Choosing YOUR Clubs Player Of The Season! | #SundayVibes 

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21 mrt. 2021




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Tommy Nolan
Tommy Nolan 8 dagen geleden
Rice Is still 10 away from the most interceptions Jan Bednarek with 68 the most atm Rice is tied 3rd
jjn Torresnamesito
jjn Torresnamesito 16 dagen geleden
#sunday vibes Impressive players from every top 3 in Europe’s best leagues
Chiraag H. Vazquez
Chiraag H. Vazquez 18 dagen geleden
Xhaka for Arsenal. We have looked a mess almost every time he doesn't play
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 19 dagen geleden
Being ‘HUMBLE’ only lasts so long as much as you’ll try to stay as it, when you’re earning £300,000 a week for kicking a bag of air around a bit of painted grass...... Money has ruined football forever and it will only continue to get less passionate and worse by week, on week...
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 19 dagen geleden
Salah is getting way to big for his own shoes.
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 19 dagen geleden
Mane outclasses Salah as an all around true passionate footballer. Salah has nothing on Mane.... Salah stats are all lies. Penalty after Penalty.
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 19 dagen geleden
MO SALAH is the most over rated player in the league and has been for years. One foot wonder... I have and will always stand by regardless of performances. A human being who for a living only has to kicks ball, and can’t be the slightest bit comfortable using both feet. It’s honestly and the individuals who can’t use both should be embarrassed beyond belief. Salah will never ever be world class, or classed as... and I bet if you all debate it and think properly about it, he could be top scorer for 10 seasons in a row.... and I garuntee if I asked any of you guys name your starting 11 from the premier league in the last 20 years.... he would be no where near.
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 19 dagen geleden
Man City - ROHDRI
Jamez G
Jamez G 21 dag geleden
Pat lad Brighton haven’t conceded that many...
Louis Fentiman
Louis Fentiman 22 dagen geleden
Everton’s player of the season is between Dcl and Ben Godfrey 100%
nigl2807 22 dagen geleden
Salah's passing doesn't feel as good this season as they guys make it out to be. Yes he has the goals, but where was he for all the games we lost/failed to score any goals?. Imho Fabinho has been more important both at CB and CDM
Donna Gregory
Donna Gregory 23 dagen geleden
Hi football daily I love ur podcasts you posted a pod on my bday which made me happy
Dean Irwin
Dean Irwin 24 dagen geleden
I love how Pato was licking Hojbjerg’s hole when he was at Southampton lol
Adam Richards
Adam Richards 24 dagen geleden
When you said Luke Ayling is good at everything I had to leave.
Marshall Urban
Marshall Urban 24 dagen geleden
For man city, its definitely dias. He came in and completely changed our defense. He was a huge part of revitalizing stones. His leadership and defending are both phenomenal. He changed our season, I would say single handedly if it wasnt for cancellos contributions which I believe to have revitalized our attack with his inverted role in the midfield. But in the end, if your not conceding goals and your not just parking the bus it makes it much easier for the forwards to score. Dias easy for me.
Jordan Renton
Jordan Renton 25 dagen geleden
Red Arse for Loser however it is the Winners choice of 5 Pro footballers hit the 3 shots each
Oliver Hargrave
Oliver Hargrave 26 dagen geleden
Would just like to nominate stuart dallas as Leeds' most underappreciated player this campaign 💛💙
James Mutumba
James Mutumba 26 dagen geleden
Harry Kane defo for Tottenham
- Locke -
- Locke - 26 dagen geleden
Oh man, the Saints part made me angry. Calling JWP a set piece merchant has to be a joke. He captains the side, plays every minute, holds our midfield (his stats are actually really good), does the playmaking and then delivers the best set pieces in the league. He can do it all, couldn't ask for a better captain. England international as well.
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 26 dagen geleden
For leeds I would go for Jack Harrison For Burnley I would go for Ben Mee or Brownhill. For Brighton I would go for Ben White or Sanchez.
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 26 dagen geleden
For leeds I would go for Jack Harrison
Paboy Korta
Paboy Korta 26 dagen geleden
Telemann is one of the best cm in the world, too often underrated but brilliant football..hard working, can pass,score,create chances and defend
daizan 27 dagen geleden
Conversion of shots to goals 8.77%, that's 9 in 10 attacks he is fucks up. Has only 3 man of the match awards, 3 assists all season but white people be like Mason Mount is the new David Beckham. Yes he has improved under Tuchel but he is playing alongside the best CDM in the world, best regista in the world, best ball progressing midfielder in the world, its not him its them. Open your eyes!!
