wrong within a short reasonable period, than the original call should stay. Then get rid of the line drawing technology so everyone can respect the call and get on with the game
John Do
John Do Maand geleden
how about a challenge system like they do in tennis
Dean Dazzle
Dean Dazzle Maand geleden
Cricket has been doing VAR right for the last 20 years. Just give the off-pitch referees more power
Davy Peters
Davy Peters Maand geleden
But any part onside in stead of any part offside will have the exact same issues
Davy Peters
Davy Peters Maand geleden
No lines, VAR was supposed to be there for "clear and obvious fouls" if you cant workout if its offside without lines its not a clear and obvious and foul and you go with the decision of the linesman
JOHN KING Maand geleden
The feet only is the best option as it's called football, you can't score with your bloody armpit unless you're Maradona he could score sitting on the bench ⚽⚽⚽⚽
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
Offside only measured at feet and VAR allowed to overrule referees rather than yet another subjective opinion about "clear & obvious".
TFHD GAMING Maand geleden
Sack English referee why wasn't chosen in the world cup.
stuartbest95 Maand geleden
A bit harsh on the pundits in the intro... however, TV and media 'experts' do need to do a better job of explaining the rules / VAR. For example, the 'clear and obvious' definition is only valid in some scenarios
Adrian Mc Lean
Adrian Mc Lean Maand geleden
Give the coaches 1 challenge a half and trust the referee to ref the game
craig keogh
craig keogh Maand geleden
The ref shouldn't have the final say on a ruling, how is it fair that someone who doesn't have a view on something from multiple angles of the incident. The var should just tell the ref if it was a foul and not ask him to check and decide
TT 97
TT 97 Maand geleden
For the offside I think the feet suggestion is good. Another option would be that if you can't tell wether someone is offside without bringing out the lines, he's onside
TT 97
TT 97 28 dagen geleden
@TheSuomi yeah, good point.
TheSuomi 28 dagen geleden
@TT 97 sure, but without the lines it's really difficult to tell and kinda takes away the whole point of using var for offsides most of the time
TT 97
TT 97 28 dagen geleden
​@TheSuomi you might have a point there. However I would think that for vast majority of the armpit offsides, a high amount of fans would have said "onside"
TheSuomi 28 dagen geleden
Your option will just lead to even more subjectivity and therefore even more debate over whether someone was clearly offside or not, not to mention the fact that the camera often isn't directly in line with the defense line meaning it would be near impossible for var to tell offsides without using lines
James Jenkins
James Jenkins Maand geleden
I think VAR should consider how the ball was played. If a player scores with their foot but their head was offside, then not an offside. If they scored with their head then it is offside
Arnar Magnússon
Arnar Magnússon Maand geleden
Hire Germans or clone Pierluigi Collina
Mhmd Sfh
Mhmd Sfh Maand geleden
If you asked me VAR should be scrapped, it ruined our beloved game and its halting the play even more, football was fine, yes there were mistakes but it evens out sometimes in your favor sometimes against you, ref mistakes should be accepted as part of the game and they're still here anyways its not like VAR eliminated them
Eric Khai
Eric Khai Maand geleden
VAR is not the problem, the egos of the refs are the problem
Mhmd Sfh
Mhmd Sfh Maand geleden
My problem with VAR is that it ruined goal celebration, now even when my team or a team im rooting for scores, i cant even celebrate cause im like "its gonna get disallowed for some reason" and even if they confirm it the moment has gone
Mvelo Hadebe
Mvelo Hadebe 28 dagen geleden
Nothing can be done about that
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba 29 dagen geleden
yeah i know right
George Adams
George Adams Maand geleden
Try and explain it to an alien. Bit of a thought exercise.
Parameswaran P
Parameswaran P Maand geleden
Please do a piece on soft penalties something should be cut out from the game
Surfing Moose
Surfing Moose Maand geleden
I've always felt that games should be reviewed after the match for things like diving and fouls that went unpunished. When caught, since it was not during a game, a hefty fine should be applied or egregious enough, suspensions.
