10 Players Who REJECTED Their Country! 

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What’s up FD gang, hope you’re doing well. Representing one’s country is regarded as one of the biggest honours in football, but some players have had a complicated relationship with the international game, with some switching allegiances, and others rejecting their nations altogether. Let’s take a look at ten of them.


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23 mrt. 2021




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Dean Ceron
Dean Ceron Dag geleden
Boateng Ehrenmann!
Sullyboy 1974
Sullyboy 1974 3 dagen geleden
Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy Scottish by birth and decided to play for Ireland.
Lenny 213
Lenny 213 3 dagen geleden
If you don’t want to play for Ireland then don’t f’ing turn coats. 600 years lads it’s still not forgotten
Andre Hewell
Andre Hewell 3 dagen geleden
Raheem Sterling? John Barnes?
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns 3 dagen geleden
Grealish and Rice are both English, if anything playing for Ireland made them traitors, but dont blame the players, its FIFA's dumb rules that allow it in the first place that are to blame.
John Westminster001
John Westminster001 3 dagen geleden
Bless my little ireland... north and south... oglaigh na hEireann...
John Westminster001
John Westminster001 3 dagen geleden
Im irish im happy they went to england... for roy keane says to be in the trenchs of football you want someone you can trust to cover you... hence why rice an grealish aint going far... roy keane... oglaigh na hEireann...
Ross L
Ross L 4 dagen geleden
Half the Scotland team are English players who were binned
John Hip
John Hip 5 dagen geleden
They should scrap the grandparent rule, it would save Ireland a lot of hassle.
Klyde Adel
Klyde Adel 5 dagen geleden
Traitors 😭
racingtegnsilver 5 dagen geleden
Ohh Vela, he unfortunately for mexico sees soccer as a job. He doesn't care for the sport. He has said that he had his opportunity last world cup and failed. So it's time for younger players to get a chance. I personally am happy he said this just wish other older players for mexico would do that same
Tom Richards
Tom Richards 6 dagen geleden
It's ridiculous that players can play for thr nations of their grandparents.
TIOCAIDH ar la 6 dagen geleden
Traiting English bxxxxds
wal 6 dagen geleden
Before FIFA changed the eligible rules to what they are now, I had no idea there were so many African's in china.
Sam Wong
Sam Wong 7 dagen geleden
Tbh, rice n grealish r born in england so its understandable for them to hope to play for
Desmond O'Brien
Desmond O'Brien 7 dagen geleden
I feel sorry for Stephen Ireland. The bullies won, in the press and on the ROI team. If someone leaves on a personal issue it should be kept personal.
Rival 7 dagen geleden
If your born in the country you play for, its hardly rejecting your heritage. Declan has a Uk brith certificate and that should be more than enough for anyone to play for their country.
あかねんManz 5 dagen geleden
what a traitor would said to justify their action *I R O N Y*
Agustin Dizon
Agustin Dizon 7 dagen geleden
Danny drinkwater w Southgate
Lee Carvalho
Lee Carvalho 7 dagen geleden
Mostly 90% of French team 😀... Imagine where African nations wud be if those players actually played for them.... Respect to drogba n others
Marcus Ashwell
Marcus Ashwell 7 dagen geleden
Born and raised in England?
Luka Gaming
Luka Gaming 7 dagen geleden
if they were in Jna they wouldn't be able to move this generation is made out of piss
Johnathan CBMND
Johnathan CBMND 8 dagen geleden
Declan Rice and Jack Grealish were both born in England so are English anyway
James 8 dagen geleden
Both grealish and rice were born in England and both there parents were born in England.
Tshire Monchonyane
Tshire Monchonyane 9 dagen geleden
Top 10 Anime betrayals
Edward Chamberlain Upper Remove
Berbatov is a big name to reject playing for his country as well.
Archie Leach
Archie Leach 9 dagen geleden
Brazil had a specialist center foward at the 2014 World Cup; Fred. Had a really bad tournament. Poor guy.
