5 Clubs Frank Lampard Could Manage Next! 

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On today’s video, we’re taking a look at five clubs Frank Lampard could manage next. With the former Chelsea coach keen to get back into management this summer, there are a number of sides we reckon he could go to.
Newcastle are in need of a major shake-up following two years of uninspiring football under Steve Bruce, and Lampard may relish the challenge of making them a serious Premier League side once again. Similarly, Crystal Palace, while managed by the more popular Roy Hodgson, are also crying out for a more forward-thinking style of play, and also have one of the best academies in England right now.
We also take a look at Bournemouth, who are already on their second manager since seeing Eddie Howe depart in 2020, and Celtic, who are at a crossroads following the resignation of Neil Lennon, the announcement that captain Scott Brown will also depart, and the fact they have finally lost out on the Scottish Premiership title to Steven Gerrard’s Rangers. Seeing Lampard and his former Liverpool rival take each other on in the Old Firm would certainly be a great sight!
Our rogue suggestion is Valencia, a side which has lurched from crisis to crisis in recent years, but has the history and prestige befitting of Lampard’s ambition - making Los Che a European powerhouse again would be quite some achievement.



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30 mrt. 2021




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ahbai1976 2 dagen geleden
Wahahaha........ karma for frank for being rude to Klopp....... he will only get sacked wherever he goes........ #franklampard
JJ R 5 dagen geleden
Standing? Well. When it comes to self regard, Celtic are the BIGGEST CLUB IN THE WOOOOORLD!! Ha :)
JJ R 5 dagen geleden
Celtic are not important. No money for transfers. No quality to work with. No international exposure. Lampard would go backwards. Rodgers fled the moment he got a better offer & didn't even complete a Championship winning season! Says it all.
Mike Menough
Mike Menough 5 dagen geleden
Bruce is not the problem, Rafa you saw winning time, the problem is ownership, Frank will run into the same issue Rafa did
Starmer's Barber
Starmer's Barber 8 dagen geleden
Lampard has achieved very little as a manager and should concentrate on learning the basics at a more humble level. He is simply not good or experienced enough for Celtic even...and would especially struggle with the media side of things. I reckon the person who put this together way over-estimates his credentials as a manager...but he may actually have learned things in about 5 years' time.
Arnold Victor
Arnold Victor 11 dagen geleden
It would be fun to see how Lampard works in a different league...
Patrick Fabsich
Patrick Fabsich 12 dagen geleden
Good List but i would added Gladbach? Young Squad great Players he would get time and today players a lot speak english so that he not speek german would be no problem! Plus his 1. Club West Ham!
Arch Dee Burney Channel
Arch Dee Burney Channel 13 dagen geleden
If Lampard manage Celtic, I think he will loan Abraham to replace Edouard.
Sam Cardinal
Sam Cardinal 15 dagen geleden
Could he manage England?
Jake SCOTT 16 dagen geleden
I actually think valencia is his best option as its a historic club that has good young academy players and lampard has shown with james,mount and abraham he works well with young players and the likes of jose gaya and goncalo guedes are experienced talents he can build the team around
KJTツ 16 dagen geleden
I think frank with a decent group of youngsters could do amazing what he done with a top table Chelsea squad was unbelievable with his adaptation with the youngsters he could get a mid table team to Europe
ron richardson
ron richardson 17 dagen geleden
I reckon he is just waiting for the job at Crystal Palace
Suhail Mahomed
Suhail Mahomed 17 dagen geleden
No denying that if Lampard managed Celtic it would spice up the SPL
Aniel chall
Aniel chall 17 dagen geleden
Fat frank
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 17 dagen geleden
Newcastle would be good in terms of team that can immediately play his style if it is to be a stepping stone for the club. Ashley only wants to finish top 17 so he will be able to experiment and try new things with this being something he can't do at around 80% of clubs.
RGN10 18 dagen geleden
FD making this video pick the most boring teams around that need a new manager 😂😂
benjicool2808 18 dagen geleden
Tuchel made him look like an amateur unfortunately - he should be an assistant for a few years
Ryan S
Ryan S 18 dagen geleden
Honestly think he'd find his pace in the championship or spl again but don't see where would have him 🤔
4737Carlin 18 dagen geleden
I'd have Lampard at Arsenal over the clueless ex Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta all day long. In fact i'd still have him playing ahead of Granit Xhaka
Amia Maira
Amia Maira 18 dagen geleden
Tbh he needed these jobs before managing Chelsea
Perfectwavelength 18 dagen geleden
How about U21s?
