10 Managers Football Has Left Behind! 

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25 mrt. 2021




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LYRICit Studios Company
In this life, if you get such big opportunities the first thing you should do is INVEST. There are so many businesses that you can INVEST in. Why are people so STUPID.
Subhojoy Sau
Subhojoy Sau Dag geleden
Allegri the master of Serie A❤️❤️
Bhayat 19
Bhayat 19 Dag geleden
Avram Grant???
Mauro Venier
Mauro Venier 2 dagen geleden
Klinsmann at Germany was only a PR trick. The real manager was already Joachin Löw, even if he was officially only the assistant. With Klinsmann as the real manager (and not only the nominal one), Germany would have never got third in 2006.
Marc S.
Marc S. 2 dagen geleden
Two words: Jose Mourinho
Jacques Carel
Jacques Carel 6 dagen geleden
Pls Juventus bring back Allegi
Osama ALGHAMDI 9 dagen geleden
The omission of Alan Curbishley (managed Charlton Athletic 1991-2006 and West Ham 2006-2008 from this list surprises me!!); a decent English manager that -somehow- fell from grace with no wrongdoing of his own These are his own words: “It took me a year to sort out my differences with West Ham, which was far too long. Then the opportunities I was being offered didn’t really appeal to me,” “It was mostly Championship stuff. Suddenly you find that it’s been two or three years and you’re out of favour. You’re forgotten." “I think the game moves on so quickly. There are owners of football clubs who are new to the game and don’t really know about you. Then I possibly lost a bit of enthusiasm for it, to be honest. I started doing other things and getting involved in TV work and I was enjoying that. Then you’re out too long. That’s the problem.”
Gary Valentino
Gary Valentino 12 dagen geleden
It's weird you include Sylvinho who are quite new in management but not Laurent Blanc...
Unknown ??
Unknown ?? 12 dagen geleden
Bro what a big clickbait
Anthony Stafford
Anthony Stafford 14 dagen geleden
Alan hairdo... We didnt want him.. Ashleys friend.. Ditto steve plastic geordie bruce
Hafizan Manap
Hafizan Manap 14 dagen geleden
Arsen wenger
David Baillie
David Baillie 15 dagen geleden
Imagine comparing Allegri win record in a farmers league to Fergies at man utd
Edon Xscopius
Edon Xscopius 15 dagen geleden
Replace maxi with Zidan and get real back in professional track
JohnSmi th
JohnSmi th 16 dagen geleden
But they rich AF
Nigel Khan
Nigel Khan 16 dagen geleden
Frank Rijkaard, Laurent Blanc, Glenn Hoddle, Rafael Bentiez, Arsene Wenger, Maurizio Sarri Louis Van Gaal & Ernesto Valverde.
BeerLicious 16 dagen geleden
Allegri's resting man. Atleast make videos on true basis . Allegri is a class Coach & we can see how Juventus's performing without him & they're an exact copy of Barcelona under Valverde. Some Managers these days are getting Jobs without Any reason tbf. Pirlo , I don't knw what Juventus's management was thinking , Lampard ? These teams are trying hard to find someone like Pep from their past Generations . Koeman's job to me is justified because he's been under management from a long time & his performances have been average with average teams.
William Davies
William Davies 17 dagen geleden
Mike Ashley been trolling Newcastle fans for years , replacing benitez with Bruce is like replacing shearer with freddy adu.
The Truth K
The Truth K 16 dagen geleden
Bentiez the fraud just bang average and extremely greedy
Marko Dreo
Marko Dreo 17 dagen geleden
Every player can not be good coach for sure
sean 17 dagen geleden
Just another chequebook manager.Been out of a job since 2019.
rupeshsatishpawar 17 dagen geleden
No Laurent Blanc 😭😭😭on this list
Alan Thruston
Alan Thruston 17 dagen geleden
Hughs and Bruce both came from a Man U background which is well known for its historic zero social understanding or support of its members , perhaps that is why they have both failed as managers.
harish parikh
harish parikh 17 dagen geleden
Indian National Team 🇮🇳 Need a Good Coach
Shinoj Nambiar
Shinoj Nambiar 16 dagen geleden
Ravi Shastri??