Stuart Henry
Stuart Henry 9 dagen geleden
chris sutton ???
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews 9 dagen geleden
Get over it!🤣
steve irungu
steve irungu 9 dagen geleden
Sports in Kenya has gone to the dogs I'm extremely sorry that's the bitter truth by Steve Irungu Jermaine
steve irungu
steve irungu 9 dagen geleden
I will never play for my country of birth Kenya ie cricket period by Steve Irungu Jermaine
Ronald Khisa
Ronald Khisa 9 dagen geleden
Truth be told..if the current players in england squad decide to represent their mother countries that means england will be like south sudan
Cody Meckes
Cody Meckes 9 dagen geleden
The deranged forecast cytologically mine because closet concretely tremble pace a ludicrous france. open, responsible tailor
Anna Poulin
Anna Poulin 10 dagen geleden
"Top 10 Irish players"
kev b
kev b 10 dagen geleden
I'm Irish and its harsh , born and raised in England who would want to play for us
Rowan Govender
Rowan Govender 10 dagen geleden
How is this been a traitor, if you are making a decision that will positively effect your life. Both professionally and personally, if your decision gives your family a good life. Its just sport and it has no real impact on your nation. Other just pure pride and happiness.
Michaela Woolnough
Michaela Woolnough 10 dagen geleden
Eldin Jakupovic should be on this list
lucas Chapman
lucas Chapman 10 dagen geleden
Tony Cascarino, Mick Mc Carthy ,Andy Townsend, Ray Houghton!! About as Irish as Eddie Murphy! Lol. You Irish have got some front having a go at Grealish and Rice.
mdjcsmith 10 dagen geleden
I think you could do a whole a whole video just on the Australians who didn't play for the Socceroos, but played for another national team
Hugh White
Hugh White 7 dagen geleden
And Australian pro cricketers who weren't good enough to play for Oz...
Jamerican Gunner
Jamerican Gunner 11 dagen geleden
Raheem Sterling
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk 11 dagen geleden
Sore paddies, Grealish and Rice were both born in England! How many ‘Irish’ players have been born and raised in England? Theyre traitors if anything.
William Barry
William Barry 11 dagen geleden
Özil,Klose,Boateng,Podolski,Khedira,Gündögan, Mario Gomez,Mustafi none of them are german
DNC 11 dagen geleden
All I can do is imagine Greelish, Declan Rice, Sheamus Coleman Matt Doherty, Harry Kane, Eathan Ampadau And Gavin Bazunu That Team Would Be Beutiful To Watch 😍 Leading Ireland 🇮🇪 To The Euros Final This Season😢 Harry Kane Scoring Grelish Assisting Declan Rice Passing Matt Doherty Defending And The Those Young Players Ampadau And Bazunu Becoming Big Talents For Ireland 🇮🇪
DNC 11 dagen geleden
. GK Gavin Bazunu Lb ColeMan Ampadau RB Doherty CM Rice. CM Greelish Harry KANE
KENDALL_KNOWS_BEST! 11 dagen geleden
Ireland and Scotland have always pouched young English players.
Allan Scott
Allan Scott 10 dagen geleden
Ray Houghton and Aiden McGeady born Scotland played for Ireland- traitors
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali 11 dagen geleden
Just play for country your born in 🇬🇧🇸🇴
Jamie Gabbutt
Jamie Gabbutt 11 dagen geleden
With regards Grelish and Rice the title should read "players who chose to play for their country".
あかねんManz 5 dagen geleden
what a traitor would said to justify their action *I R O N Y*
Sam Carpenter
Sam Carpenter 11 dagen geleden
Chris sutton
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle 11 dagen geleden
Im half irish , born here this country gave me my identity so im english , i respect my irish roots but as ive hardly ever been there i have no affiliation to the country . Probably the same for a lot of young english boys with irish parents
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle 10 dagen geleden
@Hbsb Lkk haha yeah same just about made my local team
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk 11 dagen geleden
Same with me. Id choose to play for England over Pakistan in cricket if I was good enough.