Velyan Minekov
Velyan Minekov 27 dagen geleden
This might be a ridiculous statement, but I believe Emi Martinez might be the next Juve goalie.
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 25 dagen geleden
Your right that is a ridiculous statement
Football 108
Football 108 27 dagen geleden
Great video lads, Rest in piece Patrick’s Cat.
Andrew Wemyss
Andrew Wemyss 27 dagen geleden
How you picked Salah and not fabinho. Salah has about 14 shots per game and converts one, granted he gets into the positions but his finishing is so hit and miss and there are plenty of opportunities where he could've laid the ball off to mane. Stats make him look quality but if you ask any liverpool fan who they would worry about not starting it would be Fabinho.
Craig Tyler
Craig Tyler 27 dagen geleden
How is Cancelo City's player of the season when Pep has him on rotation like a spotify playlist??
Richie Young
Richie Young 27 dagen geleden
KDB for me
Alejandro Fuentes
Alejandro Fuentes 27 dagen geleden
This Patrick guy should let a smile slip through once in a while. Looks like he wants to die.
Circle 28
Circle 28 27 dagen geleden
id pick mahrez
Jay Tyrrell
Jay Tyrrell 27 dagen geleden
Forfeit -- Joe wears a Liverpool shirt , Pat wears a Spurs shirt and Chris wears a Rangers shirt 😳😁
David Jones
David Jones 27 dagen geleden
Pato is such a boring sod, how he has this job I don't know. Get somone who doesn't act like he kills cats in his sparetime.
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 27 dagen geleden
Come on Tierney has transformed Arsenal
Me 27 dagen geleden
Jesse Lingard rogue shout?
Royal3 28 dagen geleden
kiss badge of loser rival team
Andre Camilleri
Andre Camilleri 28 dagen geleden
Fikayo Tomori over Konsah
Zero Qualms
Zero Qualms 28 dagen geleden
Josh Brownhill Burnley
stuartbest95 28 dagen geleden
You guys are way too harsh on Crystal Palace. Last week giving Hodgson a D, and this week that their players are all awful. Okay, they're not great, but they get the results and that is what matters!
Karol Klimek Life
Karol Klimek Life 28 dagen geleden
Karol Klimek Life
Karol Klimek Life 28 dagen geleden
Charlie Cooper
Charlie Cooper 28 dagen geleden
You need to explain why you’ve partnered with footstock after the index scandal
Things with Thad
Things with Thad 28 dagen geleden
wilson to brighton
George Robert
George Robert 28 dagen geleden
Not sure if its the camera resolution, the lack of moustache, or the haircut, but Chris is starting to look like a background character from the Simpsons - 42:50 - 43:00
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 28 dagen geleden
Idk how people are saying cancelo 😂 It’s between Dias & gundo for player of the season, cancelo can’t do what he does without a solid defence. Let’s be honest for the good work he does he is still very inconsistent.
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 26 dagen geleden
@cogamers84 he is very inconsistent my friend I watch every city game and he gives away the ball doing silly stuff every game he tries to nutmeg atleast 2 people his shots on goal are never on target, his crosses after we get a counter from the sides into the box are always way off there is so many aspects of his game he needs to work on. Tbh he cost us the game against United both goals were his fault 1st one he threw the ball to Jesus in the middle of the park instead of down the line. 2nd goal is obvious wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong him and John stones are the most improved but I reckon walker should be our number 1 right back in big games, also I think Fernandinho should start over Rodri. Plus zinchenko should be our first choice left back.
cogamers84 26 dagen geleden
How is Cancelo inconsistent. One of the most consistent players in the league this season
angrypurplecow 28 dagen geleden
Pato 20x a Sunday Vibes: “I don’t care man”
OllieDavies 28 dagen geleden
Ruben Dias - he’s brought more than just his footballing ability, it’s the mental side and his leadership that he brings. Made the defence better and is undroppable in cities team. Bernardo silva is undroppable in big games, gundogan, cancelo, foden, KDB, stones, zinchenko, rodri all having amazing seasons.
Louis S
Louis S 28 dagen geleden
Ruben Dias definitely city's player of the season. You say Laporte can be placed right in there but look at last season? We were nowhere near as "secure" at the back. Dias nailed on as citys player of the season for me even though Gundo is in the form of his life.
Andres Nava H.
Andres Nava H. 28 dagen geleden
Pat, 'firjoles' just means beans, man. 'queso' just means cheese, 'sombrero' just means hat, 'maiz' just means corn.
