10 European Stars DESTINED for the Premier League! 

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On today’s video we count down 10 stars cut out for the Premier League, and could be playing in the English top flight before you know it.
Real Madrid star Raphaël Varane has been linked with both Man United and Liverpool, and is no doubt keen to add to his trophy cabinet that already includes multiple Champions Leagues and a World Cup. Jules Kounde and Sven Botman are two excellent defenders from the younger generation who have also been touted as potential signings for the Prem’s big boys.
Sassuolo’s Manuel Locatelli, who has also been linked with Juventus and Real Madrid, is one of Europe’s best emerging midfielders, having been sold on the cheap not so long ago by AC Milan. Abdallah Sima has been earmarked as a target for Everton after dumping Leicester out of the Europa League, while Andre Silva has played his way onto Man United’s wishlist with his excellent scoring form in the Bundesliga.



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9 mrt. 2021




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Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 24 dagen geleden
Can you make a poll “who’s the better defender” Between Harry Maguire and Phil Jones Assuming they’re not the same person.
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 24 dagen geleden
If Phil Jones is 80million then Man United should break the bank for Varane
Kholiq Firmansyah
Kholiq Firmansyah 26 dagen geleden
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Jüggernøut Noobs
Jüggernøut Noobs 27 dagen geleden
what are u Baba Vanga , unsubscribe 👎🏻
Tim Jim
Tim Jim 29 dagen geleden
I’d rather n’dicka at United then kounde
Daniel Runde
Daniel Runde Maand geleden
Where is Rodrigo De Paul?
JJB Maand geleden
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
S1LVAW0LF Maand geleden
If i were united, id take him or Kounde in a heartbeat. Imagine how good their defense would be with a true pacy cb next to maguire (or others).
CandyMonster Maand geleden
Who is better Locatelli or Zakaria??
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis Maand geleden
Varane and van dik jesus
Casper Krantz Bäckängsgymnasiet SA18M
Everton? dreadful statement
Henry Pozo Jr
Henry Pozo Jr Maand geleden
This will age well
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore Maand geleden
why don't you say in your topic of the day COULD in big letters !!!!!!!!!!!
Super Mario4205
Super Mario4205 Maand geleden
Man United should have never sold Lukaku.. But they should go for Kane.. if Spurs don't win anything this year as well, I don't think Kane sould wait around anymore..He should make the jump to a bigger club and win some trophies..
RMC_ Teapot
RMC_ Teapot Maand geleden
The fact that united wont buy kounde for 68mil but will buy maguire for 85mik
Alvaro Montes
Alvaro Montes Maand geleden
koopmeiners will just be another proper or klassen
Alvaro Montes
Alvaro Montes Maand geleden
Bryan gil is not so good. shooting is bad and just has speed
Alvaro Montes
Alvaro Montes Maand geleden
muller is bad
OplzITSCreez Maand geleden
Bryan Gil gives me Bryan Ruiz vibes.. 😁
Chappo Maand geleden
I so hope varane doesn’t go to Man Utd, I don’t acctually care about the football impact but imagine a varane link to joe Gomez 😭😭
Josh Curtis
Josh Curtis Maand geleden
Imagine if he goes to liverpool the trio gomez Alison nd varane
Tevi Z
Tevi Z Maand geleden
More like stars man utd could sign
Mr. Blanc
Mr. Blanc Maand geleden
football daily = stat nonces
Abel Ardions
Abel Ardions Maand geleden
3:04 I easily can see a transfer saga much similar to the one that happened in 2003 involving Ronaldinho and Beckham. If Kounde signs for Liverpool, then Varane should sign for Manchester United then.
unFazed CC
unFazed CC Maand geleden
man united linked to every players
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
Ngatamariki Tangiiti
Ngatamariki Tangiiti Maand geleden
Koopmeiners to a mid table ptem side hmmm Arsenal sign him up lol
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#WALES 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#YJB 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas Maand geleden
#SWANS 🦢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️
Shayne Stack
Shayne Stack Maand geleden
IMO I think malen is in for a arsenal move
Andrii Kyrychenko
Andrii Kyrychenko Maand geleden
What the most "inbreathneed" club? It's not clubs from mid of table.
