Does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer DESERVE A New Contract?! | Explained 

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In December 2018, Manchester United sent football news ablaze by firing Jose Mourinho. Though that decision wasn’t particularly surprising, appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as his successor definitely was. The Norweigan had been a legendary forward at Old Trafford, but hardly boasted the managerial CV required to follow in the footsteps of the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
He was only meant to stay for 5 months, but over 2 years later and Solskjaer is still at the heart of the United project. The 48 year old has survived longer than all three of his predecessors, and is set to receive a new contract that should see his wages swell to around £9m per year. The Red Devil’s hierarchy are clearly happy with what they see. However, there is still a contingent of fans who believe United will never fulfill their true potential with Solskjaer in charge.
But is this criticism really fair? And to what extent have his efforts warranted a bumber new deal? Let’s find out.



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27 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily
Football Daily 23 dagen geleden
Can Man United win the Premier League under Solskjaer?! 👇
ANTONIUS SIMON 5 dagen geleden
Next season, but with goal machine striker. Just like van persie do
poongodi k
poongodi k 14 dagen geleden
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himanshu DR
himanshu DR 17 dagen geleden
Orane Sterling
Orane Sterling 19 dagen geleden
@H is this a joke or you just saying that bcoz your a United fan?
H 19 dagen geleden
Not yet but they can win champions league
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
United are just about getting paid as are the players
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
Ole was a legendary sub
Pete Sabbus
Pete Sabbus 17 dagen geleden
I think its like lampard, if they find someone who is a better manager. Then they should het him inn
Pete Sabbus
Pete Sabbus 8 dagen geleden
@JC Gaming ole is a decent manager who is doing a decent Job. But if man u can find someone who is an elite manager, then they should hire him, if not then they should keep ole
JC Gaming
JC Gaming 9 dagen geleden
Lampard was just plain rubbish, ole needs time simple as that.
Star Prince007
Star Prince007 18 dagen geleden
6:25 cracks the shit out of me
Joon - young
Joon - young 19 dagen geleden
no, ole is the man before the man. thank him for his service and move on.
Reverend Kane
Reverend Kane 19 dagen geleden
Ole 🤣
Sifiso 19 dagen geleden
The real answer to the question is, what are Man United ambitions going forward? Honestly, Man Utd are not going to be championship team under Ole. If Man Utd is content not being champions of anything and content with fighting for a top 4 finish every season, then yes giving Ole a new contract is justified. On the other hand, if the want to be a team that challenges for the premiership and champions league, like the united of old, then giving him a new contract is not justified. For Untied to start challenging again they need to get serious about recruitment, most importantly the recruitment of a coach with a proven track record of winning championships. Then they can start building a team to challenge. Ole is not on the same level at the Pep, Klopp and the Mourinho of the world, United need a manger of that calibre to be compete and be taken seriously. Man United’s position right now and last season is due to Bruno and not Ole’s brilliance.
Krish 19 dagen geleden
How can the editor even say there are no options for nxt managers when nagelsmann exists along with other great innovative coaches like Jesse March,ten hag ,de zebri etc
EpicBilbau82 19 dagen geleden
His best is a bigger gap than when Mourinho finished 2nd and with 3x the investment
Dr HamezTech
Dr HamezTech 19 dagen geleden
You can't give a man a ferrari and expect him to be a better driver
Edwin Becerra
Edwin Becerra 20 dagen geleden
You forgot to mentioned OLE has gotten most of the signings he wanted unlike his predecessors who never got who they really wanted.
Junger Chen Long
Junger Chen Long 20 dagen geleden
Only idiot..will give him one
Michael Fletcher
Michael Fletcher 20 dagen geleden
So many people saying ole had not won anything has manager Yet he has whit Molde FK he won a league title whit them
eduardo7910 20 dagen geleden
He's done an okay job but his tactics are so boring and aren't the way a United team should play
jake chambers
jake chambers 20 dagen geleden
His fine if you are happy with making top for and the knockouts in the UCL but if you want to genuinely compete for the 2 big ones i just can't see it happening under him
Jordan Dunn
Jordan Dunn 20 dagen geleden
Ole out tbh He isn’t good enough in any shape or form The Ajax coach seems like a good fit or the Leipzig one.
