10 Future Ballon D'Or Winners! 

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On today’s video, we count down ten stars who could win the Ballon D’or in years to come. With a new generation of youngster bursting onto the scene since 2018, there are a number of future world-beaters out there, from Rennes wonderkid Eduardo Camavinga to Manchester City boy Phil Foden, Leverkusen sensation Florian Wirtz to Barcelona’s great hope Ansu Fati. All have the potential to make a real splash in the Champions League and World Cup in the next few years!
Meanwhile, more established young talents like Jadon Sancho, Kylian MBappé and Erling Haaland are set to dominate the European game for the next decade, while players like Christian Pulisic and Alphonso Davies can’t be ignored either despite enduring less than impressive form this season. And of course there is Robert Lewandowski, who despite firing Bayern Munich to an historic treble in 2020, missed out on the award on a technicality - we’re still hoping justice can be served!



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5 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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nye etches
nye etches 2 dagen geleden
pulisic no
Dwarfo Gaming
Dwarfo Gaming 2 dagen geleden
As a man utd fan it’s a little bias but seriously Pulisic? I hear where ur coming from but Marcus Rashford could have an amazing relationship with Sancho if he joins and if United go on to win the title or champions league he will be the key man and also Bruno Fernandes has a chance at winning a ballon dor and also Harry Kane, De Bruyne (if Belgium or city do well), Joshua Kimmich and even Raheem sterling all have a better chance than pulisic
BHRAMZZ 2 dagen geleden
This didn't age well
groundoctopus 3 dagen geleden
why can't British people pronounce "Davies"
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 4 dagen geleden
Yeah this list is horse 💩 take out wirtz, pulisic , camavigna, and put in kimmich, de jong, and havertz
Freddie Cobb
Freddie Cobb 4 dagen geleden
it should be- 1.Mbappe 2.Sancho 3.Haaland ( money-will distract him as he gets older ) 4. Ansu Fati 5. Taa 6. Davies 7.Wirtz 8.Foden 9.Havertz 10. Donnarumma
su3kyourmum 123
su3kyourmum 123 4 dagen geleden
Where is havertz he played mint against Crystal Palace even mount is better than pulisic
J PLAYZ 5 dagen geleden
the fact is rashford has hit 20 goals consecutive seasons not adding assists and he is nt even in consideration 🌚🌚
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha 7 dagen geleden
Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot
Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot 8 dagen geleden
i’d put pavard over davies tbh he’s kinda underrated he’s honestly in my opinion the best full back in the world his assists in psg was a beautiful ball. he created 10 chances that game from rb that’s crazy. He was incredibly for france as well
Bossman kb Awesome
Bossman kb Awesome 8 dagen geleden
Van Dijk should have won it in instead of Messi in that year 2018 I think or 19
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria 8 dagen geleden
Wiaan Louwrens
Wiaan Louwrens 8 dagen geleden
Honourable mentione for Money Mase Mount?
Nathan Muthomi
Nathan Muthomi 9 dagen geleden
I don't think ﹰPulisic could win it
Zaki Ajaz
Zaki Ajaz 10 dagen geleden
just cuz taa has had 1 bad season now no one thinks he's good.
Mr G
Mr G 10 dagen geleden
Mount has a chance, I would say
Kleine Tablet
Kleine Tablet 10 dagen geleden
De ligt Frenkie de jong Virgil van dijk ?
JPR Sportsman 11
JPR Sportsman 11 10 dagen geleden
What about neymar?
Soon they will know my name
it will be me...
Billy Boorer
Billy Boorer 11 dagen geleden
Raphael Aja
Raphael Aja 11 dagen geleden
Mason Mount no ?
rubbish channel
rubbish channel 11 dagen geleden
Its a shame that they didn't mention saka.The things he has been doing in a mediocre Arsenal side only shows how much frightening he will be in a world class side at his peak.The kid is a generational talent who is arguably the one of the best teenagers in the world
rafiu 11 dagen geleden
neymar will win a ballon d’or
Arjun Dewan
Arjun Dewan 11 dagen geleden
No mount ??????
Cian 11 dagen geleden
Trent and Liverpool agenda
bazz 11 dagen geleden
bakayo saka?