David Leystar
David Leystar 12 dagen geleden
USA, Australia, Scotland and Canada have their share of traitors in their teams. Even Germany has a traitor in young Jamal Musiala. Was playing for the Three Lions at U-21 level, then he suddenly turned his back and made himself eligible for Die Mannschaft 😲
Gary 12 dagen geleden
How about 90 percent of the French team? There's millions a players doing it shouldn't be allowed
Brandon 13 dagen geleden
lmao, it's funny because when you grow up in London and you want to play for England it's a problem? even if Ireland Scotland Wales and england joined forces in a British team you still would suck at an international level so why cry if two of England's most bang avg footballers don't play for Ireland? not even Ronaldo could carry Ireland into euros lmao
Wimble Dan
Wimble Dan 13 dagen geleden
Ireland didn't moan about Cascarino playing and he lied about having Irish relatives. Don't agree with players being allowed to get a full cap then being allowed to change countries but if corrupt FIFA allow such stuff not much anyone can do
Michael Smart
Michael Smart 13 dagen geleden
Rice is English, Grealish is English..... Having a grandparent or parent from somewhere doesn't mean that's your nationality... Such a ridiculous idea.
Gil montcalm
Gil montcalm 13 dagen geleden
Ireland is to England what Algeria is to France.
andy thoms
andy thoms 13 dagen geleden
Roy Keane has to regret being such a diva over cheese sandwiches lol
colly ateoo
colly ateoo 13 dagen geleden
U play for country tat u r born in common sense who ever started tat rule is very weak
Ryan Byrnes
Ryan Byrnes 14 dagen geleden
Jonathan deGuzman chose the Netherlands over Canada while his brother is Canada's most capped player of all time
Ryan Byrnes
Ryan Byrnes 14 dagen geleden
Owen Hargreaves chose England over Canada. At the time he was the first English national team player never to have lived in England. Scott Arfield switching to Canada and Asmir Begovic switching to Bosnia are also interesting stories.
Andrew Kean
Andrew Kean 14 dagen geleden
As a Scotsman, we’ve lost plenty to Ireland over the years; McGeady, McCarthy, Houghton, Coyne, Slaven ... not to mention missing out on Angus Gunn, Matt Targett & Ryan Fredericks.
e erg
e erg 14 dagen geleden
Januzaj did the same for albania. That was a good move since we qualified to euro without him. Lol
Truip Evo
Truip Evo 14 dagen geleden
Is a theme in cameroon😭
John Mark
John Mark 14 dagen geleden
If Friendlies count as a cap, then it should count as them choosing their allegiance
derrick 14 dagen geleden
how could ireland do that to ireland?
WorldOfFootball 14 dagen geleden
Well rice and grealish are actually english so u cant call them traitors
Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce 14 dagen geleden
You should do a video entirely on Algerian footballers that snubbed their home country for France 😄 there's too many to name, the main being Zidane
Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce 14 dagen geleden
How could you miss Paul Scholes
J L 15 dagen geleden
Born in........... England............ Born in ......... England........ yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RENATO JOSÉ 15 dagen geleden
There are much more players who choose other nations: Thiago Alcântara (Spain/Brazil), Eder (Italy/Brazil), Pepe (Portugal/Brazil), Rodrigo (Spain/Brazil), Bruno Fernandes (Russia/Brazil), Emerson Palmieri (Italy/Brazil), Gabriel Paulista (Spain/Brazil), Trezegue (Argentina/France)...
Amy Lloydy
Amy Lloydy 15 dagen geleden
Ridiculous rice and grealish are both English
thupden denzongpa
thupden denzongpa 16 dagen geleden
Metsut Ozil, jamal musiala
Neal McEneaney
Neal McEneaney 16 dagen geleden
Get this right: grealish and rice are not and never were Irish
blackcube23 17 dagen geleden
Ireland rejected grealish smh
Brian Egona
Brian Egona 18 dagen geleden
Which means france and englands team is filled with traitors from Africa
Porsalin 18 dagen geleden
Grealish was born in Birmingham. He is not Irish.
