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10 Future Ballon D'Or Winners!
14 dagen geleden
Aatiqul Khan
Aatiqul Khan 3 minuten geleden
Anyone here after the ESL was announced 💔
Hezekiah Moses
Hezekiah Moses 6 minuten geleden
If man city plays one game in the esl I am supporting West ham or Leicester
Shaun Hodges
Shaun Hodges 9 minuten geleden
No European Super league 😠😠😠😠
Jason S
Jason S 16 minuten geleden
I'm not in favor of the ESL, not because a Super League is bad, but because this Super League is bad. A super league is the movement of the sport to the American model. The American model of professional sports runs far smoother and is much safer for the teams involved than the European model. The idea that Oldham and Machester United are both professional teams is so far from the truth. Always has been, ever since the creation of the league system. However, this super league is awful. I want a super league, but not the ESL
Keiphton27 20 minuten geleden
I’m beyond embarrassed and ashamed of the “American” influence on this nonsense. JP Morgan putting up the $3.5 billion, American owners being the greediest bastards, and Americans “leading” the way to make this a potential reality....speechless. Definitely NOT the impact us Yanks that love the sport wanted to be made. Gutted that the great game is being jacked by money grubbing arseholes. Please powers that be put a stop to this immediately...please.
Hakimi Baharudin
Hakimi Baharudin 20 minuten geleden
It ain't super league it is popularity league
paul maidment
paul maidment 21 minuut geleden
will the fans, players and management get a vote?
Steve Mcqueen
Steve Mcqueen 26 minuten geleden
Officially it's called Super League, not European Super League. They might open up to non European Clubs in the future. And obviously they don't care about the 60.000 fans who go to the stadium. They care about the 3 Billion people who watch the matches on TV worldwide, so local fans boycotting them might not work unfortunately.
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz 26 minuten geleden
Joe spurs have won a European Cup spurs we're the 1st side in England to do so?
og87 34 minuten geleden
Why’s Hamil got a face filter on. His pores have completely disappeared. It’s so unnatural and unnecessary.
Juan J
Juan J 37 minuten geleden
TheYuszman06 38 minuten geleden
73 dislikes were the staffs from the big 6
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan 42 minuten geleden
Petition to get the glazers out of office and make utd a fan run club like the German teams
Thomas Barry
Thomas Barry 54 minuten geleden
All the future “ESL” teams lost to the “lower” teams this past weekend
L2N Gaming
L2N Gaming 56 minuten geleden
1:18 this aged well
Yusuf Aibil
Yusuf Aibil Uur geleden
i hope everyone gets banned watching super league so that they realise it’s a major mistake
Stop reffering to the clubs by name on this issue refer to the owners, it is not the clubs doing this,. The clubs are the teams players and fans, not the scum sucking pond life owners!!!
Jenni McCarthy
Jenni McCarthy Uur geleden
This type of USA-style franchise football must not happen in Europe ever. The 'big six' owners - John Henry/FSG (Liverpool) The Glazers (Man United) Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) Sheikh Mansour (Man City) Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) and Daniel Levy (Spurs) are dragging the respective clubs through the mud. These parasites need to go and fans have to stand up and say #NoSuperLeague
Hannu Torrekens
Hannu Torrekens Uur geleden
more content on this please!
Michael Bounya
Michael Bounya Uur geleden
im glad Lyon didnt get an invite and if they do i hope they rejcet it
Kevin Evans
Kevin Evans Uur geleden
Everton and Zenit were the only clubs to make a profit In Europe this year EVO ,EFC
fraser beck
fraser beck 2 uur geleden
Personally believe the owners should be forced to sell the clubs. Fans and players shouldn’t be punished for the owners greed
fraser beck
fraser beck 2 uur geleden
I’m an Arsenal fan and was thinking about supporting some other team after this betrayal but given then opportunity I bet every prem team would have accepted the esl money. Heart breaking
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis 2 uur geleden
Hahaha when I told my family about this (also a Chelsea fans) they said we are just gunna have to watch and play badminton from now on if it goes through😂
Charlie Speary
Charlie Speary 2 uur geleden
Is there a reason you're pronouncing Wesley as if he's German?
Zak Thomas
Zak Thomas 2 uur geleden
Bold saying haaland is better than Kane lmao
Sergio Arm Lock Ramos
Sergio Arm Lock Ramos 2 uur geleden
This doesn’t matter anymore does it?
