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sidhant tamang 086
sidhant tamang 086 17 uur geleden
Bs mason mount deserves to be there
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 17 uur geleden do understand what "overrated" means right??
Christopher Claxton
Christopher Claxton 17 uur geleden
Not a single Chelsea player lol
GroundsBlvd 17 uur geleden
Gundogan is literally the reason City are gonna win the league but he's not included 😭😭
Samson Otieno
Samson Otieno 17 uur geleden
How Phil Jones isn't in this team is baffling to say the least! Do you guys even watch football? 🥵
Carlos Rodríguez
Carlos Rodríguez 17 uur geleden
How there's not one player from the team who's currently 3rd in the EPL and in the Fa cup and Champions League Finals?
kriti gupta
kriti gupta 17 uur geleden
Why no Bamford! He has been brilliant this season. Had great numbers of goals and gives crucial defensive clearances too
James 17 uur geleden
I'd have Mendy in goal
Sala Bano
Sala Bano 17 uur geleden
Gundogan has been better than KDB.
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 17 uur geleden
soucek over rice, rashford over son and mount over kdb
yorozuya_stone 17 uur geleden
How to go for the safest stat merchant tots list.
bazz 17 uur geleden
Ik he doesn’t deserve to be in over Shaw but tierney should make a bench
Lewis Wing
Lewis Wing 17 uur geleden
Grealish has to be in there...
evn _
evn _ 17 uur geleden
I would agree if he hadn't been injured since January
donte britton
donte britton 17 uur geleden
Man said people might question kdb being involved in the xi, how 🤨
Lewis Wing
Lewis Wing 17 uur geleden
No gundogan just shows how underrated he still is😩
sadiq shah
sadiq shah 17 uur geleden
@Danté Johnson Kevin de bruyne
Danté Johnson
Danté Johnson 17 uur geleden
Who do you replace him with?
Tatsuya SIGH
Tatsuya SIGH 17 uur geleden
J.Cancelo is anything but a right back tbh (1st half of the season at least). He used to be a makeshift-left-back-but-played-like-part-of-a-double-6-alongside-Rodri-and-somehow-got-benched-for-MENDY-at-times nominal right back
PaulThePrince 17 uur geleden
Wtf is Rice doing in there
donte britton
donte britton 17 uur geleden
Stones deserve to be in there put him in the 11 and give fofana a shoutout at the end that’s the thing with football daily lol
Ntobeko Shabangu
Ntobeko Shabangu 17 uur geleden
How do you choose Martinez over mendy?😑
deron mondezie
deron mondezie 17 uur geleden
Obigwe Jesse
Obigwe Jesse 17 uur geleden
Its nice but cancelo didnt really deserve that spot its because he was the best overall in that position
Don Ole
Don Ole 17 uur geleden
Rashford instead of son
Don Ole
Don Ole 17 uur geleden
No rashford?
Duarte Fernandes
Duarte Fernandes 17 uur geleden
3 portuguese players i like it
Jordon Booman
Jordon Booman 17 uur geleden
Did you guys wait to put this out so you can show up G.Neville and Carragher on their TOTS picks yesterday? There picks yesterday on MNF were embarrassing. English bias at fullllll effect. they are part of the problem.
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 17 uur geleden
whilst kdb is better then mount. mount has had a better year. kdb shouldn’t be in there just cause his year hasn’t been great compared to his standards plus if we are including rice for his impact on west ham you have to include mount for single handedly carrying chelsea to a top 4 place and a champions league final
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 17 uur geleden
@Abdullah Khalid just because chelsea has won one game without mount doesn’t mean anything. man city had one multiple games without kdb. all i’m saying is if we are including people like rice for them carrying their team then why aren’t we including mount who has carried us game in game out
Abdullah Khalid
Abdullah Khalid 17 uur geleden
Mate they beat man city without mount. He is an importantly player but this team of season not club player of the year
Bundesliga Champions
Bundesliga Champions 17 uur geleden
Make a tots of the worst EPL players this season
Dragon Effect
Dragon Effect 17 uur geleden
The only change for me is mount in for kdb. Although I'd possibly say Raphinia for Salah too, but I'm a bias Leeds fan that thinks Ayling, Bamford and Dallas are the second coming of christ
Ben Baird
Ben Baird 17 uur geleden
Ngolo Kante
Xcelsiors 17 uur geleden
the smiling assasin n’golo, in the words of tuchel “is 1 and a 1/2 men on the field”, HOW is he not on this list??
