10 Players KILLING It On Loan This Season! 

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On today’s video, we’re counting down 10 players who are making the very best of their loan moves this season. From Liverpool wonderkid Harvey Elliott, who at 17 is ripping Championship defences apart for Blackburn and will no doubt be an asset once he returns to the Premier League champions, to Matteo Guendouzi, who is putting the disappointment of his final months at Arsenal behind him with some authoritative displays in midfield for Bundesliga outfit Hertha Berlin, these players have really come into their own this term.
We also take a look at Alphonse Areola, whose goalkeeping heroics could keep Fulham in the Premier League this term - the London club need to make his move from PSG permanent. Real Madrid man Brahim Diaz has also been very useful to AC Milan’s title bid, while Federico Chiesa is hitting his stride at Serie A rivals Juventus. Meanwhile, former Juve striker Moise Kean is ripping up Ligue 1 with PSG, and Tiemoue Bakayoko has proved a vital addition for Gennaro Gattuso at Napoli.
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28 jan. 2021




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Sensai Shree
Sensai Shree 7 dagen geleden
man said “Moisehh ken”🙄
Wayne Verhoff
Wayne Verhoff 14 dagen geleden
I was happy RMD sent out all these loans... Until everyone got hurt
Yusuf ibraheemkolawole
More and that
Andre Almeida
Andre Almeida Maand geleden
Imagine not putting Pedro Porro on this he was even called for Spanish national team
Mohd Hasyudin
Mohd Hasyudin Maand geleden
How about maakruk sintuk, the Cayman Island player were now currently play in latvia third division?
Connor Ward
Connor Ward Maand geleden
Jessie lingard number 1
Connor Ward
Connor Ward Maand geleden
Areola has not stood out at all this season I don’t agree with this
Jimmi James
Jimmi James Maand geleden
porro wingback is killing it at sporting lisbon on loan from man city.
Ruan Starks
Ruan Starks Maand geleden
pll superfan4ever
pll superfan4ever Maand geleden
Toumori is stuffing at AC Milan
GerdBTWihihihi Maand geleden
Andre silva Mckennie?
Márk Mácsik
Márk Mácsik Maand geleden
Brahim very good played in Milan
Yusef Idris
Yusef Idris Maand geleden
PJ Maand geleden
Mohit Mehta
Mohit Mehta Maand geleden
Y'all forgot Fikayo Tomori !
Rayn Albar
Rayn Albar Maand geleden
malang sarr?
A Brief Introduction
A Brief Introduction Maand geleden
Your premier league biaseness is criminal. Moise Kean is no 1 really. You must be using some shit Kean is playing better than chiesa really.
Jacob Glass
Jacob Glass Maand geleden
Where is Jack Harrison for Leeds he has been a starter nearly every game and has a ton of assists in the Prem
Ricardo Haddad
Ricardo Haddad 2 maanden geleden
Emerson loaned from barcelona to betis
Aditya Madhu
Aditya Madhu 2 maanden geleden
Why's Morata not innit?
Shay O'Connor Hurley
Shay O'Connor Hurley 2 maanden geleden
Guinduiz will never play for arsenal agin after what he did vs Brighton
Jalal Kassem
Jalal Kassem 2 maanden geleden
Lingard and Dalot?
Jalal Kassem
Jalal Kassem Maand geleden
@SSsacas well Lingard is playing really well with west ham
SSsacas Maand geleden
Dalot maybe, Lingard not really...
Minecraft Videos
Minecraft Videos 2 maanden geleden
Federico dimarco?
Leo Panda
Leo Panda 2 maanden geleden
Jj Jj
Jj Jj Maand geleden
Prasad Dange
Prasad Dange 2 maanden geleden
Where is angelino
Deven Erwin
Deven Erwin 2 maanden geleden
I’m glad as a city fan to see Diaz shining at Milan. Unfortunately it didn’t work out with us. God bless hin
Abayomi Ajisefinni
Abayomi Ajisefinni 2 maanden geleden
Diogo Jota
SSsacas Maand geleden
Diogo Jota isn't on loan...
kenji guinza
kenji guinza 2 maanden geleden
where's saliba?
Isaac Emmanuel
Isaac Emmanuel 2 maanden geleden
What about Carles Aleña??
Carlos Rodrigues
Carlos Rodrigues 2 maanden geleden
Wtf? No Pedro porro?
Stunna Morris
Stunna Morris 2 maanden geleden
AA ppp
D P 2 maanden geleden
Shmaull YT
Shmaull YT 2 maanden geleden
This video was made before he even played a match for west ham
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao 2 maanden geleden
Most of them in this video are from Serie A 🔥🔥
Keegan McWethy
Keegan McWethy 2 maanden geleden
McKennie not on the list is unacceptable.
