Choosing Our England XI For Euro 2020! | #SundayVibes 

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Joe, Patrick & Zac this week are talking about England and Euro 2020. With the Three Lions squad bringing up much debate in the recent qualifiers (no TAA and Watkins over Bamford for example), the trio try and come up with their starting XI ahead of the Euro's for the summer! Although there maybe some hotly contested positions, and some new candidates emerging this season, they spend over 40 minutes deciding who they believe can bring football home once again (well, it's not the World Cup but you know what we mean).
Comment below what your starting XI would be, and remember to like and subscribe. Cheers!


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28 mrt. 2021




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Adam Aguirre
Adam Aguirre 3 dagen geleden
I remember this channel when it had Lawrence , Dave, and Adam Better times than these 3 guys
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 7 dagen geleden
This slander of maguire. 2018 World Cup the goals were clear mistakes by Walker then Stones against Croatia
littlebill 236
littlebill 236 10 dagen geleden
WLØM Music
WLØM Music 10 dagen geleden
Rashy on left and sancho on right thats it
S1LVAW0LF 10 dagen geleden
Pope Walker Stones Maguire Shaw TAA Henderson Mount Sterling Kane Rashford Bench and Reserves Gk- pickford Gk- henderson Rb- james Lb- chillwell Cb- mings Cdm- rice Cm-bellingham Cm- foden Cam- lingard Lw- grealish Rw- sancho St- calvert lewin
Dana El-Awour
Dana El-Awour 10 dagen geleden
i'v been watching this channel for years, and I still find it hilarious how the others bully/make fun of Zac
Berzerk0566 10 dagen geleden
five guys is 30 quid for a burger. You have to be a mug to give your money over to those thieves.
uSoTriggered 10 dagen geleden
- Pope Stones Maguire Trent. Shaw Rice Mount Grealish Sancho. Rashford Kane Trophy won lads
Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross 11 dagen geleden
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 11 dagen geleden
My team classic England formation 4231 GK Pickford RB Trent CD Keane CD Coady LB Young CDM Dier CDM Henderson RM Walcott CAM Barkley LM Grelish ST Calvin-lewis But then I am Scottish 😂
Gawain U
Gawain U 12 dagen geleden
Poor Zac... Roasted throughout this episode... 😅
Janson Trejo
Janson Trejo 12 dagen geleden
Against the Mexicans lol
Dave 13 dagen geleden
Grealish if a need for more creativity, otherwise focus on a goal scorer. That should decide it.
Yes me
Yes me 14 dagen geleden
Why does every single person I watch or talk to say Trent needs to start but Southgate drops him completely from the squad hahaha something must be seriously wrong here
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders 14 dagen geleden
We will never win anything if we are always picking team like we’ve got terrible players . 2 holding midfielders what hip nation does that
Johan 15 dagen geleden
You guys look past Ibra wow !!??? The guy is 39 and still delivering at the top level non of those other guys will do that
Kantz 7
Kantz 7 15 dagen geleden
Well Mount defo Starting now.
Sethzz IzHere
Sethzz IzHere 16 dagen geleden
Joe is an absolute nob.
ChrisLEE Masango
ChrisLEE Masango 16 dagen geleden
Henderson Shaw Maguire Stones Walker Rice Maddison Grealish Rashford/Sancho Sterling Kane
Abhishek Tanwar
Abhishek Tanwar 16 dagen geleden
Pope Tripper Maguire Stones Shaw Henderson Rice Lingard Grealish Sterling Kane
Diplo 16 dagen geleden
Interesting hearing this convo after the last couple of England games 👀👀
jjn Torresnamesito
jjn Torresnamesito 16 dagen geleden
#sunday vibes Best players from every top 3 in Europe’s best leagues
Andrew Vargas - Osuna
Andrew Vargas - Osuna 16 dagen geleden
TAA has been pretty bad
Kaeden Quinn
Kaeden Quinn 17 dagen geleden
Southgate is an awful coach
Kofi Agyeman
Kofi Agyeman 17 dagen geleden
The disrespect to Rashford! 18 Goals and 12 Assist, no winger/inside forward has better stats!