_predictedscroll _
_predictedscroll _ 18 dagen geleden
Lampard celtic manager he spent how much at Chelsea again yeah no tbanks
The One
The One 19 dagen geleden
He will probably stay at England
Steven Hill
Steven Hill 19 dagen geleden
Celtic and Valencia are good shouts I'd put England u21s in there as a good move for him also would do a lot better than boothroyd and has proven he can get the best out of young players
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 18 dagen geleden
Valencia is a terrible shout
Dell Boy
Dell Boy 19 dagen geleden
I'd like to see him involved with England somehow
Jakov Nenadovic
Jakov Nenadovic 19 dagen geleden
I would love it if he comes to newcastle
Fraser Meanen
Fraser Meanen 19 dagen geleden
Don’t want him at Celtic he’s a rangers fan for a start and the media and general football fans might find it great for him to be up against Gerrard it’s not what Celtic fans want
Tyler shapiro
Tyler shapiro 19 dagen geleden
Bmouth is the best option for frank, I would love it if he did would be exciting team
Daniel Dodds
Daniel Dodds 19 dagen geleden
It would be funny if Gerrard and lampard end up both in scotland
Who is In Paris?
Who is In Paris? 19 dagen geleden
Don’t think his wife will be to happy at Celtic
sony 63361
sony 63361 19 dagen geleden
Celtics go
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 19 dagen geleden
Back to the championship where he belongs.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 18 dagen geleden
Rem Van der heijden
Rem Van der heijden 19 dagen geleden
i hope he goes to manage soon again and get some experience
JoeBarnett12 19 dagen geleden
Newcastle are a glorified yo-yo club! Can’t wait to say good riddance. Their never ending moaning fans are insufferable
PhantomOfManyTopics 19 dagen geleden
Sheffield United
Myles Fever wiz
Myles Fever wiz 19 dagen geleden
Pne I'm calling it
WATP 1872
WATP 1872 19 dagen geleden
I just don’t think he would manage Celtic. Doesn’t seem realistic with me. Although the story there would be incredible
MC Mental
MC Mental 19 dagen geleden
Frank should go for the England U21 job. At Chelsea, he brought the youth up and he could do the same with England squad. With the current manager, they play defensive and that’s not what you want in junior squad. Frank played impressive attacking football at Chelsea but due to his inexperience, he couldn’t change his tactics when he needed to. He could take this job and one day, return back to Chelsea because I believe he is not done with us.
Fahim Hoq
Fahim Hoq 19 dagen geleden
What about MLS?
Bishan Poudel
Bishan Poudel 19 dagen geleden
What about Schalke ?
Jovaine17 19 dagen geleden
Frank to NYCFC
Lebauex IlM
Lebauex IlM 19 dagen geleden
We need Lampard at Celtics
Max K
Max K 19 dagen geleden
Should be the England Under-21's squad IMO
Kuri 19 dagen geleden
Would love to see him at palace... Fitting place for out king💪💪💪
Adrian 20 dagen geleden
Newcastle fan here. I don't think an ambitious guy like Frank Lampard would want to come to us under our current regime. The only thing our regime wants is to stay in the Premier League so they can get the revenue & TV money. Lampard wouldn't accept that but I would love him as our manager if it ever happened.
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 17 dagen geleden
he would if it was simply to move on to a bigger job like an Everton etc.
DamienOmega2k 20 dagen geleden
If he took the Valencia Job And Fails That Is The End Of His Manager Career No Ifs Or Buts So That's A Poor Decision
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 20 dagen geleden
4th child guys 2nd with his 2nd wife......
J D 20 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t mind him at Sheffield united
lunvtic Vxrt
lunvtic Vxrt 20 dagen geleden
Exeter City
Ghost David
Ghost David 20 dagen geleden
Newcastle: Would be difficult for him tbh but he would do much better than Steve that's for sure. Bournemouth: great choice for him rn. Valencia: A terrible choice for him like remember what happened to Gary Neville... Crystal Palace: Good choice as well.👍 Celtic: Not sure it can go very well but it also can go very bad. So 50/50 i guess 🙄
Brenda Young
Brenda Young 20 dagen geleden
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Why always me?
Why always me? 17 dagen geleden
Bot comment
aaron 19 dagen geleden
don't care
Diana Young
Diana Young 20 dagen geleden
Brenda I am interested
Martin Stuart
Martin Stuart 20 dagen geleden
Brenda I want to open an account with them How do I get started?
Danh Nguyen
Danh Nguyen 20 dagen geleden
I am interested
Brad Carling
Brad Carling 20 dagen geleden
I’d rather have lampard at England than Southgate
David Smith
David Smith 20 dagen geleden
Might not mean much but lampard supported rangers when he was younger and was at the uefa cup final in 08.