SamChaplinify 2 uur geleden
Who do we reckon the other 3 teams are?
The Poltical One
The Poltical One 2 uur geleden
European Revenue League
Matthew Launchbury
Matthew Launchbury 2 uur geleden
"one change your club needs to make this summer!" I think our club needs to change their mind about the european super league.
O.G.A 2 uur geleden
I get it y’all are angry but what’s with the back to back Arsenal Slander....
Kenneth Kileen
Kenneth Kileen 2 uur geleden
Why is Hamill's head Red like a beetroot???
Silk UK
Silk UK 2 uur geleden
Managers are cunts, Imagine not including a footballer of the caliber of Matt le Tissier, as another example??
Mo Davidson
Mo Davidson 3 uur geleden
Imagine having to plug something as shit as Manscaped at the start of every video.
Ari Lohr
Ari Lohr 3 uur geleden
Ari Lohr
Ari Lohr 3 uur geleden
and contrast
Evangel 3 uur geleden
It's absolutely sad to see my two favorite teams in the world sign on to this travesty.
K W 3 uur geleden
I agree with Joe; there are so many clubs with greater European pedigree than Spurs or Arsenal. And that they've been excluded is absurd. For that reason, I want Nottingham Forest included in the super league.
Maldon Hammer
Maldon Hammer 3 uur geleden
I knew being a West Ham fan would eventually pay off
Oliver Liu
Oliver Liu 3 uur geleden
United playing against West Ham twice a year for 10 years is fine but omg if they play Real Madrid twice a year it is going to be so boring!!!! I understand people are mad but at least focus your anger on things that make sense.
gingycraig 3 uur geleden
Stop saying "they" when referring to the clubs, it isn't the clubs it's the greedy owners. This has nothing to do with the players, managers, or fans. 100% money.
Baroz Noma
Baroz Noma 3 uur geleden
Just an idea: Please suggest to Fifa that they should ban these clubs from buying players from other clubs. That will kill them within an year 🤔 Because they normally sign players from smaller clubs
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman 3 uur geleden
I love how Haaland Senior’s name was pronounced, “Harland”, yet the pronunciation of the same surname when referring to his son’s surname is, “Horeland”. If his name was spelt as, “Horland “, football daily would probably probably call him, “Harland”. 🥴
Jahmeel Scott
Jahmeel Scott 4 uur geleden
Glad to be a Bayern fan
Victor Udo
Victor Udo 4 uur geleden
Honestly, I support it, let the greed leave and drown in its vanity. The workers and poor man built football and we can do it again. There were snakes in the grass, now that we see them it's time to mow.
Victor Udo
Victor Udo 4 uur geleden
btw I used to be a city fan and I still am. COME ON FOXES!!!!
TakeItEazy Cris
TakeItEazy Cris 4 uur geleden
Time to start watching MLS ⚽️ lol
gazamidori 4 uur geleden
Bro, when alabama or clemson wins the college football championship and we say they are national champs, everyone understands that any NFL team would dominate them. You can be proud of relative achievement. Now you can have national game focused on the fans and the big interglobal corporation clubs will play in their own league. What you guys don't realize is that the current model is holding back modern tactics. If you want to see the best teams always play against each other, I don't see how this is bad. The terms can be negotiated, but I'd rather have guaranteed great games every week to tune into rather than watching my team play trash teams that are several tiers in terms of skill beneath us. They have to play dirty just to survive and boom injured players. If you want to see flair attackers like neymar not get hacked to bits and injured all the time, then let him play again st defenders who are actually good enough to defend him. This is so good for players because ultimately we want to always push the limits of football and the best way to make football super entertaining is guaranteeing the best players always play each other. This is what I imagine would be argued in it's favor.
gazamidori 4 uur geleden
Fr man city walk the prem every year because they can out spend everyone. If they couldn't do that anymore it would require tactical brilliance and increase manager importance. It would encourage local youth development as these big teams would not be able to buy players from other super teams with out helping a rival. It would promote these teams to invest in youth as they try to horde talent.
Angus Cameron
Angus Cameron 4 uur geleden
Everyone, come together, don't support this thing. Lets make it not work. And Zac is totally right, seeing Man City vs PSG, Real vs Liverpool, other big ties, is so special because it only happens once every 3 years at best and it is awesome. Everyone #keepfaithinfootball
natanulsiref 4 uur geleden
What we need is immediate mass cancellation of sport channel subscriptions, top 6 club memberships and season tickets!