Whatever Dude
Whatever Dude 17 uur geleden
Because he’s only played good for 1/2 the season
Milo Robinson
Milo Robinson 17 uur geleden
I seriously think Ndidi has been seriously overlooked by many with the amount of tackles and interceptions he has got this season, he's in for a shout
Magic Jack
Magic Jack 17 uur geleden
Ndidi has been good but he’s been this good the past few seasons so nothing new, the real Leicester player though is tilesmans, he’s not flashy but he’s played so many minutes and glued the side together, if youri don’t play well Leicester don’t play well
Milo Robinson
Milo Robinson 17 uur geleden
@George Benjamin oh yeah for sure, i'd probably put kante or phillips in because of that but if he played more games ndidi would be no. 1 for me
George Benjamin
George Benjamin 17 uur geleden
His injury bro. He’s not eligible due to the amount of appearances he’s made
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam 17 uur geleden
Yeah very true Ndidi is an amazing player
Adam Atkinson
Adam Atkinson 17 uur geleden
Wasn’t he injured for a while? Ndidi is a monster player!
HARVEY Stanton
HARVEY Stanton 17 uur geleden
It’s mad how no Chelsea players are in the tots but will of been in two finals
Keoki Higa
Keoki Higa 17 uur geleden
@Owen Alp Mount is more deserving but when they’re both healthy KDB is the more valuable.
Owen Alp
Owen Alp 17 uur geleden
Mount over kdb all day, kdb isn’t even a regular starter
Novac Andrei
Novac Andrei 17 uur geleden
Its called premier league tots, i agree with you but..
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 17 uur geleden
It’s prem team of the season. There will be some in the UCL team of the season. And I don’t think anyone cares about the FA cup
B P10
B P10 17 uur geleden
Declan Rice over Gundogan??? XDD
Dosui 17 uur geleden
yes rice is the DM
Fred Sanders
Fred Sanders 17 uur geleden
It’s criminal that mount isn’t on this list.
The Football District
The Football District 17 uur geleden
It’s not man it’s actually a decent XI
Kwandi Xaba
Kwandi Xaba 17 uur geleden
it’s not lmaooooo
Kartik Kumra
Kartik Kumra 17 uur geleden
KDB would have missed 14-15 games this season and the team's performance has been the same if not better without him. Great player but not Team of the Season this year. I would also not include Salah because of how poor Liverpool have been and how he hasn't finished chances in key games against bottom half teams. Again great player but I would have Foden on the Right and Mount in midfield (almost 3000 minutes and Chelsea's best player). I think there's also a case to include Grealish instead of Son. Villa were on course to finish in the Europa places had he stayed fit and his ball progression and chance creation were great. Martinez Coufal Evans Dias Shaw Soucek Mount Fernandes Foden Kane Grealish Subs: Bamford, Son, Azpilicueta, Gundogan
G A 17 uur geleden
G A 17 uur geleden
Foden defo not Orem tots should be so
zaddy b
zaddy b 17 uur geleden
Harry maguire has been robbed again. Fofana isn't even leicesters best Center back
Rohan C
Rohan C 17 uur geleden
Adam Atkinson
Adam Atkinson 17 uur geleden
GK - Martinez RB - Cancelo CB - Dias CB - Stones LB - Shaw CM - Rice CM - Fernandes RAM - Salah CAM - Mount LAM - KDB ST - Kane Honourable mentions: GK - Meslier RB - Ayling CB - Fofana CB - Godfrey LB - Dallas (or any other position to be honest) CM - Soucek CM - Ndidi RAM - Foden CAM - Grealish (would have been in if not for injury) LAM - Son ST - Bamford
Dosui 17 uur geleden
@UCrO4NXgdrI0ZFy_PKAbZjuA its definitely an attacking bais for you neglecting how good dm have been
Adam Atkinson
Adam Atkinson 17 uur geleden
@Dosui I put mount it twice before😂 but rice in his place and replaced rice on the bench with ndidi
Dosui 17 uur geleden
how do you have a midfield with no defensive presence?