Helyyy 2 maanden geleden
I'm sad the king JLingz wasn't included
Lwazi Mabizela
Lwazi Mabizela 2 maanden geleden
FBI 2 maanden geleden
Lookman: -misses pen- Him: The most dangerous foward of the team 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ribena Juice
Ribena Juice 2 maanden geleden
i would say skipp would be in the top ten too, he has won best playersp in championship in many months, and norwochs best players awards for many months
Ben Scruton
Ben Scruton 2 maanden geleden
Jack Harrison has been class all season for Leeds this season
Joel Baires
Joel Baires 2 maanden geleden
Bryan Gil?
Maliha Ahad
Maliha Ahad 2 maanden geleden
Who else knew ,Moise Kean will be in the list?
Rhys Bish’s Barmy Army
Rhys Bish’s Barmy Army 2 maanden geleden
Marc guehi doesn’t get recognition enough he’s playing class for Swansea right now and a big part in conceding the least goals in the English leagues behind Man City
Victor Ree
Victor Ree 2 maanden geleden
where is Skipp?????
Falafo 2 maanden geleden
where is Chong????
William Pyle
William Pyle 2 maanden geleden
we really gonna miss Oliver Skipp out like that?!
Henry Idise
Henry Idise 2 maanden geleden
Moise kean
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts 2 maanden geleden
Christopher Salinas
Christopher Salinas 2 maanden geleden
Wish I could get more players on loan in fifa. They always say no even though they are reservists.
T0P_CHOPPA KG 2 maanden geleden
Marc Guehi
christisn salas
christisn salas 2 maanden geleden
How the hell did you miss Weston Mckennie?! Even had the nerve to put a picture of him defending #2 guy on list . Juve are about to buy him for around 30mil i believe
Zarifjon Barotov
Zarifjon Barotov 2 maanden geleden
Sources are limitless for this channel, love it.
FootballMobileWO 2 maanden geleden
IamKaspian 2 maanden geleden
sess should've stayed at Fulham
Anders Schmidt
Anders Schmidt 2 maanden geleden
Angelino ???
Andrea Storti
Andrea Storti 2 maanden geleden
No way you put bakayoko in this ranking. Bakayoko is dreadful this season, one of worst DM of serie A. Diego Demme is playing x10 better. Also chiesa and romero are not on dry loan, so there’s no sense to put them in this video
Camrossss 2 maanden geleden
Missed Craig Dawson off of this list somehow...
GAMER OUTCAST 2 maanden geleden
Nafizur Rahman
Nafizur Rahman 3 maanden geleden
bah Brahim for Milan is doing ok, he's not killing or balling as you think.
CLIPPED 3 maanden geleden
Arteta is so stubborn and has such a huge ego he sent Saliba and Guendouzi away on loan when they could of easily been balling for Arsenal right now. Dickhead manager
Ernie Cruz
Ernie Cruz 3 maanden geleden
Idk why everyone keeps saying McKennie do y’all watch football lmao he’s done nothing lol
Cameron Judd
Cameron Judd 3 maanden geleden
barkley and mckennie?
Viktor Tollasi
Viktor Tollasi 3 maanden geleden
Brahim Diaz is ass.
Shaun Richardson
Shaun Richardson 3 maanden geleden
These players are timeless 202021 😉
Levi Berg
Levi Berg 3 maanden geleden
Fulham won't stay up. That being said, Areola has proven to be a Prem keeper now, and it's possible someone else will pick him up.
Lewis Baudry
Lewis Baudry 3 maanden geleden
lingard will be on this list next season 😍
Drabee 3 maanden geleden
lol as if you missed out olly skipp
Gundalf 3 maanden geleden
Did anyone notice he said "White Hart Lane" instead of "Tottenham Hotspur Stadium" when talking about the Tottenham stadium?
wassuup 3 maanden geleden
Hè hates
B 3 maanden geleden
ESCO THE GAMER 3 maanden geleden
pedro almeida
pedro almeida 3 maanden geleden
I think Pedro Porro would be a great candidate for this top ten i am a Sporting suporter and his loan for City is the best loaned player i can recall at Sporting. Much love from Portugal. keep up with the good work.
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee 3 maanden geleden
U forgot lingardinho
Hekka 101
Hekka 101 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for acknowledging how good guedouzi has been
Sixten Aaro
Sixten Aaro 3 maanden geleden
Ryan Sessegnon for Hoffenheim
Sibgha Addison Y8A
Sibgha Addison Y8A 3 maanden geleden
wheres edi cavani
Tonic Warehouse
Tonic Warehouse 3 maanden geleden
Ahmad Jaber
Ahmad Jaber 3 maanden geleden
connor gallagher?