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal 21 dag geleden
He deserves a new contract and a little more time but that's it, just a little more time. I would give him till the end of next season and if he still hasn't won a trophy and hasn't progressed in the ucl past the quarter finals which United haven't done in a decade, then I would think his time to be up but we'll see. He deserves another season as this season he came close in the premier league but dropped too many points in Pogbas absense
steven vargas
steven vargas 21 dag geleden
Honestly, since he’s arrived, he’s actually making the squad brand new and they’ve been more efficient in the movement of the game to which they seem more qualified to win at any competition at the moment. He deserves it.
Finley Simpson
Finley Simpson 21 dag geleden
Why are you trying to do this. Stop this he’s done well! You should be talking about why Arteta should be sacked. He’s done a shit job and they won’t even make it into the top half at the end of the season
Dodi Aguswandi
Dodi Aguswandi 21 dag geleden
MU Board & MU Fans seems ok he extend, so what’s the problem?
Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh 21 dag geleden
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Warren Dredge
Warren Dredge 21 dag geleden
I wonder is Ole himself happy to be part of this unsuccessful period? It’s 2 years of stagnation. Surely he wants United to be successful again?
XM 21 dag geleden
Title winning takes time , just look at liverpool kloop took a few seasons to win the league
Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson 22 dagen geleden
We will win nothing under Ole. He will probably get a new contract as he is a "Yes man" to the board & he lacks ambition just like the board. Jose got sacked after winning trophies & finishing 2nd in league with a crap squad. We are heading backwards under Ole esp if he gets a new contract & players like De Gea, Telles, Baillie, Donny & Pogba all leave in the summer.
_ 22 dagen geleden
I think ole should be given another season and if it goes well they should keep him
Christopher Inegbedion
Christopher Inegbedion 22 dagen geleden
everyone except for united fans can see how bang average ole is. Personally want him to stay, they're never gonna win anything
SuperNorGfortioladofus 22 dagen geleden
I'm Ole in but giving him a new contract is stupid, wait until the end of the season and see where we end then decide whether he deserves the contract or not
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC
the disrespect of Victor Lindelof is crazy tbh
Trym the Manchester United fan #MUFC
stop acting like trophies is like a magic pill United been in a rebuild for awhile ever since Alex left tbh and winning % going up is a huge part of a good rebuild trophy comes with time ... sure people often neglecting competitions like Europa League, Carabao Cup and FA Cup as useless competitions, to get deeper into a competition is improvement alone but of course many prefer for United to win everything as a default ... in today's game it's impossible cuz of the lack of backing by the Glazers Criminals who steals from United just to fund Tampa Bay Bucs Cap space in order to sign players in the NFL while neglecting paying back interest from what Glazers ( Loan / Steal) from United
Martin Hibbert
Martin Hibbert 22 dagen geleden
I think if he had a proper striker who can get a guaranteed 30 goals in all competitions then Ole wouldn't have any questions against him. Few more signings to add a bit of depth and remove some older ones and their wages and he'll be in good shape
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer 22 dagen geleden
I dont think he deserves it
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 22 dagen geleden
Not if he continues to be the most boring team in Europe. If two CDMs gets dropped... maybe we should talk about a new contract then, but if he continues to play this stupid type of football, then he needs to go.
Heinkle 22 dagen geleden
The restructure won’t improve our transfer market business, just watch
Tom Malone
Tom Malone 22 dagen geleden
a serious title bid is vital next season, but he deserves a new contract
Charlie Kay
Charlie Kay 22 dagen geleden
Ole could do a brilliant job and finish the league with 80 odd points which would be enough to win a league not so long ago but these days that wont be enough as the bar has been raised so much.
Charlie Kay
Charlie Kay 22 dagen geleden
With this man city team, trophies won by other clubs will be very rare unfortunately. They are on another level and will be there for some time I think.
Daniel Amone
Daniel Amone 13 dagen geleden
Exactly they have such a great board, owner, manager and squard.
Jonathan Abere
Jonathan Abere 22 dagen geleden
No he does not deserve a deal
Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda
This is a brilliant video. Shows both positives and negatives. Completely agree with the video.