Adamin 28 dagen geleden
MN Collins
MN Collins 28 dagen geleden
Pats face at 20min mark : D
charlie bishop
charlie bishop 28 dagen geleden
The mention of burnley is an absolute joke. Literally took a few seconds on us. Completely skipping over players like Ben Mee or matty lowton or josh brownhill. Brownhill is 2nd in the league for overall interceptions with 2.5 a game and 1.4 tackles per game, he’s been amazing when he’s fit but would never get a mention because he plays for us. Then they proceed to go and rim off Brighton as usual just a load of biased shite
Raef Lynn
Raef Lynn 28 dagen geleden
Day 136 of KWP getting absolutely zero credit despite him being our 2nd most important player
E 16 dagen geleden
KWP and Armstrong have been our best by a country mile
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW 28 dagen geleden
I'd give to Cancelo for Man City
Ashiq Muhammed
Ashiq Muhammed 28 dagen geleden
Ngolo kante at least deserve a shout out
cogamers84 26 dagen geleden
Was dreadful first half of the season under Lampard
Lachlan Minchin
Lachlan Minchin 28 dagen geleden
Sorry but even if I was in Britain I ain't joining some gambling app
brad mcmeekin
brad mcmeekin 28 dagen geleden
Great drinking game- finish your vessel every time mill say shine.
Football Daily
Football Daily 28 dagen geleden
@brad mcmeekin I quite like Mill tbf.
brad mcmeekin
brad mcmeekin 28 dagen geleden
Jason Blaine
Jason Blaine 28 dagen geleden
Huge city fan, I don’t disagree with your comments about Laporte and Dias although both are great. Gundugan has been immense this season but my POTS is Cancelo. Although shoutout to Bernardo Silva, his work rate is unreal
Rodrigo Menezess
Rodrigo Menezess 28 dagen geleden
Never thought I would see Pat absolutely trash cuisines but hey here we are
RafaDinho ForLahm
RafaDinho ForLahm 28 dagen geleden
starts at 4:20
Something New
Something New 29 dagen geleden
I’d say cancelo, but it could may aswell be dias, the effect he’s had on stones is insane
Tim 29 dagen geleden
Godfrey been better than DCL
Bryce Denholm
Bryce Denholm 29 dagen geleden
Chris is obsessed with Brighton
sh0ups 29 dagen geleden
Forfeit, present Sunday vibes in rival club shirt
King of the Bridge
King of the Bridge 29 dagen geleden
For Arsenal I think David Luiz is the game changer. Sooo much better than any CB on the roster.
Josh Dawes
Josh Dawes 29 dagen geleden
I’ve watched every westbrom game this season😭😭
MG99 27 dagen geleden
That’s unfortunate
josh frankland
josh frankland 29 dagen geleden
How fabinho was not even mentioned for Liverpool was absolutely criminal. He’s been exceptional this season in a multitude of positions because needs must and not even a thought towards him, disappointing
Andrew Wemyss
Andrew Wemyss 27 dagen geleden
Mate couldn't agree more. Stats make Salah look better than he is. I watch him every game and he has about 15 opportunities and burrays one where he could've passed to mane or firmino. Selfish player at times and is overrated.
TheRuggun 29 dagen geleden
Stuart Dallas deserves a shout for Leeds. Their best player in two different positions. No easy feat.
EuroExpert 29 dagen geleden
Pato is one of those people who doesn't realise just how hilarious he is
Max Woolman
Max Woolman 29 dagen geleden
Dias for Man City easy
adran x
adran x 29 dagen geleden
R.I.P. to Pato's cat :'(
Mitchell Coyle
Mitchell Coyle 29 dagen geleden
As a NY Red Bulls fan here in New Jersey I can confidently say Jesse Marsch was one of our best coaches ever and Chris is 100% correct, where he’s gonna want to come in and leave his mark on Scottish football, he’s not going to go there just for the resume boost! He’s on an amazing track to the top of management and he’ll get there soon!
Matthew Coco
Matthew Coco 29 dagen geleden
I think each person should have a different forfeit and different prize, just to make it even more enticing for them to play
Brandon Sandman
Brandon Sandman 29 dagen geleden
I love the Banter from Pat!
Peter Winfield
Peter Winfield 29 dagen geleden
Forfeit idea, wear a rival club shirt a whole Sunday vibes episode (Pat Tottenham, Chris rangers and joe Liverpool)
Johs R
Johs R 25 dagen geleden
Curtis Rennie
Curtis Rennie 29 dagen geleden
kyle walker peters has been saints' best player this season, also there was no need for pvs to roast ward prowse when hes been quality
Mitchell Patten
Mitchell Patten 29 dagen geleden
Quick to lord Brighton for pinging the ball around, when Zaha and Callum Wilson have outscored their top scorer also whilst having periods out. Admittedly it has been boring from Palace and Newcastle, but I don’t understand why it’s so funny when Palace at least are far above them and beat them!?