Aracle Wellbad
Aracle Wellbad 11 dagen geleden
Come on nuff players is better than foden
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
Bellingham has a better chance of winning the wpoty than camavinga
JiTiAr35 11 dagen geleden
No Bellingham? The bloke is just 17 and a starter in CL quarter final.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
I know. Hes way better than camavinga
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid 11 dagen geleden
Lewangoalski, mbappe, haaland, kimmich, KDB my choice.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
Lad Jose
Lad Jose 11 dagen geleden
Mbappe Haaland Foden if he wins a champo with city Sancho if he gets a move away from Dortmund Davies if he carries Canada to a world cup knockouts and win a treble with bayern Kimmich if he wins a trophy with Germany
Memes Collect
Memes Collect 11 dagen geleden
How did pulisic and camavinga make the list over frenkie de jong and de ligt?
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme 12 dagen geleden
Love the vid but it bothers me when ppl pronounce Barcas stadium as "Camp Now"
The Touchline Maniacs
The Touchline Maniacs 12 dagen geleden
Gabriel Martinelli if he keeps himself fit is worth a shout. The jump he made from regional football to PL aged 18 and how he was scoring and assisting for fun isn't spoken about enough
Jollof4life 9 dagen geleden
lets be honest GabRIEL MARTinelli isn't winning it
64lundyco 12 dagen geleden
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid 11 dagen geleden
Yeah what is this? He's the best cm.
zqeeY 12 dagen geleden
so wirtz over kai?????????
Zaedious 12 dagen geleden
So the worlds really forgot about Ousmane Dembele ?
S7lencz 12 dagen geleden
Saka rashford pedri Bellingham
CHIRANTH JAIN 12 dagen geleden
For all those throwing shade at Pulisic, waitbamd watch him next season he'll get a min of 19 prem goals
SilentGaming 12 dagen geleden
For me to consider mbappe a future Ballon D'Or winner he needs to move to real to really prove his skills because the french league isn't really that good for him
iwank negi
iwank negi 12 dagen geleden
when you can add christian pulisic, alphonso davies and rashford than why not Trent. surely he ranks in top 7.
Ken Rombe
Ken Rombe 12 dagen geleden
Must be a huge Avengers fan because Captain America is on this list and we really don't know why
manav bedi
manav bedi 12 dagen geleden
I’m sry but this NLblock channel is wack af
Thomas Beekwilder
Thomas Beekwilder 13 dagen geleden
Where's Frenkie de Jong?
A R 13 dagen geleden
Camavinga will be what Pogba was supposed to be. And Pogba is still damn good
Chemist XL
Chemist XL 13 dagen geleden
Now these poor kids have been jinxed🚶‍♂️
CrashBashRemastered2000 13 dagen geleden
Pulisic, really?
Jermaine R Bell
Jermaine R Bell 13 dagen geleden
With all due respect, Alphonso doesn't deserve a space there. I'd rather have Kimmich there. Kimmich is way more influential at Bayern plus German are trophy contenders always unlike Canada who can't even win a tea cup
Dosui 13 dagen geleden
zaddy b
zaddy b 13 dagen geleden
So there's pulisic but no rashford
say no to the ESL
say no to the ESL 13 dagen geleden
I’m not saying hes not class when he wants to be but his hamstrings are made of cheese and he’s always injured
say no to the ESL
say no to the ESL 13 dagen geleden
I’m a Chelsea fan and bruh why would they put puli there
Aaron Light
Aaron Light 13 dagen geleden
This will age well, as per.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 13 dagen geleden
No Marcus RashFord or bukayo saka
Freya murtem
Freya murtem 13 dagen geleden
Camawinga wont win it . Its just a glorified assumption.
TITAN Playz 13 dagen geleden
What about taa
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo 13 dagen geleden
Pulisic 😂. Man cares about his GQ than xG
Akshath Santosh
Akshath Santosh 13 dagen geleden
Like FD says Pulisic has a better chance of winning the Ballon dór than Mason Greenwood. Shambles
Adams 789
Adams 789 13 dagen geleden
wtf is pulisic doing here
Peter Hans
Peter Hans 13 dagen geleden
Calling haalands technical abillity supreme and compare it to r9 is just wrong
Rxayz 13 dagen geleden
Don't disrespect Chelsea by saying we owe Pulisic a lot. Getting UCL qualification isn't a trophy and your basing your Pulisic prediction on that short run he had during lockdown
Mohd Junaid
Mohd Junaid 13 dagen geleden
People's memory is bad. I think havertz and felix have as good a chance as many contendors in this list.
unun septium
unun septium 13 dagen geleden
Alphonso Davis has no chance, but Alphonso Davies does. I really hope you don't say daisis instead of daisies.