PESCharlie 17 dagen geleden
Nando's >>>>> five guys
Francisco Henriques
Francisco Henriques 18 dagen geleden
Patrick smoked weed
Oscar Sharland
Oscar Sharland 18 dagen geleden
does pat ever smile? or is he ever happy? I've never seen him be anything but pessimistic
Max Lindsay
Max Lindsay 18 dagen geleden
You could see Pats soul leaving his body when Joe slagged subway
Bora Kesal
Bora Kesal 18 dagen geleden
Joe's Subway takedown 👌🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣
having fun gh
having fun gh 18 dagen geleden
Nobody even mentioned Tyrone Mings 😒🤔
having fun gh
having fun gh 18 dagen geleden
Great job in defending Gary Cahill Zac 👏
George .m
George .m 18 dagen geleden
I would go Pope James Maguire Stones Shaw Rice Ward-Prouse (If hendo injured) Sterling Grealish Rashford Kane Subs Pickford Henderson Walker Smalling Keane Chilwell Phillips Mount Maddison Sancho Saka Calvert-Lewin
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL 18 dagen geleden
Without klopp trent is as useful as albrighton at RB
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL 18 dagen geleden
Pope Reece Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Henderson Mount Sancho kane Grealish
Fred Crowther
Fred Crowther 18 dagen geleden
Patrick is annoying. He’s so negative and does not come across as passionate
Hadrian Wong
Hadrian Wong 18 dagen geleden
Shaw created the most big chances within Europe top 5 leagues as of right now and they are debating between saka or luke shaw at lwb?!
N4R4 Plays
N4R4 Plays 18 dagen geleden
Dan H.
Dan H. 18 dagen geleden
No mention for Fish and Chips?!? 😱😱😱
T Alam
T Alam 19 dagen geleden
Will you guys be going back to the pub when they open back up?
Brendan Roe
Brendan Roe 19 dagen geleden
Listening to the food debate.. sorry to break it to you lot but worst country for food in general has got to be England
William Townsend
William Townsend 19 dagen geleden
Shaw is a bad defender? Have you watched Shaw play?! Always been a good defender but needed to work on his attacking game. Which he has now.
nikku red devil
nikku red devil 19 dagen geleden
Walker should and will start at RB
Simon Arevalo Chavez
Simon Arevalo Chavez 19 dagen geleden
He really said Michael Keane has had a better season than Konsa
Electricpotato 123
Electricpotato 123 19 dagen geleden
Why is Zac on this, everything he says is shut down by the other two🤣🤣
Lee Ronnie
Lee Ronnie 19 dagen geleden
Zlatan low?!! Zlatan is 38 and still one of the best striker in the world, they clearly never watched him when he was younger
finlay jones
finlay jones 19 dagen geleden
Tgi fridays jack daniels bbq sesame seed chicken strips and burger is banging
Mihir Bhatnagar
Mihir Bhatnagar 19 dagen geleden
Trippier is literally excellent
The Sultan Of Bondi
The Sultan Of Bondi 19 dagen geleden
3-2-3-2 Henderson Walker Stones Shaw Henderson Rice Sterling Mount Grealish Kane Rashford
Book Club
Book Club 19 dagen geleden
Grealish and Foden have to be starters. I'd love to find a way to start Mount too but then what do you do with Sterling, Sancho, Rashford etc?