Allegri for Germany.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell 18 dagen geleden
Paul Jewell is another manager for this list
Iain MacLennan
Iain MacLennan 18 dagen geleden
Allergri will be back as soon as a rich club sacks someone 😄
Kevan Chong
Kevan Chong 18 dagen geleden
Lucien favre, he coached many average players to become good players. Peter Stoger, he can overachieve with a small and modest club. By the way, Sammi Hypia made headlines with a talented leverkusen back around 2010, whatever happened to him man. Ernest Valverde just had a very tough assignment at Barce too.
Sam Greasley
Sam Greasley 18 dagen geleden
Rumours are allegri is going to leeds
Arun m.a
Arun m.a 18 dagen geleden
Missed Blanc
Fubar Garage
Fubar Garage 19 dagen geleden
Van Marwijk, Juande Ramos, Schuster, Capello, José Antonio Camacho, Carlos Queiroz, John Toshack, Frank Rijkaard, André Villas Boas, Jean Fernandez, Elie Baup, Javier Clemente, Leonardo Jardim, Guy Lacombe, Francesco Guidolin, Blanc, Paul Le Guen, Rémi Garde, Jacques Santini, Aimé Jacquet, Alberto Zaccheroni, Luigi Delneri, Marcelo Lippi,Ciro Ferrara, Maurizio Sarri, Luciano Spaletti, Zdenek Zeman, Gordon Strachan , Martin O'Neill, Graeme Souness, Alex Mcleish, Sven Göran Eriksson, Kevin Keegan, Stuart Pearce, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Otto Rehhagel, Thomas Schaaf, Felix Magath, Matthias Sammer, Valverde, Quique Sanchez Flores, Héctor Cúper, Jorge Valdano, Carlos Alberto Parreira,
JJ R 19 dagen geleden
Diversity training? That doesn't belong in football. Football is NOT WOKE, thank god.
Mackenzie Wilson
Mackenzie Wilson 19 dagen geleden
Not going to lie bit harsh on Hughes. Although things ended sour at stoke he did a very good job. Got them to their highest ever finish in the prem and brought a lot of talent to the club
Raymond Bonington
Raymond Bonington 19 dagen geleden
As a kid I think Alan pardew was a fulham fan and every time the fulham job becomes vacant he is there saying what a club .
Blogging with Tyler Jay
Blogging with Tyler Jay 19 dagen geleden
So these are Tottenham’s best outcome
Quentin Buquet
Quentin Buquet 19 dagen geleden
I thought I'd see Laurent Blanc on top of that list !
Sam Hyland
Sam Hyland 19 dagen geleden
Very few managers carry success into every team they manage. The rest make us realise where the idea of participation awards came from
EM 19 dagen geleden
Football hasn’t left Allegri behind. Football has become sentimental, Koeman Ole Arteta Pirlo all hold elite jobs but their CV shows that they should be nowhere near where they are
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 6 dagen geleden
Lampard as well even tho he already left
Pizzonia 6 dagen geleden
Leave Ole out of this
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 17 dagen geleden
Ronnie MacDonald
Ronnie MacDonald 19 dagen geleden
yet a serial loser like Bielsa keeps getting employed
siddarth syangden
siddarth syangden 19 dagen geleden
You missed Roberto Di Matteo a champions league winner
anggungunara 19 dagen geleden
Blame culture - which is heavy in this video - makes some of these guys look 100% talentless, incapable, and just lucky.
Tommy Pierce
Tommy Pierce 20 dagen geleden
Alan curbishley? A premiership legend
Osama ALGHAMDI 9 dagen geleden
Indeed; he came 1st to my mind once I've read the title (certainly not Allegri!)