Ramsey Makeri
Ramsey Makeri 13 dagen geleden
No Gunwood here? Nahh y'all are actually takinig the piss lmao but you included pulisic???
Kareem Shaban
Kareem Shaban 13 dagen geleden
foden is overhyped
jasjit singh
jasjit singh 13 dagen geleden
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
@Lad Jose me neither
Lad Jose
Lad Jose 11 dagen geleden
@Andrew Joyce I agree that pulisic, Fati and Camavinga won’t win one but I don’t think mount will either.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
He has a chance. Far better than camavinga or fati or pulisic
Lad Jose
Lad Jose 11 dagen geleden
Mount will never win a balon d’or
Tareq AlSalem
Tareq AlSalem 13 dagen geleden
Surprised not to see Donnarumma
Tareq AlSalem
Tareq AlSalem 13 dagen geleden
Saka nah
SmHitman 13 dagen geleden
The Audacity to put Pulisic over Rashford and Lautaro Martinez smh
Romaiz Dabeer
Romaiz Dabeer 7 dagen geleden
He's more talented than them but can't stay fit for the life of him
Arnav kumar Jha
Arnav kumar Jha 13 dagen geleden
I think greenwood has a chance
LordReconing *Zak*
LordReconing *Zak* 13 dagen geleden
Mason Greenwood?
James Tiernan
James Tiernan 13 dagen geleden
Odd not to see saka here
Amin Zaharim
Amin Zaharim 14 dagen geleden
You guys remembered anthony martial?
Arun Saini
Arun Saini 14 dagen geleden
Jamal Musiala
Matheus Meneghin
Matheus Meneghin 14 dagen geleden
It’s amazing how Vinicius Jr has the talent to be here but his finishing is soo bad it feels he’s no footed, and that brings his talent down so much, such a shame, are there any players you guys know of that recovered from bad shooting from the beginning of their careers? I hope he recovers by 26
Matheus Meneghin
Matheus Meneghin 14 dagen geleden
Haåland Reminds me so much of Adriano the emperor, the shot power and that physicality, I hope he reaches his potential.
Phiwokuhle Qwabe
Phiwokuhle Qwabe 14 dagen geleden
Pulisic? Man literally has missed 26 games this season through injury. He's injured again!
Jordan Perdomo
Jordan Perdomo 5 dagen geleden
Well not anymore christian scored 2 goals against crystal Palace and he was named MOTM match award
Mashed Tilts
Mashed Tilts 14 dagen geleden
I’m confused, this isn’t W&L 🤔
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 14 dagen geleden
Puts Fati but not Rodrygo lol Delusional
Smallie Tv
Smallie Tv 14 dagen geleden
Mason mount
Danny Drinkwhiskey
Danny Drinkwhiskey 14 dagen geleden
Pulisic?? Might as well put in Theo Walcott
Paul Fennelly
Paul Fennelly 14 dagen geleden
Rashford an honourable mention 😭😂
Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account
You really put foden in here? Lmao.
God is King
God is King 13 dagen geleden
@Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account I cba for this. Wasting my time
Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account
@God is King a full stop when I used the word and? Stop it bro. You only read up to where I said foden and went trigger skating with pent up rage. It’s not my fault English players are usually hype jobs.
God is King
God is King 13 dagen geleden
@Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account maybe use a full stop instead of and
Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account
@God is King I said “and foden reminds me of a less talented wilshire” Learn reading comprehension you muppet. If pep and city had their way then Isco would be playing there instead of foden.
God is King
God is King 13 dagen geleden
@Prince Vegeta’s Burner Account the article was in 2011 and it stated nothing about Foden you doughnut
Claudio Jijon
Claudio Jijon 14 dagen geleden
How are you lot going to put Wirtz and not Pedri. How can you only have space for one Barca player when they have the two best under 20 year olds. Pedri is miles ahead of Camavinga and Wirtz
Kevin Karlsson
Kevin Karlsson 14 dagen geleden
KDB should get his hands on the prize 👍
Samuel Arogundade
Samuel Arogundade 12 dagen geleden
last year he should have been 3rd after Lewandowski and messi
Albert Alberto
Albert Alberto 14 dagen geleden
Haaland will be at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo when he'll reach 25
Jordan 13 dagen geleden
@Albert Alberto I'm sorry but what CR7 and Messi have done in football is unmatched. The numbers only tell 10% of the story the rest is told on the pitch
Albert Alberto
Albert Alberto 13 dagen geleden
@Jordan any proof?