Yellow 29 dagen geleden
I kinda like this.
tilio exon
tilio exon Maand geleden
VAR cannot be fixed
Gregory Chludzinski
Gregory Chludzinski Maand geleden
There should be 3 VAR officials who review decision independently. They should not know what the on-field call was, or what each other officials choice was. They see the event and make their own call. If all three make a call different from the on-field official, the call is overturned. If 2 disagree with the on-field official, the on-field official goes to review the call on the monitor. If one or less disagree, the on-field decision stands.
Michael Persson
Michael Persson Maand geleden
The line drawing is the main problem. Impossible to get right so why not take a snapshot from an assistant refs point of view and make a call. Quickly
Hrafnar Kristinsson
Hrafnar Kristinsson Maand geleden
id on the jacket auba is wearing at 4:25 please
archiewall15 Maand geleden
Var can work it just needs to be used properly, efficiently and the rules need to be adjusted
Xasew Maand geleden
Good analysis. I especially liked your solution to the offside rule.
Xasew 29 dagen geleden
@BABA I was obviously talking about the solution Pato mentions right after he goes through Wenger's (non)-solution.
BABA Maand geleden
This solution was provided by Aresene wenger
I'm legit subbbingg to everyone who subbbzss to me
"""" Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family.
stefan Maand geleden
I can't read
Ross Gourley
Ross Gourley Maand geleden
It's not the officials fault, I'm sick of hearing that. If anything it's the rules because most of them are subjective and open to interpretation, so how can VAR work when it's just another ref's interpretation. People don't get that it seems
Ross Sheridan
Ross Sheridan Maand geleden
Remove the lines for offsides. Mic up the refs and put replays up on the big screen. Been like this for years in rugby and it works, still controversial decisions but the ref and TMO(VAR) get the chance to explain there decion to better education the fans of the rules.
Tom James
Tom James Maand geleden
If the VAR decision can’t be made within 30 seconds then they should just stick to the refs decision
Tom James
Tom James Maand geleden
I thought VAR was only supposed to be used for a CLEAR and OBVIOUS error. If the offside is NOT clear and obvious then it should go in favour of the attacker. This would mean they wouldn’t even have to draw lines for offside.
marc roddis
marc roddis Maand geleden
Great clip, thank you. Here are my proposed improvements: 1. The only goal should be to get the correct decision (not "to help referees", or anything else). 2. For offsides, I agree with the proposal in this clip. 3. Rely more on VAR, since it is clearly more accurate than the on-field referee most of the time. Use two VARs: if they are in agreement, overrule the on-field referee; if not, don't overrule him. Expand the use of VAR to cover decisions on yellow cards. 4. Recruit and train people that have the right skills (e.g. from esports) and remove those that don't. 5. Implement VAR in The Championship to expand the pool of VARs and so that VARs can be promoted and relegated based on their performance. 6. The officials should produce a library of exemplars showing video footage and stating what the (official) correct decision is and giving a full rationale. This library should be shared openly on NLblock and other platforms, so that all fans can understand how their team's games should be refereed. 7. Explore, together with stakeholders, how rules and their interpretation should be developed regarding controversial areas, such as penalty kicks. 8. Cooperate with officials from other countries to develop shared understanding for how international tournaments should be refereed.