Kylemc02 20 dagen geleden
Klinsmann should be spurs manager
Lewis Birkett
Lewis Birkett 20 dagen geleden
Naazmul Hussain
Naazmul Hussain 20 dagen geleden
Laurant Blanc ???? Maurizio Sarri ??? Walter Mazzarri ?? Leonardo jardim ??? Marco silva ??
Azeem Abbas
Azeem Abbas 20 dagen geleden
Bert Van Marwijk has a managerial career much similar to Raymond Domenech. Then he should have been in the list too.
QPRTokyo 20 dagen geleden
Take most of this commentary with a pinch of salt.
Ashirwad Kankaria
Ashirwad Kankaria 20 dagen geleden
If Jose leaves Spurs,Allegri gets the job Write it down
schalkewwefan04 20 dagen geleden
It wasn’t a decade long slump for Schalke. Only the last 3 years were disappointing because of poor decisions made by the board for a long time. The problem with Wagner was that he and Schneider were promised to have a 40-50 million budget. But that was simply untrue. We just had 20 mill as budget and they also had to reduce the salary by 15 mill. Wagner and Schneider already bought kabak by the time, they also were in final talks with Silas Wamangituka and Robin Gosens (who is a fan of Schalke) was about to sign for our club. Both of these deals were off once it was clear Schalke just had the money for kabak. It’s such a shame and it really tears my heart apart when thinking about that these players could’ve been in our squad. I’m sure with these players in addition and a rejection of mustafi then we would have had great chances to stay in the league. Oh and additionally I can understand that Wagner was disappointed by the Schalke board I can understand that but he was sooo depressed about this whole situation that he basically gave up on the team and that made him bad coach for me.
shisir thapa
shisir thapa 20 dagen geleden
I want Allegri in juve again
shekar gvr
shekar gvr 20 dagen geleden
I am surprised Wenger is not on this list. He is the epitome of football leaving behind managers. He is more of a man manager with almost no tactical development.
Simon Boughey
Simon Boughey 20 dagen geleden
Two recent Stoke managers here. Proud. Very proud
Daniel Salomao
Daniel Salomao 20 dagen geleden
Nerds comparing Allegri to SAF kmt
Mo Ab
Mo Ab 21 dag geleden
Allegri is a good manager for a top team, he will gurantee win you the league and will also perform good in CL
Dave Aleman
Dave Aleman 21 dag geleden
Jose pinto former couch of Costa Rica
Stephen Hubber
Stephen Hubber 21 dag geleden
I think Bruce is doing a brilliant bloody job.
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 6 dagen geleden
@The Truth K sorry, that didn't sound sarcastic in my head
The Truth K
The Truth K 6 dagen geleden
@Rafael Santos Sorry the joke went over your head
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 6 dagen geleden
are you serious?
The Truth K
The Truth K 16 dagen geleden
Love from Mrs Bruce
tim roode777
tim roode777 21 dag geleden
Laurent Blanc
Lauriston Smith
Lauriston Smith 21 dag geleden
It's over a decade ago, but there was a time when Owen Coyle was touted as a future England manager.
Hard mike the jedi Master
Seriously haven't FD got any one else to do the narrative FFS your voice has been pisses my of for years now plz get some1 else
Balham 21 dag geleden
Martin o Neil Ian Downe Gary Neville Phil Neville
Lauriston Smith
Lauriston Smith 21 dag geleden
Gary Neville? His managerial career barely got started.
John Ruddy
John Ruddy 21 dag geleden
And Steve Bruce still steals a living
Ganesha Pillai
Ganesha Pillai 22 dagen geleden
Roberto Di Matteo, Guus Hiddink, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Avraam Grant, some good managers who were sacked by Chelsea
Dragonmark909 22 dagen geleden
Laurent Blanc or Di Matteo instead of Allegri
john wise
john wise 22 dagen geleden
what ever happened to Billy Davies?