L18 ht
L18 ht 20 dagen geleden
All of these are interesting propasals. I think valencia is very unlikely tho. Newcastle would be a good project and he would have a lot of time to grow
tzs finest
tzs finest 20 dagen geleden
Scunthorpe, yeovil town, Rotherham, crewe Alexander and Ipswich
Fe Fid
Fe Fid 20 dagen geleden
can I point out it is franks 4th child not 2nd
semiretired86 20 dagen geleden
top 5 managers to take over the job as german national team manager
liam connelly
liam connelly 20 dagen geleden
Billy gilmour is a celtic fan, should do your research mate lol
Stickyshoes 20 dagen geleden
I want him to get a job get a bit of experience then maybe manage England In a few years as he is an attacking minded manager to work with all the attacking players
DANIEL HAKOLA 20 dagen geleden
To Palace account I would like to add that his own uncle and former spurs manager Harry Redknapp has recently said that IF Roy leaves this summer, its the perfect job for Frank and he thinks he will take it if given the opportunity!
sarvesh chowkekar
sarvesh chowkekar 20 dagen geleden
Lampard might not go for a complete rebuild/ disaster club like Newcastle and Celtic or manager’s nightmare i.e, Valencia out of fear that his reputation might be tarnished. Championship would be a step down. Crystal place is a great shout though. Or a good promoted side looking to build on a higher level. Or best shout outside of the list is England under 21’s.
sarvesh chowkekar
sarvesh chowkekar 17 dagen geleden
@Kai Higgins only if they change ownership
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 17 dagen geleden
newcastle would be great in terms of top English side who allow time (top meaning size)
james varley
james varley 20 dagen geleden
I think England u21s would be perfect for him, both need each other
Full Speed Ahead Barcelona
Mike Ashley is the problem at Newcastle
Sam Webster
Sam Webster 20 dagen geleden
What about Preston??
Moses1 S
Moses1 S 20 dagen geleden
Hope he learned to humbled down from now hahaha
Moses1 S
Moses1 S 20 dagen geleden
@Sen484 plus beside mount none of those young talent he developed plays . odoi is not his young talent since Chelsea already had given him huge money before Lampard was even hired lol
Moses1 S
Moses1 S 20 dagen geleden
@Sen484 lol I’m not talking about him taking the Job I’m talking about Him trying to disrespect pep, klopp or even ole for literally nothing because he thought he was in their levels but well his ass is within it jobs now so hope he learned to be humbled
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo 20 dagen geleden
Even as a spurs fan I absolutely love the man and wish him to replace the man who shall not be named, we have as a manager.
Osman O Sillah
Osman O Sillah 19 dagen geleden
Nah, rather Scott Parker to Spurs
Abdala Nuur
Abdala Nuur 20 dagen geleden
RIP Claude
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia 20 dagen geleden
Lampard can only coach a B team as of now the man lacks composure and wont be able to manage a big team atleast for few years
spd7693 20 dagen geleden
I'd offer Lampard to stay away from Valencia and Newcastle! At least until they change ownership. Borussia Mönchengladbach is a team I'd love to see him in. Would have offered Schalke, but they're dying and may need lots of seasons to come back to the graces they used to shine for.
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 17 dagen geleden
why? Newcastle have the perfect squad for him with the perfect platform to allow him to move on later with a fanbase and club size that can create significant pressure. something a young manager needs regardless of owner
Kunal Sen
Kunal Sen 20 dagen geleden
1. New York City FC 2. Swansea 3. Derby 4. West Ham Reserves 5. Man City Reserves
James Flores
James Flores 20 dagen geleden
I dont think frank would drop the mls
Hugoumero 20 dagen geleden
Maybe Lampard needs go to Porto or Benfica if Conceiçao and Jesus Both leaves
byronzeroful 20 dagen geleden
Lady, What makes you think that he’s qualified for those clubs?
Mark Withers
Mark Withers 20 dagen geleden
My Sunday League team is looking for an up and coming manager
byronzeroful 20 dagen geleden
Probably Lampard level
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd 20 dagen geleden
Can we bring back the football pyramid
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed 20 dagen geleden
Definitely not valencia 😂
Saracen Seven
Saracen Seven 20 dagen geleden
FULCHESTER UNITED. I hear they don't have foriegn internationals.
Stuart English
Stuart English 20 dagen geleden
He should go for the England U21 job...
Stuart English
Stuart English 20 dagen geleden
No one can improve Newcastle with Ashley as an owner...