Jordan 13 dagen geleden
No..........just no 🤦🏾‍♂️ but he'll be good tho his the next CR7 (GOAT OF HIS ERA, but not of all time), maybe he'll be close by the time his 28. Not tryin to slag off Messi, also a GOAT OF HIS ERA AND 2ND ALL TIME(my opinion
Joakim Pedersen
Joakim Pedersen 14 dagen geleden
Pulisic in here?🤡🤡🤡
Jordan Perdomo
Jordan Perdomo 5 dagen geleden
Shut up christian pulisic scored 2 goals against crystal Palace and was named MOTM
Albert Alberto
Albert Alberto 14 dagen geleden
i knew i had to get out of the video when he said pulisic
Hussain Mohammed
Hussain Mohammed 14 dagen geleden
Kimmich, Kane,
Prettyboy Marley
Prettyboy Marley 14 dagen geleden
Pullisic 😂😂😂😂😂😂
the don pin
the don pin 14 dagen geleden
Glad u mentioned pulacic every one else was expected
Philip Matthews
Philip Matthews 14 dagen geleden
Sancho is so overrated cos he plays in a tinpot league. Says it all that Reiss Nelson tore it up at Hoffenheim whilst he’s a joke over here
Mp S
Mp S 14 dagen geleden
Firstly nelson had a few good weeks then he was useless. So nah not really.
Dr. Kamal Kumar Malukani
Dr. Kamal Kumar Malukani 14 dagen geleden
I guess you forgot Youssoufa Moukoko.
Jammu 14 dagen geleden
Mate haaland is already at a superclub
sahil gujral
sahil gujral 14 dagen geleden
Mount is highly underrated!
byronzeroful 14 dagen geleden
Bcuz he’s shit. The guys 22 and hasn’t shown any bit of skill.
Cemal Yasli
Cemal Yasli 14 dagen geleden
Is it late to become a professional footballer at 28 I heard they have trials for people even older then that up to 32
Devdas Shenoy
Devdas Shenoy 14 dagen geleden
Never give up bro
Cemal Yasli
Cemal Yasli 14 dagen geleden
Is it late to become a professional footballer at 28 I heard they have trials for people even older then that up to 32
Griffin Mitchell
Griffin Mitchell 14 dagen geleden
I think dest, davies and taa will be the best fullbacks for the next decade
MohamedM360 14 dagen geleden
basically a list from football manager
CandyMonster 14 dagen geleden
Crazy how De Ligt has been forgotten within 2 seasons
thog ro99
thog ro99 11 dagen geleden
@banner 503 man said Stones and Silva....oh noooo
banner 503
banner 503 12 dagen geleden
@thog ro99 Van dijk, Ramos, Dias, Stones and Silva to name 5 better
Czk lazorano
Czk lazorano 13 dagen geleden
@thog ro99 top 5?? 🤣😂 this newly turned Juve fans just can't stop shutting everywhere. When was the last match Juve kept a clean sheet boy??
cogamers84 14 dagen geleden
Coz he's been shite at Juve
thog ro99
thog ro99 14 dagen geleden
Yeah BS he is already a top 5 defender in the world at 21...
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 14 dagen geleden
#joaofelix needs to be respected !!!! The guy is SILK !!!!!
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 13 dagen geleden
@Czk lazorano at 21'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Czk lazorano
Czk lazorano 13 dagen geleden
@Yuvraj Singh he is one season wonderer, nothing else.
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 13 dagen geleden
@Czk lazorano you don’t remember because you don’t watch him !!! His dribbling,skills,vision,sensational passing and a powerful shot !! That is SILK!! He is so similar to messi in his playing style....nobody can be messi but this guy is still the closest u can get.......
Czk lazorano
Czk lazorano 13 dagen geleden
Silk in being shit, I Don't even remember the last match he scored or played well, doesn't even get into Portugal 11. Lol
Django Studio by Ehtisham
Django Studio by Ehtisham 14 dagen geleden
Lewa deserved it last year and hope he wins it this year. Such a bad move and disgrace of not giving him the ballon dor.
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