ivaneurope 22 dagen geleden
Another example is Hristo Stoichkov - without a doubt the greatest footballer Bulgaria ever produced, he is however a prime example that being a great player doesn't always translate at managerial level. His first coaching gig was with the Bulgarian national team after it was thrashed at the Euro 2004 with goal difference of 1:9. He failed in the 2006 World Cup qualification group, finishing 9 points behind Croatia and Sweden (we were ahead of Croatia in the Euro 2004 qualification group) and was sacked midway through the Euro 2008 qualification campaign after falling out with the then captain Stiliyan Petrov. He got another gig at Celta Vigo, but the only thing he did there was dragging the down to Segunda Division. He then had a stint at Mamelodi Sundowns which will be more remembered for his interviews in broken English (go check them out - just type "Stoichkov interview in English") than the on pitch performance. His final stint (as in managing a single game...I'll get to that) so far was with the Bulgarian professional team Litex Lovech, guiding them to two 5th place finishes. He was then hired as manager at CSKA Sofia where he managed no games - he litterly resigned only a month after he was hired. Nowdays he serves as a pundit in the USA, but I think it's safe to assume that he won't return to managerial position anytime soom.
The Goat
The Goat 22 dagen geleden
Alex curbishley ?? Come on guys Laurent blanc ??? Do some research before you put out a video this was so lazy and disappointing
The Goat
The Goat 20 dagen geleden
Alan *
The Goat
The Goat 22 dagen geleden
Left behind ? But they still have a job in football 🤨
Sederick Mclaughlin
Sederick Mclaughlin 22 dagen geleden
Josie Marino left behind in the world of football
John 20 dagen geleden
Sorry,who is Josie Marino?Never heard of this name as a football manager before?
anil2 22 dagen geleden
Allegri has turned down a number of jobs recently. Football hasn't forgotten him at all!
Gus 22 dagen geleden
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stop UFO fakes
stop UFO fakes 22 dagen geleden
Lol Steve Bruce is the most dry manager ever I swear, nobody could get excited about him walking throw the door of their club. Get in the bin with Megson, McCarthy, Pardew and all the other dead rubbish managers.
TheCulturalBomb 22 dagen geleden
The Scottish bold headed guy that managed Blackburn when the Venkys took charge. He was beyond woeful.
Keir Robinson
Keir Robinson 21 dag geleden
@Prometheus Dazza Steve Kean, no second 'e'. I'm not aware of him ever having another job after Blackburn, this list seems to be more about managers who were previously well established...
Prometheus Dazza
Prometheus Dazza 21 dag geleden
Steve Keane
Arsalan abbasi
Arsalan abbasi 23 dagen geleden
You forgot 2 , 3 really good coaches
K Thayer
K Thayer 23 dagen geleden
Is all your "research" done solely from Wikipedia? Time to unsubscribe.
sakshi maharaj
sakshi maharaj 23 dagen geleden
Always thought Arsenal should bring Allegri... Could've been great for gooners
Hamz Ron
Hamz Ron 23 dagen geleden
Suprised Laurent Blanc isn't on here
iChoseScylla 23 dagen geleden
Juve got rid of Allegri and they’ve been on the decline since. Even if they are rebuilding, he would have navigated the ship way better than this.
qwrtyz 23 dagen geleden
Where's Sven-Goran Eriksson? Used to win titles in Europe with several clubs and managed England for five years. In the latter years he's managed Chinese teams and the Philippines national team.
qwrtyz 16 dagen geleden
@The Truth K In contemporary football he's probably out of his depth to an extent, but I'd say it's a harsh judgement that a manager who won Serie A, the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia twice with Lazio in only three seasons always belonged at his current level. Football changes, and so do people.
The Truth K
The Truth K 16 dagen geleden
Well at least he has found his natural level at last
Tompa 1
Tompa 1 23 dagen geleden
I wish it would leave Steve bruse behind
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman 23 dagen geleden
This is very ignorant and a inaccurate. Allegri has 'chosen' to take time out of football. He hasn't been 'left vrhind' or overlooked by any clubs - he decided he needed a break from football.. that's all there is to it. We're he to make himself 'available' again you can bet that at least a dozen clubs would make contact with him. He's still very much in demand which is more than can be said for many of the other managers featured here.