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 15 dagen geleden
@Shine banana due to the manager not the players we have signed. We made good deals bar maybe 2
Shine banana
Shine banana 17 dagen geleden
They have actully made some invesments when bruce came in, but they have moved backwards
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins 17 dagen geleden
with that squad it isn't difficult Ashley just prevents how far the improvement can go
Gautham Praveen
Gautham Praveen 20 dagen geleden
Neville part 2
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 20 dagen geleden
I think he should be England U21 manager once Boothroyd is out
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 20 dagen geleden
5 Replacements if Klopp left Liverpool?
Hugo Wilson
Hugo Wilson 20 dagen geleden
Celtic would be his best option. Compete for the title then try to get back to the prem
Pedro Favela
Pedro Favela 20 dagen geleden
He can manage my local mcdonalds
byronzeroful 20 dagen geleden
Lampard would get sacked.
Mark Withers
Mark Withers 20 dagen geleden
Not sure he's qualified
Mordechai Mills
Mordechai Mills 20 dagen geleden
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ODGaming 20 dagen geleden
Bournemouth and England U21s are the only jobs I can see that fit for him.
Bazil 20 dagen geleden
Give him the England u21s job and the big job after that
Nathanael Abednego
Nathanael Abednego 20 dagen geleden
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beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming 20 dagen geleden
Lampard tbh should go to bourmouth as it perfectly fits his tatical pylosophy as a club and has as well some very good young players
Eoin 20 dagen geleden
If I’m frank I’m taking the U21 job and waiting for Southgate to eventually leave after he fails at the Euros and World Cup
James 225
James 225 20 dagen geleden
Will he though? He's already had the pinnacle of his career
FelixColts 20 dagen geleden
that thumbnail is disgusting
Gerbil 20 dagen geleden
Why would Frank Lampard not take the Newcastle job? Because he isn't a moron.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 20 dagen geleden
“First time since 2017” wth that’s like last year ... oh
A2 20 dagen geleden
I’d love to take him at Newcastle. Especially if(when) we go down.
byronzeroful 20 dagen geleden
No ambition then.
Sanni 20 dagen geleden
FD out here looking for IRL Road to Glory Career mode for Frank Lampard
Why always me?
Why always me? 17 dagen geleden
yeah, FIFA career mode
HenSt1985 20 dagen geleden
with England managerial as the final target.
Sarthak Upreti
Sarthak Upreti 20 dagen geleden
It's Time Too Go . . . . . Gone Too Soon
Shafiih 20 dagen geleden
@Nicholas Barbella Claude died the cause is unknown but it’s been believed to be a suicide of things he says about his mental health
Nicholas Barbella
Nicholas Barbella 20 dagen geleden
What happened
James Flores
James Flores 20 dagen geleden
William P Thomas
William P Thomas 20 dagen geleden
I think Valencia would be a disaster I think he has to start lower with Newcastle Bournemouth or palace and then if he improves them then take a bigger job. Because honestly I don’t think there will be much pressure on him at those clubs rather than an actual giant like Valencia.
Raihanur Rahman
Raihanur Rahman 20 dagen geleden
imagine Lampard vs Gerrard in SPL! Madness
JJ R 5 dagen geleden
Yaaaaawn........who cares?
Why always me?
Why always me? 17 dagen geleden
@Mark Mackie yeah, btw i'm Chelsea fan
Mark Mackie
Mark Mackie 17 dagen geleden
@Why always me? Really, Liverpool? Good luck with that 😂
Why always me?
Why always me? 17 dagen geleden
@Mark Mackie Yeah i don't know about that, because i'm not english or british, but this is my opinion logic. Roger is good manager tho but i'm believe he will out of top 4 end of season. Chelsea and Liverpool will be back top 4
Mark Mackie
Mark Mackie 17 dagen geleden
@Why always me? I don't think your taking into account how poorly the English view the Scottish game. Winning the league here means nothing to them, that's why Rodgers could get a gig at a top 4 club after winning 2 trebles and going unbeaten all season. Only European success can convince the top 4 to move an even though he's had impressive results in EL he has no chance of getting out a champions League group with that team.
Alfie Dunn
Alfie Dunn 20 dagen geleden
I think England u21s is a good shout for him.
Football Daily
Football Daily 20 dagen geleden
Like it! [Michael]
Rishabh Dalmia
Rishabh Dalmia 20 dagen geleden
Why doesn't Manchester United turn their focus in signing Anthony from Ajax then Sancho?
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 20 dagen geleden
David Kerr
David Kerr 20 dagen geleden
As a celtic fan seeing him inthe parkhead dugout would make me feel ill. Celtis is far too big a job
ThePhatPanda 20 dagen geleden
mate i’ll take him over Kennedy 😩
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