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 3 maanden geleden
Nice video 😯👏
boosted shit sonico
boosted shit sonico 3 maanden geleden
this video: serie A
KantoLad 3 maanden geleden
Where’s Shane Duffy??
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 3 maanden geleden
You ppl have some good shouts but I'm gonna say 2 players that have been great in Liga NOS: Pedro Porro & João Mário! Both on loan at Sporting CP they've been great winning the league cup & currently top of the table 4 pts ahead, undefeated in the league! Btw, if you know portuguese football SCP being top of the table in January is as weird as Arsenal being top of the table in EPL
Daniel Chute
Daniel Chute 3 maanden geleden
Andre Silva... 2nd for top goalscorer in bundesliga
sushant patil
sushant patil 3 maanden geleden
Great Video !! Also I'd love to see those stats in video frame
João Valente
João Valente 3 maanden geleden
Forgot to put Pedro Porro in there. On loan from Man City he is in Sporting and is the best right-back in the league right now. He even scored some bangers and scored the goal that gave Sporting the Taça da Liga, the winters cup, a few weeks ago
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 3 maanden geleden
Estes gajos metem o Guendouzi que não joga nada e está numa luta pela descida na Bundesliga e esquecem-se do Sporting que para além do Pedro Porro tem também o João Mário a jogar muito bem, e lutam pelo título
cogamers84 3 maanden geleden
Now a list of players who have disappointed on loan this season. Reinier Jesus, Tahith Chong, Take Kubo
Levi Berg
Levi Berg 3 maanden geleden
Wasn't really Kubo's fault, he's doing better at Getafe now anyway since he's getting more play time. Hard to get in front of Chukwueze.
APW 3 maanden geleden
Where Dawson for West Ham ?
Barry 3 maanden geleden
jack harrison?? 5 goals and 4 assists for leeds in the prem this seasonn
Barry 3 maanden geleden
@cogamers84 yeah we have a buy option of around 8-10 mil for harrison will surely do it
cogamers84 3 maanden geleden
@Barry Man City have so many good players out on loan. Pedro Porro, Jack Harrison, Ko Ikatura and Pablo Moreno but it’s likely non of them will make the 1st team
Barry 3 maanden geleden
@cogamers84 we will at the end of the season im sure
cogamers84 3 maanden geleden
I think Leeds are about to buy him
Marcus Alexius
Marcus Alexius 3 maanden geleden
you play along side fabian ruiz you'd be performing as well as you should
Dan Paton
Dan Paton 3 maanden geleden
Guendouzi on here but Harrison isn’t
Marcus Alexius
Marcus Alexius 3 maanden geleden
away from white heart lane.. like the lad ever step foot on that stadium in his career.
Lazy Dukester
Lazy Dukester 3 maanden geleden
How you gonna put Guendouzi on this but not Barkley? Or even McKennie
Drabee 3 maanden geleden
barkley got injured unfortunately
Mehraj 3 maanden geleden
Surely theres gonna be a part 2
Me Nice
Me Nice 3 maanden geleden
Ko Itakurra is an Honerble mention here, the Man City Defender who is loaned out to FC Groningen is playing insane
Me Nice
Me Nice 3 maanden geleden
@cogamers84 he is really good, I think Man City will sell him tho for 10mil or something like that, he would be great for Newcastle or Palace or something like that
Geoff Carter
Geoff Carter 3 maanden geleden
Will it make first team though? Seems like an odd buy
cogamers84 3 maanden geleden
Is he any good? Curious to know
Me Nice
Me Nice 3 maanden geleden
Dylan Skinner
Dylan Skinner 3 maanden geleden
I mean Elliott is there but Oliver Skipp isn't? Basically the big reason Norwich are favourites to be back in the Premier League.
Zackx2 3 maanden geleden
Where is Bryan Gil?
Sven Lubben
Sven Lubben 3 maanden geleden
Noa Lang?
lakoeke69 3 maanden geleden
Lucas nmecha
Hullav 3 maanden geleden
Didn't even mention Joachim Andersen when talking about Fulham smh
Hullav 3 maanden geleden
@pickle boi He has become captain, and controls the defense well
pickle boi
pickle boi 3 maanden geleden
How is he performing over there? good?
Agentc03 3 maanden geleden
Villas Væver
Villas Væver 3 maanden geleden
It is kean not ken
Johannes B
Johannes B 3 maanden geleden
Chiesa was pretty much bought by Juve. Shouldn't really count.
The GoldenGun777
The GoldenGun777 3 maanden geleden
Bruh where’s big Shane Duffy