Patricia Lucas
Patricia Lucas 4 uur geleden
Well i support it
RockSLB11 4 uur geleden
Arsenal and Tottenham in this league will be the equivalent of Sheffield United and West Brom on the Premier League (with all due respect to the teams)
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed 4 uur geleden
Ozil left the club does arsenal doing better now?
Chrisgraal ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Terven James
Terven James 4 uur geleden
Let these Americans owners keep this system in America but Europe and south America wouldn't have that. This is crazy
Ryan Hendrickse
Ryan Hendrickse 4 uur geleden
Even though I'm a liverpool fan, for me making the game fair and allowing it to be what's it supposed to be. I hope the domestic leagues punish these rich clubs. This has just allowed the rich to get even richer. We can all say good bye to a season where leicester city when they were huge underdogs win the title. Footballs not all about money. I hope the players stand up for their sport
Terven James
Terven James 4 uur geleden
This is the dreams of Rich mad men that have enough money and influence to do it.
Terven James
Terven James 4 uur geleden
The mangers and players of the teams had no idea. The owner but the players and mangers under the bust. Players won't want to ply if they can't represent their country. Like messi, Ronaldo, lukaku, kane , son, Salah and mane. Manny more would not want to play if they can't play for their country.
Sergio Tellez
Sergio Tellez 4 uur geleden
All commentators trashing this project will be eating of this new league soon simce all the attention will be on it and they’ll just have to get in line like it or not
Terven James
Terven James 4 uur geleden
Arsenal will be in last place in the super league 🤣 followed by spurs and ac Milan.
Terven James
Terven James 5 uur geleden
Arsenal is a mid table side. Spurs haven't won a trophy since 2008. Man United and liverpool are disappointed. Man city was expected but Chelsea was shocking.
athenkosi mchiza
athenkosi mchiza 5 uur geleden
super league in
DuhQuavis 5 uur geleden
Guess my Everton have a chance now ;)
DuhQuavis 5 uur geleden
Jose to Bayern
SPQSpartacus 5 uur geleden
For Spurs this is the best chance to stay in the Big Boys Club. So, understandable.
Al Wallace
Al Wallace 5 uur geleden
This caterwauling is hilarious. First, it's probably not going to happen. Second, I am going to assume that you'd rather watch the old first division than the Prem or the European Cup over the UCL. All you need is big hair and I'd think we were back in 1989. Read the football mags and the tabloids for your talking points. They are the same then as today.
Gaius Sangma
Gaius Sangma 5 uur geleden
Uefa and fifa are destroying the big clubs, it's easy to see why they are doing this tbh
Chill Waryaa
Chill Waryaa 5 uur geleden
Robbery in broad daylight😳
Sanket Pol
Sanket Pol 5 uur geleden
Q: Who alloted FIFA WC to Qatar despite not considering players difficulty A: FIFA Q: Who lift Man City's FFP Ban? Ans: UEFA Q: Who make pavment for PSG's 400m loot on Neymar & Mbappe Ans: UEFA Q: Who put a tighter fixture in a the middle of a pandemic just for their own profit but not taking players & clubs difficulty in accout? Ans: FIFA & UEFA Q: who dont distribute proper profit among clubs even their profit are increasing Ans: UEFA Q: who forces players to play in middle east for money even they know its difficult for them Ans: UEFA & FIFA Q: who started UEFA nations league in the format big teams will fight each other in top tier and so on for money Ans: UEFA
Anima Master
Anima Master 5 uur geleden
What the hell is Arsenal doing trying to get in this Super League. Get the hell out of here. If yall are behind West Ham and Everton then what make yall think yall can beat teams like Man, City, Juventus, and Real Madrid.
John M
John M 5 uur geleden
Disgraceful and disgusting, its a joke and its greed of the highest order. We have allowed money intrests to sell the game we love down the river. As an American I can promise you when JP Morgan, the corporate equivalent of the devil offers you money run as far and as fast as you can, AWAY, not towards them. As a milan fan im disgusted we would rubbish a competition that we built our foundation on.
Ikadek Kariyawan
Ikadek Kariyawan 5 uur geleden
Let’s send these 12 club’s into retirement plans for the rest of theirs careers that’s is the best solutions to all stake