Richie Mason
Richie Mason 22 dagen geleden
Nar he doesn't deserve a new contract hes useless forget the sentiment for us we are serial bottlers out of Europe early, hes bought van der beek and never plays the lad im sick of just been average we are united
Oscar Manuel Alejandro Uribe soto
woodward is a fool if we would have a good sports director before we wouldnt be talking about this .,,,,, for a infiror sqoad and being in 2n or 3rd right now is amazing to me, yes no trophies but come on ole has signed amazing young talents just like saf... he need time and the money to get this squad packing. Mancheser cisty have a golden squad,, and with squads like chealse and liverpool we need to give ole pur support,, glory glory man u baby
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee 22 dagen geleden
I'm United fan but OLE can F off
Gmm 27
Gmm 27 22 dagen geleden
i’d like to see nagelsman or marsch at united
Dan Neary
Dan Neary 22 dagen geleden
Add least we give the fa cup the old college try
Ziggy Monplaizi
Ziggy Monplaizi 22 dagen geleden
I know you didn’t mean Armand Traore 🤣Amad Diallo I reckon
Brenda Young
Brenda Young 22 dagen geleden
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Angel Villegas
Angel Villegas 22 dagen geleden
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Brenda Young
Brenda Young 22 dagen geleden
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David West
David West 22 dagen geleden
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Angel Villegas
Angel Villegas 22 dagen geleden
I am interested
Diana Young
Diana Young 22 dagen geleden
I am happy for your success Brenda, how do one get started?
Farhan Marco
Farhan Marco 23 dagen geleden
I mean sure they can progress but it will take a while until United reach their true potential.
black anaconda
black anaconda 23 dagen geleden
solkjaer will make player like messi,ronaldo,lewandoski european league caliber players
JOANA. hi, darling am Horny
James Hunter
James Hunter 23 dagen geleden
Mourinho certainly isnt boxoffice anymore 🤣
JOANA. hi, darling am Horny
GokuSSJ3 23 dagen geleden
All these stupid, worthless stats... “shots per game”, “possession” “45% of games score 3 times or more” what does all of that matter when you barely get into the top 4 and win nothing? If you’re a team like West Ham, Everton, etc sure that can be a big step but for Manchester United they need trophies. That’s why teams like Chelsea do bad under one manager but get back on track relatively fast, Abramovich doesn’t care about that he gets a new manager and tells them to get back on track ASAP no matter what.
Lumireii 23 dagen geleden
Would be a genuine waste of time, money and resources if we gave him a new contract. But I guess we can afford mediocrity for another year or two 😪
Callum Horspool
Callum Horspool 23 dagen geleden
Just go get Naglesmann imo, he’ll do better things with the squad than Ole
jammie_dodger123 23 dagen geleden
as much as he is unlikely to win the PL, he has been exactly what we needed. The club had headed away from the youth-based philosophy and the fans were even booing the team off the pitch. The club had tried to go for the big names with Jose and Van Gaal but it had taken the team's identity away. Ole has brought that back, giving the most first team debuts in a single year to youth players and played football that the fans were entertained by. He has brought the best out of Rashford, Mctominay and Martial (last season), amongst others. The squad has been freshened up and Solskjaer has managed to keep the players on board. He sold the deadwood and is yet to have a flop signing (VDB has plenty of time to turn it round and the rest have been successful). The club is no doubt in a better situation than we were previously in. If we can continue to grow then maybe big trophies could become a realistic target.
Vinayak Jha
Vinayak Jha 23 dagen geleden
My few concern with gaffer is his favouritism and not using subs properly other than that he has done decent job without getting backed our board sucks so if ole leaves they need to give resignation first. Also if ole will get backed and have proper coaches he is a great man manger and can do things but I know nothing would happen and sack is inevitable the story of utd since sir Alex left. Nobody can be judged with glazers and ed doing the business
Robert Ostipoc
Robert Ostipoc 23 dagen geleden
Allegri is a few classes above Solskjaer and will fix that leaky defence United has. Ole will be the equivalent of Pochetino from his time at Spurs, zero trophies but "exciting" football, but is that enough ?
Micah Mclaughlin
Micah Mclaughlin 23 dagen geleden
Im a utd fan and Ole doesnt deserve one , his a fraud , the football is exactly the same and his comments are disgraceful
Ayodeji Twins
Ayodeji Twins 23 dagen geleden
This video made me laugh it avoided the fact that Solskjaer has spent the most money in the transfer market in the last two years and that the squad is not strong enough is not is fault it is laughable hahahaha
Abbas Abdullah
Abbas Abdullah 23 dagen geleden
Yes, bro, i think we dont have anyone yet now to do better than him. Even mourinho coukd get along. He won trophies yes. But did we play better football. No. He got good scorers to put the ball in. Ibra was the main reason. Now its bruno. But the real problem is not changing coaches. Look at liverpool. After 5 years they tot they had solved a 30 year problem. Yes, they won trophies after 4 years. They finally won epl. Now, back to square one. Klop is not the problem.