Gravity Performance
Gravity Performance 19 dagen geleden
What's wrong with a mount rice mid
Brandoninho 19 dagen geleden
Someone gonna kiss me or what
Xavi 20 dagen geleden
D Henderson Alexander-Arnold Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Bellingham Sterling Foden Grealish Kane
eromosele ebozele
eromosele ebozele 20 dagen geleden
Rashford is getting so much disrespect
eromosele ebozele
eromosele ebozele 20 dagen geleden
Why is sterling starting over rashford
eromosele ebozele
eromosele ebozele 20 dagen geleden
Luke Shaw held mahrez, Pepe and salah and this fucker said he’s not good defensively
eromosele ebozele
eromosele ebozele 20 dagen geleden
This guy just said Shaw is a bad defender , my days
Oliver Anscombe
Oliver Anscombe 20 dagen geleden
genuinely can't wait for in-person FD content again soon
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita 20 dagen geleden
Did he say that HENDERSON is best keeper..........POPE CARRIES BURNLEY FOR GOD's SAKE
Satan Retina
Satan Retina 20 dagen geleden
Stop talking shit about trippier, my man is still the best rb in la liga
Mzamo Tembe
Mzamo Tembe 20 dagen geleden
I personally disagree with Pat saying like shaw is bad defensively, I think he’s almost as good as Bissaka. If you watch United every game then you would know what I mean.
Ishan Makkar
Ishan Makkar 20 dagen geleden
Dean Henderson Reece James John Stones Harry Maguire Luke Shaw Declan Rice Jordan Henderson Sancho Mount Grealish Kane
Merlin Maxi
Merlin Maxi 20 dagen geleden
Rashford over Sterling in big games Sterling gets double figures however why can't we get them both on the pitch?
Ramiz 20 dagen geleden
My team: Henderson Aaron wan bissaka Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Phillips Rashford GREALISH Sancho Harry Kane
Nimrod 20 dagen geleden
Sterling, are you mad
AG 20 dagen geleden
Best individual single season ever in the prem? I put forward Bale - best I saw and I saw Suarez and Shearer - that was a One man team!
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 20 dagen geleden
dont even compare shit smalling to Tomori
Reeyan Maknojiya
Reeyan Maknojiya 20 dagen geleden
Pat was spot on about Belgium
jakrismcfc 20 dagen geleden
Pope Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Foden Mount Sterling Kane Grealish Let’s fkn go for it BOYS Pope TAA Stones Maguire Chillwell Rice Bellingham Rashford Foden Sancho Kane
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 20 dagen geleden
Aaron Cresswell is so underrated. He has the most assist as a defender in the premier league. He can play as a wingback and also a center half in a back three. It's so shocking that no one realizes his quality and he can play in Southgate's systems. Also what about Maddison he has reached double figures in goals and assist this season and has been crucial for Leicester.
MC00 2
MC00 2 18 dagen geleden
@Taha Patel #SaynotoESL Maddison > mount
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 18 dagen geleden
@Taha Patel #SaynotoESL You're joking right ?
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL
Taha Patel #SaynotoESL 18 dagen geleden
@Samuel Mason reece and mount are clear
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 20 dagen geleden
England 11 4-2-3-1 Pope Maguire, Stones, Cresswell, TAA Rice, Henderson Maddison, Rashford, Sterling Kane
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov 21 dag geleden
Imagine rating Ibra that low same guy that has scored more then 350 goals after he turned 30 and in the top 10 most goals scored in Europe these guys knows absolutely nothing!!!
Rhys Jenkins
Rhys Jenkins 21 dag geleden
very in depth analysis on the uk fast food scene love to see it
Duncan Leathrum
Duncan Leathrum 21 dag geleden
Zac’s smile the whole time they were talking about Mount is precious.
James Mcgrath
James Mcgrath 21 dag geleden
Pope, James , mings , stones ,shaw , rice , hendo , grealish ,mount ,sterling , kane
Juan Bautista Crosa Steneri
I am from Uruguay and the level of players England has it is incredible if Uruguay or Argentina had 10% of those players they would be World Cup Contenders
Sam Gill
Sam Gill 21 dag geleden
The rumour Grealish doesn’t have pace is a lie. Kid beats most the England team in a race everyday
Lucy Stubbs
Lucy Stubbs 21 dag geleden
konsa for england! better than maguire :) konsa got more clean sheets than keane!