Ahab 95
Ahab 95 Maand geleden
Why everyone think that players's dream is playing in the premier League...the only way varane will join the pl is for money or because of a very massive decline in his form or pace
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
I think we (liverpool)should go in for sima
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
@Joel Metcalfe well our attack are getting older so we need depth anyway and I don't think he minds be on the bench for liverpool
Joel Metcalfe
Joel Metcalfe Maand geleden
He wouldn’t get games, would be a stupid move. Just see Minamino for reference
FOSHISAN 1992 Maand geleden
Jesus Corona or Emerson(Real Betis) to Wolverhamton Alexander Isak to Leicester City or West Ham Sabitzer to Spurs Demiral To Spurs Jonathan Ikone to Liverpool or Manchester United Donyell Malen to Liverpool Yassine Bounou to West Ham or Everton Jose Gaya to Manchester City or Leeds United William Carvalho to Manchester City or Leicester City Gosen to Chelsea Pau Torres to Arsenal Lenglet to Everton
Bhaskar Choudhury
Bhaskar Choudhury Maand geleden
Andre silva will lead the line in Milan, I guess with both madzukic n zlatan leaving g this year
Ali Alzhrani
Ali Alzhrani Maand geleden
unfortauntly we sold him
Jathan Doyle
Jathan Doyle Maand geleden
Liverpool should get Varane
Aaron Maand geleden
Varane to Liverpool would be mad, imagine VVD & varane at CB
mohamed alsaggaf
mohamed alsaggaf 29 dagen geleden
Imagine how cheese that back line would be in fifa
Samir Timilsina
Samir Timilsina Maand geleden
Rodrigo De Paul Juan Musso Lucas Ocampos
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Tbh i think Andre Silva would be another Jovic if he went to a big club
derocka Maand geleden
Patson Daka, Dominik Szoboszlai and Ryan Gravenberch.
Karl Branscombe
Karl Branscombe Maand geleden
Why does this sound like it's playing at 1.25 speed. Listen at 0.75 and it sounds like usual
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Maand geleden
United aren't getting haaland so get silva done
Matthew Castaneda
Matthew Castaneda Maand geleden
Varane is going NOWHERE
Will Blazey
Will Blazey Maand geleden
Rumour has it: arsenal are interested in Achraf Hakimi
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman Maand geleden
Andre Silva........ he'll be going to Wolves then!!
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman Maand geleden
Muller as back up keeper for Chelsea?? No.2 to Mendy. With Kepa being sold in the summer.
Simon Arevalo Chavez
Simon Arevalo Chavez Maand geleden
Luis Díaz should be on a part 2 if made, he’s ready for a top half/pushing for top 6 side
Yellow Maand geleden
LUKAKU. oh yeah he would be returning to the PL despite the blasting that he isn't capable of playing in the PL.
Yellow Maand geleden
United is ALWAYS linked to somebody. Always trying to rush the transfer day. How about they train from within and stop trying to obtain players not interested in ManUtd nor that fit the club. 🤦🏽‍♀️
justin doorsamy
justin doorsamy Maand geleden
Varane needs a partner with experience and leadership like Ramos and VVD
RideR VeNNoM
RideR VeNNoM Maand geleden
Golovin is absolutely wrecking up Ligue 1. Should be on this list.
DapperRosé Maand geleden
if Kounde were english Man UTD would paid 100mill for him in a heartbeat
Nekardo Beckford
Nekardo Beckford Maand geleden
Varane is like a young og due to that he win everything at 25
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez Maand geleden
I feel like Andre Silva always joins a different team with the opening of the window and he’ll get some form but struggle when he is needed
Demar Simms
Demar Simms Maand geleden
Sima is also linked with arsenal
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee Maand geleden
Andre Silva hell no Haaland to United
soumik mukherjee
soumik mukherjee Maand geleden
I would lindeloff is trash af
78's 79
78's 79 Maand geleden
The number of times Man Utd have been mentioned here is funny😂
Mr. Layfield himself
Mr. Layfield himself Maand geleden
It’s funny how people think United have any competence when it comes to transfers
Krish Maand geleden
Hope man united goes for Locatelli
Mubarak Hashi
Mubarak Hashi Maand geleden
Surprised Rodrigo de Paul is not there
Gencho Genchev
Gencho Genchev Maand geleden
if you cut the ''let us know in the comments below'' parts this video will be half the lenght
Patrick van Stokken
Patrick van Stokken Maand geleden
If Calvert-Lewin can make an impression at the EURO's from the bench, I can see André Silva replacing him at Everton if Calvert-Lewin makes a transfer.