Kev All money in
Kev All money in 23 dagen geleden
Ole the PE teacher
USA 23 dagen geleden
Absolutely Not
AC-T21 23 dagen geleden
The mad thing is if we are gonna win anything or become more consistent we need a braver manager but ole has not been bad enough to sack so he is creeping under radar..he just needs to be more like klopp and pep and go for it
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 23 dagen geleden
Ole should be replaced by Allegri. He isn’t good enough for Man Utd. I hope he can go back to Norway and ever see British football again.
Jose DEL bosque
Jose DEL bosque 23 dagen geleden
OGS ALL the way He’s got love for the team and is building a great team He just needs some backing from the board And get either Sancho or Haland
the gamer warrior
the gamer warrior 23 dagen geleden
Today neuer became 35 btw
Hanzala Mehmood
Hanzala Mehmood 23 dagen geleden
Some of the stuff Ole has said is sackable. How is this guy still in a job he doesn’t deserve it
Tinsae Deresse
Tinsae Deresse 23 dagen geleden
Absolutely. lol
brahm lewandowski
brahm lewandowski 23 dagen geleden
im not saying hes a good manager, not saying hes a bad manager, but hes working in an era with peps manchester city and klopps liverpool... it’s not an easy job
i i
i i 23 dagen geleden
im happy if ole stays for the next 20 years things will improve
YtbGamer 14 dagen geleden
As someone who dislikes United I also want ole in for a long time
ZACH 22 dagen geleden
wait till bruno retires😂 it will be hard to replace him
Nico Railsfans
Nico Railsfans 23 dagen geleden
Yes, he deserve because winning mentality is slowly growing we just need to wait not protest, just look at sir Alex he ever nearly to get sacked. And he also have intrest on academy.
Tilla David Katenga
Tilla David Katenga 23 dagen geleden
To be fair, he's done alright. He's come at a tough time with pep with all the money in the world, Chelsea have picked them self's up, there is only time until he hopefully wins something
Dhul Qarnayn
Dhul Qarnayn 23 dagen geleden
Attacking football? I ain’t seen that since Ole was interim manager
Daragh McQuaid
Daragh McQuaid 22 dagen geleden
Literally second most goals in the league tho?
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 23 dagen geleden
He needs to add a little more quality to the squad to get his best football. I believe we need a CB that can cover for Maguire to win the headers and dribble out from the back, a holding mid that can hold on his own and allow Pogba or Scott to push forward and a right sided winger to be creative
allan yang
allan yang 23 dagen geleden
Can’t wait to see what Ole says when next year Man City, Pool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester are outpacing far he has been able to talk a good talk..... The fact is.....with some luck we signed Fernandes (with Woodward you can nver be sure). Else we would probably in mid table hearing him talking about the lads are doing their best, we are building towards a better next season so we cannot be short sighted etc etc etc.....
EvanStraightEdge316 23 dagen geleden
People from United Stand aren't going to like this video.
dwi wahyu
dwi wahyu 14 dagen geleden
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EvanStraightEdge316 21 dag geleden
@ani bro OK Maybe I should have said some but you have to agree even though I love goldbridge as a person, most of them are always negative.
ani bro
ani bro 21 dag geleden
most ppl on TUS agree with this decision only a couple dont. Dont make false statements
BigHomieChanga 23 dagen geleden
i think if he finishes second he should keep the job, but i don’t think he’s the man to lead them to trophies, he has been a good transitional manager but i’m not sure he’s got that unstoppable will to win like Mourinho used to have
jk 23 dagen geleden
I feel like Ole isn’t ruthless enough to succeed at Man United. However, he does seem to have a good relationship with everyone at the club and they could succeed with a strengthened squad
Tam Carroll
Tam Carroll 23 dagen geleden
You can't really complain about a lack of creative depth when you have fernandes and pogba and van de beek can't get a game and you've even let lingard go oot on loan.
grayson pearson
grayson pearson 23 dagen geleden
They should wait for Marcelo Bielsa
James Washington
James Washington 23 dagen geleden
Ofc. Ole is actually bringing respect back to united’s name. They are playing some amazing football and in second place right now. they are hella good
Pablo Alvarez
Pablo Alvarez 23 dagen geleden
Until the board decides to fully back the club, any other manager will fail as well. They do not care about this club being successful and are running it into the ground
rchizzle 23 dagen geleden
One of the best videos y’all have made yet
Abz 16
Abz 16 23 dagen geleden
Yh, I really enjoyed it as well.