Rishi Dutta
Rishi Dutta 17 uur geleden
will u do same for other top 5 leagues
Adil Razak
Adil Razak 17 uur geleden
Kdb is absolute class baller. I would've had him in any TOTS. But this year he hasn't been playing tht much in prem and has been rotated by pep in important matches in ucl and also was injured at one period. Not denying, any of his qualities or class. On his day, he is the best player in PL. But since he dint play consistently in the premier league, I wouldve replaced him with mount or gundogan coz they have been more consistent and has been playing more in the premier league. Mount is also literally Chelsea's Player of the season and their best player this season
RYG 17 uur geleden
My team of the season GK: ederson 🇧🇷 RB: joao cancelo 🇵🇹 CB: Ruben dias 🇵🇹 CB: john stones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 LB: Luke shaw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 CM: ngolo kante 🇫🇷 CAM: Kevin de bruyne 🇧🇪 CAM: bruno Fernandes 🇵🇹 LW: phil foden 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ST: harry kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 RW: jack grealish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
RYG 17 uur geleden
@Dosui I'm just not sure who else I should put rashford maybe or Salah
Dosui 17 uur geleden
@RYG opinion? its called team of the year not team of half the year foden started 15 games and grealish been injuried for so long
RYG 17 uur geleden
@Dosui my opinion who would you put there?
Dosui 17 uur geleden
foden grealish??? rethink this
Justin Blake
Justin Blake 17 uur geleden
Where's kante and mahrez
Jacob Salter
Jacob Salter 17 uur geleden
mendy needs a word for gk
lau tat chun
lau tat chun 17 uur geleden
Totally agree. Not to discredit Martinez but Mendy has 2 more clean sheets with 400+ less minutes played and CL final. That imo has to be better than Martinez's season.
Nicholas Millington
Nicholas Millington 17 uur geleden
Very very true he's been incredible for chelsea
Rishabh Devnarain
Rishabh Devnarain 17 uur geleden
I dont like this team
Sam O'Gara
Sam O'Gara 17 uur geleden
I think Meslier deserve a huge shout, still 21 he's kept 10 clean sheets behind a defense plagued by injuries at the start, but I don't think I can disagree with your 11
Adam Atkinson
Adam Atkinson 17 uur geleden
You’re right! He’s done it with; An inconsistent defence No prem (or even much championship!) experience An attacking/high pressing team Big probs to the young Frenchman, still can’t understand why he doesn’t start for the France U21😂😂😂
gio lemon
gio lemon 17 uur geleden
Only 1 I would change is maguire, but im a united fan so im probably being biased.
12B05 Bhadri Narayanan
12B05 Bhadri Narayanan 17 uur geleden
Very insightful team 11 Congrats #teamfd
Tom Veloso
Tom Veloso 17 uur geleden
I’d probably put mount or gundogan over KDB and Someone over rice
Danté Johnson
Danté Johnson 17 uur geleden
They had great seasons but just because they are doing better than you would have thought doesn’t mean they have been better than the best midfielder in the world
Phyao 17 uur geleden
This is the most controversial tier list
adam park
adam park 18 uur geleden
Tierney far better than Shaw
xcxx 7767
xcxx 7767 17 uur geleden
lmaoo u wish
Dosui 17 uur geleden
Julian Musson
Julian Musson 18 uur geleden
Fofana over Maguire?
Ousman Sano
Ousman Sano 17 uur geleden
Even Stones over Maguire
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert 18 uur geleden
Usually i banter FD but totally agree with Rice. WHU are in a CL spot race and yet people overlook him. KDB was injured over a month and yet city have run away with the league. Gundogan instead of KDB for me. Again massive credit for putting Fofana.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 18 uur geleden
Bruno is overrated only in there cause of his status
Neil Ferguson
Neil Ferguson 18 uur geleden
Martinez blundered the ball against Newcastle and hasn’t really been amazing overall
xcxx 7767
xcxx 7767 17 uur geleden
so by your logic kdb missed a penalty against liverpool so he "hasnt been amazing overall"???
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
There's always one
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 18 uur geleden
Kante over Rice no-brainer
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
@west ay So not all season?
west ay
west ay 18 uur geleden
half a season not a full season. rice been playing well all season until he was injured
Pigors Page
Pigors Page 18 uur geleden
Manchester combined XI is really what it is lol.
Billy Hockley
Billy Hockley 17 uur geleden
And ederson
Billy Hockley
Billy Hockley 17 uur geleden
Exactly what are you on about and could’ve had even more Manchester if they added foden and stones which no one would’ve complained
Ashutosh Kagali
Ashutosh Kagali 17 uur geleden
There are just 5 players from Manchester
NepaliLife 18 uur geleden
I don't understand how Gundogan doesn't get in here 🤣. He's been better than KDB playing deeper and also controlling most games. He's immense.
Rohan Sunwar
Rohan Sunwar 17 uur geleden
Form is temporary Class is permanent
NepaliLife 17 uur geleden
@Julian Musson Could say the same thing about Cancelo too. Gundo was solid defensively from the start. Plus 12 goals from that deep, immense for City when u realise he is their top scorer in the league.
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
@Julian Musson So you only judge a player by their goal stats?