Namejs Liepiņš
Namejs Liepiņš 29 dagen geleden
@Marcel In basketball teams score 100 and more points. Even if all of them are three pointers, it is still more then 30 successful attacks per team. In Football games are often decided by one successful attack in whole game so to limit use of VAR to be called upon by coach even if for 4 or 5 times per game wouldn't be solution. Tennis is individual sport and cant be really used as an example on how to referee team sport with 22 players on field
Marcel Maand geleden
I’ve been entertaining the idea of the VAR only being relied upon on request from the coach, I think this is done in other sports as well such as Basketball and Tennis, the coach will be able to challenge calls x amount of times per game, and if they are proven right, they can have another challenge. I think this would stop the constant stopping of the game and by reducing how many times the VAR needs to intervene there will be fewer problematic calls
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne Maand geleden
I know I'm biased but that Pepe and Pieters situation is the worst post var decision I've ever seen, my girlfriend has never seen a football match and she could tell the ref how to do his job
Daniel G. Jensen
Daniel G. Jensen Maand geleden
Here is an idea: For an player to be offside he has to be a clear foot offside. So if you can not see space between the end off the deffenders foot and the attackers heel than the forward is onside, only feet counts. It's football 😅
Neffalum Maand geleden
First ban weed from the VAR room and all the problems will be fixed
Amann Ludhar
Amann Ludhar Maand geleden
Hire competent officials.
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Maand geleden
Set a time limit for non-dangerous var checks, if it can’t be checked in X amount of time it can’t be a clear and obvious mistake so should stay with refs decision
SFAAPK7 Maand geleden
The problem tho is that it could force the refs to make a decision they're unsure about so they could easily get it wrong
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Maand geleden
Offsides should be done by eye only, if it’s not obvious without the lines, it’s not a clear and obvious mistake so should stay wuth on field decision
Waiko the Amazing
Waiko the Amazing Maand geleden
VAR is the problem, stop with the hippie shit by defending it.
Júlio Simões
Júlio Simões Maand geleden
PVS stills comment I this channel? Bye again
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro Maand geleden
English Referees are simply terrible. That Patrick Bamford offside for pointing where he wanted the ball to be was ridiculous, and Mike Dean + Michael Oliver are two of the worst referees ever
n00bk!ng Maand geleden
VAR should just show the ref the footages instead of making the decision themselves.
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker Maand geleden
VAR needs binning, not fixing!
Erik Nordstrom
Erik Nordstrom Maand geleden
For me in order to fix VAR I think you have to make it more of an appeal situation like they have in tennis. The most annoying thing for VAR in my opinion is that 50% of the time the team the decision goes for aren't even complaining about the original decision. Also VAR want to get involved with everything which is what leads to these ridiculous offside and handball calls. For example when Josh Maja scored against spurs none of the spurs players were complaining at the time he scored, and when Mane was a toenail offside against everton earlier in the season yet again the everton players weren't even complaining. If you give each team one or two appeals per game not only would it get rid of all the ridiculous decisions, but it would also make VAR a bit entertaining for the fans, like in tennis.
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Maand geleden
Teams would end up appealing stuff just for the sake of it, like if someone scored a last minute winner they’d appeal it even if there’s nothing to appeal, then there’s a var check searching for a reason to disallow it so
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Maand geleden
I don’t think the rule should just apply to feet. It should apply to whichever part of the body the person scores with. E.G a header should be measured from a head.
Fudge Cake
Fudge Cake Maand geleden
8 minute 1 second = respect
Dan S
Dan S Maand geleden
replays on pitch side monitors should only be shown to refs in real time. slow motion is too much of a manipulation to accurately judge actions. just my 2 cents.