Namejs Liepiņš
Namejs Liepiņš Maand geleden
I can see Andre Silva at West Ham if they can get finances.
derocka Maand geleden
Where would he go? Seems to me he's at the biggest club he's ever going to be at UNLESS something nutty happens like Haaland moves and Dortmund replace him with DCL
Danny Marsh
Danny Marsh Maand geleden
Bryan Gil is Michu’s sister.
Andrew Aquino
Andrew Aquino Maand geleden
I love Koundes afro
Christina Daniels
Christina Daniels Maand geleden
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Anonymous Trader
Anonymous Trader Maand geleden
He has really made a good name for himself
Jason Cole
Jason Cole Maand geleden
@Trading Fraternity Yeah, My first investment with Mr Hill Green earned me profit of over $25,530 US dollars, and ever since then he has been delivering
Trading Fraternity
Trading Fraternity Maand geleden
I heard that his strategies are really good
Myles G Investments
Myles G Investments Maand geleden
@tommy on xrp That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Hill Green
tommy on xrp
tommy on xrp Maand geleden
I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price
Joel Paulino
Joel Paulino Maand geleden
André Silva defenitively will get its brake this summer.
Anton Theodore Navis
Anton Theodore Navis Maand geleden
Having watched borna sosa a lot this year he's a Marcos Alonso type player very good going forward and a below average defender
Denilson Daniel
Denilson Daniel Maand geleden
Koundé to Real😌
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
Koopmeiners to Arsenal 🔴⚪🔥🔥
Shadreck Nkoya Jr
Shadreck Nkoya Jr Maand geleden
Kounde, Locatelli a right winger and Andre Silva would be a great window for United. All you can do is dream I guess
Ben Azhar
Ben Azhar Maand geleden
Sevilla's scouting is too good
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane Maand geleden
Id like Tapsoba at ManU.
chickenwings auf dein nacken
Many Slavia Prag players go to West ham (soucek etc)
aditya Sunil
aditya Sunil Maand geleden
watched this in 0.75. lol
Plop Polar bear
Plop Polar bear Maand geleden
Gil plays for leganes on loan
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes
Going from Madrid to United would be a downgrade lol
Loretto Maand geleden
Why would these players want to move to a farmers league
moon Imtiaz
moon Imtiaz Maand geleden
What B'out darwin nunez?!
Jakov Nenadovic
Jakov Nenadovic Maand geleden
I would be very happy if leicester buy Wambanituka and sosa from studgart and one good CM
SHAYY Maand geleden
Varane should stay at Madrid and become one of the greatest ❤️
João Castro
João Castro Maand geleden
It's outrageous that Pedro Porro, Nuno Mendes, Gonçalo Inácio, João Palhinha or even Pedro Gonçalves aren't on this list
ninjaXavier2 Maand geleden
pedro porro is on loan from man city
João Castro
João Castro Maand geleden
@mush pals we're gonna have activate his 8.5 million euro release clause though
mush pals
mush pals Maand geleden
Porro is on loan from man City so he's already in the prem
ARYAN OF BUL Maand geleden
@João Castro damn, I found him on fifa where he was monster of a poacher. Hope he gets on track, your team is unnormally full of young talents.
João Castro
João Castro Maand geleden
@ARYAN OF BUL I think he's only scored one goal yet, but I also find him a good player just not as good as any of the young kids in the starting squad at the moment
Tom L
Tom L Maand geleden
Sima will go to west ham
Nurywan Gaming
Nurywan Gaming Maand geleden
Jules kounde rhymes with babatunde
cogamers84 Maand geleden
He looks like a rugby player
mudassir awad
mudassir awad Maand geleden
No premier league clubs have the money to afford varane
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Maand geleden
Chelsea certainly have the money?
Kendercris Maand geleden
I'll definitely take Andre Silva at United. Portuguese players tend to be revelations at old Trafford
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø Maand geleden
@Hasan Qasim injury prone,he was out for nearly the entire last season and it seems like they could use him up as a backup now.
Kendercris Maand geleden
@Hasan Qasim he hasn't had much of a chance has he?
Hasan Qasim
Hasan Qasim Maand geleden
Diogo Dalot🤥
Tweazz Maand geleden
Varane's not leaving 👍
Nathan Ikiekande
Nathan Ikiekande Maand geleden
Erling Haaland
Manchwa Miki Ksoo
Manchwa Miki Ksoo Maand geleden
Don't compare stats of players outside the PL with players from the PL. Unfair comparison
Victor Maand geleden
Kounde not made for the PL, dudes a midget. Would be a slightly better Nathan Ake at best.