James EFC
James EFC 29 dagen geleden
DCL hasn't been evertons best player this season. Godfrey, keane, Doucoure and maybe Richarlison have been better
Comrade 29 dagen geleden
#sundayvibes : Is Lewandowski one of the top 10 strikers of all time? 👀
Tanga karel
Tanga karel 29 dagen geleden
I think Matheus Perreira has been west brooms best player this season
Tim 29 dagen geleden
Lookman didn't come into the Fulham team late at all?
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford 29 dagen geleden
City POTY has to be Gundogan so far but Dias is a very close second. Dropping in Laporte for Dias is a big change and the Stones/Laporte partnership isn’t something you’ll see in big games. Laporte is class but he is an individual whereas Dias is the leader of the defence. The defence is so much more solid when he is in the lineup.
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie 29 dagen geleden
For Chelsea is kovacic
Daniel Machial
Daniel Machial 29 dagen geleden
You guys have such a cool job.. keep it up greetings from Portugal
Craig Taylor-Broad
Craig Taylor-Broad 29 dagen geleden
Criminal that Konsa didn't get an England call up
Seth Ricketts
Seth Ricketts 29 dagen geleden
Cabcelo is definitely the most important player at city rn
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 26 dagen geleden
@cogamers84 I never said there was a replacement lol 😂😂😂😂
cogamers84 26 dagen geleden
@Ashy Larry Yeah well you didn't say there was a replacement. I'm fine with Rodri, it's hard to stand out as a cdm but that doesn't make you any less important to the tean
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 26 dagen geleden
@cogamers84 I would get rid of Rodri, I don’t rate him I think whoever replaces Fernandinho would definitely take the spot of first choice cdm over Rodri.
cogamers84 26 dagen geleden
@Ashy Larry The thing is if we sold Cancelo we still have Walker, if we sell Rodri we have a 35 year old Fernandinho. So probably Cancelo
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 26 dagen geleden
@cogamers84 who would you sell between cancelo & rodri? 😂
Conor Mccloskey
Conor Mccloskey 29 dagen geleden
For Leeds it’s Dallas he is mr consistent and can play anywhere he is so direspected
Harry Cox
Harry Cox 26 dagen geleden
Kp for me without him we are nothing
Matt Ames
Matt Ames 29 dagen geleden
Kouyate hasn't been great. Also you CAN say Zaha he's been unbelievable and has 9 goals this season. Especially as you were saying Richarlison who has 6 goals in a much better team.
ryan smith
ryan smith 29 dagen geleden
The fact that Grealish signed that contract shows that he doesn't want a move.
adam johnson
adam johnson 29 dagen geleden
as a city fan id say dias has been our best player
PupperFish 29 dagen geleden
As a punishment you should have to watch a full 90 minutes of Newcastle
Football Daily
Football Daily 29 dagen geleden
Rory 29 dagen geleden
Good shout from Pat on Watkins
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz 29 dagen geleden
Cancelo n dias
Ben Watts
Ben Watts 29 dagen geleden
Surely for Palace if it’s not Zaha or Eze then it’s Guaita
Hayden 29 dagen geleden
Neto has been our best player but glad to see some light on Neves he's been consistently amazing definitely having his best season in the prem so far Neto Neves Semedo Saiss Rui
Siddharth Bhamidipati
Siddharth Bhamidipati 29 dagen geleden
man city-ruben dias
OB1 Kenobi
OB1 Kenobi 29 dagen geleden
Martinez not being villa’s best this season is like when de gea wasn’t even top 3 for the ballon d’or when he somehow got man utd 2nd. And mourinho even dared to take credit for it
Caden Turner
Caden Turner 29 dagen geleden
Gabriel deserves a shout at arsenal, imagine a half decent partner who stays fit and
Caden Turner
Caden Turner 29 dagen geleden
@William Larson very true, I still forget and find it hard to fathom that at 19 he has played the third most minutes in the squad
William Larson
William Larson 29 dagen geleden
I’d agree if it weren’t for the fact he’s been out of the lineup to much
DrFrappuccino 29 dagen geleden
Luke Shaw has been the best LB in the world this year and was still solid at the start of the season. Disagree with PVS saying "he hasn't been best LB in the world good". Who's been better? Shaw absolutely locked down elite wingers like Salah and Mahrez and most chances created by any defender in europes top 5 leagues this season.
Chris and Katie Brooke
Chris and Katie Brooke 29 dagen geleden
Do you guys miss the pub? Has it been over a year?
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo 29 dagen geleden
I’m a spurs fan and don’t like Hojberg. He’s poor on the ball
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