Hms 23 dagen geleden
How Steve Bruce and allardyce keep getting jobs is baffling, and Alex MacLeish, Mark Hughes, Paul lambert, Tony Pulis etc dinosaur merry go round
musa mohammed
musa mohammed 23 dagen geleden
What about Graeme Souness
Mic Mid
Mic Mid 23 dagen geleden
The sad thing is, you just know Mark Hughes will be the next Newcastle manager
maria o'loughlin
maria o'loughlin 17 dagen geleden
@Mic Mid I totally agree with you the way he treated was uncalled for
Mic Mid
Mic Mid 17 dagen geleden
@maria o'loughlin Nope he shouldn't have been sacked, was doing a very good job
maria o'loughlin
maria o'loughlin 17 dagen geleden
Are you a Newcastle fan.? Can you a question do you think Newcastle was right to sack chris haughton? Sorry if spelling was wrong
diggerandrew 20 dagen geleden
Alan Pardew will be reappointed as his 8 year contract is still running!!!
Zezima scape
Zezima scape 23 dagen geleden
Great video 👍
Dami Adigun
Dami Adigun 23 dagen geleden
Henry’s smirk 😂😂😂
ThatRedHairedDude 23 dagen geleden
3:24 “you can’t manage two poor sides and get away with your reputation intact” Marco Silva at Hull and Watford, yet secured a move to Everton
Aphiwe Kava
Aphiwe Kava 23 dagen geleden
My coach Gavin Hunt is the process if he cant see it already
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø 23 dagen geleden
I can't believe Laurent Blanc isn't here.The man who Took bordeaux to the top in ligue 1,The man who built the PSG team and made them what they are now,Like not including him in this proves how much under appreciated he is,Both as a player and as a manager.
LankPlank 19 dagen geleden
He's managing Al- Rayyan
CrunkKing232 19 dagen geleden
He still in a job that’s why
syed firdaus
syed firdaus 23 dagen geleden
Alan Curbishley is one, surprised he wasnt in
Koushik Ss
Koushik Ss 23 dagen geleden
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joey blaq
joey blaq 23 dagen geleden
To see Bruce on this list while he's still employed😩
Arindam Dutta
Arindam Dutta 23 dagen geleden
Where's Mourinho?
MFiqri 24 dagen geleden
I hope Allegri becomes Tottenham's new manager.
Delenil the WarThief
Delenil the WarThief 17 dagen geleden
Lmao why would he join spurs? They have Z E R O good defenders. Edit: Only Regullion but he'd be back in RM by next season.
Kedam 24 dagen geleden
Louis van gaal is surely a shout
Animesh Khare
Animesh Khare 23 dagen geleden
He's retired bruh
No Energy
No Energy 24 dagen geleden
Laurent Blanc better be on this list
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares 24 dagen geleden
Leonardo Jardim, excellent manager and no job since 2019
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 6 dagen geleden
I think he would be great for Arsenal if they sack Arteta
Mini Grande
Mini Grande 24 dagen geleden
Kevin Keegan
Jean Ndangiza
Jean Ndangiza 24 dagen geleden
Come on fd, you keep getting worse by the day. This list is just embarrassing. Just checked in for the 1st time in months, apparently I was right not to bother. Jesus christ that's bad. Alan pardew and Alegri on the same list!!!!!
Welbz 23
Welbz 23 24 dagen geleden
USMNT spend the stimulus on Max allegri contract
Freddie de Garis
Freddie de Garis 24 dagen geleden
Wenger for England
Cliffinho Kisero
Cliffinho Kisero 24 dagen geleden
Jup heynkes?
Van Landings
Van Landings 22 dagen geleden
He is in his late seventies. He was already retired when Bayern pleaded him to become their interim manager after ancelloti got sacked.
Animesh Khare
Animesh Khare 23 dagen geleden
He's retired bruh
Kevin Round
Kevin Round 24 dagen geleden
José has to be number one
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