Plop Polar bear
Plop Polar bear 21 dag geleden
Zac I live in Rutland, we have McDonald's and nothing else
Luke Bacon
Luke Bacon 21 dag geleden
pato has this sophisticated persona but his food opinions are always trash 🤣
hbe421 21 dag geleden
Bit harsh on Trippier tbh he's been great for Athletico for 2 years.
Jorj 21 dag geleden
Why is Patrickbvs so humourless?
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 21 dag geleden
The way y'all talk about Luke Shaw is the same way pundits in America talk about Sergino Dest. Great going forward, leaves much to be desired defensively. Just an observation.
stuartbest95 21 dag geleden
The fact that 'success' is determined by one off games is such a problem with tournament analysis. Same can be applied to the UCL but branding a generation of footballers as a failure because of 1 game that they might lose on penalties is absurd
Abhishek 27
Abhishek 27 21 dag geleden
Tomori should be there mate,he has been excellent for Milan, probably their best CB & has benched their captain. There's no one in the English defence with his attributes.
xPadres7 21 dag geleden
Hamza Siddiqui
Hamza Siddiqui 21 dag geleden
zak can’t talk about trippier if he doesn’t even watch him. basing it off of one game against chelsea. fd full of jokers
Falcxn 21 dag geleden
Reece James > Trent Alexander-Arnold
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 21 dag geleden
Great to see people hating Pizza Hut in England 😂
Stuart English
Stuart English 21 dag geleden
Is this your veiw or what you think Southgate will play?
Branson Liimo
Branson Liimo 21 dag geleden
Why do they look bored when Zac speaks?
Ishraq Nur
Ishraq Nur 21 dag geleden
Justice for Zac (this is after the games against San Marino and Albania), not bad for picking Mason Mount as the number 10
MrSanchy123 21 dag geleden
The worst thing KFC sell is the chicken, stick to burgers, pop corn etc
MyPatriotsUpdates 21 dag geleden
Just imagine if we had a different manager. Gerrard,
Luke Delves
Luke Delves 21 dag geleden
It’s the problem Sven has in 05 we have a good squad but we will achieve nothing because we don’t have a nailed on 11 🙄
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 21 dag geleden
Zac always has such a warm smile
Ajay Agath
Ajay Agath 21 dag geleden
The England XI should be Pope Trent stones maguire shaw Rice JWP Foden/sterling mount grealish Kane/rashford Rashford shouldn’t be a ST but on paper but in real time the fluidity of the front 4 means foden can interchange with rashford and we shouldn’t neglect pace in behind if needed, mount and grealish are undroppable and hendo & Gomez are out of the euros, you can’t make the point of being heavily reliant on youth and choose to play Bellingham, he’s attack minded and not positionally aware to play alongside rice, only JWP and mount should be considered and with JWP we have a massive set piece threat with stones maguire Kane Calvert Lewin and rice. Saka is also an elite carrier so he’s an option across the midfield. We will fail with a 5 or 3 back, aidy boothroyd has already failed the U21’s with how poor his tactics are with our attacking heavy talented squad
Jarvis stead
Jarvis stead 21 dag geleden
I like Sterling and foden and mount but there not strong enough on the ball very skill full not enough power errrrm grelish Henderson and rashford or sancho and pope is not good enough on the ball at all Henderson gota be number 1
ROGER MONTY 21 dag geleden
Johnstone, Glen Johnson, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Ashley Young, Jake Livermore, Mark Noble, Grady Diangana, Jarrod Bowen, Troy Deeney, Ivan Toney
Callum Boscoe
Callum Boscoe 9 dagen geleden
No John Ruddy or Andy Carroll?
Ehsan Rahmedt
Ehsan Rahmedt 21 dag geleden
Against who
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 21 dag geleden
The guy in the middle is a complete prick . Can’t even imagine him kicking a ball . Why’s he on here
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