Julian Musson
Julian Musson 18 uur geleden
He had an insane month or two but his stats have dropped off again, no?
Eddie Sinawo
Eddie Sinawo 18 uur geleden
Martinez over Mendy🤔🤔 that’s ridiculous
Dosui 17 uur geleden
you clearly only watch chelsea
Rohan Sunwar
Rohan Sunwar 17 uur geleden
Chelsea fan burned 😂
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
No it's not. Martinez is the obvious choice.
George Geri
George Geri 18 uur geleden
ehh not sure about rice, everything else is good tho
lau tat chun
lau tat chun 17 uur geleden
​@mANUtd herbert But if we're talking about this, Mount is free and he's Chelsea's best player this season and helped them reach a CL final. Plus Chelsea are also in a CL spot.
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
@mANUtd herbert That's the club. This is about individual players.
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert 18 uur geleden
WHU are in CL spot race and they didnt spend 200 mil or won the league last seaon. Stop the big club bias and give where credit s due
Max Landsborough
Max Landsborough 18 uur geleden
For me id go Martinez Cancelo Fofana Dias Shaw KDB Gundogan Bruno Foden Kane Mount Honourable mentions to Kante, Walker, Maguire, Rice, Soucek and Jlingz.
Jon H
Jon H 17 uur geleden
Son & Salah are undroppable IMO
Max Landsborough
Max Landsborough 17 uur geleden
@Adam Atkinson true...the issue was my honourble mentions list could go on and on. Theres defo 2 players from nearly ever team that have peformed superb this season. Just left the leeds players out because i think the most outstanding thing is the system.
Adam Atkinson
Adam Atkinson 17 uur geleden
Not a single Leeds player in honourable mentions! Got to give the man Dallas the praise he deserves. Played absolutely all over the place for Leeds and never performs below an 8/10
Football Daily
Football Daily 17 uur geleden
Strong! [Michael]
Ewan 18 uur geleden
Imagine putting rice over kante 🤡
xcxx 7767
xcxx 7767 17 uur geleden
@Ewan i think azpiculeta should be there alongside dias. he's not played a lot of games but chelsea have been rock solid defensively since tuchel came because of him.
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
@west ay So not a full season?
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert 18 uur geleden
WHU are in a CL spot race. And they didnt spent 200 mil. Stop this big club bias.
west ay
west ay 18 uur geleden
half a season not a full season. rice been playing well all season until he was injured
Ewan 18 uur geleden
Not a single chelsea player But they’re sat in 3rd and have had one of the best comebacks from 9th to 3rd in 100 days
Oliver Hettenbach
Oliver Hettenbach 18 uur geleden
Mount has been miles clear of kdb and rice this year
R.I.P STEEZ 17 uur geleden
@Hyper Swanton tots means pickin the best player in each position, still doesn’t mean placing a cam at cdm 😂
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie 17 uur geleden
Kdb is better at attacking. Rice is better as a defensive midfielder. Mount offers a bit of both. Does that make him better? That's a tough debate. But he's certainly a very versatile player and a genuine talent
Hyper Swanton
Hyper Swanton 17 uur geleden
@west ay it's the tots not building a team to win a match
ryan smith
ryan smith 17 uur geleden
west ay
west ay 18 uur geleden
@Oliver Hettenbach ah yea replace a cdm with a cam. its not fifa mate
Auto Hunter
Auto Hunter 18 uur geleden
Congrats to anybody who is early and who finds this comment useful 🤝✍️💯
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 17 uur geleden
Useful in what way?
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba 18 uur geleden
Helan 18 uur geleden
Why the hell would this be useful? At least give a lil motivation or something my g
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 18 uur geleden
Useful how exactly?
Harry Harrington
Harry Harrington 18 uur geleden
Stop begging for likes
Phyao 18 uur geleden
Saying Havertz is a better signing than Ziyech is the biggest joke of the transfer
R P 19 uur geleden
thiago should be put to underwhelming cause people expected more same like partey
Bruce Hills
Bruce Hills 19 uur geleden
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Lola Maya
Lola Maya 19 uur geleden
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Angela Susan
Angela Susan 19 uur geleden
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Robin Gronwald
Robin Gronwald 20 uur geleden
Piscek absolut legend for bvb
Nikhil KARNAM 20 uur geleden
Asensio really Bravo to this NLblockr U haven't watched football for past 1 year Name ur self in worst football fan
Feliz Creations
Feliz Creations 20 uur geleden
Nesta over Ramos for deffending😒
TT 97
TT 97 20 uur geleden
This aged worse than the one where they predicted Werner to be topscorer