Luca Palomo
Luca Palomo Maand geleden
Losing Locatelli was one of our worst moves. worse than not giving time to Andre Silva. he is fantastic and he gets even better under pressure. Against the big 7 teams and for the national team he plays his best football
Vignesh Maand geleden
@Ali Alzhrani should have had a buy back option on him or at least % on resale value so we can buy him cheaper
Ali Alzhrani
Ali Alzhrani Maand geleden
he wanted to leave because he didnt play much , we were fighting for ucl spot the season he left because we were focused on using expiernced players rather than young talents , wished he stayed tho , i think we a % future sale , that's the only upside of him leaving
Vignesh Maand geleden
@Blyatiful Mermaid from Алтшауерберг cant believe we played Biglia over him...
Siddhant Shah
Siddhant Shah Maand geleden
Sandro Tonali is an adept replacement though, seeing as he is only 20
Francisco Correia
Francisco Correia Maand geleden
The worst thing that your club did was giving the number to him and Piatek the number 9 that almost killed his career and Piatek's his pretty dead right now
Vamos BocaJr
Vamos BocaJr Maand geleden
I pray City dont get Locatelli. the league won't be competitive if they do. Locatelli long balls and physicality coupled with De Bruyne would make them unbeatable. the one thing they lack is a consistent DM cuz Rodri has flashes but never consistency
thenext bigthing
thenext bigthing Maand geleden
wtf u sayin. Rodri amongst favourites for dm position in PL TOTS
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer Maand geleden
Locatelli is a dm
Dep Maand geleden
True bro but as a City fan I welcome him 😂
Jose Lazalde
Jose Lazalde Maand geleden
I want Sima at my club! (West Ham)
Nickie Nelson
Nickie Nelson Maand geleden
Why does football daily dislike man city so much? Can anyone answer?
Dep Maand geleden
Maybe cuz our side is too overpowered in the prem 😈
Jensen Green
Jensen Green Maand geleden
Pau Torres as well, he’s one of the best left footed centre backs in the world
ACL says #NoEuropeanSuperLeague
Koundé and Locatelli are for the future
Adon Saab
Adon Saab Maand geleden
Varane is world class and back on form his start of the season was bad but he's as good with Ramos as he is without him
Andrew Lehman
Andrew Lehman Maand geleden
west ay
west ay Maand geleden
sima defo going to west ham
Rachel - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
I can’t wait to see you again.
Ale MMVII Maand geleden
Can you imagina back line on Fifa 22 with Varane Mendy Gomez and Pope with everyone with 10 chemistry
Mubarak Hashi
Mubarak Hashi Maand geleden
That would literally break the game
KILLERBOSS070 Maand geleden
Koundé and silva would make the move to Manchester United
Molly V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3
The way you talk is so soothing.
exaltedlmao Maand geleden
So you are telling me United were willing to spend 80mil on a fridge but not 68mil on a potential second coming of Varane?
VTA Maand geleden
Well, there's a pandemic going on, and they want to sign Sancho. They can't splash that much money unless they also sell
Andrew Lehman
Andrew Lehman Maand geleden
@Arjin Tiryaki he will be but idk if he can win a World Cup and gave the international prestige that varane has
Andrew Lehman
Andrew Lehman Maand geleden
Arjin Tiryaki
Arjin Tiryaki Maand geleden
Kounde should be much better than varane
Mo Ah
Mo Ah Maand geleden
Gets bullied in the air lol
Sid Phillips
Sid Phillips Maand geleden
Sima will play for Slavia West Ham next season
J1GS4Wcobra Maand geleden
@Rob Tyman I’d say he’s most likely to join West Ham cause of soucek and coufal recruiting players and Leicester are looking at high players to replace vardy like dia, Es neysri, etc
Patrik Ezdráš J. jr
Patrik Ezdráš J. jr Maand geleden
Seid Cubro
Seid Cubro Maand geleden
@Rob Tyman no he must go to Slavia West Ham
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman Maand geleden
...or Leicester? replacement for Vardy, if Leicester decide to sell him. They know what he can do as he dumped them out of the Europa League.
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez Maand geleden
remember i had him in a cm and he got dpp and got up to 95 rated
Παναγιώτης Γεωργίου
Lol where is Morelos?
Who is In Paris?
Who is In Paris? Maand geleden
He won’t leave
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