DanielRomanMoss 18 dagen geleden
Born in London, grew up in London. Only eligible for Ireland through his grandparents. Seems Rice chose the his national side rather than rejected it.
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk 11 dagen geleden
@Ciaran Grimes lol if that’s true I can understand the Irish grievance to him. Don’t understand the grief Grealish gets though.
Ciaran Grimes
Ciaran Grimes 11 dagen geleden
Boy was singing ira songs on his socials lol. Typical plastic paddy who got his head turned by English money
wustav 18 dagen geleden
Missed king eric bro.
Andy Beer
Andy Beer 18 dagen geleden
Or the Irish trying to snatch English kids before they get a chance to flourish.
Golden Boot
Golden Boot 18 dagen geleden
Im sure rice n grealish were born in england?
Michael Dorego
Michael Dorego 18 dagen geleden
Ireland and Poland always getting the short end of the stick. It's refreshing to see Lewa representing Poland
paul andrew Martin
paul andrew Martin 18 dagen geleden
Rice isn't Irish, he should not be on this list
Adonis Sampson
Adonis Sampson 18 dagen geleden
Who is the Irish Guy? 🤷🏿‍♂️
Michael Muldowney
Michael Muldowney 19 dagen geleden
John Barnes was born in Jamaica and lived there until he was 12.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 19 dagen geleden
Mesut Özil not choosing Turkey and in the end also turning is back on Germany as well?
Santario_Kid 19 dagen geleden
Raheem sterling
Farkainistas 19 dagen geleden
Stephen Ireland awesome liar
Raymond Bonington
Raymond Bonington 19 dagen geleden
Sorry if your born in a country that should be the one you play for , I’m over 60 so don’t understand this country hopping .
Blue Tics
Blue Tics 19 dagen geleden
Irish guy made the thumbnail
Zach Evaristi
Zach Evaristi 19 dagen geleden
Bruh France should be dominating 95% of this list, nobody cares about Ireland or Carlos Vela ..., they have barely made anything with their careers lol
Ace McHardy
Ace McHardy 19 dagen geleden
Can you make a video on why there isn’t a Great Britain team?
GsunGud 19 dagen geleden
Declan rice and Grealish were both born in england and grew up in england. The grandparents are irish so why do people get so upset? Grealish has a brummie accent ffs. They are gunna chose the country they feel most tied to which in this case was england.
SeanO'D 19 dagen geleden
Rejecting your Country when it comes to Grealish and Rice is a bit much as they are English boys and they chose there home nation. We don't want English lads who have no loyalty to the Country anf I would hope vice versa too.
Account User
Account User 19 dagen geleden
How about Bamidele Alli?
Sam Oday
Sam Oday 19 dagen geleden
What part of Ireland did rice and Grealish ever live in ?
Adegbuji Gabriel
Adegbuji Gabriel 20 dagen geleden
Dele Ali rejected Nigeria for England Saka and tomori
the red-barron
the red-barron 18 dagen geleden
Ali are Sara are both English
Fred Galaxy
Fred Galaxy 20 dagen geleden
I think the rule of being eligible through " grandparents nationality" should be removed. How many players have a healthy and close relationship with their grandparents, let alone having ever met them, or even gave their blessings to their children (parents of players) marriage; refusing to do so because of marriage outside of the culture?
Chooflah 86
Chooflah 86 20 dagen geleden
Rice born in England but he is a traitor it would mean more if he was born in Ireland hitc7s for the win
Djihad Gym
Djihad Gym 20 dagen geleden
Where is Houssem aouar ALGERIA????
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi 20 dagen geleden
Most Algiers/Africans in French NT, or Moroccans, Suriname in Netherlands squad.
Linux Jodi
Linux Jodi 20 dagen geleden
Jorginho should've choose the Selecao tho, Italians are racists to the core..
Dylan Mckibbin
Dylan Mckibbin 20 dagen geleden
This is hard to watch for Irish
WAZAAA Ken 20 dagen geleden
This video is made for Irish guy
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