Sean Burtt
Sean Burtt Maand geleden
Get better refs. Simple
Mahfuz Mazumder
Mahfuz Mazumder Maand geleden
In EPL VAR is great if you compared with La Liga
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone Maand geleden
How to fix VAR? Somehow someway internally change the FA to a less archaic and arrogant firm. If this was the case then the FA would've just looked at where VAR has worked around the world and implemented their rules here rather than making up a whole list of new rules, most of which are the rules that are causing so many problems. Next step, sack off the current refs and hire some refs from the continent. The standard of English officiating is so low comparative to the rest of Europe that we should just bite the bullet and bring some in from the rest of Europe. Next, clear and obvious error is very subjective for when a behind the scenes check should occur. VAR should check everything internally and tell the ref or recommend a review for the most important and big decisions if they see a legitimate issue. Next, have refs look at the screens a la BuLI. Next, offsides that are checked retrospectively by VAR should be checking if the goal scoring part of the body is obviously offside, not pits and nails, obvious body parts. If the goal was a header check the head, if it's a shot check the feet, if it's a fluke one off the chest check the chest. In situations where a goal hasn't been scored, let the linesmen do their jobs. This is especially key after the Patricio injury where if the linesman had been allowed to do his job and called the offside then Patricio wouldn't have been inured. Pens, if the defender has made a challenge (tackle, barge, hold, pull etc) and has not ended up with the ball then it's a penalty. Handball, outside the natural position BASED ON THE SITUATUION, MOVEMENT OR PLAYER. Raheem sterling and N'golo Kante have runs where their arms go out in front of them. If a ball hits them during motion whilst they are running that is not their fault. If a player is jumping and they swing their arms for elevation and it hits them, that isn't hand ball. If a player is a couple of yards away from the defender and he just blasts it and the defender hasn't got time to move his hand that isn't hand ball. The player needs to be given a reasonable time frame for him to be able to move his hand before it's deffo a handball. Also, VAR should overturn second yellows, they're still reds. Finally, the FA should stop protecting their refs so hard. Refs should be accountable if they get it wrong. If refs seemed accountable or apologetic I doubt they'd receive nearly as much abuse as they do now because people would get it. Refs should be miced up and refs should give post match interviews. Badly performing players have to so why shouldn't refs.
M O Maand geleden
Can we just accept the fact that humans aren’t able to stop the footage precisely enough to make VAR offsides.
MC Mental
MC Mental Maand geleden
If a bit of your knee or arm is ahead of the last defender, it shouldn’t be an offside. That would encourage attackers to actually make runs at the defense. It should be an offside if there’s a decent proportion of a body part ahead of the defender otherwise it’s too easy for the attacker . Also stick to the rules, stop giving penalties just cuz a same situation happened before and a penalty was given unfairly.
Monovan Maand geleden
Hand ball rule fixed 1.Did the ball travel more than 2 meters? (maybe 1m) Yes (continue) No, not hand ball 2. Are the players arms in a position consistent with their momentum (aka for balance) (use frames leading up to contact as reference) Yes, continue No, it is handball 3. Did the player have time to react to move their arm position? (0.7seconds) speed can be calculated using the ball position frame by frame Yes continue No, not hand ball 4.If the ball had travelled more than 2ms, the player had time to react but it struck their arms in a natural position. It is hand ball. (a harsher decision, but it allows for players making mistakes. And if I have time to move my arm but knew it was close enough to a natural position I'd probably get away with it, I'd be more inclined to try and cheat and leave my arm in the way. This rule stops that.) 5. If the arms are flat to the body, and the ball would have struck the body had the arms not been there, it is not handball.
Connor Robson
Connor Robson Maand geleden
Like the head, shoulder, knee or... Toes
Millie Cauich See my Channel
I’m late for my bus, gigantopithecus!
Davinho Maand geleden
I feel like you should also have paid some attention to diving. The VAR era has introduced a rise in attacking players searching for contact with a defender to then fall down, rather than utilize their skill to get past the defense. They know that any contact is enough for VAR to call it a penalty. In my opinion there should always be a former professional player in the VAR room (at least in top tier of football). This persons task is solely to give an unbiased opinion on whether or not there was genuine contact by the defender, or if its the attacking player thats trying to draw a penalty.
TheSuomi 28 dagen geleden
Yes, and also being able to give yellow cards for clear dives
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov 28 dagen geleden
Hahaha that’s funny
random youtube guy
random youtube guy Maand geleden
Problem is its hard to find former players willing to do that and even harder to find unbiased ones
Frost Maand geleden
Never understand the people who want VAR to be scrapped. The problem are the people using it. A referee running around for 90 minutes with a 140 BPM cannot monitor all the players on the pitch and make correct decisions every time, literally impossible. Technology is the future of sport.
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The problem with VAR
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