Haidar Aqbal
Haidar Aqbal 23 dagen geleden
very well said
Devante 23 dagen geleden
No style of play, no tactics, incompetent board and below par coaching staff learning on the job. we rely on Bruno too many times you can’t rely on one player especially if you are supposedly a “big club” there are atleast 2 levels United are able to go up to but with ole it won’t happen he’s reached his ceiling. oles spent close to £300m. He has steadied the ship and I feel the glazers only want him cuz he’s a yes man and will keep the ship sailing in calm waters for however long. man United are an elite club being run by morons. Don’t be fooled We might be in 2nd place but Chelsea will be devastating next season if they get a striker, Liverpool will probably be back after the injuries and Leicester will be Leicester as for city I’ve nothing to say. It’s gonna be difficult and we are on the verge of giving this guy a 3 year contract extension I CANT BELIEVE IT #OleOut
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit 23 dagen geleden
He’s lost games sure dont we all but i need to give a manager time im all about time now we have become a sacking club we dont wanna be . We want success and we don’t believe in sacking management so fast anymore 1 more season and than we assess from there .
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit 23 dagen geleden
I like ole he hasn’t done anything wrong yet he’s had 2 years lets see 1 more season and than we can assess 3 years in with his players if any improvements or not . Clear ? Okay sweet thanks
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam 23 dagen geleden
I have never been ole out, but he has to win the europa league
Commander 23 dagen geleden
Unlike Mourinho football... into only counter attacking team point. Last two months they'v been playing like Mourinho team. Keep him though, 2nd! place unlike Mourinho's second place. Fernandes dip or injury and they are not even top 6 team.
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 23 dagen geleden
Never once have i ever doubted that Ole is the man for the job,as FD has pointed out there is progress and that is the only thing that matter. The problem is the board,no one knows where their interests are. Do they see United as a football club or a cash cow? I think its fair to assume the latter.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 23 dagen geleden
Ole definitely deserves a new contract..
Jaan Moshref
Jaan Moshref 23 dagen geleden
Ole has not made any progress. No Trophies and boring brand of Football is not the DNA of United. Winning titles is the DNA of United and with him In charge I don’t see us winning anything. He has more negatives than positives. - he hasn’t improved the team - he keeps playing his favourites and don’t utilised the squad - boring style of play - week Mentally - can’t coach - employing his friends - spend 300 million the squad is still weak - can’t beat low block teams - Always make excuses #oleOut #edwoodwardOut
War Saw
War Saw 23 dagen geleden
I'm a united fan and love Ole. However I don't think he can attract the big players.
Rishit Dabhade
Rishit Dabhade 23 dagen geleden
The bond he has with the players and us, the fans, it's just unmatchable at the moment. I would be absolutely gutted if he leaves OT.
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly 23 dagen geleden
" van gaal controversially sacked days after winning the fa cup" sadly it was hours not days
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly 22 dagen geleden
@Chris Holton they said controversial I just quoted it saying it wasn't days it was literally after he came into the changing room after winning it
Chris Holton
Chris Holton 22 dagen geleden
lol what was controversial about it? we were rubbish under van gaal
Tom Atkin
Tom Atkin 23 dagen geleden
He’s awful
achiando raymond
achiando raymond 23 dagen geleden
They need to back him in the transfer market
johnny lara
johnny lara 23 dagen geleden
Give him a 10 year please. We love that he’s winning 0 titles and winning 50% of games !!
Edvard Lundgren
Edvard Lundgren 23 dagen geleden
Ole in!!!!
Zeke Rubin-Moore
Zeke Rubin-Moore 23 dagen geleden
no outstanding candidates? allegri has entered the chat
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit 23 dagen geleden
He'll be sacked by Christmas and honestly I can't wait, despite league position we're playing the worst football in the league by a mile and he has no other tactic other than counter attacking teams. His progress is a moo point because it won't develop into anything solid
SpamQGamers 22 dagen geleden
It just shows how poor the squad was, bruno brought in to have greater attacking creation, Maguire and Bissaka for defense, right now its an out right striker and right wing, as most attacks come from the left (rashford shaw), and martial isn't being clinical. Fix those two issues and i can see united winning. Pat of the reason as to why it is just counter attack, is the uneven attacking output (i.e. left, middle and right); the left is decent, centre is okay, right needs a lot more improvement. To the point where only the left and on a rare day the